Erotic Short Stories

Erotic Short: “Don’t punish my ass!”

Mr. Goldberg was not attractive. Like, not at all. He was a typical dad in the suburbs sporting the small belly from a little too many beers and more stress at work instead of exercising. It wasn’t that he was ugly, but his lined face and slouching posture didn’t do it for me at all.
That must be why I hated it so much when he crammed his dick up my ass after he caught me stealing beer from his garage refrigerator.
“What the fuck are you doing?!” He roared from the door connected to the inside of his house. He slammed the garage door button and it started clanking down with the light going on. “Celeste? Is that you? FUCK! I knew someone was stealing my beer.”
“Mr. Goldberg! I’m uh, I’m sorry. I was just trying to see if you had some coke or something like diet Pepsi,” I said trying to lie.
“Bullshit,” he said stepping into the garage and around his Ford Focus. It was shimmered in immaculate shape which seemed odd for such a cheap car. “I can see the fucking beer can in your bag,” he gestured to the shopping sac at my feet filled with four beers. “I knew someone was stealing my shit so I put in the alarm and video system. I’ve got you fucking on camera.”
He pointed to the corner of his garage where a black half circle had been installed. A red light blinked on the dark sphere. The garage door was closed and he had me caught. I was trapped. Fuck.
“Mr. Goldberg! Please, don’t tell my parents. They’d kill me if they knew I was stealing.”
“I don’t know, Celeste. You can’t fucking steal my shit and get away with it.”
“Please!” I said again, imploring him with eyes crunched and concerned. I remember thinking if I cried he’d show mercy. “I can’t get in trouble again!” I started tearing up and sobbing.
He laughed in my face.
“Oh stop being ridiculous. Crying isn’t going to work on me.”
“But, waaaah, please,” I started sobbing, breathing hard and fast to add effect to my crying. “I’m, so sorry!” I sniffled, I let tears flood my mascara to my lips. “I’m so sorry, please don’t tell my parents!”
“Seriously, cut the fucking tears, they’re not going to work.” Mr. Goldberg said. He closed the door behind him and put his hand on my face. I flinched at first but he wiped some of my tears away. “What are we going to do with you?” he said all sweet kindness.
I did some exaggerated sniffling making sure my tits heaved under my blouse, and that he could tell I was really sorry.
“You are sexy,” he whispered and slid his hand over my ear. “Come here,” he said with a casual tone so different from his actions.
“AHH!” I screamed as his fist clenched in my hair behind my neck and he dragged me to the hood of his Ford Focus. I braced my fall with both hands on the hood and he held my face down. “What are you-!”
“Shut the fuck up,” he said with violence to match the way he’d slammed my cheek against his car. At least the hood was clean, I thought. “Mmm, but you have a sexy body.”
Mr. Goldberg held my head down while stroking my shoulders and back with his other hand. When he got to my waist I danced my feet to try and find some purchase to stand up.
“Stop! Mr. Goldberg! I’m sorry, no, please!”
I couldn’t get up and he had me pinned to the front of his car bent at the waist and tits smashed against the car along with my face. I braced my hands against the hood and tried to shove myself upright but his arm was like trying to move a wall.
Mr. Goldberg rounded my hips and fondled my ass over my black leggings.
“Damn your ass is nice. I bet you’re a good little slut, aren’t you?”
“What?!” I said confused and enraged at his sexual touch. He was assaulting me.
“You need to be punished.”
He slapped my ass, but let up on my face. He got one good spank in before I sprang off the car’s hood and backed away from his as fast as I could covering my tits with both arms. All thoughts of getting out with the beer fled and I hoped to escape without getting fucked.
“What are you doing, you fucking sicko?” I yelled.
“I fucking caught you stealing my beer, Celeste. How about instead of telling your parents or calling the cops you let me fuck you?”
“Wha- How- errr, um,” I was sputtering in confusion and shock at his blatant offering. “What did you say?”
He tilted his head eying my ass and legs with obvious intent. All I could focus on was how his dad-belly bulged forward and how he might have been attractive at one time when he was younger.
“Let me nail your tight little body and I won’t tell your parents what you’ve been doing.” He licked his lips and folded his arms. “I’ll have a lot of fun fucking your young pussy.”
“Eewww, gross,” I said pressing my back against a wall. I was cornered in his garage.
“God, you have a hot ass. I mean I’ve seen you prancing about in those pants and shorts and all, but fuck. Your ass is tight.”
He stared at my tits then waited. I stayed silent too confused and surprised to make any choices or form thoughts.
“Well, what is it going to be? Get fucked by your parents when I tell them what you’ve been doing, or fuck me?”
“You’re fucking disgusting!” I shouted choosing bravery over debasement.
Mr. Goldberg moved with a speed that seemed out of character for his age and pudginess. I’d underestimated him like how I thought I could resist his strength when he held my face against the top of his car. Instead his grip on my wrist was like a steel manacle.
“Your choice,” he said with growling intensity. “Your fucking parents are not going to be happy, and don’t think I’m going to be kind.”
He started dragging me to the garage door where I assumed another button was to open it. He had me by the wrist and pulled and pushed me along while I struggled. I couldn’t let him tell my parents. They’d ruin me. They’d ground me, and would probably make me come over to this pervert’s house and clean or some shit for him. They’d cut off my allowance and ruin my life. Under no circumstance could they find out. With a good deal of struggling, kicking and twisting I freed myself from Mr. Goldberg’s grip.
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” he said watching me scurry around the Focus.
I found the door to the house and with hope tried to twist the knob and open it. Maybe I could go through his house and escape without him telling my parents. If I got there fast maybe I could lie or something.
“It’s fucking locked, dumbass.”
“Why are you doing this?!” I wailed this time the tears and frustration real.
“You’re the one who was stealing my beer, slut.” Mr. Goldberg said.
“No one is going to believe you! I’ll lie and say you tried to rape me or something.”
“I have it all on video,” he said gesturing to the black half sphere in the corner.”
I had forgotten he had me on the recording.
“Well, they’ll see you touching my ass,” I said puffing my chest out and building confidence.
That would show him.
“I turned it off.” He looked at the sphere. “See, no red light.”
He was right and my hope, my only chance at escaping this nightmare was gone.
“So are you ready to spread those sexy long legs for me?” he said.
“You can let me bend you over the car and fuck you from behind if it’ll make you feel better about getting it over with,” he said moving slowly in my direction. I backed away from him doing my best to keep distance between us in the small space. “Or you can let me lay you back, free those nice big teenage tits and fuck you while they jiggle against my face.” He laughed. “I bet you like getting your nipples sucked on.”
“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” I shouted. “You’re so disgusting!”
“Oh, come on. A top like that, a pushup bra or something to show off that sweet cleavage and those pants. Come on. You can’t tell me you haven’t had some guy pull those things down and slap his dick against your shaved pussy?”
“How would you know? Ugh! Help!”
“Just a guess,” he said laughing. We were circling his car with me frantically backing up and staying opposite him while he moved around in slow circles like he was out for a night stroll. “Come on, let’s get this over with. We both know you chose to fuck me the minute I started taking you to see your parents.”
He sat on the step next to the door leading into his house.
“You might enjoy it.”
I panted leaning against his other car; some sort of sedan or something. I couldn’t tell or care. My thoughts were flying faster than pencil shavings when you grind a fresh one down to the nub on one of those old grinders. I’d already chosen? What the fuck did he think? Did he expect me to drop my pants at the snap of his fingers? Did he think I was some slut ready to fuck any man around?
“I’m not a fucking slut!” I shouted.
“Okay, so you’re not a whore. I get it. You’re still young.” He shrugged and I wanted to strangle him. “We can still tell your parents about this.”
“NO!” I took a deep breath and looked around. There were no windows. I checked the corner camera. The red light was off. “Fine. Let’s just get it over with.” I said.
“Finally,” Mr. Goldberg said using both hands on his knees to stand up and approach.
I trembled while waiting for him to get to me letting my hands tense and relax. My palms were so sweaty, slick and clammy from dread. I was terrified and my heart beat faster than it had when I was running away from Mr. Goldberg. It was moving faster than when the light went on and I got caught red handed.
Maybe I could distract him or something and kick him in the balls or escape somehow and lock him in here while I found the video. I planned on letting him get his dick out before I moved. Men were vulnerable when they were naked. I just had to endure until then. I could do that.
I trembled with breath wheezing through me like wind threatening to knock icicles off the roof while you’re standing under them.
“There, there, relax, I’ll be gentle, mostly,” Mr. Goldberg said. “I’m glad you saw sense and decided to let this happen.”
His voice was the slippery oil that coats cute little birds and animals after a spill in the ocean.
Mr. Goldberg’s hand on my shoulders were like the first taming touches of a predator toying with its food.
“Relax,” he whispered. “I’m really going to enjoy this.”
He pulled my blouse apart at the tip where my cleavage was shoving through the “v” neck. I didn’t know what he was doing. It was like he didn’t know how to undress a girl. Then he pushed his face between my tits and smashed my breasts against his face. I could feel the sharp poke of his stubble against my tender boobs.
“Uhhh,” I moaned, but not from pleasure. His beard hurt, it scratched against my softness.
“Mmm, yeah I like that too,” Mr. Goldberg muttered smiling like he’d found a pot of gold while lifting my blouse over my head. “Slip yourself out of this shirt,” he said.
My top was off in seconds and I shivered thinking this disgusting neighbor man was getting all hard thinking about fucking me. Shit. He was going to fuck me. I felt like a whore, like a disgusting slut, and I was doing it all to cover up the fact I was trying to steal a few beers.
Why didn’t I get Daniel to buy them for me? He was 21. I could have asked and he would have done it, but no. I had been too proud and bold thinking “what was the worst that could happen?” Like a true 19-year-old idiot I’d believed nothing would happen at all and here I was stripping down for my lecherous old man neighbor who clearly had a boner for me for like years just waiting for a chance at my body.
And to keep my parents from knowing I was going to let him fuck me. Fuck.
“Your bra too, sweet thing.”
His voice was the grating pain of slicing off finger skin trying to get the last bit of cheese.
I didn’t want to uncross my arms from my breasts, but he started pulling my straps off and unlacing my wrists with slow inevitability.
With a whimper, I began undoing the clasps.
“Ahhh, there we are,” Mr. Goldber said. “My god your tits are spectacular.”
He kissed my nipples with his greedy mouth, latching on and almost biting.
“Umm!” I moaned against my wishes feeling the sensitive nips scream in traitorous pleasure, in sickening lust.
“Fuck!” He said finding his fill on my squishy chest.
Mr. Goldberg shoved my shoulder and I slammed into the car’s hood. He pressed with a rigid arm against my shoulders and I bent at the waist against his car hood once more, this time my tits pressing cold against the metal. It was still clean. At least there was that.
“Push those pants down to your knees honey. I want to get inside you.”
“Unngh,” I moaned in protest, moving slowly like I’d been stabbed with a sedative.
But my hands moved behind my butt rolling the fabric over my ass cheeks and exposing my thong to the creeping pervert that lived next door.
“Fuuuck, your ass is fucking fine,” Mr. Goldberg said. I could feel the passion and disgusting perversion on his tongue like it was dripping onto my skin. “Shit, you’re so fucking sexy. I knew you were wearing a thong. Take it off too.”
It was degrading and disgusting. Every word out of his mouth was another screw of vomit lacing up my throat. At least he didn’t have me sucking him off.
I just had to wait until he whipped it out and I could nail him in the balls and destroy the evidence.
“I can’t wait to cram my dick inside your young pussy.” He sighed like a man knowing he was right. “I knew you shave your coochie. I knew you were bald between your legs.” He laughed. “I bet you’ve never had a real man’s cock shoved up to the balls inside you.” His voice slithered up my back like the nightmare when you can’t run but need to.
“I haven’t…” I said hoping to throw him off balance before I struck.
“I knew it,” he said and dropped his girth on my ass. I felt it smack my skin with a heavy weight like a dull sausage spilling out of the grinder.

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Erotic Short Stories

Winter’s Backdoor Gift: A Young Shamanka Communes with Gaia

Winter Solstice Erotica:

Main character inspired by @Lizzyaacosta and this post:

I spread my legs over the dark stone feeling the sharp edges bite into my naked butt cheeks. It was the shortest day of the year and I wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. The fucking cold was sending my body into convulsive shivers, and my tits jiggled in uncomfortable wobbles over my hard belly. At least I looked good.

All of the planks, situps, and core workouts had been doing their job. My belly was flat and tight, tapering into my crotch above my hips like a delightful hourglass shape. Too bad no one was going to see me out here. With a shivering sigh, I wet my finger on my pussy.

My family had been coming outside for generations to commune with the earth, with Gaia for decades, generations, centuries. Well, if the stories were true. I’d cum on this stone with my mother, and my sisters every year, but this was the first year I got to do it at midnight.

Like it was a fucking privilege.

My feet were like frozen blocks of discomfort and I couldn’t figure out if I wanted them wiggling in the air like my nipples, or if I needed them pressed into the rock to stabilize my body. It was either both feet or my free hand, and I liked neither option.

Why did it have to be so fucking cold?!

“SHIT!” I yelled with a rush of water vapor condensing in the chill. The moon was high, almost cresting at the peak, and full. A full fucking moon on the Winter Solstice. I was fucking blessed. It was the Long Night Moon or the Cold Night. “Jokers, all of them. Assholes. Bitches,” I grunted trying to focus on my orgasm.

Our family called it the Cold Embrace. It was the night we gave ourselves over to Gaia, the night we surrendered our lust, our love, our bodies to the mother’s touch, to her most powerful reverence to a time before sunlight, a time before life began suckling on her teat.

It was the night our powers rejuvenated.

That was if we could work out a fucking orgasm in the nude, on this stone, in the middle of winter. It usually didn’t matter what time as long as it was at night. My mom had been here hours earlier when the sunlight still warmed the rock a little. Her footprints mashed around the base of the rock. My sister had been here a few hours later, and my youngest sister would be here near dawn so she didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night.

My legs spasmed against the cold. I’d chosen to plant my feet and use my free hand to try and work friction warmth on my thighs and belly. My tits jiggled like two massive annoyances wiggling to my movements with excessive slapping. They were too big for my tastes.

My mother called them a “gift from Gaia” to entice men and make other women jealous. I think she just said shit like that because she had big breasts too and it was how she justified how annoying they were.

Ignoring the pain in my feet I hammered my clit with wet fingers, though my hand was so cold they could just be numb.

“Come on!” I grunted, struggling naked atop the large dark stone.

You’d think that over the generations we’d work the surface flat, or smooth. Mom said they never did because they didn’t want it to be found out. Like this particular stone had meaning somehow.

“There it is,” I said, finally finding the groove and notch that I’d been using the last few years as a nodule to cum against. “Unnnghhh.”

It was my first moan of pleasure as the smooth notch that was near invisible pressed between my goosebump ridden ass cheeks and froze my asshole. Inches away from the butt plug like notch was a dip and another rise that I ground my pussy into.

“Fuck, that’s cold!” I shouted pressing my labia around the rock. “UGH!” I moaned, my stimulation, my pleasure finally rising under the tide of abusive cold that lashed my naked skin. “Ahh!”

I bit my lip this time, moaning through closed teeth. The pain, the cold, the pressure from the notches on the rock stimulated my butthole, stimulated my sweetness working in tandem with my fingers to spread pleasure through my core.

My belly trembled from excitement instead of freezing. My muscles flexed, moved my hand in a blur, and I used my frozen feet to leverage my hips back and forth, spreading numb butt cheeks into the rock. In minutes my fading body heat warmed the surface of the rock enough it wasn’t so terrible.

“Ummfff, uh, ummm, mmmfff,” I moaned, hunching over like a madwoman touching myself. It wasn’t snowing, thank Gaia.

I was almost there. I was almost cresting. I stared up at the sky blowing a lock of dark curls out of my face. I hated my hair. It was so wavy and poofy, even in the dry winter. The moon loomed like a meteor about to destroy everything. I felt it growing larger like it was coming closer, like it wanted to see my belly button trembling from the cold, shivering from my twitching pussy and ass on the boulder, flexing from my flicking fingers over my clit.

“FUCK! YES! FUCK! I’M CUMMMING!” I roared to the barren branches, to the trees that circled this grove like sentinels to time, to nature, to memory. “Unnnnffffff!” I moaned riding the rock edges and wishing the tips were longer to plunge inside my asshole, to plunge into my pussy. “Oooh, god, Gaia, yes!”

Ecstasy flooded through my insides, flooded my asshole in spasming pleasure like electroshock therapy clouding my brain. Thought fled, cold disappeared, and I writhed in orgasmic waves rippling through my body.

“Mmmmm,” a deep vibration slithered through the cold air. The moon was closer. I was sure, and I pushed my curled black hair away from my brow and behind my ear. “Ahhhhhhh,” the sound was like a cave opening up for the first time in millennia and air starting to circulate once more. It was like gas sighing out of decaying leaves in the summer. “Yeeeessss.”

Confused and with rising panic I clutched my arm around my nipples smashing breasts to my ribcage and twined my legs together hoping to hide my nudity.

“Whos there?” I shouted to the cold darkness. It wasn’t black thanks to the snow and the moon that seemed ever bigger each minute. It must have been just past midnight. I’d started fingering my clit ten minutes before and I didn’t take that long usually.

“Mmmmaaahhhhh,” another sighing groan reverberated through the grove like soil shifting, like titanic mountains shuffling feet grown bored with standing.

“AHHH!” I screeched and lept off the rock. “What the fuck?!”

My pussy had been full. It had been stuffed in a sudden rush like a cock bursting through my tightness. The boys I’d been with called it a godpussy. I didn’t know about that but I knew my folds made it look like I was smooth and perfect, that my lips were short, small pink sensitive lines that spread open for my wet honey. Something on the rock had moved inside my pussy.

“What the fuck?!” I screamed again, dancing in the snow and debating whether or not to get back on the rock or put my clothes on.

“Mmmmm, moaar,” the voice pressed through the trees like a wall of wind; gentle and powerful like an oppressive weight. It felt like guilt dropping over your soul knowing you did something terribly selfish and wrong. “More, daughter.”

I noticed it then, the rock, the stone, and the rising cock rising off the top. The tip bulged fat and wet, glistening still from my wetness. It grew in front of my eyes, grew thick veins and bundled skin where the foreskin folded under the pulsing head.

“Holy fucking shit,” I muttered. “What the fuck.”

“More, daughter,” the voice was louder but less confusing like I was learning the language the more it spoke.


“Yesss, my daughter. Please me more.” The voice was a thrumming like a bass speaker heavy on the low notes and heard in the chest instead of the ears.

“On you?” I wasn’t sure what it was.

“Yes,” Gaia responded with a sharp breath like hot air exploding out of a volcano before eruption.

“Ummm, I’m not…” I started, touching the rock.

It was warm. The snow around the base was melting and a crush of hot air radiated above it. My hand felt like needles too warm too quickly after being so cold for so long.

“Ouch! Fuck, what the?” I said, confusion and curiosity looming over me.

The moon was enormous, the light like a glistening spotlight covering the copse like one of the car dealership’s searchlights hitting a cloud. a

The rock had smoothed, molded to the shape of a man’s torso with a giant pulsing cock rising like a stele into the night air. It seemed to throb with need, to ripple with vein pumping desire.

I touched it.

My hand went warm, again flooding like dipping into a basin of just tolerable hot water. My thigh pressed against the rock, and my core trembled with renewing warmth.

The stone cock was soft, rigid but moldable, like a stiff mastiff that resisted bending. The pulse of tides, the swirling rivers of magma coursed like shifting tectonic plates under my grip, and I shuddered in fear.

“Oh my God.”

“Yesss,” the stone rumbled like it was falling off a cliff and starting an avalanche.

I licked my lips. My nipples were no longer hard from the chill, the biting cold of winter’s return. They were hard from excitement. I climbed onto the rock, placing knees around the torso that chiseled into a well defined muscular man shape without legs, without arms or head. The heat enveloped me like I imagined a dick felt like entering my ass.

I used the cock like a lever to pull myself up onto the rock. The moon crushed down on me, on us.

“Mmmm, yes, ride me, daughter.”

“Uh, I’m not sure about this,” I whispered but the cock was hot, throbbing still, and we were inside a globe of hot air protected. Was this Gaia speaking to me, offering me something? “Mmmmfff!” I moaned sliding my tightness over the massive rod. “Mm, my God, Gaia, its so fucking big inside me!”

I rode the rock, the warm fleshing stone that had molded itself into a man’s shape. Thighs sprouted near my heels, the waist where legs met abs flexed between my knees, and my ass cheeks slapped the firm yet giving stone thighs.

The cock was hard, perfect, and it moved to my humping. I planted my hands on the man-chest that began carving like clay finding shape from an unseen shaper.

“UH! YES!” I shouted, slamming my butt into the stone’s soft lap. The rigid cock rammed into my core, into my wetness, into my sweet honey pussy. “FUCK! YES!”

I bucked on the shaft, I rode Gaia’s manifest dick like a howling witch screaming pleasure and satisfaction to the moon that was our only witness. Faster, faster, I pumped my crotch into the molded stone. Into the man-shape, and rode me to ecstasy.

“Yesss,” the rock rumbled like a rolling wave from an earthquake felt hundreds of miles away in the warm summer sunlight. “Draw me out with your desire, with your passion, with your need.”

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! It’s so fucking good!” I screamed thrashing my belly with flexing hands to leverage my pussy against the dick. It hit me hard, it hit me deep, it tickled my clit and swelled my insides apart. “Mmmppffffff!”

My palms started rubbing on the stone’s man-shaped chest like a chiseled god of perfect built muscle. Shoulder, neck, and limbs began sprouting like the stone melted around it like it was always there waiting.

Rough hands grabbed my wrists, sharp and poking with raw edges that melted at our generated heat, and soon detail sprouted over knuckles and fingers. The stone hands that groped my breasts pinched nipples with every hungry need that mortal men expressed but this was different. This was a massage of permanence. This was devouring of flesh as ravenous as time itself.

Gaia animating our sacred rock fucked me hard, the man made of stone soft to the press but slow fucked my tight 21-year-old pussy. I screamed. I moaned. I gasped in quivering climax over and over.

“Fuck me, Gaia! I want it! I need it!” I shouted though I knew I could whisper. “Pound my tight pussy! It feels so fucking good!”

I nailed the cock with my hips feeling in slow moments the curving ass push away from the stone. The golem was separating from the rock.

In minutes we were a tangle of limbs and sweating bodies. I sweated, the stone gave with soft resistance though underneath was hard immobility like gym pads against metal beams. If you ran into it the padding would help unless you were running fast.

Gaia tugged my hair, pulling my thick waves to the middle of my back and dark glistening lips licked at my neck and breasts. It read the temperature of my pleasure and pressed like a child touching a bruise. It was terrible and wonderful mixing with the shoving piston inside my belly.

The cock was amazing. It shoved deep, it pressed against my belly button from the inside, and it rammed my G-spot. Its vein crusted edges ribbed my labia with beading erotic satisfaction.

“Oh, Gaia, you’re amazing. I’m cumming so much! I can’t take any more.”

“More, more! More, daughter!”

My pussy was raw with use, abused with the size. Gaia began fingering my asshole.

“What are you doing?”

“I want it all, daughter. I want everything.”

The voice was less troubling and more immediate shoved through the clicking lips of this golem, this animated rock.

“I feel you every solstice,” Gaia said while sucking on my nipples, while pushing soft stone fingers up my asshole, while cramming the massive cock up my pussy. I’d stopped rocking my body and let Gaia minister to me.  “I know what gives you pleasure, what coaxes me alive.”

“What,” I gasped feeling my sphincter split apart, feeling the pressure like a burst dam exploding out of my asshole. It ruptured through my crotch and clenched my pussy harder over Gaia’s erection. “What do you mean? you can feel it? You respond when we cum?”

“Yess.” It was a hiss like steam releasing out of a geyser.

“Oh my god, Oh my Gaia! It’s too much! I’ve never had anything in my ass!”

“Your pleasure. Your desire. Your passion. I want it all.”  Gaia said.

“Fuuuuuckk!” I screamed having my pussy filled, having my ass pryed apart by the spirit of Earth itself. “Mmmaaaaahhhhh!”

I clutched to the neck of the stone man weeping panting breath into its neck. My breasts shoved against Gaia’s animated body, against the neck and my nipples tickled from electric anticipation. The stone fingers left my ass and hands as strong as a planet plucked me off the large dick.

“No, I’m not ready. I can’t take it all,” I whimpered.

“You can.”

“No! No no!” I plead putting my hands over the arms like titans and the chest like a steel clamp closing. “I don’t think I can! I’ve never had anything in my butt, much less,” I pointed at the golem’s massive shaft, “that!”

“Yes daughter. You’re mine and you’ll earn your rewards.”

A wash like spring butterflies spewed over my chest and I inhaled pollen like reassurance. I felt every flower breathing in warmth, felt the crust of my planet oozing heat from the swirling molten core and the baking burn of sunlight across half the globe coaxing life like a blanket of reassurance.

“Are you sure,” I asked.

“Yes.” It was the sound of a waterfall trickling its last drop over a rock when the snows finally melt away.

“Ok. Okay,” I breathed letting the golem bend me over the rock. It was soft, warm like the golem itself but more like a cushioned desk, or a bed.  I didn’t even notice the snow at our feet anymore; it had been melted away and green grass vibrant and soft hugged my toes. “Ok,” I breathed, “but go slow.”

“Like the seasons,” Gaia cooed.

The golem’s hands caressed my back like the oozing press of mud after rain in fields just sprouting cabbage. It flopped its massive cock against my rump, slapping it against my raw asshole. I trembled waiting for Gaia to plunge his avatar’s cock inside my virgin asshole.

“Oh fuck, I’m scared,” I said bracing my knees against the soft stone that warmed my knees to hot. My hands stretched forward over the rock like I was a prisoner about to be strip searched. “Gaia, please, be gentle.”

My tits pressed heavy against the stone and I swear I felt it suckle on my nipples.

Gaia pushed.

The tip split my asshole apart like a snake shoving through tall grass.

“Ahhhhhhh!” I started screaming.

The tip was a wrecking ball through soft drywall.

My ass split apart and stretched from its insistence. I screamed more.

“Ummm! AHHHHH! fuuuuuuck!”

My elbows lanced into the stone shelf I smashed my tits into, that I ground my cheek against while I screamed to endure the massive dick invading my unused butt. I’d never let a boy finger my asshole. I never even touched it unless to clean up. My butthole was sacred, terrifying, and naughty. The only time I let something touch it was each year when I came on this rock, masturbating in the wilderness to Gaia’s spirit to be empowered again with shamanic magic.

Now Gaia was stuffing an animated stone golem’s coke-can sized cock up my protesting asshole.

“Your cock is too fucking big!” I panted trying my best to endure the splitting destruction. “You’re tearing me apart!”

“I am the river that smooths the stone!” Gaia yelled. “I am the fire that clears the forest!” The stone man slapped my ass and squeezed my cheeks apart where the cock split them already. “I am the wind that howls through the depths and the mountains that kiss the void!”

“You’re pounding my ass!” I screamed back!

“I’m tasting your lust!”

“Oh my fucking GOD! Your cock is ripping my butt apart! It’s too fucking deep!”

“Mmmmm,” Gaia moaned and lodged his dick inside me complete.

“Ooooh, ooh my god, oooh kay, mmmpppfffff, ugh, it’s too big. Too big. I can’t take it.” I trembled collapsed against the stone like I was a used hooker slumped over an exercise ball waiting for some junkie to stuff me. “I can’t, I can’t, oh my god, Gaia. Unnnnh.”

“Yeessss,” Gaia moaned with the passion of lava meeting the ocean.

“Don’t move!”

It started fucking my butthole.

Not fast, not hard, but it moved. It pushed forward and back, the tip like a shovel emptying out dirt tearing my sphincter apart as it approached.  Gaia moved with the pace of the tides, of the seasons, of a slow-moving warm front.

I shouted as loud as I could, my voice going raw.

“Oh fucking shit! Your cock is pounding my ass! It is filling me up! I can’t take it!”

The dick was huge. It dominated my brain. I drooled in a puddle ignoring how it rubbed against my cheek and wet my hair near my ear. My tits smashed against the warm stone and seemed to be getting groped like the stone itself wanted in on the action. My pussy tingled with need and I shoved a hand between my belly and the rock.

When my fingers found my clit I moaned aloud.

“Ohhh, yes, fuucking hell, oh my god, that helps, a little, but, Gaia. Gaia! Oh, fuck GOD! GAIA! You’re fucking my ass too rough!”

What tempered solace I found from my fingers fled when the stone golem picked up speed and silent like gnats humped my suctioning asshole fast, deep, and rough.

“YEEEESSS! I’M CUMMMMING!” I roared, shocked and stupefied by the sudden explosive ecstasy that burst through my stomach, through my breasts, through my shaking thighs like a lake’s response when a boulder plummets from a great height into its sleepy stillness.  Pleasure slammed like the displaced waves and splashes through my arms and nails, through my knees and heels. “Oooh, my fuuucking Gaia! Ummmmmfffffff!”

“Rrrraawwwww!” The stone man-thing roared like a herd of lions singing proudly against the night I didn’t understand but used and feared.

I didn’t feel anything spurt inside my rectum, no hot cum flooding my bowels or core, but I felt the swelling spasm of Gaia’s cock mimicking the clenching build of a man’s orgasm.

“Holy fucking shit! That feels so good!” I said exhausted still rubbing my clit and moving my hips in slow micro movements against the avatar’s monster shaft. It pulsed through my asshole sending shivering trembles through my spine. Every move sent electricity like heat lightning coursing through clouds across my skin. “You’re amazing. I didn’t think I’d like it. I didn’t think I’d cum, that I’d climax at all.” I breathed hard doing my best to recover. “But that was incredible. That was like drinking from the purest spring filtered by your very fingers.”

“Mmmm,” the stone sighed like sandstone losing one grain each second the stream stroked its back.

It began slouching back to the stone, not shoving me aside, but like I was a blanket and it wanted back in its bed.

“Gaia,” I pawed at the stone’s shoulders. “Gaia, why me? Why this? Why now?”

“Child,” the voice came from the wind where cold began returning. “I’ve always been waiting until you were ready, until you wanted me. Until you were ready for what needed.”

The moon dulled returning to its normal distance, its flooding shape returned natural. A chill swept forward from the linger dome of heat but pushed it away like a breeze carrying a balloon far far out of reach.

Goosebumps sprouted like cluster bombs across my body and the painful memory of cold lanced through my skin.

The stone returned to its original shape. It went silent. The thrumming vibrations ceased.

But power, power unlike any I’d remembered or dreamed spread before me like a feast that never spoiled, like a table of food always prepared no matter how much I harvested.

I smiled ignoring the cold and remembering the heat of Gaia’s core, the heat of the sun’s assault.  I dressed and left the rock in the wilderness wondering if my mother had ever experienced Gaia’s direct touch, or if my sisters had.

Maybe it was mine. Maybe it was what I wanted and needed that Gaia could take. By the time I got to the cabin, it didn’t matter. I had work to do and I smiled sharing the secret joy of insight with the wind that whispered my cheek like a promise that it would not be the only time Gaia chose to take me.



Erotic Short Stories

Erotic Short: Blasting my coed roommate

When Tricia moved into the apartment I knew I would have a hard time not staring at her young body.  My friends often derided me for living with a bunch of college kids when I was well into my thirties, and truthfully I felt a little awkward about it when the kids were partying at 2:00 am and I was trying to sleep for work the next day.

But I owned the apartment and when my fiance decided she wasn’t into our relationship anymore I had too much space and too much mortgage to not let out the extra rooms.  Tricia was the latest in a long line of students, transients, and others that had been renting a room for the last three years.

She was also the most attractive by far. After a few disastrous roommates I learned I couldn’t trust my instincts and left the new renter selection up to my other renters. I had five bedrooms where I let out the four I didn’t use. Two had bathrooms in the rooms and the other shared a common bath in the main hallway. It was a large apartment in a high rise downtown and I’d bought it thinking about starting a family with my ex.

The three renters decided to bring Tricia in, and I suspected the two boys had overridden Valerie’s vote to bring her in. Val was hot, tall brown hair with legs that looked smooth and sexy spread open. She didn’t work out but retained that sparkle of sexiness that came with youth and good genes.  She had a pretty enough face, but was a bit of a bitch and didn’t get along with the other two renters that well.  The guys and I liked to play video games at night after beers and we tended to make noise whereas Val liked to get to sleep early. We both had work in the morning, but she liked her mornings silent and got up much earlier than she had to leave. If she wasn’t so stuck up I suspected we would have gotten along much more.

Tricia was a knockout and just as careless and dumb as the boys. She was tall with boobs that jiggled with rippling obviousness. Her tits seemed unnaturally large, sitting on her ribcage like inflated teenage boy fantasies. The guys and I debated if they were real or fake. I was certain they were implants. No natural boobs sat that round and bouncy. For them to be real they’d have to be saggy or splayed off her ribs to the sides.

Tricia stayed up late, drank with the boys and sat in one of those tank tops with the built-in bra and revealing jean shorts cut at the legs. She’d lounge on the loveseat with one leg hooked over the armrest tilting her head back to suck beer from the can or bottle.  Doing so would spread her thighs open to reveal the bundle of fabric cutting into her ass and pussy. If you were watching you could see the bulge of her ass cheeks poking through the shorts and what type of panties she had on.

I did my best not to stare, but she was too sexy, too hot and voluptuous to ignore.  Worse, I knew she was doing it on purpose to get me to look.

Things came to a head before work one weekday.

I was eating cereal in the kitchen when Tricia walked in wearing black thong panties and a tank top without the builtin bra.

“Goodmorning Dan,” she said with a tired drawl. She’d been up late drinking with the boys while Val and I had been to bed early for work. Val was already gone to her yoga class and would go to work from there. It was a shame, some days she did her yoga in the main room in front of the tall floor to ceiling windows. I liked to watch the show during breakfast but this was even nicer. Tricia had a plump round ass that seemed to craved worming itself out of whatever clothes she tried to hide it with.  Her butt matched the round ripeness of her tits.

“Morning, uh, Tricia.”  I stumbled over her name seeing her bend over to get the milk out of the fridge. She didn’t need to curve at the waist like that. The milk was at eye level but I savored the view. “You’re up early, or didn’t you sleep yet?”

I wouldn’t put it past her to stay up all night drinking.

“I couldn’t sleep, and I heard you out here eating breakfast. I thought you wouldn’t mind if I joined you,” she said grabbing a bowl from the highest shelf, again straining to show off her ass without need. There were bowls on the counter ready to be used.

I enjoyed staring at her long thin legs and held my spoon dribbling milk into the bowl unmoving while I tried to memorize the way her ass looked carved by the black thong. Her skin was so smooth and tight against her body. I almost stood up and stroked it. Instead, I shifted my legs to cover my boner and not reach down to stroke myself off.

“Of course,” I finally managed to say when she faced me and approached the table. “Sit down.”

“I like to eat standing,” Tricia said leaning forward and giving me a view of her cleavage dangling below her chest. Her boobs were swollen and full dangling with jiggling beauty that made my tip burst with excitement. I thought I was going to cum in my pants. They were real. I’d never seen them this close, this in my face before, and I wavered into the “real” column. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said turning and walking to the counter giving me another obvious view of her ass and legs. She swayed with sexual intent and not at all like a morning sleepy shuffle.

“Not at all,” I muttered trying not to let her catch me staring.

“Oh no!” she said a few bites later. “I got it all over me!”

I looked up and Tricia was dabbing at her tits with a paper towel. Milk and cereal were dribbled on her cleavage and she was tugging the shirt lower to expose more of her unnaturally huge tits that seemed to remain perky. She moved with a flurry of jiggling, jostling, and whimpering to “clean” herself off.

“Oh no! I don’t want to ruin this shirt!” she cried. “Dan, can you help me please?!” Her voice was frantic and panicked. “I just need to get this clean!”

I stood up and was at her side in seconds feeling her heat and sexual energy like a furnace. The moment I arrived at her shoulder and was about to dab with my own paper towel Tricia lifted the tank above her head and stood topless.

“Uhhh…” I mumbled to stupified to respond.

Tricia spun towards me slapping my shoulder and arm with her tits on the way to the sink. She turned the faucet on and dove the tank top under the running water moaning “oooooh, ohhhhh, noooo.” Tricia’s tits jiggled between her arms in uncontrolled, uncontained glory. They were real. They flew side to side with the undulating smoothness that fake tits lacked. They were real.

“Uhm, how,” I gulped unable to look away from her breasts. “How can I help?”

“I don’t know? Help me scrub?” She turned to me with frantic eyes noticing how I’d been staring at her boobs. “I’m so distraught!”

“Its okay, we’ll get it out. It is just a little milk,” I said, putting an arm on her lower back to comfort her. She tilted forward and my hand slipped to her ass. It was so tight and sexy, soft and glorious. My boner was huge in my pants rigid against her hip and the counter.

“Oh, Dan!” Tricia said with a voice on the verge of tears, “it isn’t going to work!” She turned from the sink shutting off the faucet and shoved into my arms pressing her massive tits against my chest. “I’m so upset!”

“Its okay, its okay,” I muttered ramming my erection into her belly and groping her ass with one hand while rubbing her shoulders with the other. “I think we can make it better.”

“Oh please, I need to feel better!”

Both hands went to her ass and I kneaded her plump sweetness. It was so lovely, so full in my palms, like a youthful explosion of pleasure. I moaned, and Tricia echoed the sentiment.

“Tricia, I-” I started. She covered my voice with her lips pushing up to shove her tongue in my mouth. In the process, her tits brushed up my chest and sent my erection further into stiffness.

I lost control and tugged on her thong knowing I was wedging it up her pussy.

“Unnnn!!!” Tricia moaned but kept kissing. Her tongue was a dance that matched her jiggling nipples when she was scrubbing in the sink.

When she pulled away from our kiss I picked her up and sat her ass on the counter. Tricia instinctively spread her legs but I went for her tits mashing my face between the natural cleavage and smushing her nipples into my ears. They were enormous. They were real. They were amazing. Her breasts covered my face like a soft pressing squeeze wrap for longevity. If creams and lotions worked to make girl’s look younger smashing my face between a pair of teenage tits as big and glorious as these would work for me. I felt younger and more invigorated already.

“Ungh, Dan, that feels so good!” Tricia moaned her hands lacing through my hair and shoulders.

I slobbered over her nipples, tugged on them with firm lips and suckled on the underside of her tits. I let the full weight of her perkiness drop on my eye sockets and smiled knowing I was nestled between two reality-defying jugs.

I’d been fantasizing about her tits for so long I spent longer than I expected playing with her breasts.

“I think, I think I feel a little bit better,” Tricia whined, still distraught with laced eyebrows and pouting lips.

“I can help with that,” I growled and tugged her panties off under her butt.

“Ai!” Tricia yelped at the violence I stripped her naked.

Pushing her back I shoved my mouth on her pussy, her shaved bald pussy that glistened with her excitement or nerves. She tasted like a just souring honey. At first, the tang hammered my nose and lips but after it morphed to a smooth buttery sweetness.

“Oh! Dan! Your tongue is making me feel better, mmmmmmffffff, so good.” She said and knocked over a metal jar of utensils. The clatter was deafening but I was blissfully ignorant of it tasting her pretty snatch. “Yes! Yes! Oh my god, yes! Just like that!!”

Tricia’s legs found my shoulders and back, her heels pressing into my shoulder blades like sharp elbows. She drummed her legs twitching with my tongue attention.

“Fucking yes! I like that! Dan your tongue is going to make me cum, I’m feeling better! Yes! Yes! Mmmmaaaaahhhhhh!” She cried aloud. I didn’t even care about our roommates. Tricia didn’t seem to either. “I’m cumming! Ahhhhhhh!”

Tricia went rigid as my cock her heels driving like nails into my spine, her fingers like icicles into my scalp. Against the pain, against the strain of her thighs against my ears, I stayed latched onto her clit.  When she relaxed it was a slow shaking release like every individual muscle moved from tight to unwound in slow unspinning waves. I lingered against her pussy flicking soft warmth and eliciting tickles and gasps of spent pleasure.

“Feel a little better?” I asked cleaning off my chin and starting to unzip my pants.

“Yes,” she said all innocent and pouting but with satisfaction underneath.

“Maybe you need a little more comfort and attention,” I said pulling out my monster hard-on. I slapped my engorged tip against her wet clit.

“Ooh, I think I do.” Tricia pushed her nipples together and fingered her pussy before sucking on the finger.

“Fucking hell that is hot.”

She smiled and gave her lips a full exaggerated suck.  Overcome with lust I dragged her by the head off the counter and forced her to her knees.

“Aii!” she yelped in surprise. Her tits rippled with motion and slammed against her belly and arms.

“Suck me off,”  I ordered pulling her face towards my twitching dick.

“Mmmppffffff,” she moaned swallowing my shaft. “Mpfffffthhhhh.”

I gripped her dark hair and held her face firmly into my thighs. She made noises struggling with my cock down her throat, but after her display and tasting her pussy I was determined to use her young body rough for my pleasure. It was what she wanted.

“Yeah, suck that fat cock, Tricia, take it deep down your throat. Swallow it all. That’s a good girl. Take that dick. No teeth! No teeth. You can do it,” she used her tongue on my underside tickling my balls with it as I rammed deeper. “That’s a good girl. Well done. Oh fuck yeah that’s good. Take it all you dirty little slut.”

“Mmmmfffffffff!” She gurgled on spit, “garrrgle, slurp!”

I face fucked her sexy mouth for long minutes until tears ran down her pinched shut eyes until drool puddled between my feet and over her legs.

“Come here,” I said with a hoarse voice dragging her by the hair to the living room.

Tricia’s hands gripped my wrist and she scrabbled her feet to follow, and I tossed her to the couch where the landed with jiggling tits and her round ass.

“Climb on top,” I commanded sitting on the couch and slapping my thighs. My cock was a lance I sported glistening with her saliva. “Plop that tight little pussy over my cock and shove your huge fucking tits in my mouth.”

“Dan, you’re so rough and in command,” Tricia said, “It’s making me feel a little better about ruining my top.”

“I’m going to make it feel all better, get over here,” I said pulling her arm to help lower her hips over my thighs. “Slide on over.”

Tricia’s hand found my glistening shaft and I moaned feeling her warmth as she guided me in. Her pussy was tighter and more welcoming than her mouth.

“Unnngh, Dan, your cock is so fucking big!”

“Tricia, your pussy is so fucking tight and warm, I’ve been dreaming about stuffing your slit ever since you moved in.”

“Ahhh, fuck, you’re destroying my pussy!” Tricia moaned taking all of my length. Her shaved clit rubbed on my belly and she ground along my girth. “Mmmffff, so fucking good. It feels so good.”

Through her grinding Tricia’s body arched and jiggled her large flopping tits in my face. I palmed her round ass with both hands and swallowed her nipples against my tongue.  My fingers pushed through her soft rump and I kneaded her butt guiding her grinding over my dick. Her pussy felt like a hug over my entire body expressed through my crotch. It felt like her flooding warmth pressed against all of me, swallowing my skin with sensation.

Tricia threw her head in the air and with her back arched shoved her tits into my face. She smashed one large breast against my lips and screamed her pleasure continuing to bounce.

“Mmmfff! Yes! Fuck my tight young pussy, Dan! Fuck my tight little snatch! I want it! I need it! Suck on my big natural tits. Lick them, lick that nipple!”

“Nnnngggg,” I moaned slurping on her giant breast. Her other boob smashed against my temple and I moved between them letting their perky fullness cover my face. I loved feeling her giant tits enveloping me soft and squishy with erotic excitement. “God, Tricia, I can’t get enough of your tits on my face! They feel as good as your young little pussy!”

“I love it! Unfff! So fucking good! Uh! Uh! Yes! Fuck my teenage cunt! Oh my god! Your cock is hitting my belly, you’re ramming my insides!”

We fucked on the couch in the living room next to the windows that extended from floor to ceiling. I’d played video games here with the other guy roommates. I sat here staring at Tricia’s huge tits trying to get a look at her creamy pussy while she spread her legs drinking beer. Now I had her huge tits in my face and she was flopping her body over my cock. It was a dream come true.

I was finally inside her coed snatch, it was hugging my dick with its college tightness. Tricia’s smooth thighs squeezed my waist while she flexed continuing her riding. I couldn’t decide where to focus my attention: on her plump ass rounded by how she rode me, or her massive breasts jiggling in my face.

Lost in my desire, in my lust I needed release, needed to cum inside her heat.

“Ungh! Dan! So big! So hard!”

I wrapped an arm around her waist to hammer her body to my pulse. With my other hand, I snaked up her flexing back and grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking back. Tricia’s throat jutted forward as she arched her head to the ceiling and cried out.

“Ahhhhh!!! You’re fucking me so haaarrrrrd!”

I latched onto her breast with my lips and suckled her erect nipple. Her breast flooded around my nose, around my chin, and wrapped in her squishing sexiness I lost myself to passion.

“Mmmffff,” I growled through my throat my mouth stuffed with boob.

I used Tricia’s tight coed body like a toy, pounding myself with her pussy.

She flopped against my chest, my belly, my balls, and I started exploding hot cum inside her tightness.

“Fuck! Yes I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I roared ignoring the fact that we shared the apartment with two other guys.

“Mmmm!! Yes!! Fill me up, Dan! Fill me with your hot old man cum!”

Tricia’s body went rigid for a moment telegraphing her rising orgasm. Her thighs squeezed hard on mine, her hands went around my neck and she smothered me in boobs. Gasping for breath against the crash of perky breast I rolled my eyes up to see her chin grimacing.

“FUUUCK! I’m cummming!” Tricia shouted moments after I finished blasting her insides with my pent up cum.

She went slack, collapsing like a deflated balloon into my arms, and we lounged on the couch like we were drunk and it was 2am. My cum drizzled out of her pussy into my balls and I went soft inside her. I nibbled on her nipples and played with her young skin. She was so fun to touch.

“Think that will make you feel better about your t-shirt?” I asked.

“Hmmm,” Tricia said as if coming out of a deep slumber or confused state. “Oh, of course. Yes. Thank you, Dan. That was exactly what I needed to calm me down.”

“I’m sure I can help you out if anything else happens too,” I said.

“Oh, I can’t wait. I’m sure I’ll need you for something soon.”

We dressed, or I did and Tricia went to her room for some real clothes. I had to leave for work.  The other boys were just rousing as Tricia lounged on the same couch we’d fucked on, flashing her pussy at me with a wink as I shut the door. I whistled satisfied all the way to the parking garage.

I couldn’t wait to get home and plow into her plump ass and huge tits. The guys had made an excellent choice in our new roomate. Too bad they didn’t get a turn at using the new house slut. Maybe I’d let them share her, or maybe I was going to keep her massive tits to my self.

Erotic Short Stories

Tiny Asian loves getting fucked doggy style

I always loved getting fucked from behind, feeling my forearms pressing into the mattress, feeling my knees rough on the blanket scrape from how guy’s hips rammed my thighs.

Taking Harvey’s cock was like getting impaled by an arm-sized rod that blew my breath out of my chest each thrust. I could feel the spittle spraying past my teeth each gasp I made struggling against his girth. He wasn’t even that well endowed. I was just too tight. I was just too small for his average dick.  At 5’1″ with narrow hips and boobs that looked out of place on my narrow frame just an average cock split my insides apart.

Getting a hard dick doggy style slammed my pussy with rough excitement. Their tips scraped my insides like a too big groove, but it was so pleasurable and welcome. The pain at being stuffed, the hip spreading discomfort shoved my legs wider, but their cocks always rubbed in just the right spots, tugged on just the right tightness, and stretched me to the brink of joy.

Harvey knew how to rail me. HIs hands kneaded into my hips, pulled firm into his belly, and dug deep to my bones. At times he drifted down into the fold where my thigh met waist and fondled my legs. He favored my lower back, favored groping my spine and the back of my thighs.

“You are so fucking tight, tugging on my dick.” Harvey said, “your pussy is gripping me so hard, stretching against me pulling out.”

“I can feel every inch!” I screamed, “You’re so fucking big!”

“God, it’s so fucking tight! Fuuuck!” Harvey groaned. He slapped my butt, pinched, and pulled my ass cheek wider.

“Fuck me, Harvey! Fuck me! Uhm! Yes! FUCK ME!” I shouted, planting myself on all fours. I loved getting fucked from behind, but by itself wasn’t enough to make me cum.

I still needed two things; the guy’s thumb plugged up my ass, and my finger on my pussy tickling my clit.

“Mmmphhhfff, ungh, god it feels so fucking good, I love it. Touch me, Harvey, put your thumb on my butt. Lick it, put it in first! I need it!”

“Fuck, you’re naughty, are you sure?”

“Yes! Stuff my ass with your thumb! Please!” I shouted, my hand a flurry of action between my legs. “I need it so bad!”

My crotch burned with excitement, my pussy clenched with building pressure, with pleasure, with desire for more. Harvey listened, his fingers at first were uncertain, weak and light.

“Push! Use your thumb on my ass Harvey! I want it soo fucking bad!”

I bucked back against his cock, letting it explode deeper into my womb. I moaned feeling it shove me apart. His thumb laid flat around my bung but didn’t push through my clenched muscle.

“Put it in Harvey, please.”

“One sec,” he said. “My cock looks so good. Your pussy clenching me so hard, so fucking tight. Your hole is so small, are you even ready to take my thumb. It’s going to rip you apart.”

“Do it!”


He finally pushed, finally used his will to pop inside.


His thumb entered my asshole. It spread my rectum wide, it flooded my insides, it crashed my climax into quivering excitement.


My hand continued flashing on my pussy, continued rubbing my clit, and his cock continued ramming like a bludgeoning ram, just as his thumb continued invading my asshole. Together they merged in my stomach like a chorus of shouting joy. My whole body shook with crashing climax. I smelled the stink of my sweat, the gush of my pussy, the tang of my asshole plugged with a thumb, and Harvey’s grunting breath. My knuckles went white clenching the carpet, and my knees rubbed raw absorbing the impact of his pounding.

“Holy fuck!” Harvey screamed his hands like a vice on my hips. “I’m going to cum!”

“Cum inside me!” I gritted through clenched teeth.

“Ok! Ok! I’m, ugh, I’m I’m cumming!!!!”

Harvey’s dick bolstered, swelling and getting harder than before. It was like a metal rod plunging inside, splitting my insides apart getting bigger with every rupturing spurt of cum. I felt his white cream flood against my insides, fill my cavity, and coat my womb with heat.

When he was finished he sagged against my back, his cheek was warm against my sweat cooled skin, and his breath building humidity like a fog near it. I craned my neck to look back.

“That was incredible.” My breath came ragged, slow, and rough like I’d been shouting the whole time.

“Next time I’m going to fuck your ass.” Harvey whispered.

“As soon as you’re ready to fuck again. I’ll try it, but,” I heaved with breath. “I’ve never had a dick in my butt before.”

Harvey laughed.

“I find that hard to believe.”

“It’s true. Only a thumb.” I took a deep breath, “But I’m willing to try.”

“After putting my thumb in, I can’t wait to stuff your ass.”

“Umph, fuck, I’m nervous,” I said.

Harvey laughed and stroked my back spooning me from behind. We dozed, drifting between sleep and relaxation. Harvey’s hands were hot on my nipples, pinching and squeezing. Men loved kneading my tits; they weren’t huge, but on my small frame they looked out of place big.

They seemed to be massive above my narrow waist. The same way average dicks filled my tightness like they were huge, my breasts were swollen and large over my skinny shoulders, and Harvey enjoyed smashing my boobs against my ribs and his palms like they were toys for his pleasure.

His cock pushed against my butt, hard, thick, and like a stick wedged between my ass cheeks. Harvey took his hand off my tits and shoved it between my legs grabbing my pussy with his palm and wrapping his fingers from behind to my clit.

“Ahhh, that feels good,” I said, while he tickled my bean and pulled down my slit to my butthole. “mmmm, there. Put it in.”

“God, you do love it in the butt,” Harvey said. “This is so fucking hot.”

“I do,” I moaned, “mmmmppffff, it’s so good.”

Harvey’s fingers found the inside of my ass, pushing my sphincter wide. They slipped in easy after his thumb plugging earlier. It split me apart, filling my cavity with rough stretching. I pumped my rear into his knuckles, groaning a deep throat rumble.

“Gosh, you like it in your ass?”

“I do!”

“You want me to push harder?”

“Yes! Shove your thick fingers in my butt! I want you to stretch me apart so you can fuck my rear!”

“Take it! Take my fingers so I can shove my big cock up your tight little Asian ass.”

“Please! I want it!” I moaned.  “Ugh! Your fingers are ripping me apart! Do you think I’m going to be loose enough for your dick?”

“I don’t’ know,” Harvey said, one hand shoving up my ass and the other tugging my shoulders down. “I’m ready.”

“There’s lube in the end table.”

Harvey pulled out and twisted away from our spooning. The sudden lack of his warmth left me chilled and missing his engulfing body. He was so much wider and stronger than me. I shivered thinking about how excited I was about getting my ass stuffed for the first time.

I heard the wet squelch of lubrication spurt out of the bottle and goosebumps exploded over my body.

“Use your fingers first, please.”


“I’m nervous.”

Harvey laughed, and I trembled. His cooler lube-wet fingers shoved inside my rear end and I gasped with pleasure.

“There you go, all ready. I’m putting m cock in now.”

“Wait! Wait!”


“I want it from behind.”

“I am behind you.”

“No, doggy style.”

I flipped onto all fours then planted my face into the mattress so I could shove one hand between my legs and finger my pussy.

“I’m ready. But, go slow.”

“God you look so fucking hot bent over like that touching yourself.” Harvey’s thick cock slapped my ass cheeks, wet with lubrication and slick slipping off my skin. “My cock looks so fucking big on your butt. It is going to be like an arm shoved up your rear end.”

“Be gentle! I’m scared, but, but I want it.”

“I will. Relax, take a breath. Here we go.”

All I could focus on was how wide and big Harvey’s cock felt like a battering ram against my already stretched ass.

Erotic Short Stories

Alison gives deep blowjob at Thanksgiving

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book: Hill’s Secrets Thanksgiving 2018.


We sat around the long table, two tables really pushed together with an assortment of odd chairs. It was a college apartment after all, if a nice one.
Nate sat to my right, and Ginger to my left, at the head of the table. Brooke was at the opposite end of the long row flirting with Mousa and Matt. She sat at the other head. There was turkey basted with butter and rosemary, sweet potatoes layered with marshmallows, green beans roasted to almost wilting, and all assortment of rolls and other fixings. I reached for the cranberries first.
“Going bold with flavor, huh?” Nate said. “I like to start with something less tart.”
“That’s not what one of the girls you brought to Thanksgiving in college said.” Ginger mused sipping her wine. “I remember that girl was out of control.”
“She said you “liked sour things,” then winked at me and pointed to her crotch.”
Nate groaned and blushed.
“What is this?” I asked.
“I was too young at the time to know what she was talking about, but now…” Ginger plunged her hand between her legs and moaned with an exaggerated eye roll. “Nate I put the cranberry sauce next to you in homage.”
“You’re terrible.” Nate said, obviously embarrassed.
“So what happened to this, inappropriate girl from your history?” I said.
“She made a few other, unfortunate outbursts…”
“She told the family in no uncertain terms how well endowed Nate was. Something none of us wanted to know.” Ginger interrupted.
My eyes went wide and I couldn’t help sneaking a glance at Nate’s crotch. His bulge didn’t look any different but combined with they story how he liked eating pussy and now that he was well hung I got more excited. I wiggled in my seat, and
“We broke up a few months later after New Years.” Nate said and reached for a passing potato bowl. His blush flushed his face like he had been drinking all afternoon. I wanted to smash his cheeks together with both hands and draw him in for a conciliatory kiss. “She was a bit unhinged.”
“Yikes,” I said, taking the potatoes and helping myself to some. All I could think about was his cock. “So was she spreading rumors or do you have a taste for sour?”
Most girsl feared a tangy pussy, and I believed mine was like honey. At least everyone said I tasted good. I wanted Nate’s mouth on my clit sucking out orgasm teasing me to cream over his face like the butter he slathered over the roll in his hand. I wanted his firm masculinity to shove my slit wide with his meat and take me rough against a wall.
“Everything okay, Alison?” Ginger asked. “You looked a little faint.”
“Oh, sorry. No. I’m fine.” Nate looked at me with a smirk. “Sorry, was just thinking about something I might have uh, forgotten and got worried.”
“Looked like you were thinking of a bit hunk of meat.”
I blanched.
“That turkey looks good doesn’t it?” Ginger continued toying with. Was I that obvious? Was he?
The meal progressed well. We ate, we laughed and joked. Nate was funny. He had a lot of stories that I was fascinated with and he asked me plenty of my own. We didn’t just talk to each other but fell into the easy flow and rhythm of friends and what felt like family gathering around a table.
I barely minded not having Billy bothering me or making jibing comments, or my dad passing bad jokes off on us. I did miss my mom’s cooking and decorations. Like Halloween and the pumpkins, she decorated the house with harvest-themed items and knick-knacks. We swam in seasonal items though they seemed to disappear as quickly as they arrived. I wondered where she stored everything. Our house wasn’t that big. I took a helping of a pumpkin squash casserole and commented to Alexis who was across from me how good it was.
It reminded me how odd my parents acted after Halloween. My dad had been adamant we “do something with the pumpkins invading” his house, and my mom had laughed, keeping them around just until they began rotting. They had some private scuffle about them and my mom won.
“Excuse me, I’ll be right back,” Nate said, getting up from his seat at the end of the meal. I’d helped Ginger bring out cups and cream for coffee. I was full, but not unpleasantly. Something about Nate and his hopefully big cock made me think I should hold off to let him stuff me full instead of the turkey.
“He’s cute, isn’t he?”
I blushed a tad but nodded.
“He’s so much older than you,” I said to Ginger.
“Yeah, he’s my mom’s brother’s kid. They’re all older. I’m like the baby of the family.” She turned around to watch Nate move down the hall to the bathroom. “All my friends had crushes on him when they’d come over after Thanksgiving dinner.”
I laughed showing my nerves.
“It’s okay. He’s a good guy. The last girl broke his heart; cheated on him. I think he needs a little pick me up.” Ginger glanced at my chest, still jiggling and shaking with each of my breaths. I’d forgotten how big and revealing my tits were. “If you’re interested you might, want to give him a private chat.”
“You’re terrible,” I said sipping my vodka. I didn’t like wine that much but it was growing on me. I looked over her shoulder anyway.
“Just saying. I won’t judge and I know you haven’t been, settled lately.”
Our private bubble evaporated and I listened to people talk while watching the hallway for Nate’s return. He didn’t come back. I waited more, getting impatient and worried. Still, he didn’t return.
“I uh, have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” I said.
Ginger winked and ignored me. I was a weak cover, but at least she wouldn’t be overt about it.
The house was pretty big for being on campus, and Ginger had a number of rooms off the main floor hallway. I opened one door on the way to the bathroom and recognized it as a bedroom for her roommate that had flown home for the holiday. It was immaculate and spartan; a wide double bed, desk with girlish photos and make-up, but a well-tended clean floor and a large mirror on the far wall.
I went to the bathroom door and heard nothing. Thinking Nate was gone I opened the door and took a step in.
“Oh shit!” Nate said, spinning and pinching off his pee. “Ahh! Alison!”
“OH GOD! I’m so sorry!” I said, immediately staring at his cock. It was enormous even flaccid. “I’m, uh, sorry!”
“Close the door!”
“Ah!” I yelped and fled. I pulled the door shut and looked down the hall. There was a corner and the dinner was far off. We were effectively alone. I heard the toilet flush and then the sink. At least he was responsible. I took a breath, told myself I was being crazy and opened the bathroom door.
“I thought you were lost. You were gone so long.”
“I had.. A phone call.”
“Oh. I’m sorry.”
I looked up at him with wide eyes, my chest heaving with desire, my skin feeling electrified and craving his powerful touch. I felt small, lustful, and craving his thick manhood splitting me apart. My breasts moved in pushing sweeps up and down, jiggling with my rapid need. I felt the heat between us thicken like our mixed breaths forced pressure against our bones.
Nate clenched his fist and took a deep animal breath launching shoulders wide and swelling.
I stepped closer, my nipples poking against his flat abs.
“Alison, you’re so-”
I didn’t let him finish but pushed up and kissed his beautiful mouth. His red lush lips pressed soft, softer than I imagined they’d be against mine. His tongue met me with hungry intensity, crashing against mine and dictating his strength. He was so restrained but powerful, leaning hard against my young body. He was like a solid oak fanning his limbs over my soul for shade.
I melted against his kiss.
Somehow we stumbled, fell along the hallway and into the room I’d seen earlier. Whether I pulled him or he pushed we crashed on the bed tearing at each other’s faces and core with desire.
I oozed lust, pulled my tits free from my blouse and bra letting nipples wiggle against his chest. He suckled my tits, fondling my boobs to my moaning glee. I pulled his chiseled face to my chin and kissed his styled hair, then his powerful lips met mine again and he enfolded my cheeks in his palms. I wrapped my long toned legs around his waist, and we rolled me on top, them him, engaged in kissing so needful and erotic it reminded me of the first hungry kisses I shared with Frank.
I never wanted a cock so much in my life. I tore at his pants, finally getting the buckle and zipper off. Nate’s breath was rough, intense, and almost near grunts as he sucked air watching my blond hair drape over his belly. I tugged at his pants and his monster shaft leapt against my wrist.
His thick, tree truck dick rose like a redwood, pushed up like a sprouting forest.
I gasped, gave him a smile and look like a thank you and took him in hand. He moaned, twitching and thrusting with grateful pleasure. With a deep breath to prepare for his girth and what I was about to do I opened my jaw and took him deep into my mouth.
His shaft shoved against my tongue filled my face, and I did my best to keep my wetness wide and hard against his underside. My lips flared wide from his size and I strained with closed eyes to take more into my throat.
In time I started pumping my hand on his base and my mouth over his tip and top. He was too big to deepthroat but I did my best, taking him till he pounded my gullet, wincing as his tip bludgeoned past my tonsils. Every moan, every caress on my skull, every knuckle tightening clench he made for my efforts inspired me to deeper attempts, to swallow more of his meat, to take more of his beautiful cock in my face.

Erotic Short Stories

Coed Cheerleader Climaxes from Anal

Kyle loved fucking my ass. He was obsessed with my butthole. It felt like Kyle was determined to work himself inside my rear end with every opportunity he got. Letting him fuck my ass that first time burst a dam of restraint; every time we were alone my butthole got stuffed by something; toy, finger, dick.

He drove his fingers into my tiny tightness on the bus coming back from an away football game while Jenny watched from the corner of her eye across the aisle. I begged him to not do it, and my discomfort, my moans, and how I had to twist to let his wrist get low enough embarrassed me to no end.

“God, I’m so jealous,” Jenny said in a fierce whisper as we got our bags from under the bus. “Kyle is so naughty; he can’t keep his hands off of you.”

“Uhhh, thanks,” I responded. Hopefully, she thought he had only been groping my butt cheeks and not worming his finger through my clenched sphincter.

“Ready to drive me home?” Kyle said, smiling at Jenny as she turned away with a wink in my direction. She could read the lust in his eyes as much as I could. He was my boyfriend. I should have been more excited about how he was going to take me to his room and strip me naked. He did have a spectacular dick; smooth, thick, and knew how to use it.

Until he started fucking my ass every time we had sex I had cum every time with loud stomach churning orgasms. Not anymore. Kyle had been neglecting my needs and focusing on reaming my asshole. It hurt, and I still hadn’t cum from it.

I’d been gritting my teeth so much against the discomfort of his girth in my ass I thought they were going to lose all their edges. Chewing meat was going to be hard with molars ground flat.

It had been two weeks and five times up my butt that I hadn’t had an orgasm. I was determined to demand one before I let him cum inside my ass again. If he wanted my butt, then I was going to require his cock in my pussy until I came, or at least his tongue between my legs.

“Let’s go,” I sighed, hefting my heavy luggage while Kyle strode with ease next to me as we walked to my car. The fuck didn’t even offer to help me with my heavier items.

Kyle prattled about the game, how he scored a touchdown, how indispensable he was on the team, how everyone said he was magnificent, and how lucky I was to go home with him. I didn’t mention how he didn’t have a car and that I needed to drive him everywhere, or that he was not even passing three of his classes. He’d have to get tutoring just to get a C so he wasn’t booted from the team.

“I’m going to head home,” I said when we pulled up to his apartment. “I’m tired.”

“No! No, no, babe. Come up first. I have some needs after my big win.”

Kyle traced my jaw to my chest, cupping my breast and pushing between my legs.

“I really need to be inside you to celebrate. Aren’t you happy for me?”

“Yeah, I am, I’m just, not feeling it.”

“Awww, come on. I know you like sex. Make me happy. I earned it.”

“Fine, I guess,” I said. sometimes it was easier to get it over with than deal with his whining. I left my purse, my phone, and my bags in the car. This way I was going to have to leave. I didn’t want to stay over. He was annoying me and the way he embarrassed me on the bus still lingered.

Kyle didn’t wait long once we got upstairs. He threw his bag in his closet, slammed his bedroom door shut from his roommates, and pulled his shirt off.

“Shower with me,” he said, stripping.

I sighed but undressed then followed him into his attached bathroom shower. It was small but warmed enough with the hot water.

Kyle’s body was wonderful; all muscles and fine lines with eyes that burned amber. He was attractive in a greasy black hair kinda way with enough body hair to appear older than he was.

Jenny might be attracted to him, but she didn’t know him as I did. He was a spoiled fuck that thought way too much of himself. Maybe it was because he had a big dick and was a college football player. Maybe all guys were like him.

“Let me soap your back,” Kyle said pushing me under the hot showerhead. I’d been standing shivering in the back of the tub waiting for my turn. “You’re so fucking sexy. I love touching your fine tight body. Do all cheerleaders cum like you do?”

“Huh?” I said.

“You know, screaming and moaning,” he did an impression of me climaxing. “Or are they more restrained?”

His smug smile was infuriating.

“Fuck you!” I said and slapped him on the arm. “Do all football players cum like this?” I did an impression of him cringing and spasming like he had palsy.

He laughed it away and twisted my shoulder with the loofa.

“Let me wash your ass. It was kinda smelly on the bus.”

“I can’t believe you wanted to do that. I sweat a lot.”

“Better for me to slide in.” He said. He was insufferable. “Yeah, let’s clean you out so you’re ready for me.”


“I can’t get enough. Plus,” he said with his chin on my shoulder, his lips near my cheek, “I’m going to make you cum with my cock balls deep in your ass.”

I shivered under the hot water. Goosebumps rippled across my back and legs. I’d wanted to cum for weeks. Was this my only choice?

“I want you to eat me out first, then, maybe.”

Kyle shrugged. He was good at finding my clit too, the fucking bastard. He reached for the soap, then wedged his palm between my ass cheeks, swiping like his fingers were credit cards. He washed my outside and worked a couple of fingers inside my butt. I stretched easier for him after weeks of use, and I moaned holding tight to the chrome faucet.  When he was finished I expected him to try and ram me in the shower, but he exited, leaving me to finish bathing alone.

When I came out of the shower he was listening to music and playing with his phone while sprawled naked on his bed. I bundled my hair in a towel and dried off the rest of my skin.

“Brrrrr, I’m cold.”

“Come here, I’ll warm you up.”

“I’m freezing!” I said, naked except for the towel twisted atop my head.

Kyle met me with kisses, with warm soothing hands across my shoulders and breasts. He waited three minutes of making out before diving between my legs. His tongue found my clit near immediately, and I palmed his head, pushing him roughly against my sweetness.

“Your pussy always tastes so fragrant, I like it.” He said.

I hated when he talked about my flavor. It embarrassed me thinking that I had a bad taste or an off smell. I suspected he said things like that just to see if they’d trigger my anger. My rage faded with his attention, and soon I was rocking into his face with my pelvis to eek out every ounce of climax I could muster.

“Oh yes! Right there!” I moaned, twitching. He was like a gifted savant finding what turned me on. Maybe he was right about the butt. Maybe he was right about how it was going to make me cum like nothing else ever had. I should trust him. He knew my body as his own toy and was expert in giving me pleasure. I let him work my clit and pussy like an instrument and he was the master musician.

He had my back arched, my tits flopping around my ribs and my hands clumping blankets with my head tossed in a wordless shout of joy in minutes. Kyle’s strong football hands wrapped around my thighs where my legs met my waist- the widest part of my body and I felt like a doll under his big grasp. Physically he could pick me up in a heartbeat and plop me on his cock whether I wanted it or not. It was something that initially had turned me on; getting manhandled by his sheer strength.

“Unnnngggghhh!!!! I’m Cumming!” I shouted, at last, trembling while he latched onto my snatch and pressed with his hot muscle. Kyle was the best at eating me out.

He just didn’t have to be such a dick about everything all the time.

My hair wrapped towel had fallen off in my throes, and my body was coated in a thin sheen of sweat. I’d just showered, but I didn’t mind being a little dirty from my pussy getting wet.

“Uhhh, mmmm, oooh!” Kyle mocked me, wiping his chin with his hand and drying it on the bed covers. “See, cheerleader cumming always sounds so good. Put the skirt on.”

“Why do you like that?” I said, “I don’t want to.”

“Come on.” He got off the bed, comfortable in his nakedness and shaped muscles. He was good to look at and feel, but his attitude and brutish behavior made him such a jerk. He snagged my cheerleading skirt off the floor and unzipped the built-in bottoms so it was just the frilling. “Put it on. I like seeing my cock inside you while the skirt flips over your ass.”

I sighed, but wiggled my feet through and clasped the hooks to keep it tight above my hips. It felt naughty not having the panties built in, and being otherwise naked.

“There we go. That is what I’m talking about. My fine little butt slut cheerleader who loves to cum first.”

“Stop!” I protested and covered my boobs.

“Don’t deny it. You’re mine, and you just came. Let me see those titties.”

Kyle used his face to push aside my arms and started sucking on my nipples, letting his rough chin scratch my sensitive breasts. I moaned, and he took it like I enjoyed his attention and wasn’t reacting to the way his stubble scraped my tender skin.

In minutes he pinned my arms above my head, kissed my forehead and spread my legs with his waist while prodding my moist slit with his big dick.

“Ready for me?”

I nodded, still primed from my earlier orgasm and hoping I could get another one before he ruined the evening with his dick in my ass. It was the price I paid for good sex, I told myself.

Every time he entered my pussy I couldn’t help wincing, crushing my eyebrows together above my nose and moaning this helpless timid squeal like I was a tiny woodland creature frightened of the dark and cold. It felt like my insides were being shoved out of the way, displaced, removed, and that there was no way the sizable thickness was natural or normal. I was convinced he would destroy my pussy with his smooth shaft. It was a marvel that I’d been able to work his dick in my rear end without tearing apart. Perhaps that is why it had been so uncomfortable.

“That’s what I like, oh yeah, this is my hot cheerleader pussy.” Kyle breathed in my ear between sucking on my neck and chin. “Like that? Like having my big cock in your tight snatch?”

“I do.” I moaned for him, hoping to keep him inside my sweetness and not in my stink. “I like it so much. Teach me to cum from your cock Kyle. Make me cum big, strong, study, football star.”

I pawed at his neck, around his wide wide shoulders, and arms like thick tree trunks. His frame dominated my body, and I felt enveloped, crushed by his size. It was similar to when I was a child in the wood hiding under a fallen tree thinking no one would ever find my tiny body under its wide size. If only I’d known then what getting impaled by a thick log was really like.

Breath came in gasps, every inhale a struggle against the size captivating my brain pulsing inside my warmth.

“You’re so fucking tight,” Kyle cooed. “So fucking good. I can’t wait to fuck your ass. I can’t wait to see you squirm and cream from getting speared by my dick. You’re going to cum so fucking hard.”

I pawed at his hair, his neck, his shoulders, anything to keep him inside my pussy, anything to get me off before I had to grind my teeth against his sphincter splitting shaft.

“Make me cum now,” I groaned, “ungh, yes, fuck me in the pussy Kyle. I need it. Make me cum.”

I could feel Kyle’s condescending smile on my face when he licked my temple and kissed my nose before rising on his heels and slamming into my crotch. His girth split my narrow hips hard, hammering my clit and pussy with violence and lust.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Unngghhhh!!! MMmmmppfffff!” I screamed while his body thrust like a battering ram into my honey pot. I crumbled under his pounding. It was the combined force of his huge dick splitting my pussy wide, his firm abs with six-pack ripples massaging my clit, and how strong and firm his arms laced muscle to hold himself aloft that made me cum again.

I quivered with tightness everywhere, then went slack, relaxing into the post orgasm like a used sock hanging on a line after being worn all day.

Kyle laughed full of mirth and certainty.

“That’s the way a fucking cheerleader should cum; still in her skirt and spit by a big dick!”

He hadn’t even broken a sweat and I was coated.

“Turn around.” He ordered, and pushed my leg across my body to ‘help.’ “Let me get at your pretty little asshole.”

His hands on my rump were rough, aggressive, all thumbs and fingers gouging into my tight cheeks. Cheerleading and years of dieting, working out, and staying firm made my ass tight and thick with muscle. Kyle worked it like kneading dough, finally pulling my crack apart and jamming his face inside. His nose tickled hot breath above my sphincter and his tongue found my twitching O-ring.

It pressed hot, wet, wrong, against my pinched circle, and in response to the pressure I gasped drooling with my tongue out.

Damn, but I was starting to like having my butthole played with. I was starting to enjoy feeling his finger and tongue rimming my rear. The covers tasted salty, which was weird because I’d never seen Kyle eating anything on his bed ever. Maybe it was from sweat, which was disgusting. Did he ever wash them? The thought fled quickly as he probed my rear with his firm tongue, lancing my hole and stretching it. I moaned between my teeth and bit harder on the cotton; salty taste or not I needed something to stem my grimace and teeth grinding.

“Mmmmmy god!” I moaned, feeling the vibration of pleasure rumbling through my throat under my breasts. Kyle’s tongue and finger on my butthole excited nerves I didn’t know existed and sent riding lances of feeling shooting over my skin. It felt like my whole core was awakened in a way I’d never experienced before.

There was no pain this time. Kyle’s promise of orgasm seemed possible, like the whisper of it as a possibility nestled in my chest next to my heart. For a moment I believed it would happen.

Then he stretched me worse.

I bit the blanket hard when he shoved a second finger up my butt. There was discomfort, but no angry pain exploding through. It felt, full.

I tried to breathe normal, to let the plunging fingers be pleasurable, but every inhale sent shivers rippling off my ass down my legs and up the back of my neck like an icy spider crawling up my spine.

There was something in my butt. It would not leave. No amount of pinching, squeezing, wiggling, adjusting, or gasping would dislodge the thing. Something was in my asshole, and it was moving.

It was all I could think about. It dominated my thought, it crushed my awareness into the tiny box that was my body and immediate sensations. All I could focus on was Kyle’s face between my butt cheeks lathering my ass with his saliva, plunging his fingers into my ass, and how my skin seemed alive with lightning.  I was sweating with anticipation and the fevered finish of my previous climax.

“You’re ready,” Kyle announced, pulling out of my butt. My sphincter clenched shut, then spasmed, opening and closing in turns craving something to stretch it wide. What was wrong with me? I felt him moving between my toes and calves. “God I’ve been longing to fuck this ass all night.”

His voice was hoarse and full of grunting need. He’d been restraining himself. I grabbed the blanket in my fist, balling enough to fill my palm so when I squeezed I wouldn’t break skin with my nails. Already my knuckles were sore from clenching against the discomfort.

I felt his heavy dick hit my ass before I heard the slap.

Knowing his heavy cock was nudging my rear end sent shivers through my skin. Like icicles, they lanced up my breasts tickling nipples erect and gripping my throat with fear. He was going to ream my asshole again. He was going to pound me up the ass hard, rough, and intense until he came inside. Kyle was going to fill my rectum with his jizz, and leave me ripped and destroyed like before. I wasn’t going to cum. He was a lier, a fake tricking me into giving up my most precious hole, my tightest wrongness. He was using me to get off on his depraved desires. He didn’t care about me.

“Touch your pussy, babe,” Kyle said. “Let go of the blanket and finger that sweet honey pot. You need to work your clit while I pound your butt.”

“I… I…” I hesitated, still frightened too much of his girthy shaft. “I don’t know.”

“Do it.” He said and slapped my butt hard enough to make the sting linger for long moments after. It still smarted by the time I worked my tired fingers out of the blanket and slid past my belly to wet my fingers in my slit. “That’s good.” He stroked my hips, rocking his cock in my ass crack. “Good girl. Take a breath.”

I inhaled deep, preparing, tensing, scared and worried.

Kyle shoved in an abrupt lance plunging his cock into my asshole and bursting past my shaking sphincter. He’d worked it enough in the last few weeks I opened; he used his fingers and tongue enough to lube me ready.

“FUUCK!” I shouted, explosive and expelling my whole breath. It felt like my body was shoved forward, like all the empty space I didn’t realize existed inside was suddenly filled and I had no more room to do anything, let alone breathe again.

My first trembling inhale rocked my asshole over his shaft and while the pain was there something else eeked forward. Pleasure. Excitement.

Kyle railed my butthole.

“Yes! Fuck yeah! Damn your ass is so fucking tight! I’m pounding your tight little butt after fucking your cheerleader pussy. You love it. I know it. you’re my tight little butt slut cheerleader. Hahaha, I love fucking your tight ass. Take it Take it all, you dirty dirty little whore.”

I could barely hear what he said but knew he was reveling abusing my asshole.

I screamed, shouted, and flurried my fingers around my clit, forcing, willing, demanding the small pleasure I awoke and fostered from my previous orgasms to merge with the morsel of enjoyment that had taken its first small breath of life in my ass.

It grew. Whatever it was, however it happened, the grain of joy began spreading like sickness, like injured infection, wrapping around Kyle’s monster dick then flooding against my pussy.

They merged, like two different oceans of cold and warm water mixing into a turbulent gray. My pleasure exploded, and I was more shocked than the time he first pushed an unwelcome finger against my asshole.

My eyes rolled into my head, my throat went raw from screeching, and Kyle slapped his stomach against my thighs, against my butt cheeks and bottomed his cock in my butt. I paid little attention to how his impacts rocked my whole frame sending me crashing forward each slamming insert he thrust. My hand moved on my pussy, his cock pulsed in my ass, and inside I writhed in pleasure like spiderwebs that shot out of my core where clit and butt merged in unique stuffed ecstasy.

“Oh my gooooodd!” I screamed when I could find the breath, “I’m cuuuuuuummmmming!!!!”

My whole body thundered with feeling, with emotion, with gushing brilliant lights and darkness. I felt awakened, dominated, held down by a heavy muscled foot and plugged with stuffing dick. I was his, and in submission felt the release of every pent-up frustration and desire. My ass exploded with sensation and I could feel every hugging inch circling his thick cock. I trembled, I cried, I wailed, and I smiled, rocking from joy I never knew existed and my world shattered into a thousand conflicting needs.

I was his. I was his willing butt-slut, and now that I’d cum from my anal plugging, cum from my joined pussy and ass, I knew I’d never go back.

Kyle’s cum blasted into my ass, and I moaned feeling its hotness slosh inside my depths. I milked his shaft with my welcoming sphincter, riding my hips along his softening girth.

“Fuck yeah, ass-cheer-slut. That feels so fucking good. Haha, I told you that you were going to cum. I knew it. You loved it.”

“I did.” I said, breathless, excited, enjoying the after shocks of joy that wrapped my waist in tender electricity. “You were right.”


Erotic Short Stories

Coed Cheerleader recalls first struggling anal

“Raawwwww!” I screamed, primal, violent, frustrated and totally unsatisfied.

Using a dildo in my ass was nothing at all like a nice big cock. My ex was a fucking asshole, and about the only good thing he had going for him was his smooth thick dick. Kyle was a stupid fuck, but he knew how to use my body for pleasure. He knew how to give me pleasure too, even if I didn’t realize it at first.

“Fuck!” I said, climbing naked out of the bathtub. The flopping dildo lay curved in the bottom edge near the drain.

Maybe it was the toilet, or maybe it was that I didn’t have a real dick in my ass. Either way, I couldn’t cum as Kyle had trained me to.

I’d been hammering my ass with the hard plastic for a good thirty minutes and rubbing my clit until I was slick with sweat and slipping on the back of the porcelain. It didn’t work.

“Why?” I stalked out of the bathroom and moved to the bedroom, flopping on my plush cover. The mattress was comfortable, relaxing, and reminded me of the last time Kyle had reamed my ass to my exploding orgasm.

I squirmed in the covers. The softness, the sliding heat from my body, and the easy way I flowed into the seeming silk were in direct contrast to how rough he’d treated my rear end.

There was a nugget of truth in how he’d plugged my ass, a method that I was missing, or some type of slapping need that I couldn’t match. My hand traced the top of my slit, circled my clit, and wet my already pruned finger. My other hand sloped over my butt cheek, fingertips tickling my butthole. I was stretched from the dildo, which was more than Kyle ever did for me.  In moments I was two fingers in, plunging fast and rough pulling on my smooth tight sphincter while pulling my knees into my chest. The tops of my thighs compressed my nipples and balled up like the fetal position one hand reaching around behind and the other pressed between my legs I moaned.

I remembered the first time Kyle drove his thumb up my ass.

We were on my bed, this bed, and I was on all fours, my feet dangling over the edge. His dick always felt so good filling my pussy. I was pressing my palms into the mattress for leverage to rock my hips into his waist. Kyle was a jerk sometimes, but he had a great dick, thick, long enough to hit my G-spot, and best of all knew how to move it.

I had never put something in my asshole before, nothing. I hadn’t even plunged a finger in while in the shower. Not once, not even when I’d seen a porn on Kyle’s computer the first time.

His finger was an invasion I did not welcome, and the moment he rubbed in slow circles around my tightest untouched hole I jumped away.

“Ahhh! What are you doing?!” I shouted twisting to look over my shoulder. I could see his hands on my rump, his thumb disappearing above my pussy.

“Your ass is so fucking sexy, I’m going to put my thumb in your ass.”

“What? No! Don’t!”

He laughed.

“Relax, you’re going to like it.”

“No! I won’t! AHhhhhh!!!!”

Kyle didn’t listen and pushed in past the nail.

“Fuck!” I screamed, thrashing, but letting him impale both my holes. His laughter was cruel and enraging.

“I knew you’d like it. Damn, you’re a good slut. You’re my slut.”

“It hurts! Oh, my god, it feels so wrong! Ungh!”

His cock still moved inside my sweetness, and it felt good, but all I could focus on was his thumb invading my hole.  He moved inside with everything, stuffing me complete, and dominating my center. He was in command of my body no matter what I thought. Every time we had sex he manipulated my erogenous zones beyond what I expected. I felt like he had a secret map to my pleasure and only he could read how to get the climaxing treasure.

“Mmm, ooh, my god. I like it.” I said, minutes later from his thrusting. He worked my butthole almost like he worked his dick; strong, thick, pulsing. At times he yanked, stretching my butthole wider like he was working a rubberband looser for some reason.

I stopped moving and gripped the blankets to brace myself against his splitting thumb. Still, he moved his dick in slow thrusting motions providing pleasure to balance the pain and discomfort he was wreaking on my sphincter. It hurt, and I winced biting my teeth the whole time. Air sucked through what little space was between my overbite, and it sounded like my jaw was wired shut. The whistle of saliva and air billowing through my cheeks filled the room.

It wasn’t until he let my ass rest and withdrew his thumb that I discovered my jaw was sore from clenching the whole time. Kyle wasn’t one to be finished though, and with both hands holding my waist like he was bracing my body with his whole weight he pulled out of my pussy.

I missed his fullness immediately.

“What? Why did you stop?” I said. “Fucking me, I mean.”

“I’m not done,” he said.

“Want me to flip over?” I said, beginning to twist, but my butt was held firm. His hands were hard on my love handles.

“No. Just try and relax,” he said. I could feel the sick smile on his lips, the cruel intent in his eyes, and hear the joy he contained like a muffled cackle.

“Kyle, wait, no! I’m not readeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  I screeched, a pure note of banshee madness screaming high pitched, wailing, and then cringing so hard I thought my eyes would burst from how tight I slammed lids shut.

Kyle rammed his cock up my ass.

Pain flooded out of my sphincter, lanced like a sharp poker driven through my insides. Burning awfulness quivered around his thick shaft, and impaled, I thrashed on my knees.

As much as I tried to twist, struggle, flail my legs and heave my back he had me pinned. His thick dick would not leave my butt.

“You ass feels so fucking good and tight! It’s so fucking warm! I had no idea how hot like hot your asshole would feel! God, I love it! Your butt is amazing. Haha, you’re fucking taking my fat cock up your ass.”

“Get it out! Oh my god! Kyle! It hurts so fucking much! Please!” I whimpered, each word punctuated by gasping breath and sucking air against the wincing cringing that pinched my face like an old man eating sour candy.

I tried pushing him away, attempting to leverage against his legs, but he swatted my wrists away and they fell to the bed. He had my waist pinned down and I could not escape his rod.

At least he wasn’t fucking me yet. At least it wasn’t moving.

“Kyle, please! It hurts so much. Like you shoved a fucking wrist into my ass! God!” I sucked in breath, struggling to make it less uncomfortable, to make it less painful with every movement I made. His dick was in my butt! “FUCK! KYLE! OUCH! It hurts! AHhhhhhhh!” I cried.

“Your tits look so fucking good slapping around while you squirm. Relax. I told you. You’ll get used to it.”

He rubbed my back and stroked my butt cheeks down my thighs.

“Relax, relax, let it happen.” He pet me like I was a dog, like I was a cat, like I was an animal he was trying to soothe into submission.

I hated him for it, but it worked.

My pain withdrew, slow like throbbing heartbeats pulling away stiffness, like blood cleaning sore muscles from soreness. Yet, his cock remained.  I panted, moaning every quick exhale.

“See,” Kyle said, still petting my skin with his rough hands. “it will start to feel good. You’re going to cum so fucking hard you’ll be begging me to stuff it in your butt in no time.”

“No, I won’t!” I shouted fast between panting moans. Inhale fast, moan. Inhale fast, moan. Over and over. I wanted to murder him when he laughed.

“Yes, you will.” His cock moved, and I screamed in shock, pain. “Touch your pussy.”


“Touch it, and relax.”

I did. Why did I always let him have his way?

Wordless, not speaking, but in constant breathing moaning I fingered my slit, wet my finger with my sweetness and excitement. Every push his cock moved into my butt opened my pussy wide. When he withdrew it squished shut, and I felt it happen around my fingers.

I moved to my clit, and bit my lip, gasping from the pleasure nestled there in response to his butt reaming dick.

Kyle pumped, starting slow and then building over a period of minutes that seemed to last like a lifetime of suffering. Each push lanced pain spreading from my tightest hole around my stomach and over my pussy like a sympathetic response.

He plugged my asshole, crushed me into the bed, and used my unwelcome hole. I screamed, thrashed, wiggled, and moaned.

If I kept my finger blurring over my clit it diminished the discomfort some, but it was more like playing loud music to drown out cacophony; you were getting damaged ears either way. Worse maybe.

The pleasure I worked out on my pussy was enough to endure his butt fucking until he came.

“Yes! FUCKING YES! I’m cumming in your slutty cheerleader ass!!!” Kyle shouted.

It shot inside my hot rectum like splashing warmth flooding my insides and feeling wrong. I could feel his shaft widen with each pumping gush. Kyle let himself go flaccid inside my ass.

“Your butthole grips me so tight. I don’t think it wants me to pull out.”

“Ungh, you fucking asshole. You fucked me up the ass.”  I said, exhausted and craving a glass of water. I’d been shouting for hours it felt like and I struggled to find my breath and find some recovery. I was coated in wet sweat that now that he’d stopped had made me go cold.

“Fucking right. You’re my fucking cheerleader slut. It was fucking awesome. Your ass is so fucking nice to stuff.” He said and slapped my butt.

“Rrraawwwww!” I shouted, coming out of my memory. That had been the first time Kyle burst through my sphincter. That had been the first time I took it up the butt, well before I learned to love the way it felt. Well before my need to have stimulation in my rear and front together tandem merging to explode my body to skin shattering orgasms.

I’d become addicted to the anal pussy play. Yet, I was missing something. I flopped on my belly with my legs split and heels in the air, pinning one arm under my stomach and reaching around back with the other. Maybe I needed it from behind.

Maybe there was truth in the first time I actually came from Kyle’s dick in my ass.

Erotic Short Stories

Coed Cheerleader Craves Hard Anal Fuck

George’s room was clean, for a college football player. I didn’t mind. All I cared about was how soft his blankets were, and they were both clean and as soft as my own. He had me out of my cheerleading skirt within a minute of closing his apartment bedroom door. I had my top off just as fast, and in moments we were naked. His thick erection impaled me on my back seconds later. Good thing I was sopping wet from not wearing panties and expectation. God, he was big and determined to stuff me full with his massiveness. He was hitting me too deep on my back.

“Fuck me from behind,” I said, rolling on my belly and twisting my legs in front of his waist. I made sure not to kick him. He wouldn’t like that. The mattress was already hot with my back sweat and the thrashing I’d done between his arms.

“Stick it in, quick.” I panted, missing already his hot breath on my lips, his green eyes like emeralds so bright in the dim, one lamplight. I liked his bedroom. In all honesty, I expected something else when he offered to “show me his place.”

“Yeah, I like it doggy,” he grunted slapping my ass and squeezing. “You’ve got a nice little butt.”

The bed was so comfortable, and I spread my arms forward grasping handfuls of the blanket while tensing my abs to lift my ass up in the air.

“Fuck me, George, I need it so bad.”

“You’re an eager slut.” His hands were rough and strong adjusting my waist for his height. “Begging for me to fuck you.”

“Yes,” I breathed, clenching the blanket harder, stretching far and rubbing my chin on the warmth I’d flipped over from. “Fuck me hard.”

George’s cock butted against my slit, still slick from my sweetness, and with a little guidance pushed me apart. My breath expelled, making room for his girth.

“Unnnggghhhh,” I moaned sliding my pussy over his cock, enveloping him like his cock was a foot sinking in wet sand. “Mmmm, yes put it in deep.”

“Fuck yeah, you’re so fucking tight.” He began humping, moving his thickness from his belly to his tip, driving his shaft through me his full length. He was big, long, breath-stealing. “You’re my first cheerleader,” a slap on the ass, a tug at my waist. “I almost wanted to leave the skirt on while I fucked you.”

“oooh, you can do that if you want,” I let go of the blanket so I could get a better grip. “Oh! Uh! Next time.”

“Definitely. I might have you put it on when I’m ready for round two!” George said.

I had no intention of leaving him any cum left to muster a second round tonight. I wanted to milk his cock for all the cum he was worth. Pounding me from behind and dumping into my pussy was just the beginning. I’d planned the night after the last game. George had scored the final touchdown, and while cheering from the sidelines I’d seen him eyeing my legs. I spread for him on the field as I had on my back a few minutes earlier. Getting him to notice I wasn’t wearing panties at today’s game had been easy. As easy as smiling and giving him my address when he came by our bench after their victory.

“Maybe I’ll have you wear your pads too,” I said between grunts when he rammed his cock to the balls inside; they slapped my clit and fingers which rubbed in tandem to his thrusting.

“Yeah, I can fuck your sweet cheerleader pussy while wearing my football pads.” Another full slam that made me feel so full I couldn’t breathe, so deep he rammed my cervix, so thick I thought my legs would split apart. He was huge. “Too bad they stink.”

“That’s too bad.”

“Maybe the jersey.”

“Yeah. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard!”

I bent my elbows, getting leverage and began rocking my torso forward and back, helping his thrusts get maximum friction. Guys liked it when I worked their cocks for them. George was no exception.

“yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me, George! Fuck me with your huge thick cock! Give it to me! Make me cum George! I want it, I want to cum on your sexy football stud dick so bad! Fuck me please!”

“Arrrggghhhhh!” George groaned, hammering still hard and deep into my sweet fold. “Yessss!”

“Cum inside me! I’m on the pill! Do it! Fill me up!”

“Are you sure?!” His kindness made me even wetter.


“Oooohhhh kaaayyy!”

His cum gushed inside, spurting against my womb with warm spreading joy. I kept up my grinding motions, cumming too with a flurry of hand strokes on my glistening wet pussy. My fingernails scratched his balls but he didn’t seem to mind. My body was so tense that my climax clamped my pussy hard on his thick head, suctioning him inside. I milked more cum from his spent dick.

“Fuuuck,” he groaned, “you’re fucking sucking me in. Gawd!”

“Yes!” I moaned, biting the blanket and snuggling my face into the fabric. My tits tickled on the blanket, nipples stiff with pleasure and sensation. “oooh fuck.” I breathed riding the last waves of soothing orgasm. My muscles finally went slack, relaxing like pudding melting in a bowl.  “Lick my asshole, George. I want you to eat my ass so you can fuck me there.”

“What?” he said, on his heels and high above my prone satisfied body. “Did you ask me to-”

“Put your mouth on my butt, George. Work it wet with your tongue before you stick a finger in, then two. Pry me open for your thick meat. I can’t take you dry.”

“Your asshole?”


“Are you sure? Are you clean?”

“Yes. Do it. I want it sooo bad.”

I was still languid with pleasure, riding the wave of orgasms still rippling aftershock through my core. I twisted enough to meet his eye.

“Lick my asshole, then finger my butt, George. I want your cock in my ass. I need it to cum. You do too.”

I knew that he needed a few minutes to recover, and playing with my butt would get him to rise to the occasion.

“Fuuuuck… you’re a filthy whore.” He said but started moving for my rump.

“Lick my asshole, George,” I said. “I need it so bad.” I wiggled my ass to emphasize the point.

He was slow, tentative, and reluctant. I suspected it was the first butthole he’d touched with a finger, much less his tongue. I didn’t mind the delay, it would strengthen his cock for when he was ready to pound me up the ass. I’d prepped earlier that day before the game, and made sure to use a thick dildo to spread my asshole wide. It may have gotten tighter jumping around and doing cheers, but hopefully not so much he couldn’t get a few fingers in.

His fingertip was like a warm rod, prodding my clenched sphincter. I trembled at his first hesitant touches.

“Push it in. I need is so bad.” I said, wiggling my butt over the mattress and soft blankets. I couldn’t wait for George to fill me. There was nothing like a thick cock in my ass. “Stuff me so I can take your big dick.”

George started breathing heavier, and I saw him grit his teeth while driving his finger in, past the first small knuckle, then the second one. I gasped as he entered.

“Yes, more, deeper, more.” I cooed.

He obliged, getting his finger to the big knuckle and plunged totally in.

“A second finger too,” I said, twisting to watch his face. His eyes went wide, but he started cramming in the middle one. “I need to be split open so I can take your huge cock.”

“I’ve never fucked a girl up the ass,” he said, his attention still on my butthole.

“You’re going to love it. Warm, hot, fucking soo good.” I said continuing to moan while he worked me open.

My ex-boyfriend turned me into a butt-slut, loving getting fucked up the ass after the third time he forced his unwelcome dick into my rear end. He had achieved through determination what I had resisted at first. I still remembered that unwelcome pain and clenched teeth while I ground my jaw and clenched my knuckles white while he rammed my ass. I came harder than I’d ever done before, shaking my whole body with electric spasms. I didn’t realize my hand was furious on my clit until after when I was done thrashing about and my fingers moved slow circles around my swollen bean.

The fucker took my ass every time we had sex after, forcing me to work up to cumming from anal only as he demanded to fuck my butt exclusively.  After we broke up I started craving a good ass pounding and found most guys too shy to go for it without prompting.

George was taking to it well, working his fingers faster and faster and grinning as he watched me moan and twist in pleasure.

“Lick my butthole.”

“Ugh, I mean, gross.”

“I’m clean. You can see. Lick it, George. I need you to so I’m wet enough for your big dick.”

He sighed but dropped his face between my toned ass cheeks and I felt his weak warmth wetting my hole.

“Ahhh, yeah, that feels good,” I said, sighing to his attention. “Get it good and wet, work your tongue on the ridges. I need it good and soaking.”

“Mmmmm, knnnn” he mumbled while working his tongue. I could tell he wasn’t pressing hard or too deep yet. He needed more encouragement.

I started writhing my butt into his face, moaning loud and making squealing noises when his tongue flattened to my tightest exit. After a few slobbering and satisfying minutes I eased up and looked over my shoulder.

“Fuck my ass, George,” I said.

“Are you, are you sure?”

“Yes! You’ve already got your fingers ramming my butt, George. I love it. What more do you need?”

“Uh, nothing, I guess. Oh, okay.”

For all his muscle, warm skin and good looks, he was slow to pound my butt. Why couldn’t I find a guy to ream my asshole rough like I’d been taught to enjoy?

George withdrew his fingers, and I propped my butt over my knees, rising high and keeping my face in the soft blanket.

“Fuck you’ve got a fine butt,” he said. “Ready?”

“Yes. yes, yes. Fuck me in the ass.”

I couldn’t wait anymore. My orgasm hovered around my rump like a specter of doom waiting to pounce. It was almost Halloween after all.

His cock was a stiff rod poking against my rear.

I took a breath, tried my best to relax, and let him push apart my sphincter.

“AHH! OH! YOU’RE so BIG!” I gushed, swelling and feeling stuffed to bursting while he shoved his way through my tightness.

“Fuck! I’ve never been in a girl’s ass before! It feels so fucking tight, and hot!”

“Ooooh, it feels sooo good,” I cooed, “Deeper. Fuck me hard and deep. I need your big dick fucking my ass hard!”

“God yes, incredible!” he started grunting, “yes! I love fucking your ass!”

“Work it! Work it hard, I want it bad. Fuck me to the balls, George. Fuck me hard!”

He pushed rough, bottoming his dick to the balls inside my tight ass. I moaned, flicking my clit with fingers under my thighs. I loved it. The feeling mixed with his enthusiasm, his sputtering jo, and naive excitement.

Best of all, his constant thrusting kept my butthole rippling with friction, hitting me deep, full, and fast.

“Keep fucking me! Keep fucking. Uhg! Ah! It feels so good. I love your big fat cock deep in my tight little ass! Yes!”

I began bucking against his waist, using the bed for leverage to ram his shaft deeper. His balls slapped my pussy. My hand flurried over my gushing wet clit.

My orgasm started in my bowls, rising next through my sphincter clenching hard against his dick like a smooth narrow band of tightness. My pussy joined the explosive celebration heartbeats later, crashing together and exploding through my stomach.

I lost all control, flopping like dead weight to the mattress.

“I just came,” I breathed as a whisper, my mouth drooling on the soft blanket, enjoying the feel of the fabric’s embrace.

George pounded my ass rough, even as I was spent.

“Yes! Yes! Your ass is amazing! So fucking tight.” His body jackhammered into my prone quiet rear, pounding deep up my butt while I shook from his impact. I grunted but endured while he railed my ass. “Fuck! Fuck! Yes! I’m cumming!”

“Explode inside my ass!” I shouted, hoping to catch his cum inside.


He pulsed his load into my butt, filling my hot rectum with his sticky goo. George collapsed on top of my back, letting his six-pack abs fall heavy on my butt cheeks. He kept his dick in my butt squeezing more cum into me every few moments.

“You’re something else,” he whispered in my ear, kissing the back of my neck.

“Thanks,” I said, breath difficult from his full weight crushing my ribs. It felt good to be constrained, compressed like this. His dick was still up my butt. “Think you can fuck my ass again? I’ve got another orgasm building.”

“I think so.” He heaved himself up and adjusted. He pulled out. “Yeah, I’m ready. I want to fuck your ass all night long.”

“Oh god, I don’t know if I can cum that much.”

“Get on your back.” He was full of command and hungry need like I’d hoped he would be. “I want to see your tits jiggling while I stuff your butt.”

“Yes. I can’t wait.” I said, finding more energy from the expectant orgasm. George was a good fuck after all.

Erotic Short Stories

Cam Model Disaster Part 7

Each bite was a struggle against the awkward weight of discomfort. I squirmed in my seat; letting the jeans bite into my crotch like it was too tight for the oppressive disappointment I felt from my Dad’s refusal to look directly at me. He had invited me over to dinner. He had reached out to me two weeks after he kicked me out. I was doing my best to be the dutiful daughter I’d been before he saw me fucking a dildo and sucking on a plastic cock in my bedroom. If only he had knocked and respected my privacy none of this would have happened!

We were eating some baked chicken, or maybe boiled, I never knew with Cindy. My step-mom was obsessed with nutrition and remaining “thin for your father.” At least she had seasoned it enough to taste like more than shredded cardboard.

My dad’s house felt smaller somehow despite it being the open floor plan. I felt like I outgrown the home and that two weeks ago when I was prancing about the house without a real job and recently flunked out of school I had been a child. Now, with a career budding and making regularly a couple hundred to a thousand dollars a night doing my cam show, my old world felt smaller. Like the dining room wasn’t my world; it was just a room I was in at the time.

With all the cash I had coming in I was free.

Too bad my dad wouldn’t look at me, and Cindy took furtive glances with her trembling hands while she ate. Maybe she was calorie deprived and looked nervous because she was too weak to feed herself. Or maybe my dad had told her.

“Where’s Jonathan?” I asked. He was their 15 year old child and my half-brother.

“He had soccer practice and then went to his tutor,” Cindy said.

My dad watched her speak, gave me the briefest of looks, then picked at his dry chicken.


Silence pressed on us like a cloud of pornography in a christian home. It clung to us like skunk smell after showering. I couldn’t take Cindy’s mouseish shaking fingers, her tentative bites, or my dad’s complete reluctance to acknowledge me. Why the fuck did they invite me over if they were going to sit in silence and pretend like nothing happened.

I slammed my fork on the table.

“We have to talk about this.” I said, and folded my arms beneath my breasts looking at both ends of the table.

It felt like the moments before a thunderstorm you know is going to be bad, but you can’t do anything but wait, and stand in your garage watch it to come.

My dad froze staring at the food plate. Cindy put her fork and knife down as slow as she could, and put her hands in her lap, laced together.

“I strip for people online; I’m a stripper and I make money from it. And yes, sometimes I do a show with toys.”

“Oh dear!” Cindy said with a hand over her mouth.

My dad’s fist clenched against the fork. Veins exploded out of his neck shoving against the skin. His face went red.

“This is how I make money now; here.” I slapped a wad of cash on the table I’d been lugging in my purse. “My first repayment for school like you wanted me to pay back since I failed out.”

“Oh, sweetie, you don’t need to pay that back yet. We meant when you get a real job.” Cindy said.

“I’m making $1,000 a show! I work four days a week and make more in a day than I would at Wal-Mart!”

“Well, you don’t have to work at Wal-Mart, honey, you can be a receptionist, or at an office or something. Your father has some contacts…”

She trailed off when he snapped up and glared at her. He finally unclenched his fists enough to set the silverware on the table without damaging anything, and took a deep breath.

“Violet.” he said my name like he was lingering it on his tongue to measure what words would follow. He said my name so condescending and commanding I both hated and loved him. “You are a, a whore, you’re stripping! You’re my daughter exposing yourself for other people to to, ugh! And it is the internet! Those videos,” he spat the word with disgust, “will be around forever! They’re going to follow you the rest of your life! What if you have kids?! They’ll get to see their mom naked, and doing things. Do you want them to see that?”

“I don’t know. I understand about the internet, Dad. And it is perfectly safe. I’m in a private room;” I glared at my dad, “it is totally anonymous, the site hides my IP so no one can trace me and I never talk about where I live. It is safe, and there is on contact with anyone. Lonely strangers give me money to see me naked.”

“That is fucking stripping! You’re my daughter! I don’t want you getting naked! If you needed money…” he stopped talking.

I think he realized what he was about to say. I’d turned to camming because when my grades slipped he cut off my allowance. When I got kicked out for bad grades he let me come home, but under the condition that I get a job and pay him back for the semesters at school I’d already paid for. With the cam show I’d started to do exactly that. It was a good job; just not what he wanted me to be doing.

“Dad, it is perfectly safe, I don’t do anything I don’t want to; I’m private in my own room, and I control what they see. No one will ever come find me because they don’t know my name, and don’t know where I live.”

“Don’t be so naive, Violet. People can find a way. The world is full of sicko’s and you’re making yourself a target.”

“I am not, dad. Relax.”

“Relax! Relax! You’re fucking toys on camera for strangers! It’s wrong!” He shouted and I jumped back in my chair. Cindy gasped like a startled rabbit. “FUCK!” he slammed his fists on the table and all the silverware and plates rattled with the force.

I picked at my chicken with my fork, and looked down at my plate. I knew it was best to wait out his rage than say anything else. I wasn’t going to change my mind, and he wasn’t going to change his.

“Violet, dear, we’re just worried about you.”

“I know.”

“Your father is upset; we both think that you don’t need to get naked to make money. You don’t need to, shame yourself, for money. If you need it that bad we’d be willing to help you out.”

“No.” Dad said.

“But we talked about this,” Cindy said sharper than her voice had been all day; she may look waifish and weak but she kept my father on a tight leash.

He grit his teeth and pinched his lips taut so they went white and dark bloodless red.

“We can give you an allowance and will match whatever funds you earn at a real job.” Cindy said.

“I don’t want your money. I have my own place now. I’m moving in this weekend; and I make enough money alone doing this. I make more than I ever thought I could. No.”

“But dear,”

“I’m sorry. No. This is what I’m doing. I’m sorry that you burst into my room without knocking, Dad, I really am, but.”

“What?! Are you saying this is my fault!?” He roared.

“YOU DIDN’T KNOCK! You wouldn’t even KNOW if you just RESPECTED MY PRIVACY!”


I screamed in rage, a wordless head thrown back howl, “RRRWWAGGGHH!!” I got up and walked out of the dining room. I still didn’t have a car, so I put my shoes on and began looking for my sweater. It was nice out, but I didn’t want to leave anything here.

“Sweetie, please, don’t go. Stay; we can talk about it more.”

“I’m sorry Cindy. I’m not quitting, and I can’t handle this anymore. I love you, I love dad too, and I’m sorry, but I’m not stopping. You’re both going to have to deal with that.”

Her face was a ripple of worry lines and concern. I felt braver and more powerful in that moment than I ever had in my life. I felt strong; like I was resilient and fully understood the ramifications of my choices. If they knew what I’d done before with my ex-boyfriend I’d be even worse off. What I did now for more money was tame in comparison.

I hugged Cindy in the foyer under the chandelier. Their house was so spacious. I loved it; but I had to live on my own now. I had to support myself, and I was going to do it the best way I knew how; online doing cam shows.

“Don’t worry,” I said to Cindy’s neck, “I’ll be fine.”

“I hope so. We’re here if you need us. Don’t hesitate to ask.” She looked to the dining room, “he’ll come around. You are his little girl.” She said.

his little girl.” She said it like an accusation, and explanation, and as reassurance. I felt that shameful pit grow again in my throat, threaten to explode tears in front of my brief manic bravery, and I turned away.

“Everything will be fine.” I said.

I didn’t have a ride lined up, but I walked down the street putting my pickup point for Lyft a few blocks away. I could walk off some of my rage before heading back to my hotel room. I looked at the time on my phone. It was still early, and I didn’t have a show planned on my calendar, but I could always pop in for a quick hour show. I started thinking about what I’d wear, and what I should set my tip goals at for the night.

My parents were going to have to just accept what I did, and if they didn’t I’d support myself. They’d come around eventually; they needed time. Until then, I had money to make.

Erotic Short Stories

Cam Model Disaster Part 6

My dad continued hammering his fists on the door to my hotel room, and I couldn’t muster the strength to pull myself off the floor to answer him. I couldn’t figure out how he knew where I was, or what my room number was. How had he found me, and why, why the fuck was he pounding on my door? I did the only thing I had the energy for after a traumatic week and hours spent pleasuring myself on camera: I cried.

Shame and disgust washed over me like I was standing in the rain but instead of water falling it was disapproving frowns from my father, from my mom, and even my stepmom. I couldn’t look at the cameras, but they were still aimed at my naked weeping. I could hear the chimes that people were tipping me for my performance, and it added to my disgust. How could people be cheering while I broke down and cried after baring my most private soul to them online? How could they be throwing money at my destruction? They didn’t care about me at all; they wanted to watch some girl fuck herself to get off on, and to see break down and flame out dissolving emotionally.

The pounding on the door ceased, and I looked hoping my dad walked away. Then I heard laughter, and a chorus of muffled voices talking. My eyebrows pushed together and I frowned. Why would my dad be here with a group of people? That didn’t make sense. I glanced at the cameras, the dildos on the floor, and then the screen which scrolled the cam room feed. Something was different and not fitting quite right; I took a breath, wiped my face with my forearm and stood up. Since cumming and the door shaking impacts I hadn’t spoken to my audience or the person on the other side of the door. Slow, padding silent as I could I tip-toed to the hotel door, and leaned against the metal.

The eye hole as a little higher than my eyeline, so I perched on my toes to look through. The fish-eye lense was dirty but effective. I could see most of the hallway, and the slumped body of a boy’s pants and shoes next to my door. A crowd of teens or college kids similar in age to me were pointing and laughing. Whoever had been hammering my door was not someone I knew; and it certainly wasn’t my father. Thank god!

Relief flooded through my skin. It was like being told you have an illness that will lead to suffering for years only to be told your test results were mixed up with someone else’s and you’re in the best of health. It felt like I had the energy to fuck myself on camera again with all the rejuvenated enthusiasm of a fresh nap. That excitement and energy faded quickly with the emotional drain from getting kicked out of my father’s house.  At least he wasn’t here at the hotel in the middle of the night interrupting my shows again!

My breasts were cold against the metal door; and I had forgotten how naked I was. One of the cameras were aimed at my butt, and I was certain they could see my legs and ass if not my body. I perched longer trying to flex my legs to give them a better view; the fear and self-loathing that caused me to break down spiraled into a sort of exuberant manina after realizing the door knocking were just a bunch of young drunk idiots.

With perky nipples pinching taut by the cold door I spun back to my nest of blankets, pillows, dildos and cameras.

“Sorry about that everyone.” I pinched my tits for the main camera. “I thought it was my dad coming to yell at me! I was so scared!” I lift my chest, then let my breasts drop jiggling them for the camera. Guys seemed to like jiggling tits and I had to remember to keep moving them around. “You probably saw me crying; there was no way I was going to answer the door all naked,” I picked up a camera, “and let him in to see this mess.” I panned the lense across the floor and the rest of the room strewn with lamps in odd places, clothes piled on the floor in a corner mess, and the bottles of lube and dildos in clear view. “It was some drunk guys who didn’t know what room they were in. The guy passed out and his friends are taking care of him now. Oh my god! I was so scared!”

I shoved my hands against my nipples and clutched my tits to my chest. It pressed the flesh wide and gave me some solid cleavage. Someone tipped me.

“Anyways. I’m exhausted. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

I searched the chat box for the highest tippers of the day and gave them a personal shout out, making sure to say their names, and make a note for my assistant to give them a special video free for their generous overall donations. I’d racked up over 4,000 tokens tonight, putting me into the $3,000-$3500 category for one night; for one fucking show!

It was incredible. I checked the time; 2am. I could get online at 10 or 11pm, slowly strip while talking to randoms with energy and enthusiasm, do whatever I planned in advance for tips, then get off with an orgasm (which I’d do anyways) and earn more money in a single night then I ever had in a month!

I bounced up and down, letting my viewers get another minute of good tit wobbling, and bent over for the camera to show my pussy and butt plug. I put up the peace sign, and signed off smiling. Maybe this cam show deal wasn’t so raw and bad as I had thought it was going to be. My dad was an idiot if he didn’t think women touched themselves; a moron if he didn’t think women enjoyed sex too. If I could make this much money online getting naked in a room by myself and playing with toys I would explore on my own anyways, why not cash in?

It was clear. I was going to continue doing shows, and maybe, I might start bringing in some friends to really help me earn. Nights like tonight and three days ago were anomalies.  I was going to have to treat this like work and really get motivated maximizing my income.  I looked around with excitement, starting to clean up the mess of my reverlry. The dildos would have to be washed (I threw them in the bathtub), the lube recapped, the cameras sanitized, and the sheets cleaned. I got into the shower, and for the first time in the last four days, I bathed with blissful joy unconcerned by guilt or shame. Everything was going to be okay.

Erotic Short Stories

Cam Model Disaster Part 5

No one talks about how weird it is to be moaning and groaning aloud for people’s entertainment in an empty room. Fucking yourself on a dildo for a live cam show online is like the total inverse of being a stripper. You’re still the focus of attention, but there isn’t a room full of people with you to play off of. Or, there isn’t the disinterest and distraction that comes with a stirp club. The guys in the room are presumably not jacking off to you either like I assumed most guys that watched my cam show were. Stripping and camming shared the same source material: naked people. They were different though. I wished that the cam model tips and tricks on the cam site I used to stream my videos had a section on “how to remain engaged with an audience that isn’t there.” I found it really difficult to keep my attention on the crowd watching. My struggle was to keep from slipping into the closed eye eroticism of self pleasure. I could easily forget the cameras and mute the volume of the comment and tip announcements while pounding my ass into the mirror. I could plant my face against the tight weave carpet red and patterned so it didn’t look dirty, turn on a vibrator against my clit, and slow ride the flesh colored dildo that was suctioned to the bottom of the mirror attached to the wall.

I could have blissfully came on that plastic cock letting my nipples go raw from the carpet friction, but I didn’t. This was a cam show and I had to cater to my fans because that was how I got paid. My tips also hadn’t gotten high enough to do the cum show either. So there was that.

The camera was set up on the TV desk / thing that housed the small fridge and a few empty drawers. The mirror on the wall was immediately adjacent to it, and between the short hall to the hotel room door and the bathroom. I was lucky because this was a bigger than typical room, a blessing of sheer luck, and there was ample room for me to sprawl out blankets and toys in the space between the bathroom door and the TV desk. I angled the camera from above so viewers could see my butt, my back, and my side boobs. I had to crane my neck a bit to get a good view, but contorting my body in all manner of twists was part of the seduction. The feedback from previous shows was more geared towards better closeups of my pussy sliding over the dildo, and as one viewer put it, “a dash came for the cock.” I assumed he wanted me to strap a GoPro to the base of the dildo so it could be like a penis point of view while I slid up and down on the shaft. If my income this week was what I expected it to be I could certainly afford one and work it into my show.

I took a moment to stop rocking and read some of the chat text. The cock and the plug both filling me felt so good, I kept moving in slow slips up and down on the cock; it felt good to have them pulsing inside me.

Take that cock, Bunnybutt, yeah”
User1293723 has tipped BunnyButtFriend 23 tokens!”
Damn girl, you look so hot on all fours.”
“Wow. You’re amazing!”
“Fuck that is sexy how you move slow on that dick.”
“Bunny, you’re beautiful, want to go to Private?”
“Dude, check out how sad she looks. Gonna cry about your daddy again?”
User1293723 has tipped BunnyButtFriend 23 tokens!”
Bunny, your butt is gorgeous. How does the plug feel when you’re riding the dildo?”

I looked directly at the camera.

“Thanks guys. Thank you User!” I made the peace sign and held it up to my face in my best asian girl selfie pose. “Not cool about my dad. That sucked. Uhm, I don’t do private shows, sorry. The plug feels really good right now. Like I’m stuffed. We’re like 50 tokens away from the cumshow. Make sure you tip!”

The music on my playlist switched songs to one I really liked. It was easy with the music to dance a bit in front of the camera and writhe on the dildo. Sometimes I felt it difficult to not just stare at my video stream and watch myself fucking. I remembered being on all fours like I was now, head turned to the side, and watching the live-stream video while my ex-boyfriend fucked me. It was the first time we had an honestly good camera and I could see his balls slap my clit, I could see his thick shaft disappearing into my body, like my ass just enveloped his sizable cock. Most of all I watched my face and how I winced each penetration, how when his rod rammed into my and his hips slammed into my ass my face would react to the impact. I started practicing my faces a few sessions after that initial time, always reminded by how expressive it was.

My facial reactions had come to be our greatest money-maker and my ex set up a second camera aimed at my face so we could “capitalize on my facial expressions that brought in the bacon.”

“User1293723 has tipped BunnyButtFriend 23 tokens!”
“User1293723 has tipped BunnyButtFriend 23 tokens!”
“User1293723 has tipped BunnyButtFriend 23 tokens!”
“User1293723 has tipped BunnyButtFriend 23 tokens!”

I laughed and clapped my hands, rising up on my knees.

“Woah! Thank you User! That’s it folks, we’re at the cumshow! Get ready. I’ll start working on it now. I need to get some stuff together. Give me five minutes.”

I made a heart shape with my fingers and smiled with my head tilted slightly to the side. “Be right back!”

For the cumshow it was best if I actually orgasmed. Most of my viewers wouldn’t know the difference between a fake climax or a real one, but I always felt like if they were giving me money, I should be respectful of their cash and give them reality. Remembering how much my facial expressions were a good selling point, I figured I could milk some more tokens out of the viewers with a second camera aimed at my face straight on. It would make it easier for me to focus on something and not worry about the dildo inside me being the same one I was fucking when my dad interrupted me. My eyes glanced at the black cock on the bed where I’d spit it out. I sighed. It would rake in more dough, but I was reluctant to use it again. I looked at it like it was a chore I had to do but didn’t want to; I remembered when I was in high school, staring at my dad’s dirty dishes after Thanksgiving Dinner and how I had offered to clean them.  “Dive in,” I said to myself, and tossed the black dildo on the floor next to the still wiggling flesh suction cup one.

I set up the second camera, and readjusted the main one. One was aimed at where my face would be, directly towards the mirror. I angled it just a little so they could see the dildo and my pussy as well as my face. The main camera I brought lower and aimed it fully on my butt. I tested it out a few times to make sure that my ass and pussy were in full view. I hoped it was good enough to provide what they wanted. I heard a few tip chimes and checked the chat.

“RockhardRock tipped BunnyButtFriend 33 tokens! ‘Oh fuck yeah, suck that black cock while you fuck yourself on the mirror, just like when your daddy beat you.’

“HornTale tipped BunnyButtFriend 11 tokens! ‘Great! just like a few days ago. Make sure you lock the door!’

I couldn’t help but laugh at their enthusiasm and pure disregard for the emotional damage I was suffering from the incident. My fuckind dad had walked in on my naked. I had been gagging on the big plastic black cock I just flopped on the floor. My father saw my ass plugged with a sparkling heart shaped toy, and my pussy lips gripping the shaft of a lifelike dildo suctioned to a mirror he’d bought me when I was a teenager. The worst part for him was that I was filming myself and streaming it to strangers online.

Maybe it wasn’t an amused laugh, but one to stave off madness.

I was as ready as I’d ever be. I took a deep breath, checked my naked body to make sure I didn’t have any stains or stuff on me. Pinched my nipples a few times to perk them up, slapped my butt, and said, “okay!”

I moved into view on camera.

“Ok! Here we go. You have all been wonderful tonight, wow! Over 4,000 tokens! That is incredible. You guys are great. Thank you!” I smiled with my signature fake asian girl selfie pose. “Alright. On to the cumshow. I have this,” I turned to show my buttplug, and tugged on it to some gentle moans.”uhmmm, this buttplug in; which I’ve come to love. And, I’ll be using the cock on the wall, and, as a special treat to all you perverts, I brought this one,” I held up the floppy black dildo. “I figured I could suck on it to help you cum with me. And if I need it, which I might not, I have the vibrator to get us going.”

The chat room flooded with encouragement, and smaller tips chimed like a flood, but there were all for 1 token or 2.

The blanket I had spread on the floor under the mirror was cool again, and I settled down on all fours. I backed up my ass against the suctioned dildo, and leaning backwards aimed it at my hole. It was sticky from the dried lube, and I reached for the bottle to drizzle more lubrication over it. I stroked the dick like it was real, and had a flashback of reaching behind my back to stroke my ex-boyfriend’s cock with a hand slathered in lube. He hadn’t liked touching it and made me lubricate him. I always felt like he should be doing it.

Once the dildo was wet enough, I shimmied my pussy over the large tip. It was big, and like every time stretched me out more than I thought I was capable of. I let out a gasp.

Yeah, sit on that dick, girl.”
“You look so sexy taking that cock.”
“Your face is so pretty when you’re getting split open.”

My eyebrows crunched in, I pouted my lips, panted with my tongue lolling, and bit my lip. It was a sequence I’d practiced in the mirror over and over, and it elicited the reaction I hoped for: more tips.

The dildo was deep enough inside me I could let go, and I leaned forward on my forearms while I began rocking back and forth on the dildo. It filled me. It shoved my insides apart. I felt destroyed by its intrusion. The plastic was lifelike, soft and firm at the same time, thick enough to stay rigid, and floppy enough to bend if I jerked randomly. I moved forward and back sliding my pussy over the veins, and wincing at every ribbed inch diving into my honey pot. When I pulled off, it stretched my lips over the top like I was gripping it and attempting to keep the cock inside me. It was heaven, it was excitement, and the cascade of tips and chimes blissfully added to the rising joy behind my belly-button. Each ding was like a building layer pebble added to the mountain of pleasure rising through the dildos in my crotch. I was filled by plastic cocks and my ass clenched hard against the plug. I spasmed, deep resounding waves of joy quivering my legs with rising tingling. My knees rubbed hard against the carpet through the blanket, my forearms pressed deep into the floor, and while I knew I was scraping them raw into redness, I knew it was worth it for the money and the satisfaction I’d have upon release.

I’d closed my eyes for most of my grinding buildup, but now, staring at the camera inches away from my face, panting like I was in heat, and waving my eyebrows in all the expressive painful loss of control innocence I could muster against my swelling orgasm, I saw the black dildo laying on the blanket near my wrist. I flicked my eyes to it and back at the camera, bit my lip, sniffled, and dramatically shut my eyes in denial. Chimes blared, tips rolled in, and I was making money. Throughout, I pulsed my hips faster and faster against the mirror dildo. It rammed deeper and deeper into my womb with each slamming thrust I inflicted on it with my knees. I moaned into the camera, picked up the black dildo and shoved it into my mouth in mid-moan cutting myself off, splaying my eyes as wide as they’d go as if I was surprised, and choked on the plastic cock by shoving it as deep into my gullet I could.

My eyes watered from staying wide as I could keep them. My throat burned from the deep collision of the dildo. My ass flared in stretching pleasure against the swollen mirror cock in my pussy, and I moaned with orgasm rippling through my torso shivering through my thighs, pinching my nipples, and spasming my tongue against the fake veins I spread wide against.

I coughed out the cock, spitting on the floor, and stared at it below my face while I heaved in gasping breaths, grunts and moans flowing uncontrolled out of my voice. My ass shook like it was on a vibrating bed, cascading muscle spasms from my legs through my hips, bouncing on the suctioned mirror dick. In moments, I had a hand on my clit, rubbing away the stress of excessive orgasm, and I lay with my cheek against the spit warm plastic cock. I lay in spent exhaustion; both mentally and physically drained from my reuse of my “disaster dildos” and the performance that required my full efforts to achieve satisfaction.

Damn that was hot!”
Did you see her cum on that thing. When you put it in your mouth, god, your eyes look so sexy.”
I want you choking on my dick looking up at me like that.”
“GobbleCock tipped BunnyButtFriend 44 tokens! ‘show us your pussy after cumming”
Girl you know I’d cuddle you after too; PM me and we can talk about how I’ll take care of you.”
Bunny, your ass is so sexy pushed up in the air with your face down like that!”

I was barely struggling myself up off the floor, sliding my pussy off the mirror dick, and had just picked up the black cock when I heard a loud jarring pounding on the hotel room door. What I assumed were fists hammered against the door spiking my heart-rate and sending me into a panic. The door chain rattled against the metallic frame and made the slamming more startling and discordant.

“Hello! Hey! Open up! Open this door immediately! Open up!”

My dad’s voice came muffled through the door. How the fuck could he be out there again trying to ruin my cam show! And doing the same thing he’d interrupted before! Fuck! I was naked, cameras and dildos strewn about the room stinking of lubrication and sex; my vagina was used, and my ass stretched by the plug. My throat was raw from abuse shoving the dark cock in my mouth. There was no way I was answering the door like this, in this state.

I cried in terror on video again while my father interrupted a second cam show. I couldn’t look at the screen to see what they were saying now, but the tips continued to chime rolling in while I crumbled on the floor surrounded by cameras and cocks.

Erotic Short Stories

Cam Model Disaster Part 4

My saliva helped slide the black dildo down my throat like my tears helped me overcome my shame about my dad walking in on me while performing for my viewers. The deeper I shoved the cock into my mouth, the more I drooled around it, the wider my eyes went, and the more tips I raked in. My viewers seemed to love the tears that squeezed out of my struggle big eyes, they seemed to love the tear streaked makeup and my gagging spit when I coughed out the dildo to take long gasping breaths.

I worked the black dildo into my mouth over and over, pushing it further down my throat suppressing my gag reflex. It was like I was suppressing my memories three days ago in my father’s house. Every time I crossed my eyes on camera in the three preparing breaths I took before gulping the cock down again was like another effort to shove that small part of my soul that screamed “this is wrong! This is what daddy was so upset about!” I’d crunch my eyebrows in concern, and close my eyes and open as wide as I could to the chorus of money rolling into my token wallet.

One of my viewers gave me a 222 token tip asking for “face fucking,” and since I was well past my goal for the day I did my best to perform it. I pumped the black dildo into my face fast, slobbering around the corners of my mouth, snot leaking down and adding a salty tang. With my eyes closed pushing the plastic cock in and out of my face I thought out of nowhere “what if my dad is watching right now?” I kept pulsing the veins against my tongue, and made sure to have the tip stick out between my lip and the dildo. Viewers liked seeing it. Would my dad?


I coughed out the dildo and spat on the floor next to the bed, dry-heaving and the desire to retch welled up in my belly. I couldn’t comprehend my dad watching me perform on purpose. It be as bad as the idea of my mom watching me masturbate. No. No way. No amount of cash was worth that horror.

woah! did you see that look? What was that Bunnybutt?”
“I thought someone came in her room again!”
“You look so hot sweeting blowing that cock. You know how I love that look.”

“DarkSukka19 Tipped 23 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”

“I love your face when you’re sucking a dick. When are you gonna do a live show again?”

“Sorry guys,” I said, “It just got too deep and I couldn’t handle it. The dick is too big. Look at this,” I wiggled the penis in front of my face, and slapped my cheek a few times. “It is bigger than my face! Oh, thank you,” I made a heart shape with my fingers in response to the tip. “I don’t do live shows with others anymore, sorry.”

why not??!”

I picked up the suction dildo and spit on the disk to get it ready to stick against the mirror.

“Uhm, ok. I’m done with that thing,” I gestured to the big dildo I’d been slobbering on and attempting to deepthroat. “Next up is this thing. The last time I used it my dad walked in on me.” I gave a nervous laugh, and leaned over to show my pussy and ass; the sparkling butt plug was still there. I could forget about it sometimes. “You got me up to my goal, so I’m going to set this thing up against the mirror and start in,” I looked at the clock, “uhm 10 minutes.”

I got out of the camera field of view, and went to the bathroom to wash off the dildo. I cleaned the black one, but had not cleaned this one. I peed, and washed the flesh colored suction cup dildo with my hands. I looked in the mirror. This was what I did. My hair was wisping, still in the crown braids, my mascara had streaked down my cheeks from when I’d been crying over the black dildo in my gullet, and I was naked but flushed. At least my boobs looked perky and my butt wasn’t too big. I took a breath, and turned to check the thermostat. At least the hotel room let you control the temperature. I set it to 77 again so I wouldn’t get cold.

When I got back in the main room I had to readjust the camera and lights to aim at the floor where I was going to stick the dildo against the mirror. It seemed like there was enough room to fuck myself against the wall, but I’d have to spread my legs wide, the narrow mirrors where I could get my feet around the sides were much better for this type of thing. It couldn’t be helped. I had 1000 viewers waiting for me to fuck the dildo my dad had seen me fucking just a few short days ago. They wanted a show and they were willing to give me money. If I did well tonight I wouldn’t have to worry as much about rent and I might be able to afford a car to get me around instead of Lyft and Uber all the time.

“Ok. I think I’m all set. Looks like the area is all set up,” I put a pillow and the comforter from the bed on the floor. “Here we go, so I don’t fuck up my knees. Ok.” I did a little boob shake in front of the camera. “Here is the suction cock. What do you guys think, doggy style, like last time,” I bit my lip and made a frowning face, “or I think I can get it low enough to be on my back. Vote with tips, 1 token for on my back, 2 tokens for doggy, and uhm, 3 for both.”

“Dreamboytight Tipped 3 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”
“Carl7654 Tipped 3 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”
“Darkholestick Tipped 3 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”
“StinkPony Tipped 2 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”
“IngridHastle Tipped 3 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”
“CowMoonJump Tipped 2 tokens to BunnyButtFriend.”

“Okay!” More votes poured in, and the helper I paid a portion of my commissions tallied them in a private chat window for me. “It looks like overwhelmingly you want me to do both, and most want my doggy. Ok! Well, I guess that is so you can see my happy plug,” I wiggled my butt on camera for them to see the plug in my ass, and my wet pussy. “while I fuck myself against the wall.” I checked the tip gauge. “It looks like we’re only 230 tokens away from the cumshow. If we get there I’ll cum on the dildo and maybe pull the plug out and see if one of my smaller dildos fit too.”

I always had to do something to keep them interested. Had to push the envelope to encourage more tips out of viewers. I had to ride this plastic cock sometime, and even if it reminded me of the horror on my dad’s face while I felt the cock push against my womb, even if I remembered the pleasure I felt when I pulled my body off the shaft while my Dad walked towards me, I had to get back on and take it again. I remembered hiding the wince of pleasure as the tip split my slit wide when it flopped out, and I hid my face from my father while he ripped the power cords out of the wall. I was nervous about pushing my pussy back over the wide plastic cock, worried about how dirty I’d feel grinding against the wall and having an orgasm while I fingered my clit, or toyed with the plug in my ass for strangers online.

I prayed to god that my dad wasn’t checking in on me and watching my show now. That would be awful. With my back turned to the camera I cried a little, gave a small sob, and with a slam, hammered the suction cup dildo against the wall, and gave it a few wet lubricated tugs; running my hands all along the veined shaft and tip. I took a deep breath,

“Okay!” I said with enthusiasm I didn’t feel. “Here we go!” I got on all fours, and pushed my pussy against the rigid dick. I bit my lip, closed my eyes, and guided it into me like the tips were guiding cash into my wallet.

Erotic Short Stories

Cam Model Disaster Part 3

Three days after my dad walked in on me during the climax of my cam show I was in a Best Western Business hotel room. They had the fastest internet connection and were relatively close to my new apartment so I could get a feel for living there. The lighting was terrible though. I had to rearrange the lamps and even explicitly tell the cleaning staff four times already to stop putting them back where they typically were. God, the look on my Dad’s face when he stormed into my bedroom three days ago still appeared at the most random times.

I’d been eating at Taco Bell scrolling through my email messages and I had to drop the phone and put my plate of nachos down. Whatever I’d just read reminded me of a time my Dad and I went to Camelback mountain and hiked it casual like over an afternoon. He had frequently boosted me up, or held his hand out so I could pull on his strong arm. Who knew that a few years later he’d walk in to his daughter’s bedroom, probably to tell me something he was excited about, and find her deep-throating a black plastic cock, on all fours bouncing backwards on a suction cup dildo and getting filmed for strangers online. I sucked down some Diet Coke and lost all appetite for food and social media.

Another time, I was walking across the parking lot from my hotel to Wal-Mart in the adjacent strip mall, and I had a memory running through a series of parking lots running to catch up to my mom on a shopping spree. I think it might have been Black Friday, and my dad was pulling ahead. I called out to him, and his concern and love when he turned back to encourage me to hurry up flooded over me. I remember him scooping me up in his arms and dashing off after mom; they were still together then. Shame made me pull up my hoodie and walk to Wal-mart with my head hanging down fearful that anyone would see or recognize me. How do you get over your dad walking in on you just before you came for tips on video getting spit by dildos?

I showered frequently; before doing shows, after, when I woke up in the morning, and even after eating lunch, or whatever meal I ate in the middle of when I was awake. My whole sleep schedule was blurred. I cried most of that first night after getting out of the Lyft from my Dad’s house to the hotel with two lumbering suit cases full of clothes and products for my hair and makeup. I even packed the dildos and vibrators. At the time I didn’t want to leave them at my Dad’s house as a reminder of what he had to see, and I didn’t really want to take them with me. They had a film of shame and disgust over them like I didn’t wash them off after shoving them into my holes.

My cam shows the last few days had been tame affairs; me in lacy lingerie or in sweatpants and shirts like armor that I removed over time to the right tip amounts. My income was huge the first two days and then precipitously dropping. I bundled my “Dad interruption” video as a pay to watch bundle and it went viral making me another easy $4,000 in sales. If I had the will I could have gone to the porn sites and DCMA’ed my videos for them to take it down, but a forum said it was worth just letting them stay up because it was like free marketing. It was; my channel had more viewers than ever, in large part to my extreme reaction when my Dad crashed into my show and shut it down.

Three days after the incident I was setting up my room for my next cam show and the buttplug, the black dildo, and the flesh suction dildo were on my bed. They were like elephants in the room. I skirted around them, avoiding looking at them, but always aware that they were there. It takes a lot of effort to pointedly ignore something. You have to be constantly aware of it so you don’t accidentally acknowledge it. I thought it was like reverse psychology.

The hotel room had a great set of mirrors; one tall full body one that I could use in my show and the bathroom mirror huge against the whole wall and large bright lights surrounding the top and sides. I felt like it was a perfect set-up for cam shows. I could use the bathroom like a ready green room to do my make up and hair, and with the extra space in the room I could use the floor or the bed.

I found this blue and white ensemble at Wal-Mart and knew it would be perfect for my show. I could slip my boobs out frequently, could play with the garter belts on my thighs, and lift the crotch to the side if someone gave me a special tip.

My camera was all set up on the tripod, my laptop was ready to stream, and I only had to hit “record” before I began. My hair was done up in a crown braid that made me look more innocent than I felt like I was. I could undo it and splash my hair down if I got enough tips. I dyed my hair deep red the day after I moved into the hotel, and I felt like it was punishment in my pain. Like I was sinful; it might not have helped that I enjoyed the new red look, and thought it made my face sexier.

I took a deep breath. Camera ready. Lights behind the camera. Laptop plugged in. Camera plugged in. Curtains drawn. Door locked. Door locked twice; bolt in place, chain there. Good. And toys.

My breath trembled. It was the first night I brought out the toys from when my dad interrupted me.

I had to use them. My viewers had dropped off complaining of boring shows where I only talk and get naked. That I tease with my body and not produce. They wanted more like the videos I’d been doing before. They wanted more videos like I’d done with my ex-boyfriend. Thank god my dad hadn’t walked into one of those where I had let my ex fuck me from behind and put his thumb in my butt. God forbid my dad walked in on a show where I let my ex stick it in my ass for a second before I shouted in pain and fear and leapt away. My viewers seemed to like me getting tortured; up until three days ago that failed anal scene had been my highest paying night and video.

This was how I made money now. It was either this or a job at Wal-Mart folding cheap lingerie and helping overweight women convince themselves that sexy clothes were going to get their husbands to fuck them again. It clearly wasn’t the 64oz sugar coke, or the bag of doritos they chowed on while pushing their cart full of pre-packaged food through the store. I shuddered. No. Debasing myself in private for a bunch of online men and women was much better than having to deal with that kind of denial.

“Here we go,” I whispered.

I flicked on the camera, started filming, and bounced on the bed.

“Hello! I’m back!” I knew notifications were going out to people that followed me, “BunnyButtfriend is live! Check her out now by clicking here.” My ex-boyfriend thought I had the whitest “cotton tail” and called me “Bunnybutt” while we dated so I made it my screen name on the cam site. He added the “friend” because he thought he needed to be represented too. I still had a pale rear, but nowhere near as bad when I’d started camming. “Well, today I went shopping and found this lovely…”

Camming was like a performance where you’re always on and have to always be interacting even when the room is dead. I spoke to the camera about my life, about what I’d seen that day, and did my best to give hints about my body underneath, and what I was going to do for a certain amount of tips. My tip amounts today were benign for the beginning levels; 11 tokens for a flash, 13 for a bend over, 44 for 2:00 of pants off, 88 for 2:00 top and bottoms off (in lingerie), and 111 for lingerie squats. At the 2000 token total threshold I’d go naked, and for 3333 tokens in the night I’d use the dildo’s I’d been caught fucking for the first time.

My room filled fast, and only two hours in my guys had got me to 3000 tokens. My heart rate sped up. I had forgotten about the dildos. My viewers were now clamoring for them; the ding’s from tips were almost non-stop trickling in a steady flow closer and closer to 3333. Comments about my reluctance flooded the chat room. I did my best to smile, to brave my smile, but one savvy viewer (a regular) noted that I hadn’t even touched them all day; didn’t mention them, hadn’t even looked at them once during the whole two hours I’d been filming today. He was right; they burned like painful sunlight too close and I had been avoiding them.

Three minutes later the chime went off for my 3333 threshold, and I took a deep breath.

“Well, you did it guys! That was 3333, and you know what that means. I’m going to play with these toys,” I gestured to them without looking at them. “most of you know, but I haven’t used them since. Since, three days ago,” I bit back a sob, “when my dad walked in on my using them in all my holes. I took a deep breath and a long pause.

are you okay?
Don’t worry Bunnybutt! You can do it!
Eat that cock like you’re dad’s watching!!! X)
Take your time; eat the frog, bite the bullet. We support you Bunny!

The chat room was flowing fast and I couldn’t pick out everything. It seemed like the majority were sympathetic, but a few were taking perverse pleasure in my torment. I thought about the moment I decided to open the basement door and take the first steps down to confront my dad after he’d seen me spit by dildos.

They were sticky from my sweating palms, but I flopped them into my lap, and made sure to keep up the brave act for the camera. I waved them in front of my face, slapped them against my cheek, stroked them between my cleavage, and even rubbed the tip of the black one against my clit.

Tips exploded into my wallet; and I knew I was going to make a ton of money tonight. It was the right choice to face my demons head on, and I found particular joy that after three days it was my moment to rise like a phoenix to greater heights after disaster.

Working the butt plug into my ass was easy; I was pretty expert on drawing that process out for the camera. I knelt on all fours with my face turned to the camera making sure that my ass and hips were in the frame as well as my face so they could see the exaggerated expressions while I wiggled it in and out to loosen myself enough for it to enter. When I finally popped it in, I made sure to gasp with wide eyes and pant a bit to amplify the moment. That was always a money maker.

Then I moved to the black dildo. I held it in front of my face, stared at it, crunched my eyebrows, and then looked at the camera.

“The last time I put this in my mouth my dad walked in on me right as I was deepthroating it. I almost had it as deep as I’d ever done before and,” I took a deep breath between sob and whimper, “now I’m going to try and do it again. Don’t worry. The doors are all locked this time.”

Despite my on camera bravery and flippance, I had to shrug to stuff it in my mouth like the first time I pushed a dildo in my butt then put it in my mouth; it requires you to kill a visceral switch in your soul to put your mouth on something that had just been in your ass. I had to silence that part of my soul that cried out the damage I was doing to my daddy when I took that black dildo in my mouth again, the one he’d seen me gagging on, and open up my gullet for it’s wide tip.

The hesitance and screams inside my head faded behind the wall of tip chimes rolling in and all I could focus on was how my token wallet was swelling with cash. Who cared if I was naked and shoving a huge plastic cock down my mouth for strangers to whack off to. Who cared if my dad was ashamed of me. I was making money.

Erotic Short Stories

Cam Model Disaster Part 2

At first I crashed down the stairs to announce that I was coming out of my room. I wanted my Dad to know that I was moving around for him to expect my approach. Maybe it would calm him, or maybe it would pull some of the awkwardness that was about to happen away. My heart felt tight, like I was having difficulties breathing, like I forgot how to use my lungs. I clutched the railing on the stairs to make sure I didn’t plummet face first down them. My pulse roared in my neck, and I could feel the beat stretch out my skin from the inside.

He was in the basement, his sanctuary in this house. Rene, his new wife wasn’t home; thank god. I opened the basement door and heard the steady drum of his fists on the punching bag and the wiggling chain snap it back into place from his impact.

I hesitated. Should I call out to him, or boldly walk into his domaine? I almost turned back; it was so humiliating. I was naked riding a dildo against a mirror, deepthroating a black rubber cock, and had a sparkly heart shaped buttplug in when he had opened my bedroom door. On top of it all, I was performing for strangers online. I took a deep breath. This can’t be worse then fucking on camera I said to myself. It was though. This was my dad, this was the man that had promised me “everything was going to be okay” before he left me alone with my mom. This is the father that while absent for most of my life was always a beacon of hope and happiness. Whenever I was down or distraught he was the person I turned to; he righted my straying ship.

Except once Rene entered, he had become more distant, more withdrawn, and when I begged him for money he refused saying I needed to grow up. The next day was the first that I sucked my boyfriend’s cock with his cell phone camera live-streaming on the cam site. We made $100.00 for that blowjob scene and I spent my $50 on food. My boyfriend bought weed and cigarettes.

No. This was not his fault, and even though I kinda blamed him for turning to cam-showing, it wasn’t his choice to screw for tips. He tried to do the right thing and get me to take personal responsibility for my choices. Well, I took a breath, here I was about to own up to my choices and give him the honest truth. I was a cam-girl. Once I was allowed to I’d be moving into an apartment to do it full time. I was an adult now, and while I was grateful he had let me live in his house after I’d been kicked out college this was who I was. That was my plan. That would be my speech.

I stepped lighter on the first step then when I was trying to sneak out of my house at 15 to hang out with boys.

“Daddy?” I whispered. It was obviously too quiet but it was a first step.

Another couple stairs down. Louder this time each step growing in boldness.

“Dad?” Louder.

I didn’t allow myself to stop walking. More stairs, and I was halfway down. He could see my legs if he was watching the stairs, but I couldn’t see in yet.

“I’m coming down. I want to talk.”

The punches stopped on the bag, the solid “whaps” ceased leaving only the rattling chain and my steps.

“Is it okay? I know you’re mad.”

“Violet,” he said it like a sigh.

I finally was at the base of the stairs, and I paused. This was his space; half finished with a leather set of couches, a flatscreen that dominated one wall for his games and shows that Rene didn’t want to watch, the pool table in the far corner with the wet bar and rows of liquor bottles, and the unfinished corner for his workout space and the punching bag. It looked tired and worn, like he had demolished it.

He was streaked in sweat, and large circles spread under his armpits, over his chest, and stomach. He was soaked with exertion. Wow. He was pissed. I’d never seen him yell or rage verbally at me; that wasn’t his way, but I’d seen him destroy a hockey net with a baseball bat when he found out about my mom wanting to divorce him. I’d seen him punch a hole in a wall and then rip out the drywall instead of patching it spraying white crunchy debris everywhere. At least this time he had focused his ire on the punching bag.

“Dad. I’m sorry.”

“Violet. No. I don’t want to talk about it right now. It, I mean, that was just awful. What were you even doing?”

“Dad. I’m a cam girl.”

“What the fuck does that mean? Are you doing this for strangers online!?”

“Yes. It is like being a stripper without having to see anyone, or touch them.”

“A stripper! Violet! You’re better than that! You’re a smart girl why the fuck are you debasing yourself like that? and ON CAMERA for STRANGERS!?”

His fists clenched and his face reddened like a ripe strawberry. I took a step backwards. He noticed, and let his fists drop to his sides and he turned away.

“I make money from it. I couldn’t get a job that paid enough, everything was only like $7.75 and hour, or a stuffy unpaid internship, and you weren’t helping me out, I was kicked out of school, so I lost my scholarships and all the loans, and mom couldn’t help, so I had to do something.

“Masturbate on camera for strange men online?! They’re going to hunt you down and rape you, Violet!”

I couldn’t help but laugh, but covered it with a cough. I hoped he didn’t notice.

“It is totally anonymous, and they can’t see anything I don’t show them. I’m careful.”

“You’re going to have to leave.”

“I can’t move in until next month. You know that. Where do you think I got the money to afford this place?”

“I don’t know. I thought you had a job or something.”

“I do, technically.” I said.

“Well, I can’t have you doing that here. I can’t support it. Violet, you’re my daughter. Please, stop. We can work something out.”

“You said I’m cut off. I have to do something for myself. You said I needed to take personal responsibility and find my way.”

“Not by stripping online for everyone to see!”

At that moment I decided not to tell him that I’d been fucking my boyfriend online for months before we broke up, that he’d taken my anal virginity while we cammed it, I’d done my first facial with his cum shooting up my nose and over my eyelids online, that I’d gagged on his dick while riding a dildo in my pussy while strangers commented and tipped us. I let him think I was only soloing.

I sighed. I didn’t know what else to say.

“Can I stay till the end of the month, when I move into my new place?”

“Are you going to stop doing, whatever you were doing?”

“I can’t, dad. It is my job. It is how I make my money. If I don’t keep doing it I’ll lose everything I’ve worked for.”

“Worked for?! You’re a god-damn whore! How long have you, what do you mean worked for?!”


“I mean, if I stop now I’ll lose the momentum I’ve gained and I won’t have enough money to afford my new place and I’ve signed the lease already!”

“Then get a FUCKING JOB!”

“I have one!”

“STRIPPING online is not a job!”

“It is for me! I make money! I made $3000.00 tonight!”

Whoops. I shouldn’t have said that. He went silent. He couldn’t argue with the cash. Yes, it was an anomaly, yes it was an exception, and the most I’d ever made, but I needed all the ammunition I could muster.

“You have to leave.” He said after a long silent pause. He wouldn’t look at me. “I can’t have you doing it in my house. I cannot support it.”


“I’m sorry. Pack your stuff and go. I expect you to be gone before morning. If you’re making that much you can stay at a hotel or work something else out.”

“Daddy.” I plead.


“But, Dad. Wait. I can do my shows elsewhere but let me stay here; come on.”

“No. I can’t do this. Go. I love you Violet, but this. This is too much. I don’t even know where to begin, but I cannot keep enabling you; you need to leave now.”

“Now?” It is like 11pm!”

“Pack your stuff; if you leave anything you can come back and get it, but you need to leave. I can’t support this, and I don’t think you’re going to quit. God help you. I’ll pray for you.”

I took a step towards my dad to hug him. He wouldn’t face me. He stood stoically and immobile, hands on the pool table leaning forward. I couldn’t tell if he was crying, but I was.

“Dad, please.”

He wouldn’t speak, wouldn’t move. I hugged him like I did when he left my mom. I hugged him like he was moving out all over again, but this time I was betraying him like my mom’d betrayed him. I clung to his waist, his shoulders, and sobbed into his back, but he was like a frightened rabbit caught in the open frozen in fear.

I let go, and tried one more time.

“Dad. Please, say something. I don’t want to go like this. I don’t want to leave. I love you.”


I heaved a sigh, stared at him in defeat, and turned back to the stairs. At the foot, I turned back. He hadn’t moved, but was heaving in a panicked fit; crying. My heart shattered, and doom flooded over my chest. Shame and despair worse than when I had approached to talk to him crushed my spine, and each step up the two flights to my room were like crawling up a mountain weighted down by every mistake I’d ever done suddenly realized.

When I packed my toys, lube, cameras, and computers it was with indifferent disgust. I needed them, but all motivation to perform and pleasure others and myself on camera had fled. My bank account was light at the moment, and I had to use a credit card to check into a hotel nearby that had a reliable internet connection.

I pulled up snapchat after throwing my bags in the corner, flopping on the bed, and at 1pm filed an update.

“Hey everyone. Well, I spoke with my dad, and he kicked me out. I’m at a hotel room now,” I panned the room, “and won’t be doing my show tonight, as you can see.” I sobbed a few times. My make-up was a mess over my face and I hadn’t bothered cleaning it off yet. I must have appeared like a lunatic. “Well, goodnight everyone. Thanks for everything; your support has helped me get through this. I’m crashing now. Laters.”

I didn’t bother flashing my tits, or spreading my legs for them. I was too spent, too exhausted, and too defeated.

Before slipping into sleep I scrolled through the DM’s on my snapchat and found comfort in the stream of well wishes, positive encouragement, and hopeful offers of a place to stay (with them of course). The last thing I saw before sleeping was my token balance pushing $5,000 for the last 24 hours. Maybe everything was going to be okay.

Erotic Short Stories

Cam Model Disaster Part 1

I didn’t know how to explain why I was wearing pink mouse ears, had a heart shaped sparkly butt-plug in my ass, was fucking a flesh colored suction dildo against a mirror, and choking on a black dildo for two cameras with my desktop monitor streaming both feeds.

How do you cough out that black dildo, wipe the saliva from your mouth and say, “sorry daddy?” without it seeming ingenuine?

Instead of speaking I just let the plastic drop out of my mouth, slack jawed, and froze on all fours. The cam-room went nuts with dinging sounds and tips rolled in; they could see the doorway and were rewarding the interruption with a flood of digital currency. I was shocked immobile; I didn’t know if my Dad was going to slam the door shut, or burst towards me and destroy the cameras.

He split the difference.


He approached me like a thundering god titan creating creators with each step, erupting anger and fury under his skin like molten rivers of rage. I finally unfroze and cowered in the fetal position; not even noticing the flesh colored dildo slipping out of my ass and wiggling still suctioned to the mirror.

My Dad went right for the power cord and ripped it out of the wall. In agonizing seconds he unplugged every cord connected. I stared at him in horrified disbelief. His face was red like a valentine’s card. His pulse lifted his veins on his neck and arms like seaweed growing in an alien movie. I have to give him credit, he didn’t look at me after that initial moment of shock. He barely even glanced my way when he stepped over my cowering body and stalked out of my room with the power strip in hand.

The door slammed so hard I looked at the ceiling and the corners of the room to make sure the roof wasn’t going to fall in. It was deafening as the silence after.

My first thought afterwards was, “oh shit. I’m so screwed.” My second thought was, “how am I going to explain this to my Dad?”


As I saw it I had two options: 1) hide in my room and die of shame, 2) throw on some clothes and chase my dad downstairs and apologize. I curled up in a ball and cried. Tears flowed, snot drained into my lips, and I threw the black dildo and the bunny ears across my room. I didn’t hear anything downstairs which was not a good sign. Either my dad had left or was so upset he was in the basement destroying things. The flesh colored dildo wiggled still suctioned to the mirror; it stared at me like a laughing middle finger; slime dripped off the tip like my tears. It was slick with my wetness and the lube I’d used to slide it’s size in easier.

My dad had seen me fucking a dildo on all fours and spit with another in my mouth.

Horror crashed down again. It felt like a mountain leaning over my shoulders and I was a blade of grass pressing all my chlorophyll out. How could I overcome this disaster?

I checked my phone and was going to text my best friend, but realized she didn’t know I was a cam girl. I couldn’t tell her how my Dad walked in and caught me spitting myself with two dildos on camera. I sat up, and winced. The butt plug was still up by ass. It twitched against my sphincter, and it sent a wave of pleasure through my core.

The dildos and the plugs felt good. I did this because I enjoyed it and why would I be ashamed of it?!

I could only maintain that fake positivity for a few seconds before I remembered the look in my dad’s eyes, the shock, the disdain, the disgust, and then the rage. I was his little girl. He had carried me on his shoulders, supported me through his divorce from my mom, and always gave me the most lavish wonderful gifts whenever he was in town. My dad even let me move in with him when I flunked out of college and didn’t have anywhere to live.

Why couldn’t he have knocked? Why didn’t he text me instead of opening the door? Why didn’t I lock it?! This was a total disaster. He was going to finally disown me and kick me out.

$3000! What?! My eyes bulged, and I found my fingers slipping into my pussy while I wiggled on the butt plug. I’d opened up my mobile app for my cam account and the tip amount in the last twenty minutes was off the charts. The scene where I’d be caught was seen by over 2000 people and I’d received more tips from more people than I ever had. Most nights if I was lucky I’d get $500, but $3k in twenty minutes! That was insane! My inbox was stuffed with screenshots of my face the moment the door opened with my dad’s image blurry in the background, my face stuffed with a black dildo, and my eyes bulging wide in terror. There were well wishing comments, some people laughing about it, and a huge discussion on my cam model page forum about whether I was going to quit, who the guy was, and if I was going to come back. They were clamoring to see if I was okay, and offering condolences if it was a boyfriend or a parent that had bust in and unplugged my stuff.

I put my phone down, still fingering my clit, rocking on my butt-plug, and began pinching my nipple. It felt less important with $3000 in my bank account that my dad had walked in on me with my holes filled with toys video taping myself for strangers online. I was turned on by the cash in my wallet, but the hordes of people supporting me, and presumably getting off on watching me online. I almost, almost, started snapchat and made a video of me cumming with the plug in, but it felt like I was spitting on my dad’s anger.

Instead I fired up the app, and took a selfie video.

“Hey guys. Sorry about that. My dad walked in on me, and I’m staying at his place. I apologize for it. Everything is fine. I’m going to go talk to him about my, camming, and give you an update. I intend on continuing, but I’m done for tonight. You can probably see my makeup running all over my face from crying. That was about the worst thing that could ever have happened.”

I flashed them my tits and my finger on my pussy, making sure to include the sparkling butt plug still inside me.

“Ok. I’m gonna take this out,” then in a whisper, “or should I leave it in,” back to normal, “and go talk to my dad. Hopefully he doesn’t kill me or kick me out. Laters!”

I watched the video a few times, then sent it to my followers that paid for my sexy Snapchat. I took a deep breath, wiggled the plug out of my ass, and threw on some leggings and a baggy sweatshirt. The adult thing to do was to address your problems directly and in person. I was terrified, I was scared, and I was ashamed, but I had to do it. Eat the frog, they say.

With a heavy breath, my heart beating like a stampede of idiots rushing for the new iPhone, I opened my bedroom door and went down to find my furious father.

Erotic Short Stories

Co-ed Easter Hook-up Part 5

Kayla shivered under the long sleeve hoodie Ian gave her at dinner. They were around a firepit with the gas flames blazing, but the slight difference in temperature gave natives the chills at night. It was still probably 80F out, but it felt colder.

Ian had ordered the fish tacos, and Kayla on hearing his choice switched her order to the same, but asked for extra hot sauce. She was a spicy girl, and Ian smiled remembering her fondness for Tabasco and Sriracha. Kayla spent much of the first half out of their dinner date cuddled into Ian’s shoulder sipping on her beer, while he stared at the fire taking slow pace through his gin and tonic. It was refreshing having one in this weather and he was overheated after long months in Colorado at school. Ian was amazed that he tried his fake ID at this place; normally he reserved it for school bars where the bouncers didn’t care. He was doubly shocked that Kayla smiled and proffered her’s as well. She was amazing.

When they were seated at a table and their food came Kayla devoured her plate well before Ian was finished, and with her hands laced under her chin and elbows on the table she taunted him with her foot under the table; running her bare toes slipped out of her sandals up his shin, and prodding at his crotch. He laughed and fended her off by closing his knees.

“I’ve missed you.” Kayla said.

Ian was surprised by her statement. She normally wasn’t sentimental about things like this, and he didn’t know if she was just gushing what she thought without filter, or if it was indicative of something deeper. He gave a light chuckle.

“I’ve missed you too; you’re way more fun than anyone I hang out with at school.”

Kalya raised her eyebrows.

“You mean you’re not sitting in your room all alone crying that I’m not there to entertain you?”

“Haha, no. But I can tell you I’ve never had as much fun at school than I have with you today.”

“Me too.” Kayla said.

She pushed her hair behind her ear, and readjusted her hips on the chair, pulled on the hoodie, and plopped her chin on her hands again.

“These tacos were awesome. What’s taking you so long?” She said.

Her foot was sliding up Ian’s leg again. He suspected she was horny again and wanted another round. If he dallied she’d pull him into the hedges next store and scorpions, cacti and sand be damned she would yank his pants down and fuck him. Knowing what a chola spiked into his back felt like he shoveled cabbage and salsa onto his last taco and did his best to eat it without spilling over himself.

“You’re cute when you try to eat fast. Don’t worry; I can wait for you. I’m just giving you shit.”

“Its no problem. Really,” Ian said with food in his mouth.

“Eeew, didn’t your mom train you to not speak to a lady with food in your mouth.”

Ian swallowed.

“She’d probably whack me in the face if she saw me doing it.” He remembered the church program slamming into his stomach that morning.

“I think I want dessert; but not yet! Later.” Kayla said.

Ian was surprised. She was not the type of girl that ate a lot of sweets or fried foods. It was probably why she was so tall and thin; at least she ate something. He paused eating to just watch her flip through the dessert menu with one hand and resting her cheek on her other hand. Her blonde hair, even if fake, trickled down her neck over one side, and her eyes were so bright against her tanned skin and the dim night lights on the outdoor patio. He watched her dark eyebrows display her expressions as she read. They’d jump up at something she was interested in, and crunch up when she saw something she didn’t like or was disgusted by; like the chocolate dumplings. She was so pretty, and strangers walking by would often double take either from her height or her beauty. It felt good  being out with her again.

They finished dinner, and on the way out Kayla reached out and held Ian’s hand on the way to the Armada. She swung his arm back and forth almost skipping. Once inside the SUV she doffed the hoodie, and adjusted her hair in the overhead mirror.

“I was thinking we could explore that graveyard a little,” she said. “We didn’t get a good look at it before, and it seemed pretty strange.”

“We can do that. There is a good view and I don’t think all of it is still under construction.”

“I wonder what happened.” Kayla said.

“Billy told me,” she cringed at Ian’s mention of Alison’s brother. “Billy told me,” he started again, “some ridiculous story of a seance and the dead rising from the graves and he and this girl had to stop them by bashing their heads in. I don’t believe it; I think he was just shrooming or something and they vandalized the place. Or some kids came by and broke some stones. Or maybe they’re just moving the graves for a new development. Who knows.”

“Zombies? Like the living dead? That is insane. What a fucked up family. Maybe we should go somewhere else.”

“Oh, ignore the Hills. They’re not that bad, and they have nothing to do with the graveyard tonight. I’m curious now. Let’s check it out.” Ian said.


Kayla pouted with her arms crossed under her breasts and kicked her feet up on the dashboard in front of the passenger seat. Ian was about to scold her, but decided to let it drop. He could wipe off the dust later and it wasn’t that big of a deal.

They returned to the graveyard parking lot that they’d fucked in earlier, that evening, and parked in the same place. Ian grabbed a blanket from the side door, and Kayla kicked stones near the edge of the lot and the sand.


“A blanket? Do you think you’re going to get lucky dragging me to a graveyard?” Kayla said.

“I already did once.” he laughed, “I thought you might want to watch the stars and the planes for a little. Sitting on the sand isn’t always comfortable.”

He kicked the dirt for emphasis.

“You’re cute when you prepare.” She leaned came close and gave him a kiss. “Okay.”

Dirt was everywhere. It was piled up in huge cones obviously pushed and shoveled from the graveyard. The north end looked like someone had cratered it with explosives. Maybe Billy had planted huge fireworks in each grave and set them off. He wasn’t usually that deviant, but this was intense. Halloween was like 5 months ago the graveyard was devastated. Ian was starting to think that Billy had been right, and that the dead had  clawed their way out of their own graves and dug themselves up. But that was crazy.

“Ooh, check this out.” Kayla said.

They were walking south towards the mountain, and going up a gradual incline. A fountain with a large grassy area untouched by the construction and dirt spread out in front of them like an oasis.

“Put the blanket down; this area is awesome! You can see the whole city below, and the airport. There are so many planes. What time is it?”

“9pm. Yeah. There are a lot; maybe a lot of people traveling back to school or home, or whatever.”

“On Easter?” Kayla crunched her face; she looked so cute.

“We’re here and not with our families.”

“Yeah, but we spent all day with them. And, we’re both going home tomorrow.”

“Good point.”

They watched the planes land and take off, and how the twinkling lights in the valley were brighter and more sparkly than the stars in the sky. Kayla leaned against Ian’s chest, and he breathed in her sweet scent; this time from her sweat and hair. It was still warm out, easily above 80F still. She looked so good with her knees curled up next to him, and her sexy face pressing against his chest.

Kayla pushed her hand down his belly and toyed with his stomach, letting her fingers range over his belly. He wasn’t ripped, but he wasn’t chubby either, and she tickled his belly button, pushing her finger into the hole.

“Hey!” he jerked away. “Stop that.”

“I know you hate it; I just wanted to see if you still did.”

“I do. Please. No more.”

“Okay. What about here?”

She pushed her hand under his boxers and his shorts sliding past his pubes and accidentally poking his cock with her nails.


“Its okay.”

“There we go.” she said when his cock found its way into her grip and started to swell.

Kayla began pumping his dick in short movements under his pants, and he moaned into the top of her head. His hands began to get tired, and he laid on his back into the blanket. Kayla unzipped him and pushed his shorts and boxers to his thighs. She lowered her face on his cock while keeping her hand pumping and tongued his tip. She started giving him a wet blowjob bent at the waist, and with her free hand held her hair out of her face.

Her mouth was all over his tip, even moving low halfway down. She was like a model with a cock in her mouth. He couldn’t believe she was so sexy with her bare shoulders tan and strong, her dress white and flowery and her dyed blonde hair pressing down in flowing silken locks around her tanned ear and her pretty face. His dick was in her mouth, it was pushing her cheeks out and her lips were so red against his pale skin. Damn she was so fucking sexy moving her face up and down over him; even in the darkness.

She continued sucking him for a while, and then changed her position to climb between his legs. She put her hair in a pony tale with both hands, rose up on her knees and gave him a playful smile.

“You’re a naughty girl.” He said.

“You love it.”

She bent at the waist kneeling between his legs and pumped her head on his dick; stroking him and tonguing his underside. It was like she wanted him to cum. He would too, but didn’t think he’d have enough to fuck her, and he really wanted to be inside her pussy again.

As much as he wanted her to continue he moved to stop her.

“Stop, stop, stop. It is too good. I’m going to cum. Here, let me go down on you.”

“No. Its okay. Hold on. She stood up, and dropped her panties to her ankles and kicked them off. She hiked up her dress to her waist, and squatted down over his torso. Ian was stroking himself while he watched, and angled his dick towards her hole. She sat down on him, and when he was shoved inside she let go of her dress and leaned in for a kiss.

She rode him like a slow moving sensual seduction, like a promise that her kisses would lead to something more; and they were. She flexed her legs to move her ass up and down along his shaft in agonizing slow pumps; controlling every movement, but always being in motion. Her wet pussy hugged him and seemed to stimulate every inch of his shaft. In that moment Ian was certain he loved her. He was certain she was the perfect woman for him; that all of her flighty inconsistencies didn’t matter, that her infidelity at school was a dream, and that he needed to hold her as close to him as possible so she would never escape. Ian didn’t even care that her boobs weren’t that big. He got so excited that he realized his excitement was about to bring him to climax, and instead of riding his fantasy he fought against cumming and worked to keep his erection without exploding.

Ian focused on her mouth, her tongue that had been giving him light loving pecs without any long french kisses, and her smooth face pressing into his. He wrapped his arms tight to her back and hugged her hard; she kept up her slow insistent pace. With her pulled tight to his body, and her face in his shoulder Ian rolled over pushing her onto her back. Kayla gasped, but laughed, and it was his turn to plunge into her body with slow loving sex, propping himself on his forearms and stroking stray hair behind her ears, and being the one to kiss her face with delicate affectionate care.

He moved his hips as best he could to the pace she’d set while riding him. This was not the furious sex and satisfaction search they’d pounded out in the backseat of his parent’s SUV. This was not the road-head blowjob she’d given him on the highway when they’d dated before. This was an intimate sex that spoke to their shared endearment. Ian traced Kayla’s face with his finger, and followed her eyes, her soft cheekbone, and down to her small but puckered lips. She sucked on his finger, and closed her eyes when he withdrew to replace it with his tongue.

They melded with the night breeze flowing in undulating copulation.

Ian wasn’t sure when, or how, but their pace over time increased. It amplified as if each thrust inside her pussy awakened harder desire, and Kayla moved to match his speed. It might have been an hour, or 10 minutes, and Kayla had her arms around Ian’s neck and her legs hooked together over his butt while he slammed into her pussy; lifting her hips off the ground with every hump. He slammed his cock balls deep into her pussy to her exclaims, and pounded her like a jackhammer digging a hole.

They began shouting in pleasure, grunting and moaning their joys with shared vocal release. During an interlude to catch their breath, Kayla spun to all fours, and flipped the dress over her back. Ian stared at her glorious rump, her long legs drawn up under her torso, and her waist as narrow as her legs, swaying for him to enter. He clamped his hand on her waist and fucked her on all fours in the graveyard. She fingered her pussy, came on his cock, and after her body tremors subsiding  she collapsed onto her side and Ian rolled with her to spoon her from behind; still inside.

At first Ian continued his furious slamming, driving his dick deep into her pussy. After a while of it, he tired and transitioned to the slow ponderous push and pull like an oarsman guiding a rowboat downstream. He dragged his cock in and out of her still wet pussy, watching it stretch and pull from his girth. Kayla reached a hand over her hip and gave his shaft a few pumps.

“It feels so weird to touch your dick while you’re inside me.”

“Keep doing it. It turns me on.”


Kayla propped herself up on her elbow, bending at her waist and watched him fuck her on his side still stroking what little of him wasn’t inside her.

Ian palmed her lower back, and grabbed her leg. She was so fucking fine, and in the dress, even bunched up around her waist, made her even more sexy.

“Yeah, keep doing that. Keep jacking me off while I fuck you.”

She pumped the base of his shaft, and even allowed him to pound into her pussy.

“I’m going to cum!”

Kayla twitched her wrist, pulled him out of her, and aimed his cock at her ass. He shot gobs of sticky cum onto her butt, and she dragged what little remained on his tip against her skin. In a total shock, she spun around, and sucked on his dick until it was clean.

“Mmm. Your cum is so sweet.”

“Haha. That was awesome. I had no idea you were going to do that. That was incredible.”

“You’re pretty awesome too; that was like four orgasms for me today. I think I’m getting old. I’m totally spent.”

“It is about time. I didn’t think you ever tired.”

Kayla didn’t respond, but snuggled into Ian’s chest. He had rolled on his back.

“Your pussy tastes like flowers and honey; even after you’ve worked out.”


“Yeah. It is one of the reasons I absolutely love eating you out. Plus, your pussy is like, perfect.”

“Stop. You’re embarrassing me.”

“No, it is true. It is just perfect.” He gave her head a kiss. “I’m really glad we got to hang out today. I’ve missed you.”

“Me too. I’ve missed you too. Too bad we have to go to school tomorrow.”


“When are you coming back?” She said.

“Not till summer. I might stay in CO.” Ian said, “I might have an internship; we’ll see.”

“Hmmm. I might not come back either. California is actually bearable in the summer; not like here.”

“That sucks.”

“No, it is great. You can actually go outside.”

“I mean, that sucks that we’re not going to be around together again for like, a long time.”

“Yeah. That does suck.” Kayla said, and snuggled closer in, even weaving a leg between and under his. “You’ll just have to transfer to UC San Diego.”

They laughed, and joked around on lighter issues the rest of the evening, cuddling and giving affectionate kisses.

When Ian dropped Kayla off at her family home they kissed passionately in the car. After leaving him she pranced to the front door, looked back twice and waved. Her smile was huge and her white teeth gleamed in the light of the front porch. Ian waved, and in his stomach he felt the dread and loss of something special. Maybe he could find his way back to her and they could rise again in joyful ecstasy.


The end.




This concludes the final chapter of “Co-ed Easter Hook-up.” This book will be published on my website tomorrow for free for one week in exchange for an email address, then will go live on amazon for $0.99 the following day. Check it out!

Erotic Short Stories

Co-ed Easter Hook-up Part 4

Lunch went slow. It was like the plodding progress of the minute hand in high school in the hour before release. His parents were nice, talkative, but boring. He listened to the rest of the family and his extended relatives as best he could, struggling against his button down shirt collar and the tight stretch his pants pushed into his thighs. His cock was still a little slimy from Kayla, and he felt like he needed to shower; it was so sticky from sweat and her mouth. Ian constantly had to adjust his junk on the uncomfortable restaurant chair.

When he did get home around 2pm he immediately went upstairs and showered.

“Why are you showing again, Ian? We just got back from church.” His mom said.

“Don’t worry about it mom!” Ian said.

He wasn’t about to explain that he had fucked Kayla in the basement play room at church and his dick felt sticky with her saliva and pussy. It was all he could think about and found himself stroking his dick in the shower with his eyes closed under the spray thinking about her long legs, her pink narrow pussy with the smallest lips, and how good it felt to be inside her. He liked her fake blonde hair, and even the dark eyebrows and deep tan. He shook himself just before putting the energy into working out an orgasm.

“No. Need to save myself for tonight.” He said to himself.

By 3pm he was showered, dressed, and ready to go out; Kayla hadn’t texted him back yet, and he was itching with anticipation. He couldn’t focus on anything. He tried writing in his journal, playing video games on his PS4, even watching videos on Netflix or YouTube couldn’t hold his attention. He’d do something for a few minutes, then shut everything off with a huff, prowl around the house, then go back to his room. Damn. Ian checked his phone repeatedly, even texting others to make sure his text messages still worked. The minutes that it took for his roomate at school to respond, and his childhood friend to send a response gif were agonizing, and he restarted his phone twice just to make sure.

Ian was looking at the fridge and deciding if he should eat something or wait, when Kayla finally responded.

Sorry! Lunch took Forever! I’m horny. Pick me up at 6?”

Ian laughed. Kayla was insatiable. She had just had an orgasm that morning, and now needed another. He wanted to make her cum all night long, but couldn’t bring her to his house, and her family was always around. They’ve have to find some place to hook up. It was like being in high school all over again.

“Mom! Can I use the car tonight? I want to go hang out with Kayla!” Ian shouted from the kitchen; the fridge was open, and he was typing a reply on his phone.


“Can I use the Armada tonight?”


“I want to hang out with Kayla!”

Ian waited during a long pause. He was about to yell again when the muffled response from upstairs came.


I’ll pick you up. Want to go out to eat? Or should I just wow you out on the town?” Ian texted.

Take me out first, then we can stop to eat, and you can show me a good time again.”

Ian laughed. It was a good thing he hadn’t jacked off in the shower. He was going to need his stamina. Ian grabbed a yogurt and a banana and went up to his room to play games until it was time to pick Kayla up.


I’m outside. Ready.” Ian texted.

He was parked in the front driveway with the engine on. Ian took the time before Kayla ran out of the house to check the stereo and air conditioning. It was 80F out, but he wanted it to be comfortable enough for Kayla and not too cold or hot in the car. He missed the weather here. Colorado was great, but this was just perfect; even on Easter.

Kayla slammed her front door shut, and ran towards Ian’s car. She waved, and he couldn’t help smiling back and waving. She was wearing a different dress, this one more revealing a full front hiding her cleavage, and less flowing and bright as the one she had on at church but still white. Her legs were so long, so tan, so perfect, and she bounded around the hood of the car confident in her form. Damn she was so hot. The back was different, tapering in and flowing over her spine while revealing the skin of her shoulders, her lats, and the top of her hips.


“Hey stranger!” She said climbing up into the passenger seat.

“Hello. You look amazing.” Ian said.


“Ready to go? I found this place south of the Airport we can hang out for a bit before we get hungry.”

Kayla raised an eyebrow, and pushed her dyed blonde hair behind her ear. Her tan arm and bare shoulder were even sexier in relief to her white dress. He thought he could see the side of her breast, and suspected she wasn’t wearing a bra. The dress barely covered her legs, and he wondered how it was long enough to cover her crotch. Ian adjusted his balls; they were sticking to his leg.

“I’m ready!” Kayla said, “let’s see what this airport spot is like. Seems, crowded.”

“You’ll see.”

It felt like they were still dating and they hadn’t missed a beat. School was going well for Kayla, and Ian talked about how he had been snowboarding a few weeks ago in CO.  Ian pulled the car into a parking lot oriented towards the airport from the hill they were on. The graveyard was empty, and he’d been so happy to learn of it from Billy. It was never used, and there were few houses around on the hills. It had been a decent drive south, but totally worth it. He was a bit surprised that there were mounds of dirt all over the place like there was significant repairs going on. He wondered why the hell they would exhume all the graves and then fill them back in. All the construction helped keep people away and was likely why there were no other cars in the lot. It was perfect for what he had planned.

They could see the airplanes swooping in from the east and diving down to the runway. It was like they were watching this perfect view of the city below and the constant activity at the airport provided enough movement and interest to keep your attention on the valley.

“Wow. This is perfect.” Kayla said. “why didn’t we ever go here before?”

“I know, right? I didn’t learn about it until after Halloween when I came home for a weekend. Billy told me about it.”

“Billy Hill?”


“I didn’t know you guys were friends.” Kayla said. “His sister is a fucking bitch.”

Ian laughed. Kayla did not like Alison at all. He couldn’t remember why.

“We’re friends. I don’t know much about her. I think she’s a cheerleader or something.” He did know she had huge tits. Maybe that was why Kayla didn’t like her that much cause her’s were not large at all. Not that it mattered to him; Kayla was gorgeous.

They watched the planes land and take off, then spin away in slow curves into the fading light sky. They talked, enjoyed each other’s company, and danced around the idea that they were about to fuck in a few minutes.

“This is wonderful. Thanks,” Ian said.

He put his hand on Kayla’s leg. It was so smooth like she had just shaved. It was also cool, like she had put lotion on. God her legs were so long! He popped a boner under his shorts, from her leg, and from the hope that it would soon lead to him fucking her.

“Mmm, that feels good. I’m glad you brought me here, and in the Armada too,” she smiled. “Did you bring the blankets?”

“I did.” Ian said. He gestured to the back seats.

After he left his parent’s house he stopped at a park before he got to Kayla’s house and pushed down the seats to create a bed designed for carrying heavy loads. He had spread blankets and comforters over the seat backs to make an impromptu bed. When they’d dated his family had the Armada for only a few weeks but they’d made liberal use of it to plow into each other expressing their youthful energy.

Kayla let out a whoop, and scrambled over the center console to crawl into the back. She had kicked off her sandals, and Ian watched her legs push behind her and caught a glimpse of her thighs and her panties under the white dress. It was another white thong. God she knew how to turn him on and she wasn’t even doing anything overt, just walking on all fours away from him.

Ian bounded to the back with her, and made sure the engine was off and the lights too so they wouldn’t be interrupted.  Kayla had sprawled on her back with her head propped on her arms.

“Reminds me of old times.” She said. “come here.”

“It does.”

Ian crawled over her body on all fours, placing his hands around her legs, then her stomach, then laying his body over her’s setting his hips between her legs. She felt naked under him; and like he had too many clothes on separating them.

“You’re cute.” Kayla said. “I don’t remember you being as bold as you were this morning. I liked it.”

“I was inspired when I saw you; channelling you.”

“I liked it. What else do you have for me?”


Ian kissed her, pushed his tongue in her mouth, and melting his body into her’s. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and it felt like she was trying to tug his shorts off with her calves. They rolled around the back of the SUV with the seats all pushed down and made out for a good while. Her body was so firm and tight under his press; not giving to his squeezes and probes along her back and her shoulders. Kayla was not wearing a bra, and she moaned into their kiss, but didn’t cut it off. She seemed content to just make out like teenagers for a while in the back seat. Ian was fine with it; she kissed extremely well and he let his erection press against his shorts and he ground it against her crotch. Kayla was enough of a freak that she could probably get herself off from the friction of it coupled with their kissing.

He lost himself in her body, her smell which was flowery without being overwhelming like her pussy with the hint of sweetness. Her hair was down, but it never got in the way; it seemed smoother and more ‘flowing’ than it had this morning. She had the most delicate ear lobes too; they were soft but tight, and he thought somehow her tanned skin made her taste better. It was so easy to drag his wet lips down her lobe, and across the curve of her jaw down to her lips. The best part was how she reacted to his touch; to his lingering tongue pulling on her earring, to how she arched her neck to allow him better access her jawline. Kayla moaned and undulated her belly into his, and pulsed her crotch on his while he suckled on her face.

It was enough for him, and he pushed her back against the ‘floor’ and disengaged from their kiss. Kayla looked up at him, but panted, heaving her chest from excitement, and moved her hips under his telegraphing her desire. Ian gave her a quick smooch on the nose, and let go of her wrists before pushing his face between her legs and pushing her dress up over her belly. It was like a repeat of this morning, and she continued moving her hips while flexing her knees in anticipation.

When Ian pulled her white thong off it was wet with her excitement. Her beautiful little pussy was pink and glistening even behind the tinted Armada windows and the falling night.

“God I love your pussy,” he said.

Kayla moaned and murmured a thank you. Her response was muffled like she was biting down on something.  Ian pushed his face to her pussy and licked from butthole to clit like he was lapping at a popsicle.

“Oh yes,” Kayla said, again, muffled.

Ian moved his mouth over her wetness absorbed with the honey-ish taste, the pristine smoothness, and the reaction she moved with to each press and lick. She danced with him against his face and he provided counterpoint to her subtle directions. His face flowed to her rocking, and they moved like dedicated ballroom pair that whose steps were precise. His tongue moved to the beat of her rhythm and she climaxed moaning loud like a growl, her feet pressing hard to flex her thighs, and her pussy still (in direct counter to the motion it had moved seconds before). She quivered like a tuning fork struck by his attentions. Ian hadn’t even put his fingers in her yet.

When her orgasm had subsided he pulled back and sat on his feet. Her legs were so tan! They were like golden stems pushing up into her narrow hips dark against her white dress. She had a blanket balled into a wet bunch next to her mouth. Ian suspected she had been biting it to stave of screaming.

“God damn, you’re sexy.” He said.

“Mmmm, thank you. That was wonderful.”

Ian’s stomach lept lower towards his crotch; it almost hurt looking at her tall body writhing in the after orgasm glow. She crossed her legs, and kept her hips in motion like she was riding still the sensation between her legs. He pulled his shirt off and rose up on his knees to undo his shorts. Kayla watched him undress and said nothing, but pushed a hand over her dress and fingered her wet pussy.

“I want you to take your dress off.”

“You do? Okay.”

Kayla sat up, and pulled it over her head from the base bunched around her waist. Even her tits and armpits were tan. “Was she tan everywhere?” Ian thought. He breasts dark, her nipples almost blending into the plump perkiness. They weren’t huge, or so small that she was flat, but she could easily go without a bra. The fit her strong shoulders and “V” shaped torso. Her waist was small, and her belly button looked tight against her skin. Ian lost himself staring at her naked body as she laid on her back. He couldn’t believe how attractive she looked; tan, youthful unblemished skin squirming for his cock.

“I’m ready,” she said, and spread her legs open while opening her pussy with two fingers.

“Fuck. That is so sexy.”

Ian kicked off his shorts, and lowered himself between her legs. His cock pressed against her wetness, and he pushed.

“Ugh! You’re so big,” Kayla said.

“Oh my god. You feel so good.”

They kissed, and Ian moved his dick inside Kayla’s wet pussy. She moved under him like she hadn’t just cum. She moved like she savored every push in and out of her grip. They bounced into each other with the exuberant energy of teenagers and young lovers ignorant of routine or stagnation. Ian began to sweat from the heat and turned off air conditioning. They bodies slicked with exertion, and Kayla’s breath panted like she was running.

“Hold on,”

“Everything okay?” she said.

“Yeah, let me turn the air conditioning on.”

Ian crawled to the front seat, leaning over the center console to push the key and turn the AC on full blast, but making sure the lights were off and the vehicle was in Park. He felt Kayla’s foot tapping on his ass, and her toe shoving between his cheeks.

“Woah, what are you doing?” he said and looked over his shoulder.

“Just playing.”

“Trying to stick your toe in my ass?”

“Maybe,” she said smiling.

“Maybe I’ll stick something in your ass!”

Ian scrabbled back to Kayla and tickled her legs, and moved up to tickling her pussy and butt. She howled in glee and and laughter but fought him off.

“NO, no no no!”

Ian ceased his assault and laid down next to Kayla, his erection bumping against her butt cheek.

“Ok, okay, I won’t put anything in your butt.” He said.

Kayla rotated to spoon with him, and ground her butt against his crotch. Ian pushed his cock inside her, and fucked her from behind laying on his side. He pussy was so warm and tight, and her ass! Her ass was right there for him to stare at; it was tanned, smooth, and delicious. It rose up like a rounded firm invitation and he was tempted to stick his finger in her butthole. He palmed her cheeks and used her hips as leverage to pound into her. He could see her pussy stretching and gripping his cock. His shafted pulled her snatch out to drag along while he withdrew. Damn, she is so hot!

“Fuck me from behind. I want to cum again.” She said.


Kayla mounted up in doggy style, staring forward towards the front windshield. Ian knelt behind her, and had to tilt his head; the Armada was too short for him to fully kneel upright, but he didn’t mind. He could still get a good angle, and fuck Kayla hard.

She pushed her face into the ground and rubbed her hand on her pussy while he fucked her. He stared at her flexing shoulders, tan too, and her powerful shoulders pressing around her neck against the blankets. Night was coming full and her tanned skin only helped to increase her exotic sexy look. Ian drooled over her ass, even giving it a few wet spits to help lube up his cock. She came again a few minutes later of rigorous pounding, and her screams pushed him to orgasm.

This time he pulled out of her pussy and came on her back, spurting globs of cum over her butt cheeks and pooling on the small of her back where it arched.

“Holy fuck, that was hot!” Ian said.

“Mmmm, yeah. That felt good. You know how to fuck me good, Ian.” Kayla said, squirming face down and still moving her hand in small circles around her clit.

“Here.” Ian handed her a few tissues. He’d made sure to throw a box in the back seat before leaving home.

“Thanks. Want to go get dinner? I’m starving!”

“Sure.” Ian gave her ass a slap. “I love your butt. How do you get tan everywhere?”

“I lay out?”

“Naked?” He said.

Kayla smiled.


“What? Where? Nude beach?”

“Haha, no; the sorority house has a rooftop sunbathing area, and there are no houses tall enough around us to see anything so I can lay up there naked and no one cares.”


“Dinner? What did you have in mind?” Kayla said, finally pushing herself off the seats and fiddling with her dress.

“I was thinking something light. You know, something that won’t get in the way of another round of vigorous exercise.” Ian said smiling.

“I love it!”


Erotic Short Stories

Co-ed Easter hook-up Part 3

Ian dangled his fingers into Kayla’s dress fabric as she whisked away with a breeze and like he was walking in a wheat field letting the tips tickle his tips. He was exhausted, satisfied, and refreshed after their romp downstairs. The priest was still talking. Still! How was it possible? They must have been down stairs with his dick in Kayla for at least thirty minutes and the sermon was still going one. Madness. No wonder he’d stopped going to church. Though, as he wound his way back towards his family and through the crowd, he thought most of his sexual firsts had all been at or around the church. He’d touched his first boobs here, got his first blowjob, and even fingered his first pussy in the gym attached to the school next door.

“Where have you been?” his mom whispered with furious restraint.

“Sorry. I had to poop.”

She smacked him across the belly with the paper program.

“Jesus! Relax!” he whispered through hissed teeth.

“Ian!” his mom smacked him again.

People around them were turning to look at them, and he got the message. Sexy butt in two rows up was looking at him, and he tried to give her a smile. It had worked with Kayla, maybe he’d get lucky again with this girl. She just turned back around and whispered something to her mom. Bah.

Ian was so hopped up on the sex he had in the basement of the church he could barely focus on anything but searching for Kayla in the crowd, and not letting his eyes linger too long on sexy butt in front of him, or any of the other attractive women in the congregation. There were many and he found he could rotate his eyes along breasts and asses all through the crowd and it wouldn’t look like he was creeping or staring at any one woman’s goods too long. He couldn’t find Kayla and her dyed blonde hair. It shouldn’t have been that hard; she was almost as tall as he was and so tan. Damn, he legs were fine, and her pussy so sweet like natural peanut butter with honey drizzled in with the oil. He wanted to mix her jar again and enjoy her body totally naked. Damn, it had been so hot when he shoved her head into his crotch and exploded his cum into her mouth. His cock got hard in his pants, and he squirmed so it wouldn’t poke out like a tent in his pants. The last thing he wanted was his mom seeing his erection in church.

The rest of the service was uneventful. He shuffled out with the crowd and stood around looking for Kayla while his parents socialized with their church friends. Ian put in face time with each family, shaking hands and smiling. He answered the same questions over and over. “Yes I’m at school. It is going well. I’m a Business major, no. I’m looking to be an entrepreneur. I’ll start an LLC in a class next semester. This summer I’m working at a company for an internship.” He couldn’t find Kayla though. It was like she was a specter and his time in the basement was total fabrication. His sticky cock and balls still wet from her mouth wasn’t a lie. Where could she be.

“Hey stranger! long time no see.” Kayla said from behind him.

She wrapped her arms around his chest pressing her tits against his back, and resting her chin on his shoulder.

“Hey! Where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you.” he said.

She raised an eyebrow at him, as if to ask why he was abandoning the pretense that they hadn’t seen each other recently; that they hadn’t lifted up her skirt and fucked on the kid’s table then she hadn’t swallowed his cum.

“My family and I were in the back, over there,” she pointed to the opposite side of the church he’d been in. “and we got here late so we had to stand against the wall.”

“Ahhh. I was looking for you. I hoped to see you here.”

“Really? That is sweet. What are you doing later?”

“Family stuff for lunch, but this evening nothing. Probably watching the basketball game, or a movie with the family. I have to leave early tomorrow.”

“Yeah, me too. Family lunch now, then just lounging around the house. Maybe even doing some laundry.”

“Want to hang out? We can catch up?” Ian said.

“Sure. Text me.” Kayla spun around and her skirt floated high.

Ian remembered she was not wearing her panties and his cock engorged. Maybe he’d get a taste of her sexy ass and bare pussy right here in the middle of everyone. But no, her twirl wasn’t fast enough to lift the fabric past her thighs; which were superb. His cheeks burned with the memory of how they slid along them while he moved his face closer to her pussy.

“You do remember my number,” she said over her shoulder, “don’t you?”

“Of course. I’ll text you after lunch.”

Ian watched her weave her way through the crowd, following her blonde and brunette hair long past he could see her body, and just her pony tail bobbing through the massed heads.

“Oh my god! Was that Kayla?! She is so nice. Didn’t you two date?”

“Yeah mom. We did. She goes to a different school on coast.”

“So. I thought you liked her.”

“I do. It just didn’t work long distance. She is a, “here and now” girl.”

“What does that mean?”

Ian thought about explaining to his mom that Kayla liked the action that was in front of her. She pushed him out of his car once just so she could get a better angle at sucking his cock. She had shoved him into a bathroom at the Botanical Gardens so he could fuck her doggy style. She was impromptu and immediate; whimsical. Neither he or Kayla had illusions that she’d be a good long distance girlfriend. He remembered her calling him past midnight during the summer so he could drive over, sneak in the back sliding glass door to not wake up her parents and 69’ing in the basement so she could fall asleep. If he hadn’t done it should would have kept calling. She lived in the “here and now,” and the “fuck me immediately because I need it world.

“Nevermind. It just wouldn’t work.” He sighed, and his mom gave him a light whack; again with the program.

“Call her anyways. She is good for you.” his mom said.

“We’re gonna hang out after lunch.” Ian said.

“Great! That’ll be nice to see her again.”

Ian had no doubt. He wondered how long they’d keep up the pretense of hanging out before she tugged his pants apart and kissed his cock, or he couldn’t restrain himself and pulled up her shirt to suckle on her nipples. Or how she’d spread her butt cheeks wide so he could push his dick into her pussy deeper. He gave himself a shake, and went back to smiling and waiting for his parents to stop socializing. Lunch couldn’t go fast enough.

Kayla was a good fit for him. It was shame they didn’t stay dating. It hadn’t been a bad breakup, just an understanding that at school they wouldn’t be able to continue the devotion; they were both too sexual and had needs that must be met. He was certain he would have cheated on her just as he knew she would have him. It was their nature. No, they’d done the right thing. Ian was definitely looking forward to later tonight.



Erotic Short Stories

Co-ed Easter Hook-up Part 2

Ian didn’t mind the hard press of the tight weave carpet old with time and use under his knees. He didn’t mind the awkward lean he was doing on to get low enough on the child size table where Kayla was laying backwards with her feet on his back spreading her legs. He didn’t mind the gossamer dress that draped over his head and acted like a greenhouse making him sweat; or was he sweating from his efforts between Kayla’s legs? Her pussy was divine, and under the congregation upstairs attending Easter mass he was in the basement lapping at a delicious clit smiling into her wetness from the smooth thighs pressing against his cheeks and her hands smacking the table.

They were in the downstairs kid’s room of their church in a corner. Kayla was laying on her back on a too short table designed for children to sit and play at. It was so wrong; it felt naughty. Ian didn’t know if it was the totally surprise moment he had impulsively pushed Kayla against the wall and kiss her or if it was the excitement she had responded with, or that they were at church on Easter sunday getting it on that made him the most deliriously happy. Maybe it was her fragrant snatch that smelled like a mixture of flowers and nectar, like what he defined as sex.

Kayla came loud. Her fists beat on the table, she slammed her head backwards to the wall, and she let out a “Hallelujah” in the spirit of resurrection; even drumming her heels on the table when they splayed out wide to her twitching core and body spasm. When she was finished cumming, Ian enjoyed the savory flavor of her pussy, and he continued lapping deep down across her whole hole up across the spread opening and over her hooded clit. She stroked his head over the dress fabric against his hair and after a few moments pulled him out from under her.

“That was amazing. I did not expect that this morning. I was prepared to squirm on the hard pews bored.”

“Me too. Your pussy is incredible. I loved sucking on it. You’re right; I was expecting a ho-hum boring morning as well. This has been, much better.”

Kayla pulled Ian in for a kiss. She was tall, and he had to climb on top of the table to get at her face. she didn’t seem to mind that his face was full of her scent and had just been minutes before sucking on her pussy. He melted into her full mouth tongue kiss, and thought that if church was always like this he’d go every day.  Maybe, he thought, this is what heaven was like.

“I want you inside me,” Kayla said after breaking their kiss.

Ian had slid between her legs with his body to kiss, and was laying on top of her. Kayla’s legs were spread open for him, and he knew she didn’t have any panties on. Mmm, that white cotton panty thong had been so sexy to take off.

“Right here?”

“Yes, pull my dress up and fuck me like you used to.”

Ian needed little invitation, he was already hard, bursting against his slacks. He unzipped, slapped his cock against his hand a few times, then shoved Kayla’s dress up over her knees, and to her belly. She was almost buried in the fabric and her tan, so tan, long long legs strong and muscular gleamed like the golden book the priest upstairs had paraded around the altar before giving his homily. They burst like sunlight in the dim dank basement. Ian shoved his body between those divine legs, and plunged his cock into her wet holy pussy. Kayla groped at his bare ass, and pushed his pants to below his knees with her heels. She pulled his face into her neck, let him kiss and slobber her face with kisses and pants, and they rocked in fervent passion on the tiny kid’s table under the church.

Emotions and memories of the last times they’d fucked flooded out of Ian’s cock and reminded him how much he’d missed her tight lovely hugging pussy. Kayla was tall, beautiful, tan, and athletic. She had just gotten her hair dyed the first time and he remembered being captivated by her fake blonde hair all wavy and thick. Her dark eyebrows and tanned skin (even then she was a sun freak) accentuated her bright mane. Ian remembered her as a voracious lover, always looking for another opportunity to fuck either in the car at the mall parking lot, giving him road head, and even once they’d had sex in the park on the way to a friend’s house for a party. She just couldn’t wait and had demanded he take her in the grass.

Ian was in heaven; this was what eternal bliss felt like to him; a warm wet pussy hugging every fabric of his cock, sucking him in, and her long smooth legs wrapped around his waist pushing him into her like a loving embrace. It was a stunning tan woman hungry for his kiss, for his lips on her’s and losing his breath in her dyed blonde hair. Ian wedged his hands under her ass cheeks and spread them apart. She moaned at how deep his cock entered her, and he shoved his dick hard and deep into her with stronger pumps. Her pussy was amazing, and he felt the bursting orgams build inside him.

He didn’t want to cum on her dress, or cum inside her; they weren’t using protection. Frightened, and scared about shooting jizz all over the kid’s play area he ripped himself off her body, yanked his glistening dick out of her tight pussy, stood up, palmed the back of Kayla’s head, and smashed her face over his cock. She opened her mouth after the initial ram against her teeth, and moments after entering her wet tongue and throat he exploded his cum into her mouth.

Kayla hammered her hands against his stomach a few times, and then as if she realized why he’d done it, started swallowing and slurping his dick with glorious even-better-than-her-pussy suction. She sucked his cock clean, used a hand to lap up every drop of wetness on his shaft, and then when she was satisfied it was clean gave it a pec on the tip and looked up at him from her knees with an exaggerated gulp.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I didn’t want to ruin your dress, or cum inside you. It was all I could think of to make sure it was all clean.”

“So you shoved you cock in my throat and came in my mouth to protect my dress?”

Ian nodded. His pants were around his ankles and he was leaning that awkward pelvic thrust to keep his cock from touching his dress shirt.

“Good boy.” She said with a smile, straightened her dress as she stood up, and held out a hand.  “My panties please?”

“Oh.” Ian had to search around for them. He found the white cotton thong wedged in a corner under the table. “here.”


Kayla didn’t put them on, but wadded them into a ball, and shoved them in her purse Ian hadn’t realized she had.

“Should we go back up?” He said.

“Yeah. I bet the priest is still talking.”

They both laughed and after a passionate satisfied kiss, went up the stairs to rejoin the congregation.

Erotic Short Stories

Co-ed Easter Hook-up Part 1

Ian shuffled back and forth on his feet; they felt cramped in the dress shoes he only wore on special occasions. He just couldn’t get comfortable standing on those plasticy fake leather coffins. It didn’t help that the priest was just babbling on about something he couldn’t follow. Why did they make people stand so long? Didn’t they know people were forced into uncomfortable clothes just to look good for church? Cut it short man! Ian scanned the crowd in front of him; it was packed with everyone there for Easter. He wondered if he knew anyone, and let his eyes pick out the young girls. Most had their hair down, long and brushed, probably blow dried; a few had pony tails but he didn’t recognize anyone from behind. Three hot chicks about his age were scattered nearby. There was hot brunette with the white jean skirt and purple tights, though Ian thought she was still in high school. There was the sexy tall girl with growing out highlights and curly almost black hair done up in a ponytail with the stretchy pink / peach leggings and tight ass wearing the black and white knit sweater. She was three rows in front of him, and he could just see her butt between the crowd. There was also the girl directly to his right tall and wearing something that looked like a waitress outfit. The more he checked out her large butt in the black pants hiked up to her stomach the more turned on he got. It bulged out behind her with this round bump. Ian thought at first that it was a dress shirt like a button down, but it was a long sleeve thing tight around her arms and waist, but flowing and dipping over her chest.

There were others in attendance today; the blonde to his left with golden curls, the old lady with the bare shoulders and the big boobs straining against her top but still remaining jiggly. Ian couldn’t figure out if old lady’s boobs appeared jiggly because they were saggy or because she wasn’t wearing a bra. The church was packed with hot women and he spent most of the time they were singing checking out the crowd for the hottest girls there. It was a routine he was very familiar with. He had been going to the church since he was in middle school and even then he had filled his time scoping out the pews for something attractive to look at. God, he loved the tight leggings girls wore now. He could literally see the curves of their butts and legs like they were naked.

The music ended and it was time to sit while the priest spoke. Ian sighed. Another half hour “message” on the way and he was totally bored with it. He got up from his seat and ignored his mom’s glare. He figured he could go to the bathroom now and maybe see something interesting along the way. The public area outside the church was filled with people standing around quietly. Most were watching the sermon through the windows and listening to the drone of the priest on the speakers. Some played with their kids to distract them and keep their noise down, others clumped together in conversation. Ian could have gone in the bathrooms just off the front area, but it was always a mess and kids were always getting in the way.

Instead, Ian decided to go down to the basement bathrooms; they weren’t as updated and nice, but no one was ever down there. On the way, Ian lingered his eyes on the girls all wearing red dresses and talking while their husbands laughed a few feet away. He suspected they were sisters. Their legs were way too nice for crappy guys like their spouses. He would have showed their legs the best way to open and give them the attention they deserved.

The basement was a long hallway and noticeably older and more run down than the upstairs portion of the church. He remembered the painted cement walls and the weird electric heating units being everywhere before the renovation. He also remembered touching a boob for the first time during sunday school in one of the rooms down the hall and around the corner.  With a frown, he remembered that he’d also had his first blowjob in one of the upstairs bathrooms after service  from Jessica H. She was such a slut. It had been sloppy, rushed, and he’d cum on her face almost immediately and she had screamed. Oh how she’d screamed. It wasn’t her first blowjob, but it had been his first and he had been unable to hold back.

The guy’s bathroom was still small yellow tiles, old porcelain urinals and sinks with rusting metal joints. A strange smell permeated the washroom, but it was more from the heaters than the drains. Like it was too hot in there. Ian dallied on his phone, then when he drew out being in the bathroom as long as he could, washed, and went back to the basement.

A girl walked past the door towards the stairs just as he exited. He was pretty sure it was Kayla, a girl he’d hooked up with a few times after high school, adn who must be back in town like him for the holiday. He took a few quick steps to catch up, and gave her a tap on the shoulder while calling her name.

“Ian? Oh, hi! Ian!”

She was almost as tall as he was, and her blonde dyed hair flew around her face in wavy fluff. Her smile was genuine, and she put her hand over his. Ian could smell her perfume and it reminded him the last time they’d fucked after going out to the bars.  He went in for a kiss immediately, mostly by instinct.

She didn’t protest, but sighed into his peck and turned it into a french, pushing her mouth open and her tongue towards his. Ian wrapped his arms around her waist, and down the flowing fabric over her ass. It pushed into her gap easily; it was much more lacy and flowing than the girls in red dresses upstairs. Those looked like the heavy kind that you didn’t sit on; Kayla’s dress was like a gossamer whisper or a sundress.

“Wow, sorry. Hi. I just had to kiss you; you look so beautiful in that outfit, and I’m so happy to see you here.” Ian said.

“Yeah. You’re looking pretty good all dressed up too.”

Ian pruned, and pushed his hands down over his belly, and thighs to smooth out his suit coat and pants. He still hated the dress shoes, but at least someone appreciated his look.

“Thanks. So, uhm, you’re back in town? For long?” Ian said.

They’d hooked up over the summer, but didn’t amount to much and they went to school in different regions; Ian in Colorado, and Kayla in California. She looked so tan in the white-ish pink dress.

“Yeah, for the weekend, then I’m going back tomorrow. I won’t miss anything Monday. You?”

“Same thing, most of the professors said Monday wasn’t mandatory, and most of my classes don’t even take attendance, so.”

“It is really good to see you.” Kayla said, she looked behind her up the stairs. “We should get together again when we’re both back in town.”

“I’d like that.”

“Ok. Well, happy Easter, I guess. Nice to see you again.”

Kayla turned to leave.

“Yeah, see you.” Ian said.

He was not excited about going back upstairs, and after the kiss he was all excited and distracted. Remembering his first blowjob hadn’t helped, and he wasn’t dating anyone at school. Ian snagged Kayla’s hand, and with a step forward, spun her towards him. She was startled, but didn’t resist, and he planted himself against her chest, shoved his leg between her’s and locked her in a kiss pushed against the painted cement wall.

Kayla pulled his head to hers and they made out in the church basement on Easter morning. Anyone could come down in a second. She lifted her leg p to his waist, and he pushed his torso into her crotch. Ian ran his hands down her knee to her waist reveling in the smoothness of her thighs. She wasn’t wearing leggings. Damn she was hot, and her legs were long, so long, and tan!

They attacked each other’s faces with their tongues like they were hungry teenagers starved for food. Kayla groped his arms and back, even slipping hands under his belt to squeeze his butt, and Ian handled her tits over her dress and bra, flicked his fingers on her ass cheeks, and palmed her butt. He was so turned on; maybe because it was in public, maybe because it was so impromptu and random, or maybe because Kayla was a sexy ass tall chick with a rocking body who obviously tanned regularly on the beach in California. Did she go to San Diego? He couldn’t remember.

Kayla pushed off the wall with a foot and shoved Ian against the wall on the other side of the hallway. They continued making out, but now Ian realized that she wanted more than just a few hungry kisses in the church basement. There was a door to his side and he kept the kiss going, but reached out and tested the doorknob. It was unlocked. He broke their kiss.

“Let’s go in here. We don’t want to be caught by some, enterprising person like us who don’t want to use the upstairs bathrooms.”

Kayla nodded while licking her lips.

“Good idea.”

The rushed into the room, which was a child care area with the lights off, and locked the door behind them. There were no windows which was great. Ian immediately knelt down, guided Kayla to one of the low too small tables and had her spread her legs for his head. He pushed up her dress with the light gossy fabric flowing like lace in the breeze in a bedroom next to the ocean. She had on white cotton panties, and he pulled them off while sucking in her scent. It was like her perfume, and he started to think she didn’t wear any and that Kayla just had an erotic scent naturally.

Her pussy was delicious, and for a brief moment he thought about the horde of people upstairs all dressed in their “sunday best” while he was downstairs eating out this young hot chick’s pussy. So far it was a good Easter.