Erotic Short Stories

Enjoying Spring Break part 6: After Interview Celebration

“I can’t stop this feeling, deep inside of me girl, you just don’t realize what you do to me” Caroline sang, “I’m hooked on a feeling! Da, dah, dun dun.”
She had the windows down and the radio loud enough to cover the wind noise. Her interview had gone well. She rode the good feel from her bathroom release all the way to the offices and while her suit pants felt too tight against her butt and thighs, they were the professional standard for an office environment. She’d chosen a gray suit that hugged her hips and upper thighs but flared lightly around her calves. The top was tight around her shoulders, but because her breasts weren’t that big, no where near Alison’s, she didn’t need to worry about how they would look under the blouse and jacket. She could wear a simple bra without caring if she was professionally bound up. She was all straight lines and curving profiles.
“I’m high on believing!” she sang.
The receptionist had gawked at her when she entered, and he kept glancing at her while she flipped through her resume folder while she waited. It had been hard to hide her satisfied smile. If the receptionist was finding it difficult to not check her out she knew she looked good.
“That you’re in love with meeee!”
At the “me” line the music cut out and Caroline was perplexed.
“What the hell?”
She looked at the dash and Eli was calling through the car’s built in bluetooth. His call had overridden the music. She clicked “answer.”
“Hello?” she said.
“Hi, Caroline! Eli.”
“Eli! How you doing?”
“Hah, great. How was your interview?”
“That well, huh?”
“Oh yeah. They were really great, and they even offered me the position for this summer on the spot! The guys interviewing me had been super nice.”
“That’s great! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!” Eli said.
“Did you want to celebrate with me tonight? I feel like having a great grand time. Want to go out with me?” Caroline said.
“I was calling for that exact reason! I wanted to ask you out, hopeful that your interview went well. I’m so happy it did! Yes! Let’s celebrate. Let me take you out for dinner. I have a good idea in mind.”
“Great! Want to make a reservation for 7 and pick me up?”
“Sure. Text me your address when you get home; I don’t have it. I’ll swing by around 6:30; wear something a little nice, we’re going to old town.”
“Awesome! Looking forward to it. I can’t wait to get some good food in me.”
Eli laughed.
“I can’t wait to do some good eating too.”
Caroline laughed too.
“Great. See you later.”
Caroline smiled even more after Eli hung up. The music came back on and she sang along with the lyrics! She was hooked on the feeling of awesome and her fun romps with Eli were going to continue. Just like she hoped he was open to an evening together with her. She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel, and sang loud to the wind and her joy the whole way home.
She didn’t shower again before Eli picked her up but she did change her outfit. Caroline had also made some preparations for after dinner, but resolved to keep it to herself in case things went sour. She didn’t think they would, but on nights like this you never knew. Eli had planned dinner for them at a local sushi restaurant. It was an unapologetic American sushi without the Asian influence. It was like buying cows milk from Starbucks, or mowing your lawn in the winter. The restaurant decided to go with a intimate high-end theme, hence the requirement for a semi-nice outfit. Caroline chose knee-high leather boots, a tightfitting miniskirt, and a flow and front halter. The excess fabric over her chest made her boobs look a little bit bigger, and the skirt and her exposed shoulders accentuated her best parts. She had her hair in a half pony with braids along her temples. She felt hot, and Eli’s excitement when he picked her up confirmed it.
They split rolls, sashimi, edamame, and had some sort of rice beer to chase their saki. By the end of dinner Caroline is pretty buzzed. Eli suggested they take a walk around old town, and Caroline readily agreed. It was warm enough outside that she was comfortable, and Eli look so good in his button-down shirt and tight slacks. He had a nice body, but his warm large cock is what excited her most.
“Wow, that dinner was amazing.” Eli said while brushing back his brown hair.
“I know! Thank you so much. It was a perfect cap to my interview. Though I’m still a little thirsty, want to stop for a drink at one of these outside bars?” Caroline said.
There were a ton to choose from, and thankfully Eli picked one with outdoor heaters still going. It wasn’t cold, but the temperature had dropped a little bit since they started walking. Caroline was happy with the choice because it was close to her secret location. She had something planned for later on, and this bar was close enough that she could quickly duck in when needed.
“You look so fucking hot tonight.” Eli said “that skirt and your legs make me want to run my face against your skin.”
“You’re naughty, and so bold talking like that in public bar.”
“Hey, we’ve done much worse in public the last two nights. By the way, you look like you’re hurting it all. We were both pretty lit last night.”
“Yeah, I was hurting pretty bad this morning. Then I went running, showered, and banged out one of the best interviews my life. I’m hoping to bang out something else later on too.” Caroline said.
She pushed her toe towards Eli’s crotch, and he stroked her leg over the leather boot.
“Now who is the naughty one?”
They had a few more drinks punctuated by pleasant conversation that remained laced with suggestive flirting. They were both certain that they would hook up, and at Caroline suggestion they leave Eli paid the bill.
“You didn’t have to do that. I should at least pay for half.” Caroline said.
“No, no, it’s okay. Let me take you out. We are celebrating your new internship. Although, I hate to do this but my parents are home.” He cringed.
“Darn. My parents are home too,” Caroline said with a wide smile.
“Why are you smiling?”
“I had an idea something like this would happen, so I ugh, made arrangements.”
“I did. Come at me, I have something really good to show you.”
Caroline led Eli by the hand a few blocks over towards the larger office buildings. He asked repeatedly where they were going, but all she would do is smile and say to hurry up. She made an abrupt turn under the awning of a hotel lobby, and pulled him through the glass doors. She aimed him at one of the lounge chairs and instructed him to wait while she went to the front desk. A few moments later she returned to collect Eli with a smile and a key card.
“You got a room?” Eli said.
“I made the reservations right after you called me today after my interview. I told you I want to celebrate in a special way.”
She put her hand on Eli’s chest, and leaned in for a long lingering sensual kiss. His hands wrapped around her waist like it gentle protective statue, and even roamed down over her skirt and butt.
“I think I can give you something to celebrate,” Eli said. “Let’s get upstairs and I can show you how happy I am for you.”
They laughed and hand-in-hand went up the elevator. The room was a sweet; a large king bad dominated the attached bedroom, and the main area was filled with luxurious furniture and couches. There was a box wrapped in a bow in the center of the room on the coffee table. Caroline picked it up with the laughing clap, and brought it into the bathroom. She closed the door and howled with laughter.
“Whoa. What the heck is going on? Is a really okay?” Eli said.
“Don’t worry, make yourself more comfortable. Literally, in quotes, make yourself more comfortable. I’ll be out in the moment.”
Caroline stripped in the bathroom and while she missed the opportunity for Eli to take off her sexy clothes, the lingerie she had ordered online and had delivered to the hotel was much more erotic. It was a crotch-less red lace corset and bra with long ride stockings and straps to match. Her ass looked spectacular in it, and her legs divine. She purchased the matching red panties with the heart shaped hole just above the thong.The top accentuated her modest breasts, and she preened in front of the mirror before stepping out into the room.
Eli was naked sprawled on the lounge couch. He clearly had picked up on her hint of making himself more comfortable.
“Holy fucking shit.” He said.
Caroline stalked towards him, taking slow careful steps. She was deliberately moving at 1/8 of her typical speed. She wanted to draw out the moment. She was determined to make the most out of this evening, and wanted to suck out the pleasure from every second. Earlier that afternoon, relaxing before she had to prepare for tonight Caroline had read an article in Cosmo. It was all about giving blow jobs where you focused on the physical sensation. It described how the feeling of touch could be so enjoyable and pleasurable for a girl sucking on a cock. She wanted to test it out for herself, and Eli’s beautiful dick was a perfect opportunity.
Eli was perched on the edge of the couch, his erection bouncing against his belly button, and his strong arms flexing into the seat cushions. When she arrived in front of him he began to stand up but she pushed him back down.
“Relax. Enjoy.” She said.
Caroline bent at the waist and gave his twitching cock a quick peck. He groaned and leaned back while prompting his Dick up further towards her face. She alternated looking at him in the eyes and giving his Dick ever deeper kisses. She savored the soft press of his tip against her lips. She let her read mouth linger on his flesh, even letting spittle dangle from her tongue to his shaft. This blowjob was not about Eli. This blowjob was about Caroline. It was about savoring and relishing the specific physical sensation of Eli’s erection. She worked up to swallowing his whole deck in her mouth and giving it a wet lingering slurp. Eli’s moans were music.
She settled then on her knees between Eli’s legs. His balls were resting on the edge of the couch, and he was fully reclined back into the cushions. She ignored him. Instead, she played with his balls, played with his Dick, and approached his shaft with every interest she’d ever had. At times she laughed like a dog drinking water, and others she bobbed her head like a porn star. She found joy and pleasure and how his smooth veins slid on her cheeks, how the underside of his tip felt on her eyelids while she smooched the base, and how it filled her when she deep throated him. Caroline lost track of time. Her knees began to ache, and with one hand she began pumping his shaft while keeping her mouth over the tip and tonguing the underside. Eli squeeze the cushions with his hands turning the knuckles white, and moaning towards the ceiling with his head thrown back. His, rocked it into her throat, and she swallowed determined to leave no mess. She continued to pump and suckle on his cock even after she was certain his orgasm had ceased. Then she slowed her piston pace and moved to gentle affectionate kisses.
Eli tried to stand up and pull her into an ebrace but she pushed him back down.
“I’m not done with you yet.” She said.
She stood on the coffee table and did her best stripper routine; all curves and bonds at the waist and flexing her legs and ass for Eli’s pleasure. He touched himself while watching her and professing his appreciation for her sexy body.
“Go shower for me, real quick.” She said.
Caroline repeated herself and ordered him into the shower. He scampered off and five minutes later was back to towling off his wet hair. He looks so gorgeous with his dark black wet hair, his smooth tanned skin, and the noticeable muscles in his torso and arms. He had decent legs, but he obviously spent more time working his upper body. It still looked good. Caroline had a random thought then about how all hair looked black when it was wet even her blonde, and now Eli’s brown.
“Come stand next to the bed, and turn around towards the mattress.” Caroline said.
“All these orders,” Eli said. “I didn’t know I was going to be a slave for the night.”
“Were celebrating me. I get to make the demands. But don’t worry, you’re gonna love everything. Haven’t you enjoyed it so far?”
Eli laughed and consented. Caroline walked up behind him and ran her hands over his shoulders and down his arms. She pressed her tits against his back, and let her hair tickled his skin while she kissed his muscles down to his butt. He had been thorough in the shower. She could smell his soap and his skin felt creamy after scrubbing. She went lower. She was on her knees again, with both hands wrapped around his waist tugging at his penis while she kissed his butt. She reached a hand between his legs and played with his balls while stroking his cock with her other. Caroline took a deep breath and shoved her nose between his butt cheeks and began licking his butt hole.
“Holy shit! What are you doing?”

Read the rest of Caroline and Eli’s story where she finishes Eli off, and she gets a turn on the oral wagon. Then join them further when Caroline rides her way home! Available now here:



Erotic Short Stories

Fragment: “Abusing the Game:” Regret

I was drunk again, and my mouth was on another sloppy pussy almost covering my face with its lips. They were like floppy beef curtains dangling over my upper lip. If I hadn’t been so drunk the smell and taste might have made me throw up, or the fact that her labia were almost stuffing up my nostrils so much I couldn’t breathe. I lapped away anyways. In a perverse way it was self-punishment for what I’d done to Lizette.
She hadn’t returned any of my calls, and even though I ran our route repeatedly I never saw her beautiful bobbing ponytail or her sexy long legs. It was like she was avoiding and blocking me. I had this terrible feeling that I’d raped her. Had she been shouting no? Had I really been that callous and brutal? I’d fucked her up the ass, but she’d welcomed me inside by pushing herself over my thumb. I had been inside her.
All the justifying in the world couldn’t remedy that I’d violated her, and all the bar rat sluts that would take me home with them wouldn’t satisfy the hole in my life now that Lizette was gone and blocking me out of her life. Dammit! I had blown our perfect date with my overzealous anal insertion. I could have been content with fucking her but I had to push it; I had to stuff my thumb in her butt, to drive my dick up her ass, and fuck her when I was already having sex. Why did I do that?
“You okay down there?”
Beef curtains was talking to me; I thought I could have just slobbered my way to her orgasm, but I think my distraction about Lizette was noticeable even in our drunkenness.
“Yup, okay!” I said, and attacked her pussy with renewed vigor.
“Oh yeah, there it is. Lick me. Oh yeah. You look so good with your face between my legs.” The girl moaned and stroked my hair. “Yes, yes, yes, keep sucking. Use your fingers.”
I shoved two inside, and beef curtains started thrashing and bucking against my face. Her labia wrapped around my face and threatened to fill my nostrils. Thankfully I was drunk enough that I didn’t mind holding my breath until she rocked her way off my mouth and nose. I couldn’t remember what she looked like; who was this girl with these long pussy lips? I couldn’t even recognize her voice. Had we fucked before? What would it be like to have my cock wrapped by this loose vagina? I suppressed a shutter and felt a deep well open inside my stomach that sucked all the happiness and pleasure from my buzz. Lizette’s perfect pussy would never be mine again; she’d never spread her legs for me, would never let me touch her smooth skin wrapped tight to her pink peachy pussy. I was sick, and disgusted with myself.
Then beef curtains came on my face, and not only was she a floppy pussy, she squirt a wet fluid over my face while screaming joy and pleasure. She held my face to her crotch, and squeezed my head and gripped my hair hard. It hurt, but worse was the flooding gush of her squirting spraying into my mouth against my tongue, and shooting up my nostrils. I coughed against the flow, and hammered my hands against her legs to push myself away from her squeeze. She held me firm, and moaned with loud groans shouting excitement to the ceiling. The liquid was too much, and I gagged on her spray. I finally shoved myself away from her thighs and retched with dry heaves to her shaking body and her orgasmic laughter.
When I got my face dry enough to look up I recognized ‘beef curtains.’ She was a girl I met out at the coffee shop; we’d been studying side by side and I’d started up small talk after she smiled at me a few times. She wasn’t terribly attractive, a round cheeky face that wasn’t ugly. She had piercing blue-green eyes and breasts that sagged sideways around her ribs; they weren’t dainty and beautiful like Lizette’s. This girl had large nipples that almost covered the whole tip of her cone shaped tits. They’d been fun to touch when I wasn’t looking at them. Her dark hair was wavy and frizzy. It streaked with sweat and gobs of her squirting that’d splashed off my face. Her name was, what was her name? I couldn’t remember. It didn’t matter. My drunk brain and body knew what to do, and I’d already forgotten the flood into my mouth from her climax.
I made sure to strap a rubber on, pushed her legs apart, and entered her floppy pussy. Her folds spread out wide against my stomach, and I felt like I was pushing into loose ribbons, or wet paper. If I pushed hard enough it was like any other hole, and I did my best to slam into her so I could cum quickly and at least get off. Nausea ripped through my my stomach spawning out of the void birthed from my regret over Lizette.
This girl’s voice was sexy, she moved with enthusiasm, and seemed to be enjoying herself, even wiggling her fingers under her hood over her clit, but I was just disgusted by the whole thing. My erection evaporated, and soon I was shoving my flaccid dick into her waist. I thought I could keep pushing to get it up again, but it only made it worse and I felt like I was trying to push a wet cheese stick into a pop can. It just didn’t work right.
“Everything okay?” She said.
“Yeah, yeah, fine.”
“Did you cum?”
“Yeah.” I said.
I pulled out and collapsed next to her.
“That was great.”
“Was it? If you say so. I need a drink; want one?”
She got up, left the small bedroom, and me on the bed and rummaged through the fridge in her apartment. She was older than me. Wow. I pulled the condom off with a snap and balled it into a tissue and padded to the bathroom.
“Its in here when you’re done,” she said from the bedroom.
I peed and tossed the condom into the wastebasket. It was a small wicker pink one; only a girl’s apartment would have a fashionable trash in the bathroom. I washed my hands, took a deep breath, and went back into the bedroom for the beer I would sip on and hope to fall into sleep so I could forget beef curtains and Lizette.

Erotic Short Stories

Running Hangover Away

The pillow was soaked with drool and her mouth felt dryer than a clean table. All of her moisture must have leaked out of her mouth while she was passed out. Her room was bright, and it must have been at least 10am. She needed water. Caroline struggled to sit up in her bed, and dropped back down to her wet pillow, quickly turning her head to a dry spot and clutching her temples.

“Ooooh. Ouch.” She said.

Her head felt full, and a dull pressure bumped against her skull. She should have had water before going to sleep; at least she didn’t puke after the Lyft dropped her off. Had Eli shared the ride with her? She couldn’t remember if he’d been in the car with her. All she remembered was that it had stopped and she’d fought to hold down her stomach with effort, stealing herself against the car door before she stumbled for her parent’s front door. Had Eli said goodbye, or caught her hand to give it a kiss before she left? She didn’t think so.

“Why did I drink so much?” she said. “It hurts. Ugh.”

Caroline stayed in bed a few more moments with her hands on her head, and accidentally fell into the drool side a few times before sighing and lumbering for the bathroom. Her mouth was so dry but she had to pee.

“Fuck. All my water went to my bladder. Gross.” she said to her mirror image.

He mouth tasted awful; she could only imagine how pungent her breath must be. After flushing and washing her hands she sucked water from the faucet with her face in the sink. With two hands on the edges of the sink she looked at her face dripping water in the mirror. She wondered if that was what she looked like with cum dripping off her lips. Her hair wouldn’t have been so grody and tussled, her face wouldn’t ben so out of place and poorly made up. Although, maybe after fooling around it would be icky.

Breakfast was oatmeal and strawberries with cold brew coffee from the fridge. Mom and Dad always had the best foods ready to eat. The oatmeal had been one of those mini-bags where you just fill the bag with water and microwave it. It tasted better than regular plain old rolled oats you had to boil. The cold brew was good too.

With breakfast finished, and her interview later that day Caroline spent the rest of the morning scrolling through instagram and checking on her outfit for when she’d have to drive into the offices and turn her ragged form around into a vibrant lively overachiever. It wouldn’t be that hard. She’d go for a run, shower, have a light lunch and dress. She’d have plenty of time to drive to the offices for her internship interview.

Caroline’s run was uneventful, and she stopped only a few times to catch a couple pokemon. Each time she brought out the app she thought of Eli’s huge dick filling her mouth. She had blown him twice in the parking lot in the last two days, and the community day Pokemon Go day had been the event that sparked their affair. She did not expect him to have such an enjoyable cock; he was pretty good at going down on her too.

After running and showering Caroline fidgeted with her outfit. She kept changing the pants and the shirts. She switched out her planned outfit five times after trying on her original choices. Eli had texted her a few times and she’d responded. He was sweet; offering encouragement for her interview. Caroline was on edge and a tickle plagued her typical confidence. She hoped that the shower would help calm her down.

She used the family upstairs bathroom, not the master bath in her parent’s room, but the main on the kids did. Her siblings were at school, and she had the house to herself. She stripped her sweat pants and panties off.  When she had them down to her ankles she had an idea and hopped on one foot because she was too impatient and almost fell over. She laughed with one hand on the bathtub ledge, ripped her top of and turned on the water. Caroline showered quickly, washing hair and conditioning quick. Once done she laid on her back, spread her legs, and scooted her butt under the tub faucet. She switched off the shower button, and heavy water slammed down on her clit.

“Oh fuck yeah.” She said.

Water rammed down on her clit, and she quivered her crotch under the violent water. This wasn’t the first time; more like the thousandth. Caroline couldn’t remember when she starting masterbating under the water, but her orgasms were always excellent. It hammered down over her clit and tickled her hole like a careful finger flicking her inside. It was like the perfect warm constant kiss pounding her bean and she flexed her legs into the wall, humping up and down to amplify and vary the water best.

She found herself thinking of Eli’s big cock pushing into her mouth, how the tip bulged when he got turned on, how its smooth base pushed against her tongue, how he swelled up when he came, and how his hot cum burst down her throat. She hoped it would enter her soon; hoped it would push into her wetness, slid up inside her and fill her with pleasure. She wanted his rough abdomen to grind against her clit and ride her to orgasm. Her hands shot out to the sides of the tub, and she pressed hard to keep her body against the base and the water flowing over her clit.

Caroline’s orgasm burst out from her core like an exploding bucket of water tipped over surprising you how much liquid was inside. She shook her legs against the wall, spasmed her thighs, and pushed with all her arm strength to keep her crotch slammed by the waterfall.

When she dried off with tired legs it wasn’t from exhaustion, but with a comfortable release and relaxed pressure. She would be calmer and more confident for her interview. Much of the anxiety and nervous energy she had during her prep subsided and she dressed and made herself up singing to music playing on her Echo, and later from her phone in the car. The interview was going to go great, and later tonight she was finally going to get Eli’s cock inside her.

Erotic Short Stories

Riding the Hood

Caroline was standing on one leg with her other one propped up on the front bumper of her dad’s SUV. She licked her lips, missing the beer she’d drank earlier that night and thought about how nice it would be now to wash down Eli’s cum. A little bit of it tickled her throat, and she struggled to swallow against the rawness of her throat after he face fucked her.

Eli pushed a couple fingers up her pussy, and licked hard against her clit. All thought of dry throat or sore tonsils faded to the pleasure ripping up her spine. Eli was on one knee propped forward in front of him as a platform so he could lap from underneath her spread legs. He was all enthusiasm and certainty; drunk enough to be aggressive against her clit like a fish too dumb to realize the clear wall doesn’t give. Tongue wasn’t as good alone as combined his fingers, and the fact that anyone could stumble to their car and spoil the experience. It would be worse if a cop drove by and shined his light on her face; she couldn’t figure out if she would keep Eli’s head between her legs or let him struggle up groggy to see what the flashing lights were from.

Caroline decided it didn’t matter, and that she wouldn’t worry about it. His tongue was more important right now than any policeman that might stroll by.

“Oh yeah, Eli, just like that.” She said.

She ran her fingers through his hair with the hand that wasn’t pressed into the dirty dust coated hood of her dad’s SUV. Caroline had let the romper go, and Eli used his fingers and chin to keep the fabric from slipping over her pussy.

“Push harder, there, there, there,” she said, “oh god damn, that feels good! More!”

Eli’s hair was coarse under her fingers, curly and a little crusty; likely from his hair product. She squeezed.

“Ommph!” he said, but never ceased his motions on her pussy.

“Keep going! Yes! Yes!”

Caroline threw her head back and shouted loud when her orgasm shivered up her clit, through her belly, and rode the her back up to her neck. She leaned the back of her head on the hood, oblivious of the dust and dirt mingling with her head while tossed backwards in her passionate throes. When she opened her eyes she saw the drivers side window and top of the steering wheel upside down.

“God damn! That was awesome. Fuck me, Eli. I want it!”

Eli slurped. It was almost enough for her to shut her legs and kick him to the curb. She could have, there was a curb a few feet behind him where the floor met the wall. No, it wouldn’t be right to give him the boot after his diligent tongue attention.

Eli had wiped his face with his arm, and stood up. His pants were still undone, and his dick flopped out over the zipper. Caroline wasn’t sure if it hurt him or not, they looked like they were sharp, and when she wore jeans without panties she sometimes caught herself on the teeth and yelped from their bite. Maybe he was too drunk or turned on to care.

“Come here,” she said beckoning with her hands. “Fuck me on the car hood.”

Her romper would be ruined from the filth, but maybe she could dry clean it enough to salvage.

“I don’t have a condom.” Eli said.

He’d had one the other night, and she’d turned him down. What the fuck was he thinking asking her out and not bringing one. Did he think she was a prude? She’d let him suck on her pussy till she came and took his cock in her mouth a few minutes after seeing him again after the Pokemon Go community lure. Why the fuck wouldn’t he have packed a condom the second time they hung out after a first time like that?!

“Ugh,” she said, and closed her legs, “why the fuck. Oh well.”

Caroline pushed herself off the car hood, annoyed more now that she’d sprawled backwards over the car hood and soiled her hair and romper for nothing. Fucking Eli, or not, she thought.  She pushed herself past Eli and his wiggling dick hanging over the edge of his unzipped pants.

“I’m going home; I need to brush my teeth.”

“You’re not driving are you? Can I get a ride?”

“Fuck no. I’m taking a Lyft.”

She turned around and put a hand on his chest; Eli stumbled backwards and fell into the hood of her dad’s car. Her dad wouldn’t mind she came home drunk and left his car in the parking garage. Better take a ride home and back in the morning than get a DUI.

“Woah, what the fuck,” Eli said sprawled on the hood.

“Relax,” she said, and leaned in over him and slowly toyed with his clothes with her fingers up his chest, then held his face in her hands for a long lingering kiss. “Wait for my ride with me and call me tomorrow.”