Freeuse World: Mohawk Campground

Can you imagine freeuse world or place where every female employee is available to men’s free use? At any time during the day a guy can walk up to the women and say something like, “I want to lick your pussy and then cum up your ass,” and the girl has to smile and say, “of course. Would you like me on my back or on my knees?”

At Mohawk Campground the girls sign up for the massive payday they earn after a summer of free use service coupled with connections and introductions they get to further their careers. Mohawk serves the best and the brightest families and trains the next executives of the future by putting them in situations they might not enjoy to build the strength to overcome.

Brock Flowers didn’t read the manual and was surprised by his quota requirement: 20 sexual interactions with female camp employees by the end of every week. He needs to walk up to any woman staff member and tell them what he wants to do, and they say “yes.”

“Ava. I want you to suck my cock on your knees, then smile when I cum on your face.” Brock said.

“Do you want my shirt on or off?” Ava said, smiling without blinking.

Brock blinked. They didn’t flinch at all. They smiled, smiled! Asking to cum on their faces was like asking them what type of salad dressing they wanted with their meal.

Sandra is a bright brunette sorority girl in Delta Gamma. She wants one thing in life: success. She’s willing to do anything to achieve it too. That means signing up for a second year as an employee at Mohwak Campground.

But girls don’t have the same easy life as the male employees. Sure, they have to do all sorts of manual labor, but they’re used to working their bodies in physically demanding roles.

Sandra needs to bend over, spread her butt cheeks open and let any male staff member take her ass as often as he pleases. Plus, she needs to shepherd a group of students (campers) into being adults. These protegees of the world’s elite families are so inept and incompetent they don’t know how to make their own bed, how to do laundry, or even wash regularly.

Women employees at Mohawk need 40 sexual interactions, and when there aren’t enough male staff around to service their quotas they either turn to each other, or switch roles and pick out campers to reward with their mouths or pussies.

Follow Brock Flowers as he ravages his way through all twenty-five female employees at the campground, and a few support staff like the powerful trainer Jocelyn, and the divine administrator Daisy.

Check-in on the other side with Sanda and learn how she feels as she’s submitting to the men’s whims on her knees, on her back, and with her mouth open so much her jaw gets sore.

These exciting erotic stories are filled with drama, sensation, and emotion. You’re going to love the pleasurable ride!

Jocelyn's Corner

Slutty Halloween Romance

Every Halloween, when September rolls through the calendar with another passing year I write a new Hill’s Secret’s Halloween Special.

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday in the year and there is nothing like dressing up in a slutty cheerleader outfit with your naked stomach flexing in the cool autumn air and a lacy bra as your only top.

I like knowing that if I’m out at the bars or a house party in my skimpy cheerleading uniform and I bend over too far anyone can see my shaved crotch. You can’t wear panties on Halloween.

So this year I’m trying to get new readers. If you’ve been following along I’ve been pumping out novels almost every week for the last year and a half and I’m disappointed with the results. Is that because I’m not in Kindle Unlimited?

You can get every single book I’ve ever written (over 70) and every book I’ll write in the future for $49.99. They’re delivered through bookfunnel so you’ll have access to them in seconds on Kindle, Apple, whatever reader you use.

So going forward I’m going to be working on more female readers.

That’s right ladies. If you’re looking for the hottest and most exciting erotic stories where young women are ravished by sexy older men then this is your place.

With women writing comes more romance! AHhh! But that means a wider audience and hopefully more sales.

It also means a tighter focus on the story. I’ll now be plotting extensively before writing. Before I was doing “snapshots” of sex and intimacy. Now I’ll be doing a full-on story with a plot arc, conflict, and resolution.

My next book is back with Alison and Brooke as they battle an exciting new threat from one of my other books, The “Winter’s Dominance” series. Alison is impervious to Gaia’s powers and when Irina comes to collect her thralls under Alyona’s orders Brooke steps up to her defense.

Find out what happens when the boys they were flirting with are scooped up along with one of their female friends.

Brooke and Alison will have to surrender their bodies to overcome the incited lust from the new Shamanka terrorizing Phoenix.

Can Alison use her passive powers to seduce back the boys she entertained? Will Brooke match Irina’s supernatural powers?

Find out in the next erotic Halloween romance story “Inciting Lust.”


Free Use Summer Update

I’m 30,000 words into my next book about the free use summer at the Mohawk Campgrounds.

So far I have Brock Flowers, the well built careful yet beautiful man interacting with the girls. he’s navigating this new world where any woman is available to his free use provided he tell them exactly what he wants from them.

He has free access to their bodies in the bedroom, but they own him outside. The girls get to order him around and make him do what they want down to the most menial chores possible.

There are two main story points in this novel.

  1. Brock is navigating fucking 20 girls a week without disrespecting him. I used a character-building exercise to make him more believable and his “verb” that defines his being is “to revere.” Brock respects, reveres, worships, adulates, defers, and fawns over women. He isn’t a pushover or a beta, in fact his easy Alpha confidence is what makes women so drawn to him. In direct contrast to his proud strong behavior is his respect and reverence for women.
  2. Story point two is Brock conflicting with Jeremy, Anton, and Freddie, three returning staff members who border on cruel and aggressive. their verbs are “to devour,” “to abuse,” and to degrade.” These three vial men disrespect the girls and provide a significant terror that they learn from and suffer under. Brock can’t fight them directly, as it is expressly forbidden in the rules of the camp. He’d lose his status and the girls would be left without him.

“Tasting them All,” Book 2 of the Free Use Summer series is stuffed with sex. Brock has his first anal with the enthusiastic butt-slut, Christine, and then tentatively works his way through other girls until he blows his load inside his burgeoning favorite, Alana.

I wanted to finish the book by the end of this weekend, but it wasn’t going to happen. I still have too much conflict and story left in my and I think this book is going to push past 40,000 words.

I should have stayed in Kindle Unlimited, but then I wouldn’t have been able to sell my books on here. That’s right. If you buy the Jiggle with Jocelyn package you get all of my books for one cost including all future books.

Bookfunnel kicks ass. Seriously. Get your books delivered to you any way you read them hassle-free. Want Kindle? Kobo? PDF? All delivered super easy just for you. Jump in now and “Tasting them all” will be available to you before it goes live on the major retailers.

Jocelyn's Corner

August Update 2019

I’m finding that it is even more difficult to write frequently without distraction.

This month is filled with free use sex. Brock Flowers is going to the Mohawk Campground in a remote northern state where he doesn’t know about the employee’s free use mandate.

The men need to fuck 20 times each week and log their experiences with the female staff members.

The women staff need to fuck 40 times each week and are allowed to hook up with each other, the men, and the campers.

If someone doesn’t meet their quota they get fired losing the prestige that comes with surviving the campground and the financial rewards their employment provides.

So I’m writing faster and faster to meet the demand of the brutal publishing scene for erotica books online.

I’ve noticed that if I don’t publish a book in a week my sales drop dramatically. Yet, I can’t write a 30,000-word book in one week, even with doing voice dictation for the majority of my daily words.

Quickies are fun and I wanted to fill this free use series with lots of scenes where the male main character shoves his cock in a girl’s ass at the beach all casual after pushing her thong bikini bottom to the side.

Brock should be balls deep in ass, pussy, and big sweaty tits at every turn.

The story takes longer to tell than I’d like. Always. I feel like I’m so lost in the emotion, the feeling, and the experience of the hot sex that the story lingers in the background like an oft-repeated specter without ever moving forward.

I’ve been writing about how the chauvinistic male employees are returning to camp for a week and they still haven’t arrived.

Action. Movement. Sex. Those are my goals for the end of August.

Jocelyn's Corner

Writing, writing, and more writing

I’ve been writing for a full year every single day. I haven’t missed a single one! Yes! GO ME! AWESOME! YAY!

The best part of writing every day is the profound amount of work that I’ve created in that time. I’ve used dictation, typing and three different computers to write on.

I’ve found these tools to make me the most prolific:

  • A will to write something every damn day. It can only be one sentence, but I have to keep that chain going. I used the Jerry Seinfeld method. X off a day when you do something and don’t interrupt the chain of X’s.
  • Scrivener. I do all of my writing in Scrivener. I’ve started doing series inside of one project. I’ve found that it is easier to keep track of all the files. So each “Draft” has multiple folders in it for the series. When I publish the bundle I’ll click “include all” and viola! I’ll have a bundle without having to copy and paste or import anything. Scrivener is totally worth it. Syncs to Dropbox, and i feel safe and backed up should I ever need to rescue my work from a bum hard-drive.
  • Draft2Digital. We have a frustrating relationship. They are excellent at forcing you into the narrow confines of acceptable erotica online at retailers. Want to make sure your content will pass muster and not get you banned on Amazon? Publish through D2D. I’m serious. They read your shit hard. I had a story about pigtails and skirts obviously alluding to the schoolgirl fetish even though I overtly stated the age at 20 and no sir. They sent it back and banned it from distribution. I had to change the cover, the content, and remove any reference to young or pigtails. ouch. Their publishing formatting is beyond compare and they distribute everywhere. Apple is becoming a big vendor for my work. Excited about that. Universal book links. MOBI, EPUB, Links to other works, reader list. They’re solid. I am moving to use them exclusively for all of my publishing. Yes, including Amazon.

    I’m worried about their keywords though. I don’t know how to them. Like, should I put “young teen anal sex hard pound big dick girl” in one field? Or should i do, “anal,” “hard,” “pounding,” “tight” “pussy” as each individual? Are they keyword “tags” or a keyword string like Amazon? There is no direction on this and I wish they were more clear about how it worked.

  • Surface Pro. I use it for everything. I LOVE the keyboard. I find that it has the best travel, the best clicky sounds, and the best feeling for my hands. My palms rest easily on it and I can type as comfortably on my lap as I can at a desk. it is excellent. I love love love love it.
  • Canva. I use this for covers. I’m not the biggest fan, but they’re easy, they’re quick, and I don’t feel like an idiot like when I use GIMP or photoshop.
  • Depositphotos. Get the annual SUMO discount $50.00 for 100 pictures every year. Go to for the cost and value. Can’t beat it.

1 full year of publishing. Just hit $300.00 a month. I’m happy about that, but feel like my longer works are ignored. I think that is because the stories suck. I’m considering a transition to romance.  A very steamy romance. Reading the top sellers in erotica and romance I find that it is very easy to do. I think it is something with a full year under my belt of daily writing and about 50 books I’ll have no problem doing. Stick to the plan. Stik to the script. We can do it!


Jocelyn's Corner

Writing the “Caught!” series

I initially wanted the “Caught!” series to be about young girls getting caught doing something they shouldn’t have and paying their way free from consequence with their virgin assholes. I wanted them getting fucked up the ass by perverted older men because they were taking advantage of the situation.

Draft2Digital is significantly more prudish than Amazon is.

I’ve had two stories outright blocked in the series by D2D. “Don’t Punish My Backdoor!” was blocked from distribution to all channels. I didn’t realize it. I put it up on Amazon directly. /sigh. I was hoping to get free from Amazon and moving to other retailers so I wasn’t beholden to their monopoly over everything. It scares me having all my info laced together on Amazon through KDP, Prime, Kindle, RDS, everything.

Then I submitted “No! Not there!” and it got an angry letter about how I was writing dub/con and questionable content and if I continued I’d be banned. Here are the two covers. One with the initial story which you can get at Smashwords or here, on my website, and the changed one with significant edits to the story to make the cut at D2D.

D2D did not like the short schoolgirl reference, the pigtails, or the cover. They hated the fact that the main character at 20 was portrayed as too young, so I changed the cover, changed all references to pigtails, and removed the uniform skirt and outfit. 

I get where they’re coming from. They don’t want to be promoting things that might get them in trouble with Amazon or with any of their other retailers. They’re not going to ruin their business on a small time poor selling erotic author. I get it. 

It’s frustrating though because the market, the story the cash is in those blurred lines. 

Each book in the “Caught!” series has evolved away from being more “Ah hah! I caught you! now do some sexually depraved act to work your way out, into more, “I caught you!” or “We got caught!” Does it really matter though? It isn’t like these books are selling off the shelves. 

I initially started these books as one-off distractions from my more cumbersome and emotionally tiring stories like “Natural Dominance” or “The Neighbor’s Deal” series. Writing erotic romance is much more difficult than simple 10k word shorts where the sex is simple and the premise thin like the clothes. 

So I’m writing the next book in the series with a decidedly safe subject matter. A new hire at a company hires a college graduate and the recent burnout that is in charge of training acts on his desire to capture her petite little heart. They’ll get caught in public, in the training room, and finally after hours when the cleaning crew comes in and sees Morris stuffing his dick in her tight willing ass.

Get ready! Get Excited!

If you’re a Jiggle with Jocelyn – Everything member, then you’ll get it free with an email and and a link to download to any device using BookFunnel.


Jocelyn's Corner

The frustrating attention at Draft2Digital

I want to publish everything through Draft2Digital, especially to Amazon. I’ve had nothing but problems.

The first time I wanted to publish to Amazon I had to rip all of my poems off the website because apparently, you can’t offer anything for free on the zon. Then when i submitted my bundle (all the books which are currently available on Amazon) I get rejected because two small portions (less than 5% of a book) are on Literotica under a different title. They were the first exploratory chapters of the first book I wrote, “Take Her.”

Now to get my book published on Amazon I can go to them directly and have it published through KDP, which would probably be done in less than a day, or I can drop it through D2D once I get it removed from literotica.

Literotica has a single person administering the accounts and I had to direct message someone through the forms to get my works removed from the site. Lame. there is no reason it shouldn’t be automatic. Why in 2019 do I need to have someone remove a story from their site? I guess maybe for account protection. Who knows.

They say it will take 5 days to remove. 5 days! yikes!

Once it is gone I then email D2D, then request that they remove the Amazon blocked status, and resubmit. Grr. it is a frustrating process. Annoying.

I suspect they are very anal about the Amazon review process because they don’t want to get flagged for any reason for abusing the system. They need to take everything super seriously. More seriously than Amazon themselves. I get it. It’s annoying.

So, you can get everything on my blog, on my website, B&N, and soon Kobo and Apple and all the others.

I’m going wide again bitches!

Jocelyn's Corner

Pulling out of Kindle Unlimited

Am I crazy? Am I doing the wrong thing? History tells me yes, I am, but I’m bullheaded, boorish, stupid, and foolish.

I want to make money outside of Amazon. I hate that they’re 80% of the market, hell, 90% of the market and that I should go into Kindle Unlimited and exclusive.

So I made my books easier to get.

You can download every single book for $49.99 and have them delivered to any device. Bookfunnel is fucking awesome.

I publish through Draft2Digital, which I love to support because they’re amazing for authors and readers, upload the files to Bookfunnel, and when you download the book from my website, you get them delivered to any app that reads ebooks.

Want my books on your Kindle? Done.

Want my books on your nook? Done.

Want them on your Kobo reader? Done.

Book Funnel takes care of it all. Easy, simple, and available.

But wait! Why am I leaving Kindle Unlimted?

I don’t know! I’ve had my best three months ever from being in KU. I finally broke $200 with about half of my money and earnings coming from KU. I think I can make more with the Jiggle with Jocelyn – Everything product that you can get on my website.

One cost, every book that I’ve ever written, and ever book that I’ll write in the future.

I’ve done this before. If I do decide to go back into KU, then you get every new book before it publishes lives on Kindle. Get it now.

Do you want to buy your smut risk free? Bitcoin, Litecoin. No credit card, no names, just an email address and a crypto transaction. I’m using Coinbase Merchant services to sell my books and bundles.

It is SUPER easy to use. Put some cash in Litecoin (my favorite) with Coinbase, and buy the bundle. You’re all set and there is no record of your transaction. It is amazing.

Jocelyn's Corner

Draft2digital for Amazon releases

My latest two books are now available on Amazon through Draft2Digital. I’m not sure why I’m using them for the Amazon portion. I’ve been going to KDP and publishing there because I’m in Kindle Unlimited for most of my books. 


[featured_books id=”6dfef4d4471b8aebeff89a0704a249a3″ featured_books=”‹º›‹º›‹²›2091‹²›‹¹›,‹º›‹²›2095‹²›‹¹›‹¹›” number_columns=”2″ hide_on_desktop=”false” hide_on_mobile=”false” animation_on_scroll=”{‹²›animation_enable‹²›:‹²›no‹²›,‹²›yes‹²›:{‹²›animation_type‹²›:‹²›fadeIn‹²›,‹²›animation_delay‹²›:‹²›0‹²›}}” _array_keys=”{‹²›featured_books‹²›:‹²›featured_books‹²›,‹²›animation_on_scroll‹²›:‹²›animation_on_scroll‹²›}” _fw_coder=”aggressive” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”8f2faa9d283b0df1e511ef539ee80116″][/featured_books]These latest two books aren’t really KU books. The “Caught! Bikini Seduction” book is the edited tame version of a story I wrote and have published on Smashwords called, “Caught! “NO! Not there!” 

I got rejected with a nasty letter from D2D for publishing a dub/con book. I didn’t think it was that bad. The main character catches his next door neighbor using his hot tub and instead of calling the police asks her for sex. He wants to put it in her ass and she reluctantly says, “No! Not there!” but ultimately relents and lets him nail her up the ass. 

D2D didn’t like the story, so I edited it in a different way such that the neighbor brat seduces the main character and begs him to stuff it up her soccer player but. He does.

It was a good exercise in editing and changing. I didn’t realize that my book was so dubious. I thought it was more a play on the line between unwanted and wanted. I thought that was the kink I was going for. 

So I have to tone it down. 

I’ve noticed that publishing to Amazon through D2D is just as easy as the rest of the publishing process on the platform. It is easy, simple, and looks good. The shame is that KU brings in a TON of money and almost doubles my income. When I’m in KU my actual sales increases too. If Amazon is 80% of my revenue, why wouldn’t I make myself exclusive? It amps up the sales. 

However, publishing to Amazon through D2D takes about 2 days, sometimes 3 to go up on the Amazon store, where when I was putting it directly into KDP bookshelf (Amazon’s platform) it was going live in about 12 hours. 

I want to be wide, but I can’t afford it. So some books are going to go wide. I’m planning on all of my boredom stories to go into the Wide distribution through D2D.  What is a boredom story? Short 12k books that I write in the course of 3 days while I’m writing a longer story. I got bored with Neighbor’s Deal book and then the Natural Dominance which is a longer story without a lot of sex. Boredom stories are quickies that satisfy my distracted writing with a quick sexual premise. 

So in the future, my quickies will go into D2D wide with all the vendors it’ll accept, including Amazon, and all of my longer series books will go into KU. 

I’ve had one sale. Thanks kind stranger!


Erotic Poetry

Poem: Poling Polar

Polar vortex, snow up to my thighs like anything not plowed is lava,
cold biting through windows while we huddle naked on a blanket you spread
after feeding me scallops fried in canola oil on a cast iron skillet.

You gave me six orgasms with your finger and tongue,
so much pleasure crashing my crotch I didn’t mind
when you slipped a finger up my butt and let me
fuck both to pleasure a fifth, a sixth time
before you rolled me over, used your thumb
and plugged me with your dick until
you came on my back.

This is how I break the coldest night in history.

Erotic Poetry

Poem: Touching my Butt

Your greedy eyes drink my butt curving these pajama pants
like it is new,
Like I haven’t been doing squats every day,
leg lifts and difficult warriors for twenty reps
to build up my booty.

Your heavy touch rounds my rump
with gleeful delight, savoring every flexing
mound like the first time you touched tits
at 1:00am after crossing down on foot.

I’m brushing my teeth and scowling
with a wordless growl you ignore.
But for you, it was like the grocery store impulse buy aisle
and you’re gone to our room reading your phone
in seconds.

Jocelyn's Corner

Starting the Natural Dominance Series

What happens when the weakest runt of the family is blessed with Gaia’s natural power? What happens when the cruelest, revenge ridden evil woman who thinks she’s justified uses that power to overthrow her relative’s lives?

Alyona is evil. Not evil like she wants to kill the world, but evil in how she so casually destroys lives and abuses the power she call’s “Gaia’s will.”

I haven’t decided if Gaia is actually a malevolent force that has subverted this clan of women and men to do its bidding, or if in this world Gaia wants to taste human sex because it is foreign to her. The argument for Gaia, or the spirit of the earth is that it is everything, the personification of nature itself, including all life.

Does that include humans? it often doesn’t, and we are set apart. In this world Gaia cannot taste life unless like a symbiote she implants herself in a willing host.

In exchange for hosting her seed the women of the clan receive her magic and refuel it through celebrating Gaia’s will by fucking.

They learn that through Gaia’s power they can exploit the lust people have for them to make them exceedingly suggestive making them “thralls” to their will. Alyona subverts three men in the first three chapters of the Natural Dominance series in her efforts to wrestle in her new powers and exact revenge on her awful family.


I’m floundering with the writing because it is heavy on the personal details, on the world building, and lighter on the sex. I’m struggling to write a proper book without “telling.”

Remember, to write well you need to “show” the reader through exciting action, things that put the protagonists in challenging situations that describe their mettle, that show their bearing and is interesting enough to read.


I don’t know that I’m doing a great job of that despite my some 50 books that I’ve published in the last year. I know. Insane. I’ve been a publishing fiend and still I feel like my story is boring and not that interesting.

Every day I want to write. I want to be producing more and more material, but I should be outlining instead of gushing out stream of consciousness crap.

Tomorrow I’ll be outlining the story for the Natural dominance book. I had an outline, and I ignored it as I wrote. Things changed. I’ve ben pantsing and I don’t want to.

So I’ve been thinking of tag lines.


What do you think of this:



What would you do as the Cinderella of your family but suddenly infused with more powerful magic than even the strongest of your relatives? Would you take revenge? Would you pay them back for ruining your life?

Alyona is not thirsty for mercy. Join her as she gives in to Gaia’s will and dominates men, women, and those that have wronged her in this steamy romp through  Shamanka’s payback.

Erotic Poetry

Poem: Winter’s Spatter

Winter is the Earth’s blasting wet dream
stimulated from the equator’s erogenous tickle
in the waves against Chile doubling off
the desert subduction mountains.

It is the creaming splat as the cum
meets fridged pole air like the slap
of ropy jizz across the face and an open mouth.

Turn your head to the sky and swallow every snowflake.



This poem is directly related to “Winter’s Backdoor Gift,” which you can get for free here:

Jocelyn's Corner

Finishing the next Backdoor Deal book

I’ve been writing the next chapter, well book, in Sugar Daddy Deals book. It has taken a decidedly different twist than I thought it would.

I’m writing the book much more romantically than I expected to. Initially, I thought Josh Jennings was going to amass a harem of sorority girls that he would rotate his dick into working his way through the girl’s virgin assholes throughout the semester.

Instead, I’ve been writing Christina and Josh’s love story spending too much time describing their fucking at his apartment than going the Sugar Daddy route.

I’m not a Sugar Daddy. I have no connection to the nuance and neurosis that goes into accepting cash from some older man and being his sexual toy.

Much of this series is based on the youtube video from a retired porn star I saw where she talked about how she had a Sugar Daddy in college and how he went nuts convinced she was cheating on him.

So when I saw this video, it tickled in my brain for a long time. Thus, Josh and Christina’s life after he ropes her into sex began.

This next book, Book 4 of the Sugar Daddy Deals is all about bringing in Sherri, Christina’s exotic pledge grandmother who has large natural boobs, and a dark pleasing complexion that tantalizes and excites Christian. Sherri is buxom and fit with a large butt from working out in the gym regularly. She has dark hair and thick muscles, unlike Christina’s thin blond waifish physique.

They have a wild night threesome where Sherri needs Josh to train her asshole for true, real, pleasurable anal sex.

The ridiculousness of the story is that you can’t stuff a giant dick up your ass in one night and expect to love it immediately. It takes hours, days of preparation to accommodate a giant cock up your butt.  Yet suspend your disbelief and enjoy the scene where Sherri laps at Christian’s “godpussy,” and gets nailed up her tight round booty by Josh’s mature thick cock.

I’m doing my best to finish this book in a timely manner, and I think I’ve hit 40,000 words. There are over 7 sex scenes that are all sexy and should pleasure any reader over and over.

Are you ready for more Josh Jennings and Christina Yates?

I have one more book planned for them, and after the heartbreaking conclusion of this fourth book I’m hoping to wrap up their story for a new series: “Natural Dominance.”

Check out the free book, “Winter’s Backdoor Gift,” available one the home page when you join my email list!

Erotic Poetry Jocelyn's Corner

Giving away free books the cruelest way to make money

Have you heard about the concept of the “loss leader?” Walmart does it with television sets. They price their cheapest TV lower than their competitors. You go in because it is a huge deal that you can’t pass up, and end up buying a different TV b/c it is a little bit more for a little bit better quality.

The same goes for me. I’m giving away two books right now if you are interested. You can get them now on the home page. “Winter’s Backdoor Gift,” and “Don’t Punish My Backdoor” are free when you join my mailing list. I’m betting that if you download these two one-off stories you’ll be so interested in my books that you’ll either read them through KU or buy them for a few bucks.

The same goes for when I put up a 5-day free book special on Amazon. The hope is that some of the readers picking up a free book are going to turn around and buy or read some of my other books.

I have to give away my work slapping in the face people that have bought it. That sucks.

It is cruel to me for not paying me for my hard work and effort producing the content, but worse it draws in the people looking for free and sets a precedent that if they wait long enough they’ll get my work for free, and I want to be an author that survives from her writing.

So giving away books works, but it is a cruel Sugar Daddy. Nothing like swallowing a cock and cum for cash like doing a free book promotion in the hopes of a good tip.

This second week of January I’ve been running a series of free book promotions on Amazon essentially giving away my series starters in the hopes that people will enjoy them enough to pick up the rest of the series. I’m offering a loss leader. I want people to pick up my book for free and move through the rest of my catalog.

It is working.

Ever since I started it my book sales are up to $15.00 a day from the about $2-$5.00 a day. That is awesome! I want to continue it but I don’t know if I have enough wide reach or renown to make it happen.

I finished the huge threesome sex scene today in the latest “Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal” series, or “Sugar Daddy Deals.”  Christina worked Josh’s dick into her sorority sister’s ass and they loved it.

I feel like the stakes are gone from the book and the compelling story is fading for the length. I don’t see it being interesting enough to read all of.

I have to find some reason to move the story forward though it is a simple Sugar Daddy pays a young girl to live with him on campus, he gets jealous. she freaks out. they fall in love, move in together. He abuses her ass with too much butt sex, they bring in another girl, they fight. They leave each other. They reunite. done. Boring.

But… it needs something else. Something to keep it interesting but believable to the characters. I don’t know. Perhaps that is why I’m still working on it after 30 days. I’m struggling to make it readable and don’t know where I want to go with it. Frustrating.

At least I’m putting words to page and I’m at 31,000 words for the story.



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Erotic Poem:

I am the jostling breasts held tight to the chest
by firm cotton that stinks from sweat and perfume I know you like
but secretly hate wearing.

I am the spilled beer on my cleavage
that totally wasn’t an accident though I laugh embarrassed
like it was one so you’ll pat me down and offer napkins.

I am the skirt I pull past my thighs to my bony hip bones
where you look and smile seeing I’m not wearing panties,
and am the smile you take me with.

Jocelyn's Corner

The daunting reality of a mediocre erotic writer

I calculated today how many words I’d write in a year if I put 1,600 words on the page each day. 584,000. If I put all those words into Kindle Unlimited and someone read every page at least once it would only make me $2,770.

That isn’t a lot of money. In fact, it is virtually nothing. I need to make 500% more of that. I need to make $100,000 a year in order to make up the money I make from my job in salary, benefits, health insurance, and retirement savings.

How the fuck do you mass market erotica? It is impossible. I’m feeling like I’m running an uphill battle against my fantasies and indulgences that aren’t making me enough, or much money at all. December 2018 was by far the best month I ever had financially with my writing, earning $250. That isn’t enough to cover what I need to support myself writing.

So with my limited success, my tepid reception with readers and visibility I doubt I’m going to find financial success in erotica.

Now I know why people move to Romance.

It is the biggest market with the most voracious readers that are willing to devour your long story in full and read it over and over. They read a book a day, a week, whatever. I want to have a thousand readers every day. That isn’t too many people, though what I’m writing right now isn’t mainstream. I’m in a backwater pond with a river trickling flow to the real space there are monies.

I need to write better. I need to write more vanilla without a kink. The other option is going full niche, full kink, but I think I need to move out of erotica though my heart is in it.

I want the money. Right now the highest earning book I have has made only $100.00. That is nothing. That is “beer money” as they say.


Erotic Poetry

Poem: Breaking in

I like reaching behind my back pulling my cheeks apart as
much as I like laying on my back, knees hooked by wrists going sore
from lack of blood
while you break into my tightest entrance, ignoring my clit,
and squeeze me wider than I can struggle breath.
My cringing face encourages you harder
and I’m screaming while you stretch me for next time.

Erotic Poetry

Poem: Things I’ll do to You

I want to wrap my chest around your heat,
around the strong throbbing need you beg me to kiss
to swallow,
and I do to give it lube enough to push without hurting
either of us.

I’ll pump my torso on my needs so you can
blast my chin with satisfaction
smiling what I can coax you into.

Tremble at my powers.

Erotic Poetry

Poem: Skin offering

My shower-fresh skin slides apart quick
waiting for your hands and lotion to slide
up from toes to knees, thighs to slip

I am the fresh flesh offering
spread open on your plate,
our bed, ready for your tongue.

Jocelyn's Corner

But isn’t the backdoor anal slut my niche?

I thought that I had cornered the market on the backdoor anal slut teen girl that hooks up with her old man neighbor. I thought that was what drew my most readers.

My topic is too bland. It is too vanilla, it is too mainstream and therefore not searched and found. Hell, when I go to Amazon and search like I think someone would with generic terms without focus my books don’t come up first. I should be writing books and keywords that get me to the top of the fucking amazon lists.

Shouldn’t there be a market for the next door neighbor man that wants to fuck his teenage slut next door? Doesn’t he see her in the skinny shorts running in the morning or when she comes home from college? Doesn’t he fantasize about stuffing his cock into his neighbor’s daughter’s pussy, bending her over his couch and plugging her ass?

I thought that is what old men wanted. I thought that was what the guys in my neighborhood wanted when they’d waved with hesitant smiles when I went walking my dog in shorts and a tank top. I thought they were secretly stroking themselves off in their bathrooms dreaming about how they could lure my by with a happy wave, a gentle smile, and somehow get me to take their dicks.

I thought they were fantasizing about my breasts and how their cocks would look plunging through my cleavage.

It seems I was wrong, and that there isn’t that much interest in what I’m writing.  I’m experiencing the start of the year’s blues and discouragement.

So I thought that my niche was the next door neighbor getting fucked by a controlling older man which eventually leads to love.

And I had such high hopes for my “Hill’s Secrets stories.” I had so much hope for the “Witch’s Awakening” series. They interest me. they excite me and I wish that I could earn enough money to live on with them against the rule that says, “research a niche.” Fuck that. I want to write what I enjoy.