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2018 Roundup

2018 is over and I’m happy with what I’ve achieved. Almost made it to $1,000 on Amazon, and between Draft2digital, Steemit, and here I did make $1,000 over the course of the year. That is pretty awesome! Yay for writing and yay for all the readers that have bought a book or two.

Unfortunately, I ‘m nowhere near the mass market and am making all of my money on the backs of a few loyal supporters. I need to get to that magical 100 true fans that will buy all my stuff every time. I need that small number of people to be engaged, to be connected and happy.

What kind of stories of mine do you like? Did you like the longer stories found in “Brat Witch Embraces Free Use Power?” or like the sales suggest did you like the “Neighbor’s Deal/Bargain” stories where an older man coerces a young girl into being his slut where they fall in love? Or did you like the threesome where a man of the house “punishes” his whorish teen neighbors?

Take a look at the sales and you tell me what I should write more of:

You can see that sales picked up a LOT in December right after I went all into Kindle unlimited. I really tried to go wide. I really wanted to have a successful non-amazon store experience, but there is no way that I’m going to do that with the limited niche and visibility that I garner. I mean, I’m so vanilla and tame with my stories refusing to do some dumb niche I don’t care about just to make money. I want to rest on my laurels of success doing what I love and enjoy not seeking out some kink I don’t identify with or care about just to earn the sweet sweet smutbucks.

Do you think we can continue the upward trend of earning? I hope so. The common sense is that with continued publishing and writing and an ever expanding backlist those titles will continue to earn money while new titles will generate more interest.

I’m hoping to continue my successful series.

Expect a new series, the “Natural Dominance” series I started with “Winter’s Backdoor Gift,” which you can get free here: when you join my email list.  This is in the same world as all of my books, but will be more about a Shaman and how they derive their power from the natural world and earn power through Gaia by fucking for pleasure and joy. Their magic is much more feral and nature based and is going to clash with the Witch magic from Gwendolyn Field’s who gets her power through submitting to free use.

Things that I did well this year:

Wrote a lot. I wrote like a fucking she demon forced to hover over a keyboard. I can safely say that I wrote every single day of the year. 365 days of writing and I feel like my prose has improved, but not by much. I think I need to be editing much more than the continual pounding out words like spewing breath hot over someone’s face without brushing my teeth.

Wrote a lot of poetry. I think I wrote almost every day a slutty poem. The better poems I wrote will be edited and published soon. I’m still collating that info and putting it together. Look for it here and on amazon.

Got better at covers. My first covers are pretty shitty. I’m going to improve them all around. I bought a few that were regrettably expensive and went nowhere. Hi, “Abusing the Game,” I had such high hopes for you and you flopped hard.

It is a shame because there is more hot sex in that book than like any other. I liked Billy Hill by the end of that book. I loved him and felt sorry for him and how he ruins his relationship with Lizette by being a dumb ass jerk.


What do you think I did well at this year? What can I do better next year?

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