Book published, start writing the next one.

My newest book, “Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power,” went live yesterday after I submitted it on Tuesday. That behemoth of a book is done, almost as long as “Abusing the Game’s” 70,000 words. “Brat Witch,” is about 60,000 words.

I like to think of it as an actual full novel, telling Gwen’s story as a new witch. The premise is that witches get magical power by getting fucked freely by anyone. The more debasing, violent, or aggressive the use, the more magic they generate.

Essentially it is likened to ancient times where Mongolians would rampage over the world, come to a village and systematically rape and pillage. The idea is that the first witches were used by the Mongolian hordes until they died as bloody tears used beyond recognition. Magic blossomed, healed them, and they lashed out freeing themselves.

In modern day, the witch’s awakening is much less brutal and forced. Now they willingly submit to getting used, and by submitting, by choosing to allow it, they generate power.

Great power comes with great hardship; lots of magic? Terrible emotional and psychological devastation.

The book is live on Amazon, exclusive to KU at this point, after enjoying a brief run on my website for people. Owners of the “Everything” package got the book “free” immediately for download before it went live on KU.

Published, the new book, then immediately started on the next.

Yesterday I looked at my catalog and wanted to see what the highest paying book I’ve got is, and was surprised to find that it was “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Bargain.” It is by far my most successful book with earned money.

So I’m writing a new book, along a similar line from the male perspective called “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal,” where he gives the heroine financial support for services.


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