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Halloween Here we Come

Cum? The Halloween special for 2016 is up on Kindle and should be published soon! This is the first published work, and the upcoming Vol 01, “Take Her” will be published soon. It is off to the editor for proofing, but finished! Whew!

So you’re aware, and if you’re interested in starting to write books, I started the Hill family stories in the end of August, and now, a full month and a half later, I have two finished books over 20k words each.  It isn’t too difficult with erotica, because each scene is about the sex, or it is in my books. So far, I want to focus more on the actual ‘getting it on’ action versus the long drawn out tension building of most romance books.

Now, I just pulled up my statistics and the Halloween special is at 29k words, almost at 30k (100 shy :() And the book, “Hill’s Secrets: Vol 01 “Take Her” Alison’s story” is at 51k words.

So that is about 80k words in less than a month, and I haven’t even been writing full time every day. It is entirely possible to pump out a compelling story and an interesting world in a short amount of time.

I would say I spent much of my time re-editing, reviewing, and planning, and the other half sitting down to write for a few hours every week. Yes, there were some days where I wrote more than others, and they tended to be the best days of writing where I had the best prose, but there were other short stints that had just as good material.

I’ve read a number of books on how to write well, and quickly, and it starts with knowing what you are going to write before you sit down and start doing it.

When I planned out the Halloween special, I knew that I wanted Alison to hook up with 3 vampires. I didn’t know exactly what they wanted with her, or how they would each be unique, but those details filled themselves in when I set the setting and their general demeanor first.

I’m a little troubled by the third vampire and his homosexuality. I think it is a bit demeaning to gay men to suggest that they need to fuck a girl in the ass just because they’re gay and that is the only way they can get off being with a girl.  I don’t really believe that. I included it, because, well, anal sex is risque, it is taboo, and the idea of a gay vampire anally fucking a girl is kinda funny. It plays on the common zeitgeist of how we think about gay men: anal sex. That is all changing, and good, and I’m sure that I can help turn that thought around with better writing, but I didn’t do it here.


Here is the cover art for the Halloween Special 2016. There are 3 sexual stories for Alison, 1 story for Billy, and 1 story for Will and Jess (Dad and Mom). Each member of the family will have a standalone book about 50k words, that details their sexual lives. I intend on writing in this order: Alison, Billy, Will, Jess. Right now “Take Her,” Alison’s story is finished and going through editing, and I’m writing Billy’s story, tentatively named, “Abusing the Game.”

Next up in the holiday series will be a short series for the Hill family and Thanksgiving. I’m thinking about Alison having a solo scene where she masturbates to a sexy uncle, but without any additional help (no incest). Billy will have an older woman rendezvous just before the ‘big meal,’ and Will and Jess (my happy married couple) will release some Thanksgiving stress either before or after the extended families show up. I haven’t decided yet. Opinions?


Around the Dinner Table

Pick the Cover art for Alison’s Story

Here are two different polls to vote on your choice of cover for Alison’s story, currently titled, “Cheerleader’s Awakening.” I’ve changed the title for the pending full novella (50k words) that will be up on amazon, and Kindle Unlimited soon. Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

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And the second one:

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You’ll notice too, I’ve named the family the Hill Family, and the series is now, “Hill’s Secrets.” Alison’s story is volume 1, Billy’s will be 2, Dad’s will be 3, and Mom’s 4.


Remember to sign up for the mailing list at the right to get more information and a free chapter before the release. I’ll be asking for beta readers and giving away full free digital copies on that list too.

Around the Dinner Table

Who is Alison, the titular character?

In writing the story, “Cheerleader’s Awakening,” which is a working title right now, I’m focusing first on Alison. Alison is the cheerleader in college.  We get a good look at her sexual activity from start to …. wherever it goes.

You can say that Alison is based off of a typical suburban girl who grew up in the 90’s. Obviously, she’s been adapted to fit today’s standards of stuff like smartphones and ubiquitous internet. There were days not so long ago that the internet was a luxury, and nothing personal was on there.

Alison is fundamentally flawed because she believes in the power of her own will too much. We see her fail over and over at gauging situations and believing that she is in control, losing that control, and then re-writing history to suit her version of it.

Granted, this is mostly a defensive mechanism. The reader is experiencing her story through her words. She is the narrator in the story, or in book 1 of Around the Dinner Table.  It is through her voice that we experience the growth of her sexuality.

I made a decision immediately to attempt to tell her story with as much sex as possible. I wanted the circumstances of the story to come through as a part of the sex. Matthew and Alison’s sex life after their initial virginity losing experience gives a description of their failing relationship. It should be apparent the resentment Alison has for him, especially at the frat house. This is decent foreshadowing too, as she hits her lowest point at a frat house in chapter 05. I thought that low point was Matthew, stoned, having sex with Alison on a futon in a dirty filthy tiny frat room, with a used condom waiting underneath her the whole time.

We see Alison believe that she is going to do something simple, something small, and her partners misinterpret her signals for something more. This is a common experience for women every day. We can go through life existing in a totally benign and innocent way, but the men around us can read into our skirts, our blouses, and our bra straps a “desire to want them.” They’ll say things like, “You knew I wanted it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have worn that dress.” Like I have to want to do some moron just because I happened to wear a dress I thought I looked good in out in public? Alison experiences this repeatedly through her attempts at sexual interaction, usually fairly tame: blowjob, make-out, kissing, grinding, finger play. The men she is with, push. They push farther than she would ever had imagined before the act.

Yet, Alison never says, “NO.” Directly. She believes she has this power to be in control and command of her life, but when she’s met with a domineering male or female she captitulates and lets them take over. She endures. She moves from this active go-getter to a passive receiver of whatever depraved and sorid acts they want to do to her.

The goal, of course, is to get us to cheer for her. to encourage her to stand up to there ridiculous abusive men. We want her to fight back and take the reigns. And we do see that. We see her break up with Matthew when his disregard gets too much. We see her take charge of Hank, and we see her teach and take command of Gene. There are moments in every experience she has, that highlights her potential dominat sexuality, if she chooses to excersize it.

Too often, the trope of female sexuality is being used by the men. That has it’s place here and Alison is used as a hole on numerous occasions. She needs to have that dehumanization so she can overcome it. The struggle of her experience is interesting, and ultimately, what we want to read about.

In an ideal, bed cover reading, happy home, no woman would endure the abuse and degradation Alison receives in order to achieve her self respect and sexual confidence. I’d love for all women to be in control of their own lives and their own sexual experiences in the fashion they wish: without the extraneous pressures of male dominance hovering over every action. When you don’t live in fear of being beaten to death by the person you’re sleeping next to, you have inherent power. Like white privalage, men (many) don’t fully understand what it is to be sexually involved with a person who can force you to do what they want at any moment. Any power women really have is after the fact, or in response to. Rarely is it physically dominat and even less often, do women have social or financial control over the man.

So where does that leave us with Alison. She is confident, smart, and powerful. She has a spirit of hard work proven through her studies, college success (scholastically) and position on the college cheerleading squad. The implication given that she has worked hard to achieve her goals. She is competent in dance, gymnastics, goes to the gym regularly, eats well, and has a happy relationship with her parents. Her first sexual experience is with her high school boyfriend, and it is a loving gentle experience. She wasn’t abused or raped as a child.

She doesn’t turn to sex to fill a void, but to explore the excitement and pleasure of it. Alison enjoys sex, and as seen in the first car scene with Matthew, she takes control of the situation to reach satisfaction, although still feels a little guilty about it. She isn’t soulless.

Finally, much of this is to set in juxtaposition her relationship with her family at the dinner table. We get the impression at dinner of a naive innocent girl who loves her “daddy.” One of the visions for this book was setting that scene and immediately following it with Alison having a dick in her mouth, or a cock up her  butt. That jarring disconnect is interesting, and you can be a sexual dynamo but still be “daddy’s little girl.” You can be that princess and jewel of his eye that will never do anything wrong. And you can also be a sexually powerful woman who enjoys anal, enjoys the power and excitement of a blowjob, and who has active orgasmic sex with men. Those are not mutually exclusive people, and Alison straddles both. She just isn’t in control yet.

Around the Dinner Table

Writing Around the Dinner Table

I’m editing the first section that is posted at under the title, “Cheerleader’s Awakening.” You can find it here:

I’m re-reading it for clarity and continuity and I’m finding that I’m not too happy with the whole Alison gets suspended from school bit and not kicked off the cheerleading squad or the gymnastics team. instead, I’m thinking I’m going to keep her college, but she is going to get kicked off the cheerleading squad and she will never have been on the gymnastics team.
I’m thinki instead, I’m thinking I’m going to keep her college, but she is going to get kicked off the cheerleading squad and she will never have been on the gymnastics team.

I’m thinking that she shouldn’t have done gymnastics in high school or is a club activity or some other activity played into her sucess as a cheerleader. or is a club activity or some other activity played into her success as a cheerleader. I think that when we look at this this way it really fleshes out the seriousness of her fight with Brooke.

 The result is that she gets suspended for one week from the college, and kicked off the cheerleading squad. This adds a little bit more drama to her fight with Brooke. I’m currently going back through the story to make sure that everything is updated to reflect this change. 

It doesn’t have too much of an effect on the overall story, yet, as I haven’t written in the scene where Brooke comes crashing on to the field at a home football game and starts fighting with Alison on the field during her cheerleading. 

I’m not certain why Brooke, a friend of Alison’s is fighting with her. Maybe it is because she found out about Hank and Brooke is his new girlfriend? But there is a Billy connection to that person. Maybe Brooke and Billy hit it off once at a sleepover with Alison? I’m open to ideas.

If you did get a chance to read the losing virginity of ALison and Matthew, let me know what your thoughts are in the comments, or send me an email: [email protected]

Around the Dinner Table

Current Series Status update

I’m currently working on the first installment of the Around the Dinner Table series.

Explore the sexual development of a four person household somewhere in America. Mom and Dad have no idea the depravity and experience that their college children Alison and Billy have. Get excited by the ignorance of their parents as they lovingly cuddle on the very couch Alison lost her virginity on.

Experience the story of Alison’s decent into sexual maturity through her ever more sordid sexual experiences. This series is for those people who want a detailed dynamic story told primarily through sexual experiences; no thirty pages of needless fluff to stimulate your imagination and excite your lust. This series gets right into the action and gives you world building as a part of your sexual description.

“Cheerleader’s Awakening” is the story told from Alison’s point of view. Future installments will be told from the other family members point’s of view.

At the moment, I do not have a HEA or a HFN ending planned for Alison, though that may change. What are your thoughts on Matthew? Should he return for a coup de grace?  Do you think he should save Alison from what she couldn’t find without him?

Read on, and let me know!

Download the first Chapter where Alison loses her virginity with Matthew:

ePub file of Cheerleader’s Awakening Chapter 1, Around the Dinner Table Part 1

Plain Text version of Cheerleader’s Awakening Chapter 1, Around the Dinner Table Part 1