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Walking backwards

Have you ever shoved something up your ass even when you didn’t think that you could? Rammed a few fingers between your tight hole, and felt the hot warmth from both your stretched sphincter and the inside pressing smooth into your pad?

Its like walking backwards tied with fear and uncertainty that “this should not be.” Large signs like too warm flesh, and squeezing protesting muscles gripping hard while forcing against you to flee are like bright lights shouting “WRONG WAY” in all caps.

Like walking backwards against the crowd on a major street filled with walking commuters; you’re going to run into someone eventually, and it isn’t going to be pleasant. Or you’re going to fall down a staircase you didn’t see. You know going backwards and all.

Just like ramming a cock up your ass for the first time. Your mind just screams: “there is something wrong! You shouldn’t be doing this!”

I’m writing a new series of short stories (about 5-10k words each) where every one is about anal sex. I’m toying with calling it, “All about the butt.” Or “Backdoor Recreation Center.”

I’m having a blast writing about it, because it is a book exploring the “wrong way” or Walking backwards. I think beyond just the physical joy that butt play produces the idea that you should not be doing it, that it is wrong  really helps make it that much more interesting. Who knew that the mental portion of sex was just as important and as powerful as the physical. But you know that. you read smut. You’re here for the mental stimulation.

What do you think?

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When everyone else sucks.

Juvenile. Bad. This is totally a dude writing. Poor descriptions, and too much focus on specifics that no one cares about. I critique my own writing very harshly. A while ago I noticed that I favored using “quite” to describe stuff. Bad habit. I needed to be more thoughtful in my descriptions. Writing isn’t easy stuff and requires the constant tending of habit to be effective and interesting to people today. Think of all the different stimuli that are available to us now: video, images, physcial books, digital, Kindle Unlimited!

Writing requires work and effort, and coupled with that is the need to research what you people like and want. Unfortunately, Amazon Kindle Unlimited, while awesome, does not have the best search functions for smut. It can be difficult to find anything worth reading. Find an author and stick with it, or search by keyword or category.

You might know that I’m working on a book all about anal sex, and backdoor fun at a recreation center. But in order to write effectively you need to do your research and spend time reading what other people have written. I did a couple search terms:

  • anal
  • backdoor
  • rear
  • erotica
  • butt

The results were, okay. I still haven’t read a single story that I actually really got into or liked. Most are misogynist uninteresting stories. I tried to write misogyny recently with “Grab her like a Trump” and the main character Carl. It was not easy for me to put my mind in someone else that treats women like animals. There is fun in rough aggression and domineering behavior but with the respect and care that goes along with respect. Most of the books I read about anal sex were dull and boring. They just didn’t excite me in any fashion. I was so bored by them I actually turned to my recent book:

And like yesterday, I went to my couch, read my own story, and got off to it with a hand down my pants and another up my shift cupping my breast. Why do all the stories about backdoors on amazon Kindle Unlimited suck? Maybe I’m not finding the right ones. Any suggestions? Reach out: leave a comment.


Poem of the Day: 

“What are you doing?” Mom shouts from the doorway.

My hand is buried beneath my Umbros, and bulges like a cock in my crotch,

My wide eyes reflect the youthful mix of fear and excitement instantly interrupted by terror loud in my mother’ shock.

She doesn’t wait for an explanation, and I don’t elaborate.

She knocked afterwards.

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Do you masturbate to your own writing?

Dear Jocelyn Lily,

Do you masturbate to your own stories, like your own writing?



This is an easy answer: YES! Emphatically, absolutely, and totally yes. Some of most favorite self-diddles have been while reading my own words written a year ago. I’ll rub myself an orgasm fingers dripping deep into my holes, and rubbing my clit like I’m just a furiously attempting climax as my characters.

I’ve read “Take Her” a few times and cum from the scenario my past self contrived. Heck, like any good good book I’ve forgotten many of the smaller details, and even knowing what is going to happen next doesn’t diminish from the overall quality of the story and scene itself.

I’ve sometimes considered using the “would I bust out the dildo” metric for whether or not a particular scene enters a book. Usually the answer is absolutely yes. Yes I’ll lube up my ass and drive the plug in over the protestations of my surprised ass. Yes, I’ll spread that lube over my pussy and use my fingers to rise in orgasm.  I like my writing; which is really a reason why I’m brave enough to share it with all of you. I enjoy reading what I’ve written because it feels good to both see the story play out, and to share in the vision of that moment.

You might not be surprised to realize that I frequently stop writing to rub one out, to shake my legs in passion, and to squeeze my nipples. When I’m thinking of a scene or what should happen when I’m outlining, one hand is frequently in my pants, panties shoved aside, and finger moving in constant swirls around my bean. Generally, I find my free hand pinching my nipples, playing with my breast, or fondling my honey nub.

I write smut, sex, and erotica. It turns me on to write it, and even read it later. What about you?

Poem of the Day: 

My wrists are sore; from the awkwardly small keyboard and the carpel tunnel or from the constant tilt to shove past pantie, to press past elastic pajama pant’s waist, to curve across my abdomen, and dip, caress, and circle my protected holes.

A flare pleasures up my waist, my breasts heave, and my flushed out muse yanks, in irony, my hand slick with wetness back to a keyboard soaked by frequent dipping distractions.

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Erotic a type of special

I enjoy writing smut, sex, fantasy, and excitement. Usually, I use my own experiences to color my scenes, but a fair amount are imaginings, fantasies that I wish happened and hope that occur. I like to believe that when you write something it becomes real in another universe. Like whatever you’re writing you’re just channeling some experience elsewhere exactly that has already happened or will happen. If you believe or know about the multiple universe theories, or the infinite earths like in comic books, you know that the theory suggests that if something is possible, it exist in a mirror earth in a different dimension or universe. The show Sliders was basically this premise.

Therefor, I like to think that the filthy sexy sex I write about has actually happened somewhere in existence.

When I write about cocks filling holes, and women moaning as they touch themselves, and guys exploding on women’s boobs. It isn’t just in pornos, or in someone’s mind; it is actually happening to someone alive and breathing just like I am. Maybe our whole existence is actually shared across all universes and Immortality is simply tapping into each possible permutation of your life on any number of infinite earths (see “The One” with Jet Li).

Last night I wrote about Betty preparing for her husband to come home and fill her butt. She spent the day fantasizing about Daniel her Tennis instructor and how her friend Carol thought he had a good  butt. This turns her into a woman obsessed with discovering what anal sex is like, and proceeds to finger her hole throughout the day, lube herself up and shove a dildo up her bum. The sex her husband inflicts (a too favorite word, but I like it) on her ass-hole hurts at first in a muscle stretching way, but then immediately turns into the full body pressured pleasure that backdoor play allows. Oh to have a prostate to truly capitalize on the sensation of your rim getting stretched and your ass exploding in joy.

I’m tentatively calling the new book about all anal sex “Backdoor Rec Center.” What do you think?

Poem of the Day:

When ruled by rampant hormones, young and old smile with sex oozing behind eyes, flushing lips, and swelling breasts to breathe flirtation and stupidity.

Ignore those trivial breaths, focusing instead on the rising rose rush, to redden cheeks and hands, and watch their smile, feet facing your crotch, and how even when not looking at you, they turn their attention obvious to your voice.

Clumsy laughter from youthful ripe flesh, and sagging skin with clever stimulation: a balance beam of erotic irony.

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Recovering additcted

You may have been following my career on You may not have. I have a bunch of books available to you right now online and if you’re a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber (and if you enjoy good smut you need to be). then you can get every single book I have out for free.

Hill’s Secrets series: check.

Hill’s Secrets Holiday Specials: check.

Grab Her like a Trump one off: check.

I want you to read the filth that pours from my mouth and stimulates your feathered mind, that romps your brain to action, and hopefully incites you to take your own action at home with whoever you choose to spend it with.

I’ve been writing daily for about three months now, and that means better stories, longer stories, and more action for you. I’ve been working on two things:

  1. Hill’s Secrets Vol. 02: Billy’s Story “Abusing the Game” This is a standalone book that focuses on Billy Hill, or William Hill Jr as he moves from a High school senior into his freshman year of college. This story picks up one year before Alison’s story in “Take Her.” Join Billy as he moves from clumsy begging pudgy teenager to runner / gamer that manipulates the dating game to get freaky in and out of class.
  2. Taking it up the butt. This is a book of short stories centered around a Recreation Center where the staff cums together to explore anal play and rear end stimulation. Even the participants join in, and they explore new and veteran backdoor moments. If you like your sex filling the forbidden hole; check this book out.

Poem of the day:

Like wetness, dripping down stairs; rain too much for runnoff, my hand soaks from excitement flashing fire over my clit. If only your hand, you shaft was as expert as my own.


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Writing again

“Grab her like a Trump” is live on amazon. $0.99 or free with Kindle unlimited. Check it out today.

I think one of the most poingnant phrases from last year’s election was “I just grab them by the pussy.”

Who the fuck says that? The god damn fucking president of the United States. That’s who. Funny thing, the president can say, “Grab them by the pussy” but you can’t put that in the amazon blurb. How fucked up is that?

Anyway. Explore Carl’s reaction to big tittied liberal hippy chick Becca’s fight with her friends on election day. Carl is a good gun toting militia man that wants to protect the polls from anyone coming to fraudulently vote twice or three times. Becca is fired up about the armed guards around the polling places and wants to challenge their aggression with some liberal rage.

When her zeal for activism is too much for her democratic friends she storms off and is abandoned alone at night outside of town. Carl finds her moping alone and offers to give her a ride home.

But then he remembers his boy trumps words and grabs her by the pussy. See how she reacts in this quick novella where political ideologies collide in a primal hand to crotch connection.

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Christmas Erotica

Thanksgiving weekend is almost over, and I hope you’re enjoying “Mature Seduction” my latest in the Holiday specials for the Hill’s Secrets series. That means I’m starting to work on the Christmas special and I’m hoping to have it done in two weeks! Woah, that is a tight writing schedule. Hah, pun isn’t intended there, but you can take it.

When I think of the Thanksgiving holiday I consider two major factors: 1) family and dinner table. 2) College kids are home. Those two main things open up some options for sexy stories, and I used the first one, family at the dinner table, for the latest holiday story. We got to look at how Alison and Billy are seduced by their parent’s good friends Frank and Sarah. There is a neat thing thing to play with regarding older partners and younger ones. I liked looking at the hesitance that Frank, a typical Alpha male had when crossing the line with his friend’s daughter. Frank was reluctant to embrace his desire and take alison, but he gives into her temptation and goes for it, ‘massaging her legs’ and letting his hands slip onto her ass. He takes action, but he lets Alison make the final choice. There is a dichotomy between his typical Alpha male status who gets whatever he wants, versus the young 18 year old cheerleader who should be manipulated by him, and she has the power.

It was fun on the other end with Billy, having Sarah turn the tables on him and manipulating him into wanting her. I mean, it wasn’t difficult, but she literally turns his ‘seduction method’ from his story (which I’m still writing “Abusing the Game”), where he tricks his english teacher into seducing him, Sarah turns it around on Billy and make it seem like he is seducing her, even though she is doing the seduction.  This is directly opposite from the Alpha Frank letting Alison give him permission to touch her, versus Sarah seducing Billy and making him act by taunting and encouragement. She is the alpha here, and it turns the paradigm on its head. We have a powerful woman that is making the choices here: Alison and Sarah.

Remember the two things from Thanksgiving that define it for me? Family dinner, and college kids home. Remember the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving where you go out to the bars and it is like a high school reunion? I do. I remember getting black out drunk when going out that night and just partying with my friends. Christmas has that same experience too, but on a longer scale. I think part of what makes the Thanksgiving week a little more crazy is that you only have the one week, or half a week off, versus the full month or 2 weeks of Winter break.

That condensed time makes people act a little crazy when they pack it all in. Christmas is slightly different because of. The longer time, and the crazy parties seem to get spread out and therefor aren’t as out of control.

With the christmas special, I want to look at friends and high school reunion. I’m currently looking at putting Alison in her first lesbian experience. Let me just preface this by saying, I think, I believe, the evidence suggests that homosexuality is a born in trait. That there are some people, about 1-10% (I can’t remember the exact amount) of the population that is sexually attracted to the same gender from birth or puberty. ThHere are other people that can learn to be attracted to the same gender. With that said, Alison is heterosexual, but she is open to new experiences. At the moment I have her hooking up with Kristy, a lesbian friend from high school that she meets up with while dragged to a house party with Brooke. She is still shy and hurt from her trails at the last house party she was subject to, so she hides as much as possible from the guys and finds comfort in Kristy’s attention.

Billy is out with friends and gets drunk, but uses his liquid courage to ask out a girl that in high school was out of his league. He shocks her by being bold, aggressive, and a whirlwind of awesome in the sack. He is empowered and emboldened by his recent experience with Sarah, and confidently flexing his skills. I want to show how Billy is an actual sympathetic successful lover capable of bringing an unsuspecting woman to orgasm through his attentiveness and prowess. I”m toying with him anally fucking her or not. We’ll see. I think it might be exciting, but if she didn’t prep, messy. Suspend reality?

With the kids out of the house at parties, that leaves Will and Jess at home alone, and they have a decked out christmas celebration. Remember how Alison likes halloween and went nuts with the pumpkins and the jack-o-lanterns? Well, Jessica is crazy about Christmas and she loves loves loves christmas trees, lights, and decorations. After a hard day of Christmas prep, Will and Jess sit down on the floor next to their largest tree, and begin and intimate multi-colored light sex. I want this to be the primary focus of this holiday special where ALison and Billy’s were the focuses in the previous two.

Family and high school reunions when College kids return. I hope you saw some young sexy people walking around, hopefully in revealing outfits, and you enjoyed your family time. Look forward to more sexy holiday and erotica books!

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Thanksgiving Special 2016 is LIVE now on Amazon

My newest book, “Mature Seduction” is the latest in the Holiday series of the Hill’s Secrets series. This is a Thanksgiving holiday special for 2016 where long time family friends Frank and Sarah come over for dinner.

Frank was friends with Jessica in college and knew Will. They were in the same peer group, close friends, but they never dated. Jess didn’t mind though, Frank and her are very similar personality wise. It was actually Jessica that introduces Sarah and Frank, and they eventually get married, but have no children of their own.

Frank is your typical “alpha” male (notice how I used that abhorrent word?), and he works out frequently, spending his time running the small business with Sarah. He has a wide frame with large defined muscles and a beautiful face. He is nearing 50, like Will and Sarah, and has dark brown hair salted with strands of grey that make him very distinguished. Frank has a beautiful face, and could have been a male model. He has always had a close relationship with Alison, and frequently spent time giving her advice and lending his willing ear to her stories. He had watched her grow into a fully developed woman, and now, after a 3 year stint abroad, Frank is back. Alison is 18, and entering her sexual prime.

Sarah is a master yogi, capable of bending in all sorts of interesting and eye-pleasing poses. Billy has had a crush on her fantastic ass his whole life, entering one visit where she wore white yoga pants into his “spank bank.” He doesn’t realize that Sarah has a special interest in 19 year old boys, men, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Known in the Hill family for her spectacular ass and physical fitness, Sarah ventures into the basement to plumb Billy’s expulsion secrets, and maybe more.

Continuing the  Holiday special tradition, Jess and Will have their own special experience, this time diddling themselves in a newly renovated shower. While they spank and flick their meat, what thoughts stimulate a devoted loving couple on Thanksgiving with guests in their house? Find out in Hill’s Secrets: Thanksgiving Special 2016: “Mature Seduction.”

Avaiilable on amazon now, or free with Kindle Unlimited.


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Two Erotic story themes for Thanksgiving Erotica

Thanksgiving is about family and friends getting together and sharing a lavish feast in celebration of all the wonderful things we have. In America, we have a traditional meal centered around Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and sweet potatoes. Remember the cranberries, and the rolls.

When family gets together, all those unique social things happen that you’re forced into because they’re family. In erotica, we sometimes look at step-brother/sister affairs, or cousin sex, or something slightly taboo like that.

I don’t write incest stories.

But some families invite friends over to the house, and usually that means family friends. It opens the door for more people outside of the family unit to interact with.

That brings us to the two different types of erotic stories to tell around Thanksgiving:

  1. Age play
  2. Reunion

Age Play

Family friends and grown up kids: 18+.

In the Hill family, you have 19 year old Billy, a sophomore in college, and 18 year old Alison, a freshman in college. Thanksgiving centers around the huge feast. It is the gathering of family which brings the young and the old together. Because I’m unwilling to dive into the taboo incest story, we have to introduces older people to the scene in a believable way: family friends.

Billy and Alison can then have any number of different sex with older people who are friends with their parents Will and Jess. I think the fetish, interest, and slightly naughty concept of risque liaisons between older adults and younger people is quite exciting. You can juxtapose the mature intent of the older person with the innocence and uncertainty of a younger person.

This year, we’re looking at Ali and Frank, and Sarah and Billy. I don’t have a problem with other couples acting outside of their marriage vows, but Jess and Will are in a committed monogamous relationship.   They will not deviate outside themselves.


If you’ve ever gone away to college you know that the first few times you come home for Thanksgiving is a unique exciting experience. It is defined by the high school reunion that happens out at the bars in your hometown the Wednesday before the big day: Thursday.

When you come back that freshman year for Thanksgiving, you’ve been gone at school for about two full months and you’ve had your taste of freedom; you can skip school and no one cares, you can go out drinking and sleep in all day, and no one wakes you up. Burdened with that responsibility over yourself changes you beyond the experience of taking harder classes. Suddenly, you don’t have your parents dictating your every move, or the pressures of a well defined high school to tell you what to do. You are in control of yourself, and that opens the doors to so many possibilities your world opens up in front of you.

Then you go out that Wednesday and you see all your friends from high school, and even people you’re not friends with, and you have a different lenses to view it from: through the colored glasses of your newfound independence.


Thanksgiving stories

This year, 2016, I’m going to be looking at the age play stories for Billy and Alison. They’re going to be hooking up with Frank and Sarah, and will explore the way sex between an older person is different than sex of similar age.

What do you think?

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On Writing Erotica or Romance

Before I started publishing erotica, and by publish, I mean selling erotica books. Before I started publishing, I made sure I knew what the market was like. You know, you don’t just create your book baby and *hope* that it is what people like and want. No, you go out and you read the market, then you emulate that format with your own voice. Thankfully, Amazon Kindle Unlimited exists, and I leaned heavily on borrowed books for $9.99 a month instead of $50 a month for all the books I read.

Get your own free trial for 30 days here:


I heard someone say on a podcast “the difference between erotica and romance is that you have to be comfortable saying the “C” word (cunt).”

I’m not too keen on that word honestly. I’m not a huge fan of “cunt.” I think it is pretty harsh and rude. And when I think of my pussy, I don’t ever call or think of it as a cunt.

So you look at the language and the story itself, and then you look at the primary focus of the book. Another rule is,

Romance is a story about the emotions of relationship, with sex.

Erotica is a story about sex, with relationships.

Basically, what is the primary vehicle of your story? The sex? or the romance, the relationship?

I want to write stories about sex, and have that sex be interesting, stimulating, laced with emotion and suspense, but primarily about the sexy time. I’m not a huge fan of long boring stories about two people I don’t care about debating about whether or not they should have sex.

Fuck, that is what life is like. I read stories to get off on. I want to drive a hand down my pants and ride the climax while I tear through digital pages stimulating my mind and my body at the same time.

Sure, porn does that kind of, but it is lacking in the true imaginative stimulation center. I think that is why you see a lot of fetish type porn, age play, step brother, taboo, young, teen, anal, etc. You know, all the things that excite us beyond just the dick in the hole.

When I read erotica, I’m stimulated by the words and how my imagination fills all the details with exactly what I want. Good erotica doesn’t screw it up with too many stupid details about things that don’t matter, or jarringly bad dialogue. There is nothing worse that getting all hot and bothered and then having to re-read a sentence that takes you out of the moment, or doesn’t accurately play to the tone and setting. Nothing worse than an abusive jerk saying something like, “Take that cock bitch, I know your loose cunt wants my fat meat,” when you’re in the middle of a first experience love story. Or when a boss and secretary or subordinate are about to have sex for the first time and the guy has “piercing steel blue eyes, and a alpha male dominant aura.” Fuck! No. Don’t just tell me, show me moron!

The strange thing when writing erotica, you find yourself drifting closer to romance because you start learning that the setting, the build up, the tension, and the circumstance helps make the actual sex much more electric. I actually have to struggle to constantly jump right into the sex, and let the emotional significance of each act play out in the thoughts and reactions of the characters when they switch positions or the interplay between the two sexing parties. Why does Matthew want sex in the car? Why does Alison get pissed off about the car sex? well, it is difficult, she’s doing all the work, and Matthew is just using her pussy as a hole, and isn’t paying attention to her as a person. So she face fucks him with her pussy.

I attempt to follow this formula with the full length novels:

Setting through the dinner scenes.

Jump into the sex, and establish why the sex is significant and why the characters are involved. How does the sex change the characters, what does the sex do to the characters the type of sex determines the mood and setting.

Torture the main character, be cruel to them to see how they react and overcome it.

overall, throughout the story, lead the character to some change and growth as a result of their sex.

For the holiday stories, it is more about the setting and the holiday, and the buildup to the sex that happens. The sex itself isn’t as specifically dominant in words per topic. Instead, there is more world building because we read holiday sexy stories to relish in the situational moments specific to that holiday. Halloween we want spooky, Thanksgiving we want family or high school reunions, Christmas we want family, friends, gifts and Santa. It is less about the actual sex, and more about the setting and story of the sex.

I find it a little interesting that were it not for the focus on specific sex, these books would generally fall into the “romance” section. Instead I want it to be clearly erotica, and dive right into the sex, to satisfy the reason you’re reading: to get off.

You can expect a robust sexy-time focus for all of the erotic Jocelyn Lily stories.

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One more day

There is only one day left! Oh noes!

Get your free copy of the book, “Take Her” from Hill’s Secrets volume 01.

Alison, if you’ve read any of the books so far, or seen my work at or signed up to my mailing list, is an 18 year old cheerleader who has just discovered sex, and quickly plunges into the deep dark end of sexual experiences at school (college).

My goal for Alison is to torture her and see what happens. I want her to flow through a progressively worse series of experiences and see how she handles the tribulations of the men she encounters.

When reading “Take Her,” pay particular attention to how the men she chooses to interact with all take from her more than she offers. She has this image of how she wants reality to behave for her, and the men she gets with have different ideas. Her ingrained character flaw is that she constantly overestimates her own power, and then capitulates when men take more from her than she intends.

Explore with me, and with Alison, how she handles more than she expects, and more than she can bear.


“Take Her,” aside, I’m currently working on the 2016 Thanksgiving special, and am a little stuck on the age play between Alison and family friend Frank. Personally, I’ve never been with someone considerably older than me, and have difficulty shoehorning a believable experience in. I want Alison to be infatuated with Frank’s maturity, and old man sexiness (40’s). I want the 20 year age difference to highlight how experienced and confident he is during their sex and how confused and pliable Alison is.

We’ll look at similar experiences for Billy and Sarah, who will have their own tryst while Alison and Sarah’s husband Frank consummate their dalliance. I’m struggling with similar qualities: how to make the seduction believable and realistic without being ridiculous.  I want Billy and Sarah to be more of a hungry cougar pouncing on a youthful Billy, whereas Frank reluctantly succumbs to his desire.

At the moment I’m debating whether Jess and Will (Mom and Dad Hill) should have another couple sex story, or if they should have their own masturbation scenes. I’m assuming sex, as the market (as best I can tell from reading in it) does not have a lot of personal masturbation scenes.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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Slutty Halloween, come and gone

When you start writing erotica, you read articles that tell you how to spell the word “cum” correctly.

You see, it is important that you get the vernacular correct when you’re writing in your genre. Readers expect you to to talk in their language, and when you’re cumming all over the place, and when you cum, you have to write it correctly. But when you “came” on the sheets,  because the prose was so good, you have to know the correct way to spell it.

I say that because I almost wrote, “Slutty Halloween, cum and gone” because I’m so used to writing it correctly for the books. With that out of the way,

Happy Halloween!

I hope that you had a great evening, or weekend full of slutty and scantily clad parties where the men were bare chested, muscled, firm but kind, and the women were lithe sexy and dressed to slut themselves out.

Halloween is the best because you can wear t-shirts as dresses, and it’s okay, because you’re a farmer’s wife, a slutty farmer’s wife. You can do that, and no one cares.

When I was writing, “Lust” the word occurs a lot. Guys cum, and girls cum, and hopefully they cum all over each other in waves of cumming pleasure. You can see here:

What I’d like you to take away from this is that language is specific to the audience and the writer (me) takes account of it in order to get the message across. I want you to experience a heady rush of satisfaction from the words I choose to write down and deliver. I want you to have a cerebral thoughtful savoriness when you read about Alison getting fucked on a table by a vampire whose bite drives women wild. I want you to swell with joy when Billy drives his stick in a ghost in the middle of a park, and feel the fright with each thrust that at any moment a car can come into the parking lot and shine headlights onto his naked ass.

Knowing how to say “cum” instead of “come” is an important step in keeping you engaged in the story, and not confused by syntax and connotation.

Happy slutty Halloween!

Jocelyn's Corner

Not yet Halloween, and already working on Thanksgiving

That’s right! I started today on the Hill’s Secrets 2016 Holiday special for Thanksgiving! I’m going with the older partner age play angel, and Alison and Billy will share a family friend couple’s attention: Frank and Sarah, college friends of parents Will and Jess are in town for business, and instead of going to a restaurant for dinner, stop by the Hill family to sample their fare.

Alison and older man, Frank, hook up in the basement while older woman Sarah seduces Billy in the bathroom.

The interplay between young and old will be the focus, but Will and Jess each have their own story this Thanksgiving to truly reflect on what they appreciate in their lives.

I’m looking at making Frank and Alison a little dirty, like he really highlights his experience and kinkiness, that she still isn’t used to in men. Alison is still somewhat virginal at this point, and I like using the lenses of her inexperience to show in relief how depraved we become over time: age changes us all, and what once excited and made us cum, now is simply another dick swinging between someone’s legs, or another firm six-pack. We soon require more intense stimulation to push us over the edge of complacency and what becomes normal.

What would you like to see Will (Dad) or Jess (Mom) do during Thanksgiving. I want them to have their own stories, but it could or could not involve them being with each other. Remember, Will and Jess are in a monogamous relationship that does not stray. They are a constant source of wholesome values (with kinky sex) throughout this story.

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Take Her, free for 5 days, starting tomorrow

If you haven’t picked up the 2016 Halloween Special of Hill’s Secrets, do it now, today is your last chance for it to be free: After today, it will be $0.99 on the Amazon Kindle store, or free if you do Kindle Unlimited.

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Even more important, is that tomorrow, you can get book 1 of the Hill’s Secrets series “Take Her” for free from Amazon. This is available for a limited of time after Halloween, so take advantage of it now!

“Take Her” is Alison’s first semester of freshman year in college. We see her high school relationship crumble through a series of casual sexual encounters with her long time boyfriend Matthew. Ultimately, they destroy their relationship through their own ignorance, and immaturity.  Empowered by her awakened sexuality, but confused at the violent and aggressive nature of men, Alison quickly learns that what she offers is not always exactly what the men she chooses want. Instead, they take her beyond her offering and push her to the limit of her sexual comfort.

I think that a good story draws you in through slowly revealed plot. I read erotica to get off, and I hate slogging through hours and hours of tension building to get to the good stuff.

“Take Her” has a story, it has a plot, it has all the trappings of a romance, not a happy one, but there is love and lust there. The story is just told through sex. Scenes are sexual and through the relationship of the actors, we get the emotional force to drive the story forward.

Are you ready to dive into a sinful series of sexual escapades to discover the true thoughts of Alison and the men she chooses to be with?

Jocelyn's Corner

Vol 01 of Hill’s Secrets series is live!

Take Her, available now!

Live now on Amazon! You can buy it today, or borrow it for free through Kindle Unlimited!

Get a free KU subscripiton for 30 days here, and you can enjoy all the sexy erotic stories I’ve published 🙂

Check out my Amazon author page here:

Today I released the first full novel for the Hill Family and their sexual secrets. This is Alison’s tale, a college freshman cheerleader who has just lost her virginity with Matthew. Take her voyage through the summer after high school graduation, and into her fall semester at college.


Alison Hill has blond hair, a tight athletic body,  and is constantly misinterpreting her sexual intentions. Her lovers read her flirting and confidence as an open invitation to take her any way they please. Confused, and reluctant, she lets them take her body how they want, and how they need to satisfy their desires. Will she stand up to their use? Will she take control of her own sex life? Find out inside as she falls down the rabbit hole.


College freshman Alison Hill tumbles from school sweetheart Matthew, to football star Hank, and tutor nerd Eugene. Explore the depths of her depraved cheer-leading exploits on and off campus.

The Hill family has plenty of secrets from each other, and the first installment looks at Alison’s story. Follow her, as she recounts her personal coming of age through the lens of her intimate experiences. She’ll take you through the uncertain moments of her first family home couch explorations, her degrading rebound quickies, and her surprising yoga master affair. Beware though, Alison’s journey takes her to the dregs of campus life. Will she come through stronger? Or will she be taken by their desires? Find out in the full length novella, “Take Her.”

WARNING: This story contains mature themes and language, sexual scenes with graphic description. Intended for 18+ readers only. Focuses on the steam.

Jocelyn's Corner

“Lust” Hill’s Secret’s Vol 101 Halloween Special 2016 Live

The first published book is LIVE on Amazon! What a great wonderful day to begin a writing career online.

As I mentioned earlier, the first full length story for a singular family member is coming soon. I’m just waiting for the edit to be finished. We’ll take a look at Alison’s story and explore her first year as a college freshman.

“Lust” looks at Alison and Brooke, going to an outrageous, over the top, amazing Halloween party on campus. They’ve done their research for the most authentic, and well thrown party. No more shitty frat parties for them.

Billy, Alison’s older sister plays video games, and he has a rule where he has to run a mile a day for every hour he plays of games. Strange rule, but necessary if he ever wants to get with Alison’s hot friend Brooke. While on a midnight run on Halloween, Billy meets up with a spectral lady friend.

Finally, Mom and Dad, or Will and Jessica, find some time away from the kids and go to a Halloween party thrown by their real estate developer friend. They friend, Robert, has a theme each year; one scarier and more morose than the last. This year, they’re partying in a true haunted house. But Will and Jess have a secret; they fuck at every Halloween party, it has kinda, ‘become their thing.” Last year they screwed on an old casket, this year…

See them have sex, see them frightened, and feel their pain and excitement, in Lust!


Around the Dinner Table

Halloween Here we Come

Cum? The Halloween special for 2016 is up on Kindle and should be published soon! This is the first published work, and the upcoming Vol 01, “Take Her” will be published soon. It is off to the editor for proofing, but finished! Whew!

So you’re aware, and if you’re interested in starting to write books, I started the Hill family stories in the end of August, and now, a full month and a half later, I have two finished books over 20k words each.  It isn’t too difficult with erotica, because each scene is about the sex, or it is in my books. So far, I want to focus more on the actual ‘getting it on’ action versus the long drawn out tension building of most romance books.

Now, I just pulled up my statistics and the Halloween special is at 29k words, almost at 30k (100 shy :() And the book, “Hill’s Secrets: Vol 01 “Take Her” Alison’s story” is at 51k words.

So that is about 80k words in less than a month, and I haven’t even been writing full time every day. It is entirely possible to pump out a compelling story and an interesting world in a short amount of time.

I would say I spent much of my time re-editing, reviewing, and planning, and the other half sitting down to write for a few hours every week. Yes, there were some days where I wrote more than others, and they tended to be the best days of writing where I had the best prose, but there were other short stints that had just as good material.

I’ve read a number of books on how to write well, and quickly, and it starts with knowing what you are going to write before you sit down and start doing it.

When I planned out the Halloween special, I knew that I wanted Alison to hook up with 3 vampires. I didn’t know exactly what they wanted with her, or how they would each be unique, but those details filled themselves in when I set the setting and their general demeanor first.

I’m a little troubled by the third vampire and his homosexuality. I think it is a bit demeaning to gay men to suggest that they need to fuck a girl in the ass just because they’re gay and that is the only way they can get off being with a girl.  I don’t really believe that. I included it, because, well, anal sex is risque, it is taboo, and the idea of a gay vampire anally fucking a girl is kinda funny. It plays on the common zeitgeist of how we think about gay men: anal sex. That is all changing, and good, and I’m sure that I can help turn that thought around with better writing, but I didn’t do it here.


Here is the cover art for the Halloween Special 2016. There are 3 sexual stories for Alison, 1 story for Billy, and 1 story for Will and Jess (Dad and Mom). Each member of the family will have a standalone book about 50k words, that details their sexual lives. I intend on writing in this order: Alison, Billy, Will, Jess. Right now “Take Her,” Alison’s story is finished and going through editing, and I’m writing Billy’s story, tentatively named, “Abusing the Game.”

Next up in the holiday series will be a short series for the Hill family and Thanksgiving. I’m thinking about Alison having a solo scene where she masturbates to a sexy uncle, but without any additional help (no incest). Billy will have an older woman rendezvous just before the ‘big meal,’ and Will and Jess (my happy married couple) will release some Thanksgiving stress either before or after the extended families show up. I haven’t decided yet. Opinions?


Jocelyn's Corner

Hill’s Secrets Halloween Special

Halloween is always one of my most favorite times of year. I love the transition from summer to fall. The colors, the cool air, the leaves rustling on the ground in the angry wind. It is awesome. Fall always held such great memories for me; from school starting, to the weather, the transition to warm clothes. Just everything. I’m a creature of fall.

One of my most fond memories is laying in bed at night with the window slightly open as I listed to the wind carry dead leaves down the street. It was spooky, it was comforting, and I always felt like with harvest, and the beginning of winter, death and the underworld were right there pressing up against our own world. With everything dying, it was like a siren song for spirits and monsters to blend closer into our reality.

And with that in mind, I’m putting together a Halloween Special involving all four members of the Hill family to release in advance of the new book, “Take Me.” Kicking off the Hill’s secrets series will be Alison’s tale. Her theme is all about being taken by the guys she throws her herself at in startling and unexpected ways. You can assume that all her men misinterpret her signals.

In the Halloween special Alison hooks up with three vampires at a house party, Billy has a short intense visit from a specter, and Mom and Dad enjoy a very risky romp at a friend’s party.

Alison’s story dominates the book, but she is so far my most fleshed out character, as her book is finished and in the editing process.

I’m toying with the idea of giving Brooke her own story, or integrating it into Billy’s. What do you think of black haired, big tittied girls with olive skin hooking up with nerdy older brothers? Alison is the typical blonde haired sexy cheerleader. Brooke is more the bad girl version of the suburban cheerleader sexy pot.

Does Billy stand a chance of fulfilling his desires?

Around the Dinner Table

Pick the Cover art for Alison’s Story

Here are two different polls to vote on your choice of cover for Alison’s story, currently titled, “Cheerleader’s Awakening.” I’ve changed the title for the pending full novella (50k words) that will be up on amazon, and Kindle Unlimited soon. Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

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And the second one:

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You’ll notice too, I’ve named the family the Hill Family, and the series is now, “Hill’s Secrets.” Alison’s story is volume 1, Billy’s will be 2, Dad’s will be 3, and Mom’s 4.


Remember to sign up for the mailing list at the right to get more information and a free chapter before the release. I’ll be asking for beta readers and giving away full free digital copies on that list too.

Around the Dinner Table

Who is Alison, the titular character?

In writing the story, “Cheerleader’s Awakening,” which is a working title right now, I’m focusing first on Alison. Alison is the cheerleader in college.  We get a good look at her sexual activity from start to …. wherever it goes.

You can say that Alison is based off of a typical suburban girl who grew up in the 90’s. Obviously, she’s been adapted to fit today’s standards of stuff like smartphones and ubiquitous internet. There were days not so long ago that the internet was a luxury, and nothing personal was on there.

Alison is fundamentally flawed because she believes in the power of her own will too much. We see her fail over and over at gauging situations and believing that she is in control, losing that control, and then re-writing history to suit her version of it.

Granted, this is mostly a defensive mechanism. The reader is experiencing her story through her words. She is the narrator in the story, or in book 1 of Around the Dinner Table.  It is through her voice that we experience the growth of her sexuality.

I made a decision immediately to attempt to tell her story with as much sex as possible. I wanted the circumstances of the story to come through as a part of the sex. Matthew and Alison’s sex life after their initial virginity losing experience gives a description of their failing relationship. It should be apparent the resentment Alison has for him, especially at the frat house. This is decent foreshadowing too, as she hits her lowest point at a frat house in chapter 05. I thought that low point was Matthew, stoned, having sex with Alison on a futon in a dirty filthy tiny frat room, with a used condom waiting underneath her the whole time.

We see Alison believe that she is going to do something simple, something small, and her partners misinterpret her signals for something more. This is a common experience for women every day. We can go through life existing in a totally benign and innocent way, but the men around us can read into our skirts, our blouses, and our bra straps a “desire to want them.” They’ll say things like, “You knew I wanted it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have worn that dress.” Like I have to want to do some moron just because I happened to wear a dress I thought I looked good in out in public? Alison experiences this repeatedly through her attempts at sexual interaction, usually fairly tame: blowjob, make-out, kissing, grinding, finger play. The men she is with, push. They push farther than she would ever had imagined before the act.

Yet, Alison never says, “NO.” Directly. She believes she has this power to be in control and command of her life, but when she’s met with a domineering male or female she captitulates and lets them take over. She endures. She moves from this active go-getter to a passive receiver of whatever depraved and sorid acts they want to do to her.

The goal, of course, is to get us to cheer for her. to encourage her to stand up to there ridiculous abusive men. We want her to fight back and take the reigns. And we do see that. We see her break up with Matthew when his disregard gets too much. We see her take charge of Hank, and we see her teach and take command of Gene. There are moments in every experience she has, that highlights her potential dominat sexuality, if she chooses to excersize it.

Too often, the trope of female sexuality is being used by the men. That has it’s place here and Alison is used as a hole on numerous occasions. She needs to have that dehumanization so she can overcome it. The struggle of her experience is interesting, and ultimately, what we want to read about.

In an ideal, bed cover reading, happy home, no woman would endure the abuse and degradation Alison receives in order to achieve her self respect and sexual confidence. I’d love for all women to be in control of their own lives and their own sexual experiences in the fashion they wish: without the extraneous pressures of male dominance hovering over every action. When you don’t live in fear of being beaten to death by the person you’re sleeping next to, you have inherent power. Like white privalage, men (many) don’t fully understand what it is to be sexually involved with a person who can force you to do what they want at any moment. Any power women really have is after the fact, or in response to. Rarely is it physically dominat and even less often, do women have social or financial control over the man.

So where does that leave us with Alison. She is confident, smart, and powerful. She has a spirit of hard work proven through her studies, college success (scholastically) and position on the college cheerleading squad. The implication given that she has worked hard to achieve her goals. She is competent in dance, gymnastics, goes to the gym regularly, eats well, and has a happy relationship with her parents. Her first sexual experience is with her high school boyfriend, and it is a loving gentle experience. She wasn’t abused or raped as a child.

She doesn’t turn to sex to fill a void, but to explore the excitement and pleasure of it. Alison enjoys sex, and as seen in the first car scene with Matthew, she takes control of the situation to reach satisfaction, although still feels a little guilty about it. She isn’t soulless.

Finally, much of this is to set in juxtaposition her relationship with her family at the dinner table. We get the impression at dinner of a naive innocent girl who loves her “daddy.” One of the visions for this book was setting that scene and immediately following it with Alison having a dick in her mouth, or a cock up her  butt. That jarring disconnect is interesting, and you can be a sexual dynamo but still be “daddy’s little girl.” You can be that princess and jewel of his eye that will never do anything wrong. And you can also be a sexually powerful woman who enjoys anal, enjoys the power and excitement of a blowjob, and who has active orgasmic sex with men. Those are not mutually exclusive people, and Alison straddles both. She just isn’t in control yet.