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Amazon overreaction and Adult Dungeon realization

It is the ass. Ass. Amazon doesn’t like thongs and asses on their product titles. You can put “punishing the neighbor brat’s backdoor” on your title, but put an almost naked but like you’d see walking down the streets of Phoenix and you’re adult filtered!

I prepared a whole list of new covers and titles in case my second book was adult dungeoned, but it wasn’t. That one made it through, and even though it is the same model, in the same clothes, and nearly the same title, it made it through the adult dungeon filter. Yes, it is in erotica, which is great, but it made it clean through the adult filter. Guess what? The distinguishing feature: no exposed ass. Cleavage, yes, long bare legs, yes, but no rear end.

“Rec Center Backdoor” had ass on the cover. I’m starting to think the blurb was fine. It was the gratuitous ass showing up on the cover even though it was an innocuous workout outfit, still presented too much underbun for the amazon people.

I think I get it now; no more butts on covers.

That is a shame because I’m finding out my niche is younger woman, older man anal.

So, I’m less upset with amazon today, thought still, 1 week later STILL my book is sitting in “publishing” purgatory doing nothing. One fucking week! Insane! I’ve had one message saying that the technicians are aware of it.  I’m doubtful they’re working hard on a 10,000 word smut novel.

So I’m going to include another snippit of it so someone can read it.

Tremor after shock, after wave, after explosion of pent up excitement flooded through my body and I felt like her butt milked my cock of all jizz I’d ever had. It felt like I creamed a lifetime of semen into her butt. I shook and collapsed forward on her back.

We folded together over the back of the bench. She squirmed and struggled.
“Mr. Wells, you’re heavy.” She said.

“Sorry. I got carried away.”

I pushed myself off her without pushing against her fine young skin for worry I’d hurt her more or crush her. We stood up and my cock fell out of her ass. A dribble of cum came with and splashed to the sand below.

“Oh my god.” She said with her hand over her butt hole; I assumed to see if it was still intact. “I’ve never been fucked like that before.”

“I’m sorry;” I repeated, “your ass is fucking spectacular and I lost control.”

“No, it was terrifying, but, I think I liked it.”

She had this ashamed, amazed smile on her face that I could barely make out in the night, but I recognized her mischief grin to her face.

“Good.” I hugged her smelling her blond hair and kissing her head.

Her perfume wafted over me like a wave and the lust I’d expended inside her seemed to morph into affection and a deeper sort of love. I didn’t want to let her go.

“You sure know how to fuck a girl,” she said into my chest, nuzzling her face between my arm and pectoral. “I could get used to this if you don’t break me first.”

I squeezed her closer and tighter; I never wanted to let her out of my arms.

After a few minutes I realized I was standing without any pants on with my ass bare in the breeze and my cum and ass tainted cock pressing against her dress. I hoped it didn’t smear any mess on her.

“Let me put my pants on.”

“Haha!” she slapped my butt while I bent over to start putting one foot in. “Maybe some day I’ll get a toy and fuck your ass, Sergio.”

I laughed. Both now dressed, we joked and watched the city for a good half hour.

“My butt is sore.” She said after a long pause.

She was in my lap, cuddled into my arms and curled like a snuggling puppy.

“It’ll feel better soon.”

“How do you know? You said you’ve never done it before.”

“I haven’t. You’re my first.” I kissed her head. She tasted like a dream of flying. “But you’re young, and I read about it. You said it started to feel good, right?”

“MMmmm, hmmm,” she nodded, snuggling deeper into my embrace.

“We’ll just have to do it again.” I said, “and next time you can cum too.”

“More orgasms. I don’t know if I can handle it.”

“I’m sure you can; you’re my sexy little girlfriend now. That means you get special artistic privileges.”

“Your girlfriend?” she said.

“If you’ll be mine.”

“Of course, Mr. Wells; I’ll be your too young for you girlfriend. But that means you’ll have to come meet my parents.”


“I’m joking; for now.” She laughed with weakness borne from exhaustion and satisfaction.

“Still, I’d do it. You’re worth it.”

“So are you.”

We watched the city glisten a short while longer, then drove home holding hands.

When I dropped her off at her parent’s house we made out like teenagers right before curfew kissing in the car while the radio played and the engine stayed on. I held her hand while she slipped out the door, and waved when she finally tickled away with a wave.

I stayed watching her walk up the drive until her skinny legs with her too short dress turned at the door. She wave with a huge smile, blew a kiss, and went inside.

My belly felt exuberant like that first magical night after you lose your virginity and you feel like you can do anything. I pumped my favorite music, drove home with the windows down and music blaring. I sang along heedless, and went to sleep smiling for the first time in a long time.

Bree was mine.

At some point this will go live, and I hope that you can enjoy the full story. Maybe I’ll pull it from KU and publish it wide. Hmmm, that is always an option.

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