Jocelyn's Corner

2018 Roundup

2018 is over and I’m happy with what I’ve achieved. Almost made it to $1,000 on Amazon, and between Draft2digital, Steemit, and here I did make $1,000 over the course of the year. That is pretty awesome! Yay for writing and yay for all the readers that have bought a book or two.

Unfortunately, I ‘m nowhere near the mass market and am making all of my money on the backs of a few loyal supporters. I need to get to that magical 100 true fans that will buy all my stuff every time. I need that small number of people to be engaged, to be connected and happy.

What kind of stories of mine do you like? Did you like the longer stories found in “Brat Witch Embraces Free Use Power?” or like the sales suggest did you like the “Neighbor’s Deal/Bargain” stories where an older man coerces a young girl into being his slut where they fall in love? Or did you like the threesome where a man of the house “punishes” his whorish teen neighbors?

Take a look at the sales and you tell me what I should write more of:

You can see that sales picked up a LOT in December right after I went all into Kindle unlimited. I really tried to go wide. I really wanted to have a successful non-amazon store experience, but there is no way that I’m going to do that with the limited niche and visibility that I garner. I mean, I’m so vanilla and tame with my stories refusing to do some dumb niche I don’t care about just to make money. I want to rest on my laurels of success doing what I love and enjoy not seeking out some kink I don’t identify with or care about just to earn the sweet sweet smutbucks.

Do you think we can continue the upward trend of earning? I hope so. The common sense is that with continued publishing and writing and an ever expanding backlist those titles will continue to earn money while new titles will generate more interest.

I’m hoping to continue my successful series.

Expect a new series, the “Natural Dominance” series I started with “Winter’s Backdoor Gift,” which you can get free here: when you join my email list.  This is in the same world as all of my books, but will be more about a Shaman and how they derive their power from the natural world and earn power through Gaia by fucking for pleasure and joy. Their magic is much more feral and nature based and is going to clash with the Witch magic from Gwendolyn Field’s who gets her power through submitting to free use.

Things that I did well this year:

Wrote a lot. I wrote like a fucking she demon forced to hover over a keyboard. I can safely say that I wrote every single day of the year. 365 days of writing and I feel like my prose has improved, but not by much. I think I need to be editing much more than the continual pounding out words like spewing breath hot over someone’s face without brushing my teeth.

Wrote a lot of poetry. I think I wrote almost every day a slutty poem. The better poems I wrote will be edited and published soon. I’m still collating that info and putting it together. Look for it here and on amazon.

Got better at covers. My first covers are pretty shitty. I’m going to improve them all around. I bought a few that were regrettably expensive and went nowhere. Hi, “Abusing the Game,” I had such high hopes for you and you flopped hard.

It is a shame because there is more hot sex in that book than like any other. I liked Billy Hill by the end of that book. I loved him and felt sorry for him and how he ruins his relationship with Lizette by being a dumb ass jerk.


What do you think I did well at this year? What can I do better next year?

Erotic Short Stories

Erotic Short: “Don’t punish my ass!”

Mr. Goldberg was not attractive. Like, not at all. He was a typical dad in the suburbs sporting the small belly from a little too many beers and more stress at work instead of exercising. It wasn’t that he was ugly, but his lined face and slouching posture didn’t do it for me at all.
That must be why I hated it so much when he crammed his dick up my ass after he caught me stealing beer from his garage refrigerator.
“What the fuck are you doing?!” He roared from the door connected to the inside of his house. He slammed the garage door button and it started clanking down with the light going on. “Celeste? Is that you? FUCK! I knew someone was stealing my beer.”
“Mr. Goldberg! I’m uh, I’m sorry. I was just trying to see if you had some coke or something like diet Pepsi,” I said trying to lie.
“Bullshit,” he said stepping into the garage and around his Ford Focus. It was shimmered in immaculate shape which seemed odd for such a cheap car. “I can see the fucking beer can in your bag,” he gestured to the shopping sac at my feet filled with four beers. “I knew someone was stealing my shit so I put in the alarm and video system. I’ve got you fucking on camera.”
He pointed to the corner of his garage where a black half circle had been installed. A red light blinked on the dark sphere. The garage door was closed and he had me caught. I was trapped. Fuck.
“Mr. Goldberg! Please, don’t tell my parents. They’d kill me if they knew I was stealing.”
“I don’t know, Celeste. You can’t fucking steal my shit and get away with it.”
“Please!” I said again, imploring him with eyes crunched and concerned. I remember thinking if I cried he’d show mercy. “I can’t get in trouble again!” I started tearing up and sobbing.
He laughed in my face.
“Oh stop being ridiculous. Crying isn’t going to work on me.”
“But, waaaah, please,” I started sobbing, breathing hard and fast to add effect to my crying. “I’m, so sorry!” I sniffled, I let tears flood my mascara to my lips. “I’m so sorry, please don’t tell my parents!”
“Seriously, cut the fucking tears, they’re not going to work.” Mr. Goldberg said. He closed the door behind him and put his hand on my face. I flinched at first but he wiped some of my tears away. “What are we going to do with you?” he said all sweet kindness.
I did some exaggerated sniffling making sure my tits heaved under my blouse, and that he could tell I was really sorry.
“You are sexy,” he whispered and slid his hand over my ear. “Come here,” he said with a casual tone so different from his actions.
“AHH!” I screamed as his fist clenched in my hair behind my neck and he dragged me to the hood of his Ford Focus. I braced my fall with both hands on the hood and he held my face down. “What are you-!”
“Shut the fuck up,” he said with violence to match the way he’d slammed my cheek against his car. At least the hood was clean, I thought. “Mmm, but you have a sexy body.”
Mr. Goldberg held my head down while stroking my shoulders and back with his other hand. When he got to my waist I danced my feet to try and find some purchase to stand up.
“Stop! Mr. Goldberg! I’m sorry, no, please!”
I couldn’t get up and he had me pinned to the front of his car bent at the waist and tits smashed against the car along with my face. I braced my hands against the hood and tried to shove myself upright but his arm was like trying to move a wall.
Mr. Goldberg rounded my hips and fondled my ass over my black leggings.
“Damn your ass is nice. I bet you’re a good little slut, aren’t you?”
“What?!” I said confused and enraged at his sexual touch. He was assaulting me.
“You need to be punished.”
He slapped my ass, but let up on my face. He got one good spank in before I sprang off the car’s hood and backed away from his as fast as I could covering my tits with both arms. All thoughts of getting out with the beer fled and I hoped to escape without getting fucked.
“What are you doing, you fucking sicko?” I yelled.
“I fucking caught you stealing my beer, Celeste. How about instead of telling your parents or calling the cops you let me fuck you?”
“Wha- How- errr, um,” I was sputtering in confusion and shock at his blatant offering. “What did you say?”
He tilted his head eying my ass and legs with obvious intent. All I could focus on was how his dad-belly bulged forward and how he might have been attractive at one time when he was younger.
“Let me nail your tight little body and I won’t tell your parents what you’ve been doing.” He licked his lips and folded his arms. “I’ll have a lot of fun fucking your young pussy.”
“Eewww, gross,” I said pressing my back against a wall. I was cornered in his garage.
“God, you have a hot ass. I mean I’ve seen you prancing about in those pants and shorts and all, but fuck. Your ass is tight.”
He stared at my tits then waited. I stayed silent too confused and surprised to make any choices or form thoughts.
“Well, what is it going to be? Get fucked by your parents when I tell them what you’ve been doing, or fuck me?”
“You’re fucking disgusting!” I shouted choosing bravery over debasement.
Mr. Goldberg moved with a speed that seemed out of character for his age and pudginess. I’d underestimated him like how I thought I could resist his strength when he held my face against the top of his car. Instead his grip on my wrist was like a steel manacle.
“Your choice,” he said with growling intensity. “Your fucking parents are not going to be happy, and don’t think I’m going to be kind.”
He started dragging me to the garage door where I assumed another button was to open it. He had me by the wrist and pulled and pushed me along while I struggled. I couldn’t let him tell my parents. They’d ruin me. They’d ground me, and would probably make me come over to this pervert’s house and clean or some shit for him. They’d cut off my allowance and ruin my life. Under no circumstance could they find out. With a good deal of struggling, kicking and twisting I freed myself from Mr. Goldberg’s grip.
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” he said watching me scurry around the Focus.
I found the door to the house and with hope tried to twist the knob and open it. Maybe I could go through his house and escape without him telling my parents. If I got there fast maybe I could lie or something.
“It’s fucking locked, dumbass.”
“Why are you doing this?!” I wailed this time the tears and frustration real.
“You’re the one who was stealing my beer, slut.” Mr. Goldberg said.
“No one is going to believe you! I’ll lie and say you tried to rape me or something.”
“I have it all on video,” he said gesturing to the black half sphere in the corner.”
I had forgotten he had me on the recording.
“Well, they’ll see you touching my ass,” I said puffing my chest out and building confidence.
That would show him.
“I turned it off.” He looked at the sphere. “See, no red light.”
He was right and my hope, my only chance at escaping this nightmare was gone.
“So are you ready to spread those sexy long legs for me?” he said.
“You can let me bend you over the car and fuck you from behind if it’ll make you feel better about getting it over with,” he said moving slowly in my direction. I backed away from him doing my best to keep distance between us in the small space. “Or you can let me lay you back, free those nice big teenage tits and fuck you while they jiggle against my face.” He laughed. “I bet you like getting your nipples sucked on.”
“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” I shouted. “You’re so disgusting!”
“Oh, come on. A top like that, a pushup bra or something to show off that sweet cleavage and those pants. Come on. You can’t tell me you haven’t had some guy pull those things down and slap his dick against your shaved pussy?”
“How would you know? Ugh! Help!”
“Just a guess,” he said laughing. We were circling his car with me frantically backing up and staying opposite him while he moved around in slow circles like he was out for a night stroll. “Come on, let’s get this over with. We both know you chose to fuck me the minute I started taking you to see your parents.”
He sat on the step next to the door leading into his house.
“You might enjoy it.”
I panted leaning against his other car; some sort of sedan or something. I couldn’t tell or care. My thoughts were flying faster than pencil shavings when you grind a fresh one down to the nub on one of those old grinders. I’d already chosen? What the fuck did he think? Did he expect me to drop my pants at the snap of his fingers? Did he think I was some slut ready to fuck any man around?
“I’m not a fucking slut!” I shouted.
“Okay, so you’re not a whore. I get it. You’re still young.” He shrugged and I wanted to strangle him. “We can still tell your parents about this.”
“NO!” I took a deep breath and looked around. There were no windows. I checked the corner camera. The red light was off. “Fine. Let’s just get it over with.” I said.
“Finally,” Mr. Goldberg said using both hands on his knees to stand up and approach.
I trembled while waiting for him to get to me letting my hands tense and relax. My palms were so sweaty, slick and clammy from dread. I was terrified and my heart beat faster than it had when I was running away from Mr. Goldberg. It was moving faster than when the light went on and I got caught red handed.
Maybe I could distract him or something and kick him in the balls or escape somehow and lock him in here while I found the video. I planned on letting him get his dick out before I moved. Men were vulnerable when they were naked. I just had to endure until then. I could do that.
I trembled with breath wheezing through me like wind threatening to knock icicles off the roof while you’re standing under them.
“There, there, relax, I’ll be gentle, mostly,” Mr. Goldberg said. “I’m glad you saw sense and decided to let this happen.”
His voice was the slippery oil that coats cute little birds and animals after a spill in the ocean.
Mr. Goldberg’s hand on my shoulders were like the first taming touches of a predator toying with its food.
“Relax,” he whispered. “I’m really going to enjoy this.”
He pulled my blouse apart at the tip where my cleavage was shoving through the “v” neck. I didn’t know what he was doing. It was like he didn’t know how to undress a girl. Then he pushed his face between my tits and smashed my breasts against his face. I could feel the sharp poke of his stubble against my tender boobs.
“Uhhh,” I moaned, but not from pleasure. His beard hurt, it scratched against my softness.
“Mmm, yeah I like that too,” Mr. Goldberg muttered smiling like he’d found a pot of gold while lifting my blouse over my head. “Slip yourself out of this shirt,” he said.
My top was off in seconds and I shivered thinking this disgusting neighbor man was getting all hard thinking about fucking me. Shit. He was going to fuck me. I felt like a whore, like a disgusting slut, and I was doing it all to cover up the fact I was trying to steal a few beers.
Why didn’t I get Daniel to buy them for me? He was 21. I could have asked and he would have done it, but no. I had been too proud and bold thinking “what was the worst that could happen?” Like a true 19-year-old idiot I’d believed nothing would happen at all and here I was stripping down for my lecherous old man neighbor who clearly had a boner for me for like years just waiting for a chance at my body.
And to keep my parents from knowing I was going to let him fuck me. Fuck.
“Your bra too, sweet thing.”
His voice was the grating pain of slicing off finger skin trying to get the last bit of cheese.
I didn’t want to uncross my arms from my breasts, but he started pulling my straps off and unlacing my wrists with slow inevitability.
With a whimper, I began undoing the clasps.
“Ahhh, there we are,” Mr. Goldber said. “My god your tits are spectacular.”
He kissed my nipples with his greedy mouth, latching on and almost biting.
“Umm!” I moaned against my wishes feeling the sensitive nips scream in traitorous pleasure, in sickening lust.
“Fuck!” He said finding his fill on my squishy chest.
Mr. Goldberg shoved my shoulder and I slammed into the car’s hood. He pressed with a rigid arm against my shoulders and I bent at the waist against his car hood once more, this time my tits pressing cold against the metal. It was still clean. At least there was that.
“Push those pants down to your knees honey. I want to get inside you.”
“Unngh,” I moaned in protest, moving slowly like I’d been stabbed with a sedative.
But my hands moved behind my butt rolling the fabric over my ass cheeks and exposing my thong to the creeping pervert that lived next door.
“Fuuuck, your ass is fucking fine,” Mr. Goldberg said. I could feel the passion and disgusting perversion on his tongue like it was dripping onto my skin. “Shit, you’re so fucking sexy. I knew you were wearing a thong. Take it off too.”
It was degrading and disgusting. Every word out of his mouth was another screw of vomit lacing up my throat. At least he didn’t have me sucking him off.
I just had to wait until he whipped it out and I could nail him in the balls and destroy the evidence.
“I can’t wait to cram my dick inside your young pussy.” He sighed like a man knowing he was right. “I knew you shave your coochie. I knew you were bald between your legs.” He laughed. “I bet you’ve never had a real man’s cock shoved up to the balls inside you.” His voice slithered up my back like the nightmare when you can’t run but need to.
“I haven’t…” I said hoping to throw him off balance before I struck.
“I knew it,” he said and dropped his girth on my ass. I felt it smack my skin with a heavy weight like a dull sausage spilling out of the grinder.

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Download the rest of this 8,000 word story now when you join my mailing list!

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Jocelyn's Corner

Thank you, Kind Stranger. Sugar Daddy Deals thoughts.

I wish you stopped by before I went all into Kindle Unlimited and exclusive to Amazon. I released the “Everything” package which was all books present and future for $50.00.

You, kind stranger, bought all my books yesterday on Amazon! Thank you!

Check out the sales. 25 book purchases. You bought one of each book, and for that, I’m grateful, thankful, and full of joy. You gave me something I wished people would do for a long time.

When I went all into KU, I had to take down my “Everything” package and remove it from the website store. Bummer.

If I were to ask even more of you, please leave a review. Reviews make the books more visible and I can sell more of them.

As for what I’m working on now, more “The Backdoor Deal series, and Sugar Daddy Deals book 4. I’m about 16,000 words into it, slogging slow through the story and hopefully I’ll have the next entry in Christina and Josh’s life ready for publishing.

I’m working on them having a threesome with Sherri, Christina’s sexy buxom pledge-grandma. I’m struggling with getting there because I want Josh and Christina to be on firm ground before introducing another woman. Threesomes are fun, and using Christina like an anal slut is wonderful and all, but I want them to have some conflict and friction. It won’t be much, but enough to make the story readers interested beyond the constant fucking.

Christina and Josh fuck a lot. Like, a lot. Nearly every scene is Josh cramming his big fat cock into Christina’s tight body. She is skinny, young, and eager, and he loves to take advantage of that.

Maybe I’ll have Josh go all jealous and clingy to Christina feeling vulnerable and estranged as she eats Sherri’s dark pussy and reams her ass with her tongue so Josh can fuck her butt like she’s been trained to. I like that better than the jealous girlfriend. I like having Josh get uncomfortable with it wanting to keep Christina to his own. That will cause friction as she pulls away from his dominance. That can lead to them having a separation, one that Christina stays away from their place and starts spending more time with Sherri. She’ll still fuck Josh regularly but will come back with Sherri who she’ll encourage to suck Josh’s dick. Hmm. I like this. Then there will be a break. Josh will tell Christina that he doesn’t want to be with Sherri too, just her. She’ll have to make a choice and will choose Josh.

I like this. Do you?

Jocelyn's Corner

Read some Merry Christmas Erotica

Have a wonderful happy delightful Christmas with family, friends, and your favorite under the blanket book of love, lust, and satisfaction. 

I’ll be spending time with my family with my friends and drinking egg-nog made with Almonds and vodka. My parents always drink whiskey at the holidays and I got them a bottle of Tin Cup. Have you had it?

Our Christmas trees are all lit, decorated, and ready to go. I’m excited to get to share my time under them with my guy. 

[media_image image=”{‹²›attachment_id‹²›:‹²›2018‹²›,‹²›url‹²›:‹²›//‹²›}” width=”500″ height=”” link=”” target=”_self” hide_on_desktop=”false” hide_on_mobile=”false” animation_on_scroll=”{‹²›animation_enable‹²›:‹²›no‹²›,‹²›yes‹²›:{‹²›animation_type‹²›:‹²›fadeIn‹²›,‹²›animation_delay‹²›:‹²›0‹²›}}” _array_keys=”{‹²›image‹²›:‹²›image‹²›,‹²›animation_on_scroll‹²›:‹²›animation_on_scroll‹²›}” _fw_coder=”aggressive” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”b02caa67570c33d436f24eb805311c11″][/media_image]

When you get a silent moment when everyone is gone when the food is over, the dishes cleaned, and the tables washed, sit down in the corner chair. Sit down in the chair your dad sat in watching TV in the family room and take out your phone, download my latest book, “Winter’s Backdoor Gift” and enjoy a private moment smiling in satisfaction. Maybe rub your thighs together thinking about the glorious man chest golem that plows into Alyona’s buxom body. Shift your weight and dip a hand inside your pants. It’s okay. Your parents are in bed, your boyfriend is gone.  Smell the familiarity of your family home, feel the press of leather and comfort pressing against your back with your dog at your feet snuggling silent. 

I remember in college that sleepy Christmas Eve where my family went to bed early and my boyfriend drove down after his family dinner. We sat on the couch in the basement until we heard the clomping steps of my father move from lazy boy to stairs, then the muffled shut door through two floors. 

I sprang off the couch, hitting the floor with both knees so fast I got carpet burns the next day. My hands were a blur on your jeans and I had his cock out faster than I’d ever done before. My red Santa’s Elf lipstick lips spread over his shining tip and his moan was loud enough I looked around, dick stuffing my face, waiting for a sound. When none came I dropped low to take him as deep as comfortable. I sucked his dick for short minutes before he pulled me off the floor to standing, dropped my pants and groped my tits as I straddled him. 

He fucked me hard, bouncing me over his shaft while professing his love and switching his glances at my face for kisses, my tits for nipple sucking, and the Christmas lights over my shoulder strung along the ceiling. 

When he pushed me off to cum I dropped my face over his shaft swallowing his Christmas cum and laughed after when I swallowed it down. 

“Fuck, that is the best Christmas present ever,” I remember him saying. 

What are you going to do tonight?

Erotic Short Stories

Winter’s Backdoor Gift: A Young Shamanka Communes with Gaia

Winter Solstice Erotica:

Main character inspired by @Lizzyaacosta and this post:

I spread my legs over the dark stone feeling the sharp edges bite into my naked butt cheeks. It was the shortest day of the year and I wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. The fucking cold was sending my body into convulsive shivers, and my tits jiggled in uncomfortable wobbles over my hard belly. At least I looked good.

All of the planks, situps, and core workouts had been doing their job. My belly was flat and tight, tapering into my crotch above my hips like a delightful hourglass shape. Too bad no one was going to see me out here. With a shivering sigh, I wet my finger on my pussy.

My family had been coming outside for generations to commune with the earth, with Gaia for decades, generations, centuries. Well, if the stories were true. I’d cum on this stone with my mother, and my sisters every year, but this was the first year I got to do it at midnight.

Like it was a fucking privilege.

My feet were like frozen blocks of discomfort and I couldn’t figure out if I wanted them wiggling in the air like my nipples, or if I needed them pressed into the rock to stabilize my body. It was either both feet or my free hand, and I liked neither option.

Why did it have to be so fucking cold?!

“SHIT!” I yelled with a rush of water vapor condensing in the chill. The moon was high, almost cresting at the peak, and full. A full fucking moon on the Winter Solstice. I was fucking blessed. It was the Long Night Moon or the Cold Night. “Jokers, all of them. Assholes. Bitches,” I grunted trying to focus on my orgasm.

Our family called it the Cold Embrace. It was the night we gave ourselves over to Gaia, the night we surrendered our lust, our love, our bodies to the mother’s touch, to her most powerful reverence to a time before sunlight, a time before life began suckling on her teat.

It was the night our powers rejuvenated.

That was if we could work out a fucking orgasm in the nude, on this stone, in the middle of winter. It usually didn’t matter what time as long as it was at night. My mom had been here hours earlier when the sunlight still warmed the rock a little. Her footprints mashed around the base of the rock. My sister had been here a few hours later, and my youngest sister would be here near dawn so she didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night.

My legs spasmed against the cold. I’d chosen to plant my feet and use my free hand to try and work friction warmth on my thighs and belly. My tits jiggled like two massive annoyances wiggling to my movements with excessive slapping. They were too big for my tastes.

My mother called them a “gift from Gaia” to entice men and make other women jealous. I think she just said shit like that because she had big breasts too and it was how she justified how annoying they were.

Ignoring the pain in my feet I hammered my clit with wet fingers, though my hand was so cold they could just be numb.

“Come on!” I grunted, struggling naked atop the large dark stone.

You’d think that over the generations we’d work the surface flat, or smooth. Mom said they never did because they didn’t want it to be found out. Like this particular stone had meaning somehow.

“There it is,” I said, finally finding the groove and notch that I’d been using the last few years as a nodule to cum against. “Unnnghhh.”

It was my first moan of pleasure as the smooth notch that was near invisible pressed between my goosebump ridden ass cheeks and froze my asshole. Inches away from the butt plug like notch was a dip and another rise that I ground my pussy into.

“Fuck, that’s cold!” I shouted pressing my labia around the rock. “UGH!” I moaned, my stimulation, my pleasure finally rising under the tide of abusive cold that lashed my naked skin. “Ahh!”

I bit my lip this time, moaning through closed teeth. The pain, the cold, the pressure from the notches on the rock stimulated my butthole, stimulated my sweetness working in tandem with my fingers to spread pleasure through my core.

My belly trembled from excitement instead of freezing. My muscles flexed, moved my hand in a blur, and I used my frozen feet to leverage my hips back and forth, spreading numb butt cheeks into the rock. In minutes my fading body heat warmed the surface of the rock enough it wasn’t so terrible.

“Ummfff, uh, ummm, mmmfff,” I moaned, hunching over like a madwoman touching myself. It wasn’t snowing, thank Gaia.

I was almost there. I was almost cresting. I stared up at the sky blowing a lock of dark curls out of my face. I hated my hair. It was so wavy and poofy, even in the dry winter. The moon loomed like a meteor about to destroy everything. I felt it growing larger like it was coming closer, like it wanted to see my belly button trembling from the cold, shivering from my twitching pussy and ass on the boulder, flexing from my flicking fingers over my clit.

“FUCK! YES! FUCK! I’M CUMMMING!” I roared to the barren branches, to the trees that circled this grove like sentinels to time, to nature, to memory. “Unnnnffffff!” I moaned riding the rock edges and wishing the tips were longer to plunge inside my asshole, to plunge into my pussy. “Oooh, god, Gaia, yes!”

Ecstasy flooded through my insides, flooded my asshole in spasming pleasure like electroshock therapy clouding my brain. Thought fled, cold disappeared, and I writhed in orgasmic waves rippling through my body.

“Mmmmm,” a deep vibration slithered through the cold air. The moon was closer. I was sure, and I pushed my curled black hair away from my brow and behind my ear. “Ahhhhhhh,” the sound was like a cave opening up for the first time in millennia and air starting to circulate once more. It was like gas sighing out of decaying leaves in the summer. “Yeeeessss.”

Confused and with rising panic I clutched my arm around my nipples smashing breasts to my ribcage and twined my legs together hoping to hide my nudity.

“Whos there?” I shouted to the cold darkness. It wasn’t black thanks to the snow and the moon that seemed ever bigger each minute. It must have been just past midnight. I’d started fingering my clit ten minutes before and I didn’t take that long usually.

“Mmmmaaahhhhh,” another sighing groan reverberated through the grove like soil shifting, like titanic mountains shuffling feet grown bored with standing.

“AHHH!” I screeched and lept off the rock. “What the fuck?!”

My pussy had been full. It had been stuffed in a sudden rush like a cock bursting through my tightness. The boys I’d been with called it a godpussy. I didn’t know about that but I knew my folds made it look like I was smooth and perfect, that my lips were short, small pink sensitive lines that spread open for my wet honey. Something on the rock had moved inside my pussy.

“What the fuck?!” I screamed again, dancing in the snow and debating whether or not to get back on the rock or put my clothes on.

“Mmmmm, moaar,” the voice pressed through the trees like a wall of wind; gentle and powerful like an oppressive weight. It felt like guilt dropping over your soul knowing you did something terribly selfish and wrong. “More, daughter.”

I noticed it then, the rock, the stone, and the rising cock rising off the top. The tip bulged fat and wet, glistening still from my wetness. It grew in front of my eyes, grew thick veins and bundled skin where the foreskin folded under the pulsing head.

“Holy fucking shit,” I muttered. “What the fuck.”

“More, daughter,” the voice was louder but less confusing like I was learning the language the more it spoke.


“Yesss, my daughter. Please me more.” The voice was a thrumming like a bass speaker heavy on the low notes and heard in the chest instead of the ears.

“On you?” I wasn’t sure what it was.

“Yes,” Gaia responded with a sharp breath like hot air exploding out of a volcano before eruption.

“Ummm, I’m not…” I started, touching the rock.

It was warm. The snow around the base was melting and a crush of hot air radiated above it. My hand felt like needles too warm too quickly after being so cold for so long.

“Ouch! Fuck, what the?” I said, confusion and curiosity looming over me.

The moon was enormous, the light like a glistening spotlight covering the copse like one of the car dealership’s searchlights hitting a cloud. a

The rock had smoothed, molded to the shape of a man’s torso with a giant pulsing cock rising like a stele into the night air. It seemed to throb with need, to ripple with vein pumping desire.

I touched it.

My hand went warm, again flooding like dipping into a basin of just tolerable hot water. My thigh pressed against the rock, and my core trembled with renewing warmth.

The stone cock was soft, rigid but moldable, like a stiff mastiff that resisted bending. The pulse of tides, the swirling rivers of magma coursed like shifting tectonic plates under my grip, and I shuddered in fear.

“Oh my God.”

“Yesss,” the stone rumbled like it was falling off a cliff and starting an avalanche.

I licked my lips. My nipples were no longer hard from the chill, the biting cold of winter’s return. They were hard from excitement. I climbed onto the rock, placing knees around the torso that chiseled into a well defined muscular man shape without legs, without arms or head. The heat enveloped me like I imagined a dick felt like entering my ass.

I used the cock like a lever to pull myself up onto the rock. The moon crushed down on me, on us.

“Mmmm, yes, ride me, daughter.”

“Uh, I’m not sure about this,” I whispered but the cock was hot, throbbing still, and we were inside a globe of hot air protected. Was this Gaia speaking to me, offering me something? “Mmmmfff!” I moaned sliding my tightness over the massive rod. “Mm, my God, Gaia, its so fucking big inside me!”

I rode the rock, the warm fleshing stone that had molded itself into a man’s shape. Thighs sprouted near my heels, the waist where legs met abs flexed between my knees, and my ass cheeks slapped the firm yet giving stone thighs.

The cock was hard, perfect, and it moved to my humping. I planted my hands on the man-chest that began carving like clay finding shape from an unseen shaper.

“UH! YES!” I shouted, slamming my butt into the stone’s soft lap. The rigid cock rammed into my core, into my wetness, into my sweet honey pussy. “FUCK! YES!”

I bucked on the shaft, I rode Gaia’s manifest dick like a howling witch screaming pleasure and satisfaction to the moon that was our only witness. Faster, faster, I pumped my crotch into the molded stone. Into the man-shape, and rode me to ecstasy.

“Yesss,” the rock rumbled like a rolling wave from an earthquake felt hundreds of miles away in the warm summer sunlight. “Draw me out with your desire, with your passion, with your need.”

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! It’s so fucking good!” I screamed thrashing my belly with flexing hands to leverage my pussy against the dick. It hit me hard, it hit me deep, it tickled my clit and swelled my insides apart. “Mmmppffffff!”

My palms started rubbing on the stone’s man-shaped chest like a chiseled god of perfect built muscle. Shoulder, neck, and limbs began sprouting like the stone melted around it like it was always there waiting.

Rough hands grabbed my wrists, sharp and poking with raw edges that melted at our generated heat, and soon detail sprouted over knuckles and fingers. The stone hands that groped my breasts pinched nipples with every hungry need that mortal men expressed but this was different. This was a massage of permanence. This was devouring of flesh as ravenous as time itself.

Gaia animating our sacred rock fucked me hard, the man made of stone soft to the press but slow fucked my tight 21-year-old pussy. I screamed. I moaned. I gasped in quivering climax over and over.

“Fuck me, Gaia! I want it! I need it!” I shouted though I knew I could whisper. “Pound my tight pussy! It feels so fucking good!”

I nailed the cock with my hips feeling in slow moments the curving ass push away from the stone. The golem was separating from the rock.

In minutes we were a tangle of limbs and sweating bodies. I sweated, the stone gave with soft resistance though underneath was hard immobility like gym pads against metal beams. If you ran into it the padding would help unless you were running fast.

Gaia tugged my hair, pulling my thick waves to the middle of my back and dark glistening lips licked at my neck and breasts. It read the temperature of my pleasure and pressed like a child touching a bruise. It was terrible and wonderful mixing with the shoving piston inside my belly.

The cock was amazing. It shoved deep, it pressed against my belly button from the inside, and it rammed my G-spot. Its vein crusted edges ribbed my labia with beading erotic satisfaction.

“Oh, Gaia, you’re amazing. I’m cumming so much! I can’t take any more.”

“More, more! More, daughter!”

My pussy was raw with use, abused with the size. Gaia began fingering my asshole.

“What are you doing?”

“I want it all, daughter. I want everything.”

The voice was less troubling and more immediate shoved through the clicking lips of this golem, this animated rock.

“I feel you every solstice,” Gaia said while sucking on my nipples, while pushing soft stone fingers up my asshole, while cramming the massive cock up my pussy. I’d stopped rocking my body and let Gaia minister to me.  “I know what gives you pleasure, what coaxes me alive.”

“What,” I gasped feeling my sphincter split apart, feeling the pressure like a burst dam exploding out of my asshole. It ruptured through my crotch and clenched my pussy harder over Gaia’s erection. “What do you mean? you can feel it? You respond when we cum?”

“Yess.” It was a hiss like steam releasing out of a geyser.

“Oh my god, Oh my Gaia! It’s too much! I’ve never had anything in my ass!”

“Your pleasure. Your desire. Your passion. I want it all.”  Gaia said.

“Fuuuuuckk!” I screamed having my pussy filled, having my ass pryed apart by the spirit of Earth itself. “Mmmaaaaahhhhh!”

I clutched to the neck of the stone man weeping panting breath into its neck. My breasts shoved against Gaia’s animated body, against the neck and my nipples tickled from electric anticipation. The stone fingers left my ass and hands as strong as a planet plucked me off the large dick.

“No, I’m not ready. I can’t take it all,” I whimpered.

“You can.”

“No! No no!” I plead putting my hands over the arms like titans and the chest like a steel clamp closing. “I don’t think I can! I’ve never had anything in my butt, much less,” I pointed at the golem’s massive shaft, “that!”

“Yes daughter. You’re mine and you’ll earn your rewards.”

A wash like spring butterflies spewed over my chest and I inhaled pollen like reassurance. I felt every flower breathing in warmth, felt the crust of my planet oozing heat from the swirling molten core and the baking burn of sunlight across half the globe coaxing life like a blanket of reassurance.

“Are you sure,” I asked.

“Yes.” It was the sound of a waterfall trickling its last drop over a rock when the snows finally melt away.

“Ok. Okay,” I breathed letting the golem bend me over the rock. It was soft, warm like the golem itself but more like a cushioned desk, or a bed.  I didn’t even notice the snow at our feet anymore; it had been melted away and green grass vibrant and soft hugged my toes. “Ok,” I breathed, “but go slow.”

“Like the seasons,” Gaia cooed.

The golem’s hands caressed my back like the oozing press of mud after rain in fields just sprouting cabbage. It flopped its massive cock against my rump, slapping it against my raw asshole. I trembled waiting for Gaia to plunge his avatar’s cock inside my virgin asshole.

“Oh fuck, I’m scared,” I said bracing my knees against the soft stone that warmed my knees to hot. My hands stretched forward over the rock like I was a prisoner about to be strip searched. “Gaia, please, be gentle.”

My tits pressed heavy against the stone and I swear I felt it suckle on my nipples.

Gaia pushed.

The tip split my asshole apart like a snake shoving through tall grass.

“Ahhhhhhh!” I started screaming.

The tip was a wrecking ball through soft drywall.

My ass split apart and stretched from its insistence. I screamed more.

“Ummm! AHHHHH! fuuuuuuck!”

My elbows lanced into the stone shelf I smashed my tits into, that I ground my cheek against while I screamed to endure the massive dick invading my unused butt. I’d never let a boy finger my asshole. I never even touched it unless to clean up. My butthole was sacred, terrifying, and naughty. The only time I let something touch it was each year when I came on this rock, masturbating in the wilderness to Gaia’s spirit to be empowered again with shamanic magic.

Now Gaia was stuffing an animated stone golem’s coke-can sized cock up my protesting asshole.

“Your cock is too fucking big!” I panted trying my best to endure the splitting destruction. “You’re tearing me apart!”

“I am the river that smooths the stone!” Gaia yelled. “I am the fire that clears the forest!” The stone man slapped my ass and squeezed my cheeks apart where the cock split them already. “I am the wind that howls through the depths and the mountains that kiss the void!”

“You’re pounding my ass!” I screamed back!

“I’m tasting your lust!”

“Oh my fucking GOD! Your cock is ripping my butt apart! It’s too fucking deep!”

“Mmmmm,” Gaia moaned and lodged his dick inside me complete.

“Ooooh, ooh my god, oooh kay, mmmpppfffff, ugh, it’s too big. Too big. I can’t take it.” I trembled collapsed against the stone like I was a used hooker slumped over an exercise ball waiting for some junkie to stuff me. “I can’t, I can’t, oh my god, Gaia. Unnnnh.”

“Yeessss,” Gaia moaned with the passion of lava meeting the ocean.

“Don’t move!”

It started fucking my butthole.

Not fast, not hard, but it moved. It pushed forward and back, the tip like a shovel emptying out dirt tearing my sphincter apart as it approached.  Gaia moved with the pace of the tides, of the seasons, of a slow-moving warm front.

I shouted as loud as I could, my voice going raw.

“Oh fucking shit! Your cock is pounding my ass! It is filling me up! I can’t take it!”

The dick was huge. It dominated my brain. I drooled in a puddle ignoring how it rubbed against my cheek and wet my hair near my ear. My tits smashed against the warm stone and seemed to be getting groped like the stone itself wanted in on the action. My pussy tingled with need and I shoved a hand between my belly and the rock.

When my fingers found my clit I moaned aloud.

“Ohhh, yes, fuucking hell, oh my god, that helps, a little, but, Gaia. Gaia! Oh, fuck GOD! GAIA! You’re fucking my ass too rough!”

What tempered solace I found from my fingers fled when the stone golem picked up speed and silent like gnats humped my suctioning asshole fast, deep, and rough.

“YEEEESSS! I’M CUMMMMING!” I roared, shocked and stupefied by the sudden explosive ecstasy that burst through my stomach, through my breasts, through my shaking thighs like a lake’s response when a boulder plummets from a great height into its sleepy stillness.  Pleasure slammed like the displaced waves and splashes through my arms and nails, through my knees and heels. “Oooh, my fuuucking Gaia! Ummmmmfffffff!”

“Rrrraawwwww!” The stone man-thing roared like a herd of lions singing proudly against the night I didn’t understand but used and feared.

I didn’t feel anything spurt inside my rectum, no hot cum flooding my bowels or core, but I felt the swelling spasm of Gaia’s cock mimicking the clenching build of a man’s orgasm.

“Holy fucking shit! That feels so good!” I said exhausted still rubbing my clit and moving my hips in slow micro movements against the avatar’s monster shaft. It pulsed through my asshole sending shivering trembles through my spine. Every move sent electricity like heat lightning coursing through clouds across my skin. “You’re amazing. I didn’t think I’d like it. I didn’t think I’d cum, that I’d climax at all.” I breathed hard doing my best to recover. “But that was incredible. That was like drinking from the purest spring filtered by your very fingers.”

“Mmmm,” the stone sighed like sandstone losing one grain each second the stream stroked its back.

It began slouching back to the stone, not shoving me aside, but like I was a blanket and it wanted back in its bed.

“Gaia,” I pawed at the stone’s shoulders. “Gaia, why me? Why this? Why now?”

“Child,” the voice came from the wind where cold began returning. “I’ve always been waiting until you were ready, until you wanted me. Until you were ready for what needed.”

The moon dulled returning to its normal distance, its flooding shape returned natural. A chill swept forward from the linger dome of heat but pushed it away like a breeze carrying a balloon far far out of reach.

Goosebumps sprouted like cluster bombs across my body and the painful memory of cold lanced through my skin.

The stone returned to its original shape. It went silent. The thrumming vibrations ceased.

But power, power unlike any I’d remembered or dreamed spread before me like a feast that never spoiled, like a table of food always prepared no matter how much I harvested.

I smiled ignoring the cold and remembering the heat of Gaia’s core, the heat of the sun’s assault.  I dressed and left the rock in the wilderness wondering if my mother had ever experienced Gaia’s direct touch, or if my sisters had.

Maybe it was mine. Maybe it was what I wanted and needed that Gaia could take. By the time I got to the cabin, it didn’t matter. I had work to do and I smiled sharing the secret joy of insight with the wind that whispered my cheek like a promise that it would not be the only time Gaia chose to take me.



Jocelyn's Corner

Erotica that tells a story and provides a climax

Story. What is the story in the book? I feel like there is so much sex, that the story suffers, and it does. I’m writing erotica, not romance. I am following the romance beats so “technically” my books fall into romance, but they are extremely heavy on the sex, the explicit romping that goes with satisfying erotic stories about big dicks pounding tight pussies and reluctant assholes.

The women in my stories are empowered despite being plugged by all manner of cock.

Gwendolyn Fields comes to mind in her willing submission to men in order to gain power. My favorite part of her surrender is that at any moment, at any time in all of this she can end her assailants with a snap of her fingers. At any time she can protect herself and destroy those that abuse her.

Is she a masochist?

I think she craves power and is willing to literally do anything to get it. Sure the sex and free use along with the mental suffering and anguish that goes along with it can be stimulating for the reader on an erotic level, but her story is how she overcomes tragedy and violence to solve what shes as inequities in life. At heart, she is a socialist willing to sacrifice for the greater good; equalizing the playing field by any means necessary. Will she intervene in some blatant corporate thievery?

What about Christina in the “Sugar Daddy Deals” series? What is her story? Ultimately, it comes down to what does she want? I think Christina is like any girl, we want protection, stimulation, excitement, satisfaction, and consistency. Josh Jennings provides all of that and more frustrating assumptions that piss her off. their story is how they fall in love and express it dancing in the throes of their relationship. Christina is emotional and resentful against Josh’s more cold and aggressive sexual craving. He needs to remember that she is a person with emotional needs and explicit reminders of his feelings.

Story. Focus on the story while providing a stimulating sexual read. That is the goal.


Erotic Poetry

Poem: Jiggling Skin

A thousand hours wasted on the gym
and all you want to do is see me jiggle,
watch my flapping fat smashed together with bikini straps
so small and thin they bite into my back like wire.

All my tightness falters beneath your attention,
your touch, and focus on my breasts
like the round muscle in my ass neglected
until your hands find a hold and leverage me
to explosion.


Coercing the Neighbor coed into anal

The most popular books of mine are ‘neighbor’s deal” and bargain books where an older next door neighbor man coerces a hot young girl to be his anal slut.

Dare I say that I’ve found my niche that makes me the most money. The three books that have earned me almost $100 each are “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal,” “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Bargain,” and “Punishing the Neighbor Brat’s Backdoor.

Those three books are my consistent best sellers despite being only passing interest to my particular tastes. I write the sex scenes with fantasy, with intention and hot desire, but the premise lingers a sense of irritation, of bother. I’m not a fan of coercion.

But they are really big sellers, and I want to make more and more money. I want to have cash ripping out of my ears, out of my vagina, and spewing from my feet like a fountain of wealth I’ve created. To do that I need compelling and strong books that plug a niche over and over.

My followup to “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal,” is “Renewing the Neighbor’s Deal,” and it has seen a large surge in sales I’m assuming on people that have read my other works. I’m assuming it is because they liked the series and wanted to continue it.

I’m good with that. I like that, but find the struggle to stay focused on the same story for many months in a row. I like having a change of topic, a change of subject and a change of perspective. I find it hard to stay in the mind of one of my protagonists for too long. I like having the range of differences and changes to keep me interested in writing.

So I’m continuing to write about Josh and Christina and how he is her Sugar Daddy and providing her with every thing she needs and wants. In my latest book I’m going to continue their story. We’ll delve into their base desires, and somehow I’m going to get Christina to bring in one of her sorority sisters into the bedroom so she can fuck Josh too. It will be a desire he didn’t know he had, and will start his deal with a “harem” of girls.


It is a romance after all.

Jocelyn's Corner

Publishing a new Backdoor Deal book

I finished up the first act of the three-act romance structured book “Renewing the Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal.” It will be the third book in the “Sugar Daddy Deals” series. Josh Jennings and Christina Yates are fucking like mad gods hell-bent on cumming all over each other.

The story is solid. You’ll remember a few days ago I wrote about how I was bored with their story. I wasn’t enjoying the direction that I was taking and instead of them fighting I went the route of a small fight leading to professions of love.

Now their deal is renewed, but with a twist. Josh finds himself in love with Christina and equally returned with affection from his 19-year-old coed slut. Christina has been livid that he treats her like a toy, like a bought thing, and she calls him out on it. They battle, they fight and reconcile the best way possible for this story: in her ass.

I like how Christina has turned into a total anal slut. She craves it up the butt. She loves the sex, the dominance, the free use style that Josh inflicts on her willing holes, but she resents his cold and calculated rude attitude after. And can you blame her? No girl wants to be used and tossed aside like a piece of toilet paper.

Josh was being cold and distant because he mistakenly believes she wanted it and didn’t want him treating her like a girlfriend, when in fact that is exactly what she wanted.

Ahh, relationships. Miscommunications and silence never leads to happiness.

I’m publishing the book now because it is over 20,000 words. I think it is complete. There is more, but I feel with 5 sex scenes and in erotica, it will stand well on its own. My hope is that readers will start moving through the series picking up each book. Eventually, I’ll put up a bundle.

So check out the new entry in the Sugar Daddy Deals series. This “third” book will be split in three. Next up for book 4 is how Josh asks Christina for a threesome! Exciting!


Don’t worry, Josh is still furnishing the Sugar Daddy lifestyle to our sexy little heroine.

Erotic Poetry

Poem: Holding your hand

After, you run to get a paper towel shouting thanks
and how good I feel inside, how good I am screaming your name.

I like to feel your biceps bulging into my shoulders
and the warmth your blood shoves through your palms
unlike my own traitorous cold fingers and toes
even after planting my belly on all fours to scream my climax
before you finished, twitching hard to force it faster.

Jocelyn's Corner

How do you continue writing when you’re bored with the story?

I’ve been writing the newest entry into the Neighbor’s Deal series, or “Sugar Daddy Deal” to be exact, for about three weeks and I’m only at 17,000 words. Some of that is because I’ve been busy with other things like going wide, writing another book that’s live now called “Blasting my Coed Roommate,” and dedicating more time to this website.

How do you continue with your story when you’re not interested in the story anymore? How do you continue? In the past I relied on my enthusiasm for making money to keep me going. If that was the case I’d still be writing for the next backdoor deal book with ease. “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal” is my best selling book right now. I think it is because of the cover and the blurb with good keywords. It helps that it is a good story. It helps that it is a compelling story of coercion and love.

I know that I’ve been struggling with writing this newest entry in the series because I didn’t know where to go with the plot. I wrote my outline but wasn’t a fan of the plan I made for Josh to get Christina to agree to a threesome. At first, I thought it would be that they had a fight because Josh got jealous like a college kid dating someone at a different school. I didn’t like it. It was too forced. Josh loves Christina even if he is deliberately struggling against it. He is trying to deny his emotions because he mistakenly believes she only wants him for his money.

Writing the story I’ve come to realize that I want them to be in love and I want their threesome (which is the heart of their deal and source of their future issues) to be a result of affection and love.  once I made that decision it was easier to write, but I’m still stuck. I’m stuck with the scene where they fight about Josh’s jealousy and he admits his love to her. I’m just not in the mojo of writing the story. I’m slogging away at less than 1,000 words a day when I’m used to writing 2-5k a day. I’ve been slowing down and I don’t like that. in part that is because I’ve been more busy with the holidays doing things not writing.

So how do you continue when you’re bored?

You show up and write.

I know. It is a trite and stupid thing. Writing comes down to motivation. Ask yourself, “do you want to be writing? Do you want to create a book? Do you want to finish something? If the answers are “yes.” then you show up and you write even when you’re not motivated. Take for instance right now. I’m not that interested in writing a blog post. I could be doing any number of other things. I could be watching TV with my man. I could be watching the new Marvelous Mrs. Masiel. I could be rubbing lotion on my skin and choosing new shoes from Amazon.

Instead, I’m writing a blog post about why you should be writing. Sit in the chair, lay in the couch, and put your fucking fingers to the keyboard.

it comes down to motivation. It comes down to are you willing to set aside temporary discomfort for the thing you crave? Do you want to create a book, a story, or a thing? Then do it. Even if you’re only doing a little bit it is better than nothing. It becomes a habit to write, to draw or do whatever you want, and when you’re bored, when you’re devastated with the complete lack of desire keep writing.

I’m writing when I’m bored. I’m writing when I’m not interested in the topic, yet it is getting done. I’m doing something and I know that when I go back and reread it I will likely not remember that I was struggling that day to craft a good phrase. At least I wrote something.

So what can you do?

Change the flow of the book. Rearrange your plot to be more interesting. Reinvigorate your enthusiasm with a different direction or a new plot device.

So what else?

Write anyways. Put at least 500 words on the page. Make a minimum, and if you can’t do that then at least open your story and write a sentence. Write something. Write anything and tell yourself you can always edit it out later.

Show up. Show the fuck up and keep writing. That is how you continue when you’re bored of the story.

Trite? Baite and switch? no. Just simple easy action.


Erotic Short Stories

Erotic Short: Blasting my coed roommate

When Tricia moved into the apartment I knew I would have a hard time not staring at her young body.  My friends often derided me for living with a bunch of college kids when I was well into my thirties, and truthfully I felt a little awkward about it when the kids were partying at 2:00 am and I was trying to sleep for work the next day.

But I owned the apartment and when my fiance decided she wasn’t into our relationship anymore I had too much space and too much mortgage to not let out the extra rooms.  Tricia was the latest in a long line of students, transients, and others that had been renting a room for the last three years.

She was also the most attractive by far. After a few disastrous roommates I learned I couldn’t trust my instincts and left the new renter selection up to my other renters. I had five bedrooms where I let out the four I didn’t use. Two had bathrooms in the rooms and the other shared a common bath in the main hallway. It was a large apartment in a high rise downtown and I’d bought it thinking about starting a family with my ex.

The three renters decided to bring Tricia in, and I suspected the two boys had overridden Valerie’s vote to bring her in. Val was hot, tall brown hair with legs that looked smooth and sexy spread open. She didn’t work out but retained that sparkle of sexiness that came with youth and good genes.  She had a pretty enough face, but was a bit of a bitch and didn’t get along with the other two renters that well.  The guys and I liked to play video games at night after beers and we tended to make noise whereas Val liked to get to sleep early. We both had work in the morning, but she liked her mornings silent and got up much earlier than she had to leave. If she wasn’t so stuck up I suspected we would have gotten along much more.

Tricia was a knockout and just as careless and dumb as the boys. She was tall with boobs that jiggled with rippling obviousness. Her tits seemed unnaturally large, sitting on her ribcage like inflated teenage boy fantasies. The guys and I debated if they were real or fake. I was certain they were implants. No natural boobs sat that round and bouncy. For them to be real they’d have to be saggy or splayed off her ribs to the sides.

Tricia stayed up late, drank with the boys and sat in one of those tank tops with the built-in bra and revealing jean shorts cut at the legs. She’d lounge on the loveseat with one leg hooked over the armrest tilting her head back to suck beer from the can or bottle.  Doing so would spread her thighs open to reveal the bundle of fabric cutting into her ass and pussy. If you were watching you could see the bulge of her ass cheeks poking through the shorts and what type of panties she had on.

I did my best not to stare, but she was too sexy, too hot and voluptuous to ignore.  Worse, I knew she was doing it on purpose to get me to look.

Things came to a head before work one weekday.

I was eating cereal in the kitchen when Tricia walked in wearing black thong panties and a tank top without the builtin bra.

“Goodmorning Dan,” she said with a tired drawl. She’d been up late drinking with the boys while Val and I had been to bed early for work. Val was already gone to her yoga class and would go to work from there. It was a shame, some days she did her yoga in the main room in front of the tall floor to ceiling windows. I liked to watch the show during breakfast but this was even nicer. Tricia had a plump round ass that seemed to craved worming itself out of whatever clothes she tried to hide it with.  Her butt matched the round ripeness of her tits.

“Morning, uh, Tricia.”  I stumbled over her name seeing her bend over to get the milk out of the fridge. She didn’t need to curve at the waist like that. The milk was at eye level but I savored the view. “You’re up early, or didn’t you sleep yet?”

I wouldn’t put it past her to stay up all night drinking.

“I couldn’t sleep, and I heard you out here eating breakfast. I thought you wouldn’t mind if I joined you,” she said grabbing a bowl from the highest shelf, again straining to show off her ass without need. There were bowls on the counter ready to be used.

I enjoyed staring at her long thin legs and held my spoon dribbling milk into the bowl unmoving while I tried to memorize the way her ass looked carved by the black thong. Her skin was so smooth and tight against her body. I almost stood up and stroked it. Instead, I shifted my legs to cover my boner and not reach down to stroke myself off.

“Of course,” I finally managed to say when she faced me and approached the table. “Sit down.”

“I like to eat standing,” Tricia said leaning forward and giving me a view of her cleavage dangling below her chest. Her boobs were swollen and full dangling with jiggling beauty that made my tip burst with excitement. I thought I was going to cum in my pants. They were real. I’d never seen them this close, this in my face before, and I wavered into the “real” column. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said turning and walking to the counter giving me another obvious view of her ass and legs. She swayed with sexual intent and not at all like a morning sleepy shuffle.

“Not at all,” I muttered trying not to let her catch me staring.

“Oh no!” she said a few bites later. “I got it all over me!”

I looked up and Tricia was dabbing at her tits with a paper towel. Milk and cereal were dribbled on her cleavage and she was tugging the shirt lower to expose more of her unnaturally huge tits that seemed to remain perky. She moved with a flurry of jiggling, jostling, and whimpering to “clean” herself off.

“Oh no! I don’t want to ruin this shirt!” she cried. “Dan, can you help me please?!” Her voice was frantic and panicked. “I just need to get this clean!”

I stood up and was at her side in seconds feeling her heat and sexual energy like a furnace. The moment I arrived at her shoulder and was about to dab with my own paper towel Tricia lifted the tank above her head and stood topless.

“Uhhh…” I mumbled to stupified to respond.

Tricia spun towards me slapping my shoulder and arm with her tits on the way to the sink. She turned the faucet on and dove the tank top under the running water moaning “oooooh, ohhhhh, noooo.” Tricia’s tits jiggled between her arms in uncontrolled, uncontained glory. They were real. They flew side to side with the undulating smoothness that fake tits lacked. They were real.

“Uhm, how,” I gulped unable to look away from her breasts. “How can I help?”

“I don’t know? Help me scrub?” She turned to me with frantic eyes noticing how I’d been staring at her boobs. “I’m so distraught!”

“Its okay, we’ll get it out. It is just a little milk,” I said, putting an arm on her lower back to comfort her. She tilted forward and my hand slipped to her ass. It was so tight and sexy, soft and glorious. My boner was huge in my pants rigid against her hip and the counter.

“Oh, Dan!” Tricia said with a voice on the verge of tears, “it isn’t going to work!” She turned from the sink shutting off the faucet and shoved into my arms pressing her massive tits against my chest. “I’m so upset!”

“Its okay, its okay,” I muttered ramming my erection into her belly and groping her ass with one hand while rubbing her shoulders with the other. “I think we can make it better.”

“Oh please, I need to feel better!”

Both hands went to her ass and I kneaded her plump sweetness. It was so lovely, so full in my palms, like a youthful explosion of pleasure. I moaned, and Tricia echoed the sentiment.

“Tricia, I-” I started. She covered my voice with her lips pushing up to shove her tongue in my mouth. In the process, her tits brushed up my chest and sent my erection further into stiffness.

I lost control and tugged on her thong knowing I was wedging it up her pussy.

“Unnnn!!!” Tricia moaned but kept kissing. Her tongue was a dance that matched her jiggling nipples when she was scrubbing in the sink.

When she pulled away from our kiss I picked her up and sat her ass on the counter. Tricia instinctively spread her legs but I went for her tits mashing my face between the natural cleavage and smushing her nipples into my ears. They were enormous. They were real. They were amazing. Her breasts covered my face like a soft pressing squeeze wrap for longevity. If creams and lotions worked to make girl’s look younger smashing my face between a pair of teenage tits as big and glorious as these would work for me. I felt younger and more invigorated already.

“Ungh, Dan, that feels so good!” Tricia moaned her hands lacing through my hair and shoulders.

I slobbered over her nipples, tugged on them with firm lips and suckled on the underside of her tits. I let the full weight of her perkiness drop on my eye sockets and smiled knowing I was nestled between two reality-defying jugs.

I’d been fantasizing about her tits for so long I spent longer than I expected playing with her breasts.

“I think, I think I feel a little bit better,” Tricia whined, still distraught with laced eyebrows and pouting lips.

“I can help with that,” I growled and tugged her panties off under her butt.

“Ai!” Tricia yelped at the violence I stripped her naked.

Pushing her back I shoved my mouth on her pussy, her shaved bald pussy that glistened with her excitement or nerves. She tasted like a just souring honey. At first, the tang hammered my nose and lips but after it morphed to a smooth buttery sweetness.

“Oh! Dan! Your tongue is making me feel better, mmmmmmffffff, so good.” She said and knocked over a metal jar of utensils. The clatter was deafening but I was blissfully ignorant of it tasting her pretty snatch. “Yes! Yes! Oh my god, yes! Just like that!!”

Tricia’s legs found my shoulders and back, her heels pressing into my shoulder blades like sharp elbows. She drummed her legs twitching with my tongue attention.

“Fucking yes! I like that! Dan your tongue is going to make me cum, I’m feeling better! Yes! Yes! Mmmmaaaaahhhhhh!” She cried aloud. I didn’t even care about our roommates. Tricia didn’t seem to either. “I’m cumming! Ahhhhhhh!”

Tricia went rigid as my cock her heels driving like nails into my spine, her fingers like icicles into my scalp. Against the pain, against the strain of her thighs against my ears, I stayed latched onto her clit.  When she relaxed it was a slow shaking release like every individual muscle moved from tight to unwound in slow unspinning waves. I lingered against her pussy flicking soft warmth and eliciting tickles and gasps of spent pleasure.

“Feel a little better?” I asked cleaning off my chin and starting to unzip my pants.

“Yes,” she said all innocent and pouting but with satisfaction underneath.

“Maybe you need a little more comfort and attention,” I said pulling out my monster hard-on. I slapped my engorged tip against her wet clit.

“Ooh, I think I do.” Tricia pushed her nipples together and fingered her pussy before sucking on the finger.

“Fucking hell that is hot.”

She smiled and gave her lips a full exaggerated suck.  Overcome with lust I dragged her by the head off the counter and forced her to her knees.

“Aii!” she yelped in surprise. Her tits rippled with motion and slammed against her belly and arms.

“Suck me off,”  I ordered pulling her face towards my twitching dick.

“Mmmppffffff,” she moaned swallowing my shaft. “Mpfffffthhhhh.”

I gripped her dark hair and held her face firmly into my thighs. She made noises struggling with my cock down her throat, but after her display and tasting her pussy I was determined to use her young body rough for my pleasure. It was what she wanted.

“Yeah, suck that fat cock, Tricia, take it deep down your throat. Swallow it all. That’s a good girl. Take that dick. No teeth! No teeth. You can do it,” she used her tongue on my underside tickling my balls with it as I rammed deeper. “That’s a good girl. Well done. Oh fuck yeah that’s good. Take it all you dirty little slut.”

“Mmmmfffffffff!” She gurgled on spit, “garrrgle, slurp!”

I face fucked her sexy mouth for long minutes until tears ran down her pinched shut eyes until drool puddled between my feet and over her legs.

“Come here,” I said with a hoarse voice dragging her by the hair to the living room.

Tricia’s hands gripped my wrist and she scrabbled her feet to follow, and I tossed her to the couch where the landed with jiggling tits and her round ass.

“Climb on top,” I commanded sitting on the couch and slapping my thighs. My cock was a lance I sported glistening with her saliva. “Plop that tight little pussy over my cock and shove your huge fucking tits in my mouth.”

“Dan, you’re so rough and in command,” Tricia said, “It’s making me feel a little better about ruining my top.”

“I’m going to make it feel all better, get over here,” I said pulling her arm to help lower her hips over my thighs. “Slide on over.”

Tricia’s hand found my glistening shaft and I moaned feeling her warmth as she guided me in. Her pussy was tighter and more welcoming than her mouth.

“Unnngh, Dan, your cock is so fucking big!”

“Tricia, your pussy is so fucking tight and warm, I’ve been dreaming about stuffing your slit ever since you moved in.”

“Ahhh, fuck, you’re destroying my pussy!” Tricia moaned taking all of my length. Her shaved clit rubbed on my belly and she ground along my girth. “Mmmffff, so fucking good. It feels so good.”

Through her grinding Tricia’s body arched and jiggled her large flopping tits in my face. I palmed her round ass with both hands and swallowed her nipples against my tongue.  My fingers pushed through her soft rump and I kneaded her butt guiding her grinding over my dick. Her pussy felt like a hug over my entire body expressed through my crotch. It felt like her flooding warmth pressed against all of me, swallowing my skin with sensation.

Tricia threw her head in the air and with her back arched shoved her tits into my face. She smashed one large breast against my lips and screamed her pleasure continuing to bounce.

“Mmmfff! Yes! Fuck my tight young pussy, Dan! Fuck my tight little snatch! I want it! I need it! Suck on my big natural tits. Lick them, lick that nipple!”

“Nnnngggg,” I moaned slurping on her giant breast. Her other boob smashed against my temple and I moved between them letting their perky fullness cover my face. I loved feeling her giant tits enveloping me soft and squishy with erotic excitement. “God, Tricia, I can’t get enough of your tits on my face! They feel as good as your young little pussy!”

“I love it! Unfff! So fucking good! Uh! Uh! Yes! Fuck my teenage cunt! Oh my god! Your cock is hitting my belly, you’re ramming my insides!”

We fucked on the couch in the living room next to the windows that extended from floor to ceiling. I’d played video games here with the other guy roommates. I sat here staring at Tricia’s huge tits trying to get a look at her creamy pussy while she spread her legs drinking beer. Now I had her huge tits in my face and she was flopping her body over my cock. It was a dream come true.

I was finally inside her coed snatch, it was hugging my dick with its college tightness. Tricia’s smooth thighs squeezed my waist while she flexed continuing her riding. I couldn’t decide where to focus my attention: on her plump ass rounded by how she rode me, or her massive breasts jiggling in my face.

Lost in my desire, in my lust I needed release, needed to cum inside her heat.

“Ungh! Dan! So big! So hard!”

I wrapped an arm around her waist to hammer her body to my pulse. With my other hand, I snaked up her flexing back and grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking back. Tricia’s throat jutted forward as she arched her head to the ceiling and cried out.

“Ahhhhh!!! You’re fucking me so haaarrrrrd!”

I latched onto her breast with my lips and suckled her erect nipple. Her breast flooded around my nose, around my chin, and wrapped in her squishing sexiness I lost myself to passion.

“Mmmffff,” I growled through my throat my mouth stuffed with boob.

I used Tricia’s tight coed body like a toy, pounding myself with her pussy.

She flopped against my chest, my belly, my balls, and I started exploding hot cum inside her tightness.

“Fuck! Yes I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I roared ignoring the fact that we shared the apartment with two other guys.

“Mmmm!! Yes!! Fill me up, Dan! Fill me with your hot old man cum!”

Tricia’s body went rigid for a moment telegraphing her rising orgasm. Her thighs squeezed hard on mine, her hands went around my neck and she smothered me in boobs. Gasping for breath against the crash of perky breast I rolled my eyes up to see her chin grimacing.

“FUUUCK! I’m cummming!” Tricia shouted moments after I finished blasting her insides with my pent up cum.

She went slack, collapsing like a deflated balloon into my arms, and we lounged on the couch like we were drunk and it was 2am. My cum drizzled out of her pussy into my balls and I went soft inside her. I nibbled on her nipples and played with her young skin. She was so fun to touch.

“Think that will make you feel better about your t-shirt?” I asked.

“Hmmm,” Tricia said as if coming out of a deep slumber or confused state. “Oh, of course. Yes. Thank you, Dan. That was exactly what I needed to calm me down.”

“I’m sure I can help you out if anything else happens too,” I said.

“Oh, I can’t wait. I’m sure I’ll need you for something soon.”

We dressed, or I did and Tricia went to her room for some real clothes. I had to leave for work.  The other boys were just rousing as Tricia lounged on the same couch we’d fucked on, flashing her pussy at me with a wink as I shut the door. I whistled satisfied all the way to the parking garage.

I couldn’t wait to get home and plow into her plump ass and huge tits. The guys had made an excellent choice in our new roomate. Too bad they didn’t get a turn at using the new house slut. Maybe I’d let them share her, or maybe I was going to keep her massive tits to my self.

Jocelyn's Corner

Slow slog of constant writing

Can you get better at writing by doing it every day? I think the answer is undoubted yes. Absolutely yes with an emphasis on exactly yes. Have I gotten better at writing by doing it every single day?

I think so. I’m pretty sure that with all of my constant writing and updating of the website and covers I’m bound to improve somehow.

Yes, writing is the way to improve. One must write with a purpose, write with conviction towards something you need to improve. I need to make sure I’m including enough “like a child stuffing toys inside a box to save for later in life, a sacred space of hoarding so no one else will find and steal it.”  I need to include metaphors and similes.  I need to include images and fewer effluent descriptions. I need to write with an active voice and not a passive one.

Move the action along, move the story with compelling dialogue.

Every time I write there must be a push through boredom, there must be a slog through the marsh of disinterest. Does it show in my written words? Does it appear with the pauses between my sentences that last through my staring at the television instead of putting fingertips to keyboard?

Yes. There must be improvement in the turns I write about lifting a skirt above knees that plump breasts together and high. I must change the short description about a thigh spasming with pleasure using words other than “quiver,” “tremble,” or “cum.”

Writing is a slog, a glorious fun peat bog to romp through with high knees of sacrifice and diligence. You need constant forward motion to keep from sinking into the mud, to stave off drowning in festering dark waters. You need to show up with constant forward motion pushing ever forward to drive the heart of satisfaction into something resembling success.

I write every day. I write something, a sentence a chapter, or a thousand words. My daily goal is at least 1,000 words. I want to write something meaningful, a scene, a moment, an emotion. I want to accomplish something sexy.

Eventually, through slog, through effort, I’ll arrive at a book and publish it. I want it published. I want the money, the recognition, and the accolades of financial success through writing.

Pull through the bog with me.

Jocelyn's Corner

Writing a new backdoor deal

I’m writing a new entry into the “Sugar Daddy Deals” series. Josh Jennings is going to get another round of fun plugging a tight teenage blond slut, Christina. This time they’re screwing while at her college and they’ll suffer a mess of struggle where they attempt to define their relationship beyond the deal they’ve made.

Josh is struggling with how he is going to reconcile his jealous emotions for Christina’s affections with how they’ve agreed to be friends with benefits. Josh believes that Christina is using Josh for his money and that she wants nothing to do with his affection.

So far I have the whole outline done. There’s going to be a threesome, and in the vein of typical romance erotica they’ll struggle, find themselves through devastation and their own mistakes, but in the end land on a Happily Ever After, or happy for now.

I’m having a lot of fun writing about how Josh loves how eager and willing Christina is opening her mouth for his cum, and spreading her ass for his thick dick.

I’m wondering why “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal” is so popular in my sales. Perhaps it is the cover? I don’t know. Whatever the reason I’m going to continue the trend and add another entry into the series to hopefully add more revenue to my stream.

If you like Josh Jennings and his teenage freshman college slut Christina and the crazy sex they have be excited!

Check out the first two entries in the “sugar daddy deals” series.



Erotic Poetry

Poem: Displaying

Peace on the couch is sprawling against soft cushions
like this pose isn’t stomach-churning uncomfortable.
My breasts are bound for lust against your strong neck and eyes
that pierce through the bravado I’m braving.

Your hands when they find my skin find me sweating
not from exertion but anticipation for what you’ll take.
My open legs are for you to press between,
for you to force apart with how my display makes you enraged.

Erotic Poetry

Poem: Beaches and Lotion

Your hot hands move with strength from heel
through your thumbs up my thighs,
your thumbs slip close to my chilled sweetness
fingertips catching a few times on my labia.

Are you dipping into my honey on purpose or
is it like coloring outside the lines from aggression?

My widening legs are the invitation you take
and minutes later I’m gasping while you fill me
your hands slipping on my forearms as you’re climbing up,
slipping like you’re slipping inside like the sound of waves
against sand: louder, faster than you expect.

Jocelyn's Corner

Slept on it, and went all in to Kindle Unlimited.

Woke up this morning and decided that I should go all in on Kindle unlimited. There were a few books that couldn’t be put into KU because they’re published for free elsewhere. I’m not a fan of how there have been no sales at all from this morning. Crazy. Dumb. Ridiculous. Buy my stuff!!!

I decided to go to all into KU because of one simple fact. 80% of the market share.

My hope was to have more sales on my website and on Draft2Digital which I LOVE using, but there were simply not enough sales to justify staying wide with the amount of high-quality writing I’ve been doing. My erotica is spectacular and I know it. I enjoy when i reread it so I know someone else out there does too.

KU is my hope for the future. My guess, my hope is that it will lead to higher and higher sales and revenues.

The process was very very easy.

In Draft2Digital you go to each book and click “delist” at the bottom of the book’s file.

In Smashwords, you go to the “dashboard” and click on “unpublish.” It was fast, easy and simple. Amazon was much more difficult and clunky.

In amazon you have to click on each book and then click again and wait for the screen to refresh. It is not user-friendly or easy. They do a great job making their products great for people to buy, for consumers, but clunky and blah for the content producers.

Jocelyn's Corner

To do Kindle unlimited or not

That is the question. do you subject yourself to all in on Amazon or do you go wide?

You may have heard this before, but KU and wide are two very different markets. You need to answer if you are serious about writing and continuing to write or if you’re in it for the money in the short term.

Let’s look at some facts:

Amazon is 80% of the book buying market.

Wide is much smaller, yet there are still people that make a lot of money on other retailers. The most notable for me is Apple. Other people do very well on Kobo, and still others have income from Tolino and Barnes and Noble.

I’m suspecting that the next Amazon and kobo are going to be the next retailers that drive the market. Apple may be, but I honestly see them decreasing over time as they are expensive and not ubiquitous outside of the united states.

Right now the majority of my sales come from Amazon. In November I’m making $60.00 from sales and no books in KU. I’ve been wide for three months and I’ve seen my sales decrease every single month. Some of that might be because I’m not publishing as often as i was before (in some cases weekly publishing). Now I’m writing longer stories and publishing about once or twice a month. I’m still producing every day something, but my stories are not as consistent and rapid as they used to be.

At first going wide got me a lot of money from Apple and Barnes and Noble. The first month I did really well at $40 from wide retailers. that has dwindled down to $20.00 for a month. I’m not happy about this because my KU income has disappeared and not been replaced by the wide sales. in fact, the sales have been dripping lower over and over. I’m starting to think I should go all in on Kindle unlimited for the page reads, for the increased exposure, and for the added income. My annoyance stems from the fact that I was hoping my website would generate a lot more revenue than it has.

My goal was to have people buying the “everything” package from my website with Bitcoin or Litecoin as they’re the only payment processors that will accept Erotica online. Should I be selling everything on Amazon and Kindle?

Personally, I can’t remember the last time I bought a book online. I’ve only been reading books on Amazon Kindle with my unlimited subscription. If I’m not buying books like others, then they probably aren’t either.

The sales from my wide retailers aren’t that high so it won’t make much of a difference if I take it away.

Unfortunately for me it takes away my dream of having a robust “Everything” package sales. I wanted my readers to get everything I’ve ever written by buying the Everything package.

That didn’t work out too well. i had very few people buying it. 3 to be exact. I can still give them the books they bought in advance before going into KU.

So i face a dilemma. Do I go back into KU?

I’m wide. I have all my books wide right now and i have spent the whole third quarter going wide. It hasn’t paid off.

Maybe I’m rushing it, not committing to anything long enough to be successful. should I let it ride?

But Amazon is 80% of the market and all that sweet sweet KU money is sitting on the table doing nothing.

The majority of my sales are on Ku.

The money from wide isn’t achieving the revenue I was getting from Ku.

Kindle Sales:

Wide Sales:

I really like the idea of being wide. I enjoy the hope that I have controllable income outside of Amazon. however, I don’t want to be missing out on tons of cash. Cash today is better than some cash tomorrow. I think tonight I’m going to switch everything over to Kindle unlimited. KDP Select for all my books. We’ll see how that goes.

The pictures above are the lifetime income I’ve earned from Kindle, and then wide.

Amazon: $588

Wide: $176

Website: $150.


I don’t know. Amazon is about $600, and wide and website is about $300 for the same time period. Maybe I shouldn’t go into KU. At worst it is 3 months. Hmmmmm.


Jocelyn's Corner

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving filled with turkey stuffing, big meats, and happy creams.

There is nothing better than having an early romp through green bean casserole slathered with cream of mushroom sauce and crispy onion toppings.

Lick your fingers dry, tongue off the last of the mashed potatoes, and gobble up that dressing draped dark meat.

Finish off your plates keeping room for dessert and my personal favorite: pumpkin pie. Spray on the whipped cream and remember when you were younger how you poured hot chocolate on your belly and had your boyfriend eat it off your tummy, off your crotch.

Don’t worry, family and friends won’t know the gleam in your eye is for Thanksgivings past where you imagined happy sensual moments with your dates.

I’m finishing my latest book, “Stuffing and Sauce” Hill’s Secrets Thanksgiving 2018. Enjoy this mature seduction book where Alison falls for an older man crashing a friendsgiving and Billy hooks up with a scorned older woman at a diner. See how they enjoy their younger/older cravings on this day for gorging on giant meats.


Jocelyn's Corner

Younger and older sex for Thanksgiving Erotica

One of my most popular niches is the older man younger woman niche. I like exploring the opposite of it too, younger man and older woman using Billy Hill as my hero.

In 2016 I wrote “Mature Seduction” where Alison and family friend Frank hook up in the garage on a reupholstered couch and Billy hooks up with Frank’s wife, Sarah, in the basement. It was a fun older person younger person romp and led to some of my best sales at the time. Since then I wrote a bunch of older man younger girl stories as they were of interest to readers. It seemed the best financial thing to do. I didn’t think I’d be writing it as a majority of my books.

Thanksgiving erotica is interesting because you have the assumption of family, but you can’t be fucking your cousins. That is wrong and won’t pass adult filters or acceptable topics at the most popular retailers. So for the erotic author that wants to capitalize on a family heavy holiday, it requires some interesting mental gymnastics to shove your heroes into situations that they encounter strangers or non-relatives.

Last Thanksgiving special I shoved Billy and Alison into the arms of a visiting couples seduction. This year I’m sending the parents Will and Jessica away on a trip and forcing Alison and Billy to have a friendsgiving. They’ll meet some strangers that are much older than they are and get shown the ropes of a more mature hand.

Alison feels the expert touch of Nate, a sexy older man that shows up because he’s just broken up with his long-term crazy girlfriend.  She’ll melt under his warm chin, his rigid muscles, and the attentive way he listens to her talk about crytocurrencies.

Billy meets a heartbroken older woman at a diner where he stops off to have some pie but learns she wants to offer him a flavor he can’t resist.

I enjoy writing Alison and Billy. I’m familiar with their characters and am intimate with how they’ll react to different stimuli.

Thanksgiving erotica is fun. You can merge the idea of stuffing a turkey with stuffing a pussy full of dick. You can merge the idea of overeating with being an aggressive blowjob queen.

Ania in this latest story I’m writing loves getting it up the butt, but most of all likes swallowing cum. She is a dick sucking addict that was stymied from her old boyfriend’s obsession with her ass.

Billy is enraptured by her enthusiasm and takes double pleasure cramming his meat in her behind then having her clean him off with a bit of after climax tongue action.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to write in Will and Jessica’s story. Maybe they won’t be in this edition. Hmmm.

What do you like about Thanksgiving Erotica?