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Adult dungeon again, and challenges with wordplay

Well, one of the last three books I’ve finished is live on Amazon, but you wouldn’t know it; that’s right! It got ADULT DUNGEONED!!!! I guess the term “Free use” was too risky for the people at the zon. I get it. they don’t want to have kids stumbling on a world where women are used like objects. I get it. Hell, i don’t want to stumble on it, but where else can we put this stuff?


Check it out:

Gwendolyn gets fucked and it wakes her up; she gets woke! Basically we see her slipping into the depraved world of sex and multiple partners to get at something greater that she feels compelled to join in.

She’s a witch! They get their powers by submitting to others, by surrendering their bodies for use. Her mother is a very cool character and I’m excited to explore her more. Heck, i’m pretty stoked for this whole story and may even do a crossover with my romance pen name, Jocelyn Lilies. Haha, i’m testing that out because no matter what I post with the Jocelyn Lily brand will be labeled as erotica. Thats cool; it is my bread and butter.

I have one book stuck in fucking “publishing” purgatory. It seems it will stay there forever and no amount of emailing with amazon has been able to get it out. Fuck them. I’m disillusioned with them right now.

I could be publishing for free on Literotica, but, eh; they don’t let you put website links there. Lame.

So I published the sequel to the first book, and am waiting for it to be reviewed.

I’ve already changed the titles. They’re:

“Taking the brat to her surrendering” and

“Taking the brat to her awakening.”

I think the next book will be “taking the brat to her empowering.” or something like that where she rises like a phoenix and explodes with all her newfound powers. I don’t know. Maybe her magic is much more subtle, or raw. Gwendolyn’s mom is fucking wicked cool, and snaps her finger triggering a latent spell that heats the water; like flicking a switch but bypassing thermodynamics. Maybe accelerating it.

These stories are pending, and I’m pissed b/c I could have had a good ramp up of lots of story for June, but now i’m stuck riding the success of my previous books (which is good) but not as good as it could be. Bah!

So, i’m in the dungeon; not as devastating this time because it isn’t my most popular book at the height of its glory getting shoved down. “Rec Center Backdoor” still hasn’t recovered even though it is 9 fucking stories of 55,000 words all about anal sex!” Maybe I should chop them up and put them in their own books. I thought that was annoying, but maybe that is what amazon thinks I should do instead; I’ll put them in a series and rename “Rec Center Backdoor” as a bundle. Hmmm. Not a bad idea I guess. Technically it is legal with the zon. Just a pain in the ass.

Can you tell i’m bitter.

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