Erotic Short Stories

Cam Model Disaster Part 4

My saliva helped slide the black dildo down my throat like my tears helped me overcome my shame about my dad walking in on me while performing for my viewers. The deeper I shoved the cock into my mouth, the more I drooled around it, the wider my eyes went, and the more tips I raked in. My viewers seemed to love the tears that squeezed out of my struggle big eyes, they seemed to love the tear streaked makeup and my gagging spit when I coughed out the dildo to take long gasping breaths.

I worked the black dildo into my mouth over and over, pushing it further down my throat suppressing my gag reflex. It was like I was suppressing my memories three days ago in my father’s house. Every time I crossed my eyes on camera in the three preparing breaths I took before gulping the cock down again was like another effort to shove that small part of my soul that screamed “this is wrong! This is what daddy was so upset about!” I’d crunch my eyebrows in concern, and close my eyes and open as wide as I could to the chorus of money rolling into my token wallet.

One of my viewers gave me a 222 token tip asking for “face fucking,” and since I was well past my goal for the day I did my best to perform it. I pumped the black dildo into my face fast, slobbering around the corners of my mouth, snot leaking down and adding a salty tang. With my eyes closed pushing the plastic cock in and out of my face I thought out of nowhere “what if my dad is watching right now?” I kept pulsing the veins against my tongue, and made sure to have the tip stick out between my lip and the dildo. Viewers liked seeing it. Would my dad?


I coughed out the dildo and spat on the floor next to the bed, dry-heaving and the desire to retch welled up in my belly. I couldn’t comprehend my dad watching me perform on purpose. It be as bad as the idea of my mom watching me masturbate. No. No way. No amount of cash was worth that horror.

woah! did you see that look? What was that Bunnybutt?”
“I thought someone came in her room again!”
“You look so hot sweeting blowing that cock. You know how I love that look.”

“DarkSukka19 Tipped 23 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”

“I love your face when you’re sucking a dick. When are you gonna do a live show again?”

“Sorry guys,” I said, “It just got too deep and I couldn’t handle it. The dick is too big. Look at this,” I wiggled the penis in front of my face, and slapped my cheek a few times. “It is bigger than my face! Oh, thank you,” I made a heart shape with my fingers in response to the tip. “I don’t do live shows with others anymore, sorry.”

why not??!”

I picked up the suction dildo and spit on the disk to get it ready to stick against the mirror.

“Uhm, ok. I’m done with that thing,” I gestured to the big dildo I’d been slobbering on and attempting to deepthroat. “Next up is this thing. The last time I used it my dad walked in on me.” I gave a nervous laugh, and leaned over to show my pussy and ass; the sparkling butt plug was still there. I could forget about it sometimes. “You got me up to my goal, so I’m going to set this thing up against the mirror and start in,” I looked at the clock, “uhm 10 minutes.”

I got out of the camera field of view, and went to the bathroom to wash off the dildo. I cleaned the black one, but had not cleaned this one. I peed, and washed the flesh colored suction cup dildo with my hands. I looked in the mirror. This was what I did. My hair was wisping, still in the crown braids, my mascara had streaked down my cheeks from when I’d been crying over the black dildo in my gullet, and I was naked but flushed. At least my boobs looked perky and my butt wasn’t too big. I took a breath, and turned to check the thermostat. At least the hotel room let you control the temperature. I set it to 77 again so I wouldn’t get cold.

When I got back in the main room I had to readjust the camera and lights to aim at the floor where I was going to stick the dildo against the mirror. It seemed like there was enough room to fuck myself against the wall, but I’d have to spread my legs wide, the narrow mirrors where I could get my feet around the sides were much better for this type of thing. It couldn’t be helped. I had 1000 viewers waiting for me to fuck the dildo my dad had seen me fucking just a few short days ago. They wanted a show and they were willing to give me money. If I did well tonight I wouldn’t have to worry as much about rent and I might be able to afford a car to get me around instead of Lyft and Uber all the time.

“Ok. I think I’m all set. Looks like the area is all set up,” I put a pillow and the comforter from the bed on the floor. “Here we go, so I don’t fuck up my knees. Ok.” I did a little boob shake in front of the camera. “Here is the suction cock. What do you guys think, doggy style, like last time,” I bit my lip and made a frowning face, “or I think I can get it low enough to be on my back. Vote with tips, 1 token for on my back, 2 tokens for doggy, and uhm, 3 for both.”

“Dreamboytight Tipped 3 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”
“Carl7654 Tipped 3 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”
“Darkholestick Tipped 3 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”
“StinkPony Tipped 2 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”
“IngridHastle Tipped 3 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”
“CowMoonJump Tipped 2 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”

“Okay!” More votes poured in, and the helper I paid a portion of my commissions tallied them in a private chat window for me. “It looks like overwhelmingly you want me to do both, and most want my doggy. Ok! Well, I guess that is so you can see my happy plug,” I wiggled my butt on camera for them to see the plug in my ass, and my wet pussy. “while I fuck myself against the wall.” I checked the tip gauge. “It looks like we’re only 230 tokens away from the cumshow. If we get there I’ll cum on the dildo and maybe pull the plug out and see if one of my smaller dildos fit too.”

I always had to do something to keep them interested. Had to push the envelope to encourage more tips out of viewers. I had to ride this plastic cock sometime, and even if it reminded me of the horror on my dad’s face while I felt the cock push against my womb, even if I remembered the pleasure I felt when I pulled my body off the shaft while my Dad walked towards me, I had to get back on and take it again. I remembered hiding the wince of pleasure as the tip split my slit wide when it flopped out, and I hid my face from my father while he ripped the power cords out of the wall. I was nervous about pushing my pussy back over the wide plastic cock, worried about how dirty I’d feel grinding against the wall and having an orgasm while I fingered my clit, or toyed with the plug in my ass for strangers online.

I prayed to god that my dad wasn’t checking in on me and watching my show now. That would be awful. With my back turned to the camera I cried a little, gave a small sob, and with a slam, hammered the suction cup dildo against the wall, and gave it a few wet lubricated tugs; running my hands all along the veined shaft and tip. I took a deep breath,

“Okay!” I said with enthusiasm I didn’t feel. “Here we go!” I got on all fours, and pushed my pussy against the rigid dick. I bit my lip, closed my eyes, and guided it into me like the tips were guiding cash into my wallet.

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