Erotic Short Stories

Cam Model Disaster Part 1

I didn’t know how to explain why I was wearing pink mouse ears, had a heart shaped sparkly butt-plug in my ass, was fucking a flesh colored suction dildo against a mirror, and choking on a black dildo for two cameras with my desktop monitor streaming both feeds.

How do you cough out that black dildo, wipe the saliva from your mouth and say, “sorry daddy?” without it seeming ingenuine?

Instead of speaking I just let the plastic drop out of my mouth, slack jawed, and froze on all fours. The cam-room went nuts with dinging sounds and tips rolled in; they could see the doorway and were rewarding the interruption with a flood of digital currency. I was shocked immobile; I didn’t know if my Dad was going to slam the door shut, or burst towards me and destroy the cameras.

He split the difference.


He approached me like a thundering god titan creating creators with each step, erupting anger and fury under his skin like molten rivers of rage. I finally unfroze and cowered in the fetal position; not even noticing the flesh colored dildo slipping out of my ass and wiggling still suctioned to the mirror.

My Dad went right for the power cord and ripped it out of the wall. In agonizing seconds he unplugged every cord connected. I stared at him in horrified disbelief. His face was red like a valentine’s card. His pulse lifted his veins on his neck and arms like seaweed growing in an alien movie. I have to give him credit, he didn’t look at me after that initial moment of shock. He barely even glanced my way when he stepped over my cowering body and stalked out of my room with the power strip in hand.

The door slammed so hard I looked at the ceiling and the corners of the room to make sure the roof wasn’t going to fall in. It was deafening as the silence after.

My first thought afterwards was, “oh shit. I’m so screwed.” My second thought was, “how am I going to explain this to my Dad?”


As I saw it I had two options: 1) hide in my room and die of shame, 2) throw on some clothes and chase my dad downstairs and apologize. I curled up in a ball and cried. Tears flowed, snot drained into my lips, and I threw the black dildo and the bunny ears across my room. I didn’t hear anything downstairs which was not a good sign. Either my dad had left or was so upset he was in the basement destroying things. The flesh colored dildo wiggled still suctioned to the mirror; it stared at me like a laughing middle finger; slime dripped off the tip like my tears. It was slick with my wetness and the lube I’d used to slide it’s size in easier.

My dad had seen me fucking a dildo on all fours and spit with another in my mouth.

Horror crashed down again. It felt like a mountain leaning over my shoulders and I was a blade of grass pressing all my chlorophyll out. How could I overcome this disaster?

I checked my phone and was going to text my best friend, but realized she didn’t know I was a cam girl. I couldn’t tell her how my Dad walked in and caught me spitting myself with two dildos on camera. I sat up, and winced. The butt plug was still up by ass. It twitched against my sphincter, and it sent a wave of pleasure through my core.

The dildos and the plugs felt good. I did this because I enjoyed it and why would I be ashamed of it?!

I could only maintain that fake positivity for a few seconds before I remembered the look in my dad’s eyes, the shock, the disdain, the disgust, and then the rage. I was his little girl. He had carried me on his shoulders, supported me through his divorce from my mom, and always gave me the most lavish wonderful gifts whenever he was in town. My dad even let me move in with him when I flunked out of college and didn’t have anywhere to live.

Why couldn’t he have knocked? Why didn’t he text me instead of opening the door? Why didn’t I lock it?! This was a total disaster. He was going to finally disown me and kick me out.

$3000! What?! My eyes bulged, and I found my fingers slipping into my pussy while I wiggled on the butt plug. I’d opened up my mobile app for my cam account and the tip amount in the last twenty minutes was off the charts. The scene where I’d be caught was seen by over 2000 people and I’d received more tips from more people than I ever had. Most nights if I was lucky I’d get $500, but $3k in twenty minutes! That was insane! My inbox was stuffed with screenshots of my face the moment the door opened with my dad’s image blurry in the background, my face stuffed with a black dildo, and my eyes bulging wide in terror. There were well wishing comments, some people laughing about it, and a huge discussion on my cam model page forum about whether I was going to quit, who the guy was, and if I was going to come back. They were clamoring to see if I was okay, and offering condolences if it was a boyfriend or a parent that had bust in and unplugged my stuff.

I put my phone down, still fingering my clit, rocking on my butt-plug, and began pinching my nipple. It felt less important with $3000 in my bank account that my dad had walked in on me with my holes filled with toys video taping myself for strangers online. I was turned on by the cash in my wallet, but the hordes of people supporting me, and presumably getting off on watching me online. I almost, almost, started snapchat and made a video of me cumming with the plug in, but it felt like I was spitting on my dad’s anger.

Instead I fired up the app, and took a selfie video.

“Hey guys. Sorry about that. My dad walked in on me, and I’m staying at his place. I apologize for it. Everything is fine. I’m going to go talk to him about my, camming, and give you an update. I intend on continuing, but I’m done for tonight. You can probably see my makeup running all over my face from crying. That was about the worst thing that could ever have happened.”

I flashed them my tits and my finger on my pussy, making sure to include the sparkling butt plug still inside me.

“Ok. I’m gonna take this out,” then in a whisper, “or should I leave it in,” back to normal, “and go talk to my dad. Hopefully he doesn’t kill me or kick me out. Laters!”

I watched the video a few times, then sent it to my followers that paid for my sexy Snapchat. I took a deep breath, wiggled the plug out of my ass, and threw on some leggings and a baggy sweatshirt. The adult thing to do was to address your problems directly and in person. I was terrified, I was scared, and I was ashamed, but I had to do it. Eat the frog, they say.

With a heavy breath, my heart beating like a stampede of idiots rushing for the new iPhone, I opened my bedroom door and went down to find my furious father.

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