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August Update 2019

I’m finding that it is even more difficult to write frequently without distraction.

This month is filled with free use sex. Brock Flowers is going to the Mohawk Campground in a remote northern state where he doesn’t know about the employee’s free use mandate.

The men need to fuck 20 times each week and log their experiences with the female staff members.

The women staff need to fuck 40 times each week and are allowed to hook up with each other, the men, and the campers.

If someone doesn’t meet their quota they get fired losing the prestige that comes with surviving the campground and the financial rewards their employment provides.

So I’m writing faster and faster to meet the demand of the brutal publishing scene for erotica books online.

I’ve noticed that if I don’t publish a book in a week my sales drop dramatically. Yet, I can’t write a 30,000-word book in one week, even with doing voice dictation for the majority of my daily words.

Quickies are fun and I wanted to fill this free use series with lots of scenes where the male main character shoves his cock in a girl’s ass at the beach all casual after pushing her thong bikini bottom to the side.

Brock should be balls deep in ass, pussy, and big sweaty tits at every turn.

The story takes longer to tell than I’d like. Always. I feel like I’m so lost in the emotion, the feeling, and the experience of the hot sex that the story lingers in the background like an oft-repeated specter without ever moving forward.

I’ve been writing about how the chauvinistic male employees are returning to camp for a week and they still haven’t arrived.

Action. Movement. Sex. Those are my goals for the end of August.

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