Erotic Short Stories

Cam Model Disaster Part 5

No one talks about how weird it is to be moaning and groaning aloud for people’s entertainment in an empty room. Fucking yourself on a dildo for a live cam show online is like the total inverse of being a stripper. You’re still the focus of attention, but there isn’t a room full of people with you to play off of. Or, there isn’t the disinterest and distraction that comes with a stirp club. The guys in the room are presumably not jacking off to you either like I assumed most guys that watched my cam show were. Stripping and camming shared the same source material: naked people. They were different though. I wished that the cam model tips and tricks on the cam site I used to stream my videos had a section on “how to remain engaged with an audience that isn’t there.” I found it really difficult to keep my attention on the crowd watching. My struggle was to keep from slipping into the closed eye eroticism of self pleasure. I could easily forget the cameras and mute the volume of the comment and tip announcements while pounding my ass into the mirror. I could plant my face against the tight weave carpet red and patterned so it didn’t look dirty, turn on a vibrator against my clit, and slow ride the flesh colored dildo that was suctioned to the bottom of the mirror attached to the wall.

I could have blissfully came on that plastic cock letting my nipples go raw from the carpet friction, but I didn’t. This was a cam show and I had to cater to my fans because that was how I got paid. My tips also hadn’t gotten high enough to do the cum show either. So there was that.

The camera was set up on the TV desk / thing that housed the small fridge and a few empty drawers. The mirror on the wall was immediately adjacent to it, and between the short hall to the hotel room door and the bathroom. I was lucky because this was a bigger than typical room, a blessing of sheer luck, and there was ample room for me to sprawl out blankets and toys in the space between the bathroom door and the TV desk. I angled the camera from above so viewers could see my butt, my back, and my side boobs. I had to crane my neck a bit to get a good view, but contorting my body in all manner of twists was part of the seduction. The feedback from previous shows was more geared towards better closeups of my pussy sliding over the dildo, and as one viewer put it, “a dash came for the cock.” I assumed he wanted me to strap a GoPro to the base of the dildo so it could be like a penis point of view while I slid up and down on the shaft. If my income this week was what I expected it to be I could certainly afford one and work it into my show.

I took a moment to stop rocking and read some of the chat text. The cock and the plug both filling me felt so good, I kept moving in slow slips up and down on the cock; it felt good to have them pulsing inside me.

Take that cock, Bunnybutt, yeah”
User1293723 has tipped BunnyButtFriend 23 tokens!”
Damn girl, you look so hot on all fours.”
“Wow. You’re amazing!”
“Fuck that is sexy how you move slow on that dick.”
“Bunny, you’re beautiful, want to go to Private?”
“Dude, check out how sad she looks. Gonna cry about your daddy again?”
User1293723 has tipped BunnyButtFriend 23 tokens!”
Bunny, your butt is gorgeous. How does the plug feel when you’re riding the dildo?”

I looked directly at the camera.

“Thanks guys. Thank you User!” I made the peace sign and held it up to my face in my best asian girl selfie pose. “Not cool about my dad. That sucked. Uhm, I don’t do private shows, sorry. The plug feels really good right now. Like I’m stuffed. We’re like 50 tokens away from the cumshow. Make sure you tip!”

The music on my playlist switched songs to one I really liked. It was easy with the music to dance a bit in front of the camera and writhe on the dildo. Sometimes I felt it difficult to not just stare at my video stream and watch myself fucking. I remembered being on all fours like I was now, head turned to the side, and watching the live-stream video while my ex-boyfriend fucked me. It was the first time we had an honestly good camera and I could see his balls slap my clit, I could see his thick shaft disappearing into my body, like my ass just enveloped his sizable cock. Most of all I watched my face and how I winced each penetration, how when his rod rammed into my and his hips slammed into my ass my face would react to the impact. I started practicing my faces a few sessions after that initial time, always reminded by how expressive it was.

My facial reactions had come to be our greatest money-maker and my ex set up a second camera aimed at my face so we could “capitalize on my facial expressions that brought in the bacon.”

“User1293723 has tipped BunnyButtFriend 23 tokens!”
“User1293723 has tipped BunnyButtFriend 23 tokens!”
“User1293723 has tipped BunnyButtFriend 23 tokens!”
“User1293723 has tipped BunnyButtFriend 23 tokens!”

I laughed and clapped my hands, rising up on my knees.

“Woah! Thank you User! That’s it folks, we’re at the cumshow! Get ready. I’ll start working on it now. I need to get some stuff together. Give me five minutes.”

I made a heart shape with my fingers and smiled with my head tilted slightly to the side. “Be right back!”

For the cumshow it was best if I actually orgasmed. Most of my viewers wouldn’t know the difference between a fake climax or a real one, but I always felt like if they were giving me money, I should be respectful of their cash and give them reality. Remembering how much my facial expressions were a good selling point, I figured I could milk some more tokens out of the viewers with a second camera aimed at my face straight on. It would make it easier for me to focus on something and not worry about the dildo inside me being the same one I was fucking when my dad interrupted me. My eyes glanced at the black cock on the bed where I’d spit it out. I sighed. It would rake in more dough, but I was reluctant to use it again. I looked at it like it was a chore I had to do but didn’t want to; I remembered when I was in high school, staring at my dad’s dirty dishes after Thanksgiving Dinner and how I had offered to clean them.  “Dive in,” I said to myself, and tossed the black dildo on the floor next to the still wiggling flesh suction cup one.

I set up the second camera, and readjusted the main one. One was aimed at where my face would be, directly towards the mirror. I angled it just a little so they could see the dildo and my pussy as well as my face. The main camera I brought lower and aimed it fully on my butt. I tested it out a few times to make sure that my ass and pussy were in full view. I hoped it was good enough to provide what they wanted. I heard a few tip chimes and checked the chat.

“RockhardRock tipped BunnyButtFriend 33 tokens! ‘Oh fuck yeah, suck that black cock while you fuck yourself on the mirror, just like when your daddy beat you.’

“HornTale tipped BunnyButtFriend 11 tokens! ‘Great! just like a few days ago. Make sure you lock the door!’

I couldn’t help but laugh at their enthusiasm and pure disregard for the emotional damage I was suffering from the incident. My fuckind dad had walked in on my naked. I had been gagging on the big plastic black cock I just flopped on the floor. My father saw my ass plugged with a sparkling heart shaped toy, and my pussy lips gripping the shaft of a lifelike dildo suctioned to a mirror he’d bought me when I was a teenager. The worst part for him was that I was filming myself and streaming it to strangers online.

Maybe it wasn’t an amused laugh, but one to stave off madness.

I was as ready as I’d ever be. I took a deep breath, checked my naked body to make sure I didn’t have any stains or stuff on me. Pinched my nipples a few times to perk them up, slapped my butt, and said, “okay!”

I moved into view on camera.

“Ok! Here we go. You have all been wonderful tonight, wow! Over 4,000 tokens! That is incredible. You guys are great. Thank you!” I smiled with my signature fake asian girl selfie pose. “Alright. On to the cumshow. I have this,” I turned to show my buttplug, and tugged on it to some gentle moans.”uhmmm, this buttplug in; which I’ve come to love. And, I’ll be using the cock on the wall, and, as a special treat to all you perverts, I brought this one,” I held up the floppy black dildo. “I figured I could suck on it to help you cum with me. And if I need it, which I might not, I have the vibrator to get us going.”

The chat room flooded with encouragement, and smaller tips chimed like a flood, but there were all for 1 token or 2.

The blanket I had spread on the floor under the mirror was cool again, and I settled down on all fours. I backed up my ass against the suctioned dildo, and leaning backwards aimed it at my hole. It was sticky from the dried lube, and I reached for the bottle to drizzle more lubrication over it. I stroked the dick like it was real, and had a flashback of reaching behind my back to stroke my ex-boyfriend’s cock with a hand slathered in lube. He hadn’t liked touching it and made me lubricate him. I always felt like he should be doing it.

Once the dildo was wet enough, I shimmied my pussy over the large tip. It was big, and like every time stretched me out more than I thought I was capable of. I let out a gasp.

Yeah, sit on that dick, girl.”
“You look so sexy taking that cock.”
“Your face is so pretty when you’re getting split open.”

My eyebrows crunched in, I pouted my lips, panted with my tongue lolling, and bit my lip. It was a sequence I’d practiced in the mirror over and over, and it elicited the reaction I hoped for: more tips.

The dildo was deep enough inside me I could let go, and I leaned forward on my forearms while I began rocking back and forth on the dildo. It filled me. It shoved my insides apart. I felt destroyed by its intrusion. The plastic was lifelike, soft and firm at the same time, thick enough to stay rigid, and floppy enough to bend if I jerked randomly. I moved forward and back sliding my pussy over the veins, and wincing at every ribbed inch diving into my honey pot. When I pulled off, it stretched my lips over the top like I was gripping it and attempting to keep the cock inside me. It was heaven, it was excitement, and the cascade of tips and chimes blissfully added to the rising joy behind my belly-button. Each ding was like a building layer pebble added to the mountain of pleasure rising through the dildos in my crotch. I was filled by plastic cocks and my ass clenched hard against the plug. I spasmed, deep resounding waves of joy quivering my legs with rising tingling. My knees rubbed hard against the carpet through the blanket, my forearms pressed deep into the floor, and while I knew I was scraping them raw into redness, I knew it was worth it for the money and the satisfaction I’d have upon release.

I’d closed my eyes for most of my grinding buildup, but now, staring at the camera inches away from my face, panting like I was in heat, and waving my eyebrows in all the expressive painful loss of control innocence I could muster against my swelling orgasm, I saw the black dildo laying on the blanket near my wrist. I flicked my eyes to it and back at the camera, bit my lip, sniffled, and dramatically shut my eyes in denial. Chimes blared, tips rolled in, and I was making money. Throughout, I pulsed my hips faster and faster against the mirror dildo. It rammed deeper and deeper into my womb with each slamming thrust I inflicted on it with my knees. I moaned into the camera, picked up the black dildo and shoved it into my mouth in mid-moan cutting myself off, splaying my eyes as wide as they’d go as if I was surprised, and choked on the plastic cock by shoving it as deep into my gullet I could.

My eyes watered from staying wide as I could keep them. My throat burned from the deep collision of the dildo. My ass flared in stretching pleasure against the swollen mirror cock in my pussy, and I moaned with orgasm rippling through my torso shivering through my thighs, pinching my nipples, and spasming my tongue against the fake veins I spread wide against.

I coughed out the cock, spitting on the floor, and stared at it below my face while I heaved in gasping breaths, grunts and moans flowing uncontrolled out of my voice. My ass shook like it was on a vibrating bed, cascading muscle spasms from my legs through my hips, bouncing on the suctioned mirror dick. In moments, I had a hand on my clit, rubbing away the stress of excessive orgasm, and I lay with my cheek against the spit warm plastic cock. I lay in spent exhaustion; both mentally and physically drained from my reuse of my “disaster dildos” and the performance that required my full efforts to achieve satisfaction.

Damn that was hot!”
Did you see her cum on that thing. When you put it in your mouth, god, your eyes look so sexy.”
I want you choking on my dick looking up at me like that.”
“GobbleCock tipped BunnyButtFriend 44 tokens! ‘show us your pussy after cumming”
Girl you know I’d cuddle you after too; PM me and we can talk about how I’ll take care of you.”
Bunny, your ass is so sexy pushed up in the air with your face down like that!”

I was barely struggling myself up off the floor, sliding my pussy off the mirror dick, and had just picked up the black cock when I heard a loud jarring pounding on the hotel room door. What I assumed were fists hammered against the door spiking my heart-rate and sending me into a panic. The door chain rattled against the metallic frame and made the slamming more startling and discordant.

“Hello! Hey! Open up! Open this door immediately! Open up!”

My dad’s voice came muffled through the door. How the fuck could he be out there again trying to ruin my cam show! And doing the same thing he’d interrupted before! Fuck! I was naked, cameras and dildos strewn about the room stinking of lubrication and sex; my vagina was used, and my ass stretched by the plug. My throat was raw from abuse shoving the dark cock in my mouth. There was no way I was answering the door like this, in this state.

I cried in terror on video again while my father interrupted a second cam show. I couldn’t look at the screen to see what they were saying now, but the tips continued to chime rolling in while I crumbled on the floor surrounded by cameras and cocks.

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