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Slept on it, and went all in to Kindle Unlimited.

Woke up this morning and decided that I should go all in on Kindle unlimited. There were a few books that couldn’t be put into KU because they’re published for free elsewhere. I’m not a fan of how there have been no sales at all from this morning. Crazy. Dumb. Ridiculous. Buy my stuff!!!

I decided to go to all into KU because of one simple fact. 80% of the market share.

My hope was to have more sales on my website and on Draft2Digital which I LOVE using, but there were simply not enough sales to justify staying wide with the amount of high-quality writing I’ve been doing. My erotica is spectacular and I know it. I enjoy when i reread it so I know someone else out there does too.

KU is my hope for the future. My guess, my hope is that it will lead to higher and higher sales and revenues.

The process was very very easy.

In Draft2Digital you go to each book and click “delist” at the bottom of the book’s file.

In Smashwords, you go to the “dashboard” and click on “unpublish.” It was fast, easy and simple. Amazon was much more difficult and clunky.

In amazon you have to click on each book and then click again and wait for the screen to refresh. It is not user-friendly or easy. They do a great job making their products great for people to buy, for consumers, but clunky and blah for the content producers.

Jocelyn's Corner

To do Kindle unlimited or not

That is the question. do you subject yourself to all in on Amazon or do you go wide?

You may have heard this before, but KU and wide are two very different markets. You need to answer if you are serious about writing and continuing to write or if you’re in it for the money in the short term.

Let’s look at some facts:

Amazon is 80% of the book buying market.

Wide is much smaller, yet there are still people that make a lot of money on other retailers. The most notable for me is Apple. Other people do very well on Kobo, and still others have income from Tolino and Barnes and Noble.

I’m suspecting that the next Amazon and kobo are going to be the next retailers that drive the market. Apple may be, but I honestly see them decreasing over time as they are expensive and not ubiquitous outside of the united states.

Right now the majority of my sales come from Amazon. In November I’m making $60.00 from sales and no books in KU. I’ve been wide for three months and I’ve seen my sales decrease every single month. Some of that might be because I’m not publishing as often as i was before (in some cases weekly publishing). Now I’m writing longer stories and publishing about once or twice a month. I’m still producing every day something, but my stories are not as consistent and rapid as they used to be.

At first going wide got me a lot of money from Apple and Barnes and Noble. The first month I did really well at $40 from wide retailers. that has dwindled down to $20.00 for a month. I’m not happy about this because my KU income has disappeared and not been replaced by the wide sales. in fact, the sales have been dripping lower over and over. I’m starting to think I should go all in on Kindle unlimited for the page reads, for the increased exposure, and for the added income. My annoyance stems from the fact that I was hoping my website would generate a lot more revenue than it has.

My goal was to have people buying the “everything” package from my website with Bitcoin or Litecoin as they’re the only payment processors that will accept Erotica online. Should I be selling everything on Amazon and Kindle?

Personally, I can’t remember the last time I bought a book online. I’ve only been reading books on Amazon Kindle with my unlimited subscription. If I’m not buying books like others, then they probably aren’t either.

The sales from my wide retailers aren’t that high so it won’t make much of a difference if I take it away.

Unfortunately for me it takes away my dream of having a robust “Everything” package sales. I wanted my readers to get everything I’ve ever written by buying the Everything package.

That didn’t work out too well. i had very few people buying it. 3 to be exact. I can still give them the books they bought in advance before going into KU.

So i face a dilemma. Do I go back into KU?

I’m wide. I have all my books wide right now and i have spent the whole third quarter going wide. It hasn’t paid off.

Maybe I’m rushing it, not committing to anything long enough to be successful. should I let it ride?

But Amazon is 80% of the market and all that sweet sweet KU money is sitting on the table doing nothing.

The majority of my sales are on Ku.

The money from wide isn’t achieving the revenue I was getting from Ku.

Kindle Sales:

Wide Sales:

I really like the idea of being wide. I enjoy the hope that I have controllable income outside of Amazon. however, I don’t want to be missing out on tons of cash. Cash today is better than some cash tomorrow. I think tonight I’m going to switch everything over to Kindle unlimited. KDP Select for all my books. We’ll see how that goes.

The pictures above are the lifetime income I’ve earned from Kindle, and then wide.

Amazon: $588

Wide: $176

Website: $150.


I don’t know. Amazon is about $600, and wide and website is about $300 for the same time period. Maybe I shouldn’t go into KU. At worst it is 3 months. Hmmmmm.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving filled with turkey stuffing, big meats, and happy creams.

There is nothing better than having an early romp through green bean casserole slathered with cream of mushroom sauce and crispy onion toppings.

Lick your fingers dry, tongue off the last of the mashed potatoes, and gobble up that dressing draped dark meat.

Finish off your plates keeping room for dessert and my personal favorite: pumpkin pie. Spray on the whipped cream and remember when you were younger how you poured hot chocolate on your belly and had your boyfriend eat it off your tummy, off your crotch.

Don’t worry, family and friends won’t know the gleam in your eye is for Thanksgivings past where you imagined happy sensual moments with your dates.

I’m finishing my latest book, “Stuffing and Sauce” Hill’s Secrets Thanksgiving 2018. Enjoy this mature seduction book where Alison falls for an older man crashing a friendsgiving and Billy hooks up with a scorned older woman at a diner. See how they enjoy their younger/older cravings on this day for gorging on giant meats.


Jocelyn's Corner

Younger and older sex for Thanksgiving Erotica

One of my most popular niches is the older man younger woman niche. I like exploring the opposite of it too, younger man and older woman using Billy Hill as my hero.

In 2016 I wrote “Mature Seduction” where Alison and family friend Frank hook up in the garage on a reupholstered couch and Billy hooks up with Frank’s wife, Sarah, in the basement. It was a fun older person younger person romp and led to some of my best sales at the time. Since then I wrote a bunch of older man younger girl stories as they were of interest to readers. It seemed the best financial thing to do. I didn’t think I’d be writing it as a majority of my books.

Thanksgiving erotica is interesting because you have the assumption of family, but you can’t be fucking your cousins. That is wrong and won’t pass adult filters or acceptable topics at the most popular retailers. So for the erotic author that wants to capitalize on a family heavy holiday, it requires some interesting mental gymnastics to shove your heroes into situations that they encounter strangers or non-relatives.

Last Thanksgiving special I shoved Billy and Alison into the arms of a visiting couples seduction. This year I’m sending the parents Will and Jessica away on a trip and forcing Alison and Billy to have a friendsgiving. They’ll meet some strangers that are much older than they are and get shown the ropes of a more mature hand.

Alison feels the expert touch of Nate, a sexy older man that shows up because he’s just broken up with his long-term crazy girlfriend.  She’ll melt under his warm chin, his rigid muscles, and the attentive way he listens to her talk about crytocurrencies.

Billy meets a heartbroken older woman at a diner where he stops off to have some pie but learns she wants to offer him a flavor he can’t resist.

I enjoy writing Alison and Billy. I’m familiar with their characters and am intimate with how they’ll react to different stimuli.

Thanksgiving erotica is fun. You can merge the idea of stuffing a turkey with stuffing a pussy full of dick. You can merge the idea of overeating with being an aggressive blowjob queen.

Ania in this latest story I’m writing loves getting it up the butt, but most of all likes swallowing cum. She is a dick sucking addict that was stymied from her old boyfriend’s obsession with her ass.

Billy is enraptured by her enthusiasm and takes double pleasure cramming his meat in her behind then having her clean him off with a bit of after climax tongue action.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to write in Will and Jessica’s story. Maybe they won’t be in this edition. Hmmm.

What do you like about Thanksgiving Erotica?

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Writing on Literotica hoping to bump sales

Not really working. I mean, I don’t know. Maybe it is. The one good thing is that it finally drove traffic to my website. Someone is at the website reading stuff, thankfully. At least there is more than me looking at my posts to make sure they are done correctly. As best as I can tell from google analytics is that 12 people have been to my site in the last two weeks, which is 12 more than have in all of the last year. About freaking time.

I published two more stories on and think that they’re doing pretty well. One made the “hot” list. That is more attention than any of my other published books have. I must be doing something wrong with my keywords, blurbs, and covers on Amazon and wide.

Did you know I got my start on Literotica? I published the first fledgling stories about Alison Hill and her first sexual experiences with “Cheerleader’s Awakening.” those two posts gave me the confidence to publish. It was the first praise and encouraging comments that gave me the desire to share with an audience.

It has been about 2 years since those first books, those first stories. Now I’m coming back to Literotica to share and hopefully drive traffic to my blog and books.

Going wide has been a challenge. I need to market, but where do you market erotica? You can’t really do it. Most vendors don’t want sex associated with their brands. I guess “Romance” blurs that line, but does not explicitly have sex at the front. Should I be moving to romance? You can advertise that.

So I’m back at and doing whatever I can to bring my name and brand recognition to more people. More eyes, more sales.

If you’re at my website reading this then you may already have seen the story I already published. I’m planning every week, or every day working on my Literotica story. You can read it here first if you want. I update it until it is done, then submit it to Literotica.

Frustratingly it takes about 3 days to go up on Literotica after submitting. Don’t want to wait, check out the website blog.

I think 18k views for my latest story is pretty good.

This latest series of anal stories and buttsex are with a nameless cheerleader. Maybe I’ll have it be Ginger, a girl that we’re going to meet from the cheerleading squad from my latest book, “Stuffing and Sauce,” Hill’s Secrets Thanksgiving 2018. It’ll be a mature older man, and older woman hook up with Alison and Billy. I’m looking forward to it and if you liked “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal” and other books you’ll see it has become somewhat of a trope I’m dedicated to.

More content going up on Literotica, and I’m thinking about doing a few shorts or serials there then publishing them. I couldn’t do it before because I was in Kindle Unlimited. I’m not anymore, so I can do anything.

Do you know why I sell books for bitcoins on my website? Because it is impossible to find a credit card processor that will deal with erotica. Sucks. I know.

Let me know if you have one in mind that works and hooks with woocommerce.


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Publish erotica on Literotica for free or put out another short?

Have you gone to I imagine if you read erotica books you have, and you’ve seen the astonishingly bad stories there. Sometimes I feel like I’m wading through shit, and am only fortunate enough to stumble on a gem once in a rare while.

Make sure you wash your hands afterward either way.

I remember finding a totally amazing and awesome story about a Nurse that enrolled in this hospital that made all the female staff basically free use sluts for the doctors and patients. People would pay a fortune to have basic inpatient medical procedures here because they could nail the nurses however they wanted, whenever they wanted by using the “call button.” Pretty amazing story.

It devolved into a strange and disgusting abusive story where the Doctors were anally raping this girl over and over to her detriment and pain, but I remember the premise and the basic story being amazing for the first five or so chapters.

That was gold. It disappeared for some reason, and I haven’t been able to find it again. I wonder if I started writing erotica to scratch that itch this series created in me. Who knows.

So I published a short on my website the other day, and also put it up on Literotica. There is a two day waiting period, which annoys me. Can’t they make it automatic? I’m waiting on getting the story out there to drum up some more interest in my writing. Sales lately have been terrible.

The question I have is, is it worth it to be writing a total short (Cheerleader wants hard anal), or should I be working on Billy’s story for the Halloween special? It is already Oct 11th and I still haven’t finished all three parts of the annual Halloween special. Yikes!

I’m excited for Billy and Gwen. I’m merging two of my more recent favorite characters (that haven’t gotten many page reads) and letting them smash into each other while dispelling some evil from the world. They’ve both good guys.

I’ll give you an update on whether or not has panned out. I published there first, and the success of my stories there, and still, inspired me to put together my first novel, “Take Her.” It was the start of my smut writing career, and I hope to have some more success with writing another short for the site.

If it flops, I’ll let you know. Maybe it is better to keep writing the next book. This will be 10 months of erotica writing, and 6 of publishing actively with over 30 books and many over 20,000 words. I have 4 books over 50,000 words. Wow! I publish! Too bad I don’t have any noticeable sales.

You can see, just under $400 from Amazon, with another $90 from wide.

Jocelyn's Corner

Sexy halloween erotica for adults

Not everyone reads, and those people that do can find their smut elsewhere.

When I first started writing erotica, I thought I was doing something wonderful by jumping right into the sex; throwing the reader mid thrust into the action, or sliding down a thick hard shaft filling the poor girl while she struggled to find purchase in a car.

If you’ve read any of my more recent books, then you’ll know I’m going deeper on story. I’m writing about stuff that isn’t immediately fucking. The girl doesn’t open herself immediately, and the men don’t attain their goal all the sudden with their dicks halfway through the girl’s tightness.

I’m writing more story. There is more action, intrigue, plot.

You can notice this most in the Halloween Special 2018 Book 1: Alison’s story. “Alison is Inside Lust,” is live now. It is 20,000 words and the first half is all plot and building action. These short has two sex scenes. One more tame with Rich, an old acquaintance from the college cheerleading squad, and a MMMF interaction that is full of supernatural delight. Alison is spit by three monster cocks, and she enjoys it while wearing her Emma Frost costume.

Who doesn’t like slutty Emma Frost?


I mean, she is smoking hot, and exactly what Alison would gravitate to if she was into superheroes and stuff. Thankfully Brooke is and tosses her a costume to accentuate Alison’s more sexual curves. Check out this awesome paranormal sexy halloween erotica where you get to experience the same desire vampires, werewolves, and thralls have over her giant perky tits.

so there is a lot more story. I find it interesting as i’m doing it to provide more value to my readers. I want them to enjoy a sexy sensual story that ends with a satisfying sexual experience for the main characters.

this comes for a few reasons.

I want the readers to dig their hands in their pants for hours, stroking slow until fingers go prune with use, or stiff with erection so long their explosions keep them going.

I’ve found my favorite erotica are where I’m deeply intimate with the characters, their struggles, and I’m close to them in a way short form erotica does not provide.

Do you care about Jack the “hot well built soccer dad?” and how he is going to garishly demand the neighbor’s 18 year old college coed is going to prance about in a skirt so he can pummel her ass? Well, maybe, but isn’t it so much better to know How he’s fucking his wife thinking about the hot slut next door who is making out with her boyfriend in the car. How he catches her after curfew and punishes her with his thick meat?

The setting, the plot, the build up and anticipation matter. I know. Heresy for me to write.

They said the riches were in longer works, more words, better sales, longer stories packed with sex and adventure.

Nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power” was one of my epics, stuffed with more sex than i could shake a Halloween wand at, but virtually no sales despite being a part of a series and really long (60,000 words).

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Prototype for Pleasure. New Book is live

If you weren’t checking out my website every second of the day, then you wouldn’t know that I had another book that just went live. That’s right, there is a new book on all the platforms and sent out to the “Everything” subscribers. 

[books_panel id=”f509ec87dfc9129eb64e14a883fca6f4″ books=”‹º›‹º›‹²›1375‹²›‹¹›,‹º›‹²›1739‹²›‹¹›‹¹›” book_thickness=”thin” show_read_book=”false” columns=”2″ hide_on_desktop=”false” hide_on_mobile=”false” animation_on_scroll=”{‹²›animation_enable‹²›:‹²›no‹²›,‹²›yes‹²›:{‹²›animation_type‹²›:‹²›fadeIn‹²›,‹²›animation_delay‹²›:‹²›0‹²›}}” _array_keys=”{‹²›books‹²›:‹²›books‹²›,‹²›animation_on_scroll‹²›:‹²›animation_on_scroll‹²›}” _fw_coder=”aggressive” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”6776b74e788c4fb81683b84ec3063429″][/books_panel]You may recognize the book though, it is Devon and the prototype. I finally collated it, edited it, and bundled it for sale. it has been sitting for free in the ancient days of 2018 January and doing nothing for me. I’m still waiting for the longtail keywords to bring in the massive traffic, but I think that google and the other sites are not as friendly to erotica and smut as they are to other more mundane topics. 

I have some of the best android and robot sex with a human. Devon is in product testing for new sex dolls that people can interact with. They are working on some details on how they will actually interact with people and Devon is perfect for the job. She is a sexual lioness, and a programmer. Short on tokens she signs up and has her every move documents with the sex doll robot. 

The researchers are proud of her, and intimidated, but ask her back for a second and third round. Expect the second visit to be published next week some time.

Doing that, plush writing the next Hill’s Secrets Halloween special. Alison is in for a massively good time. Two of the biggest intimidating cocks are aimed her way, and she’s about to be lanced by a third more rugged one. Can she handle all three at the same time? 

Billy is hooking up with a Witch, and no fake charlatan. Gwendolyn from my “Witch’s Awakening” series is going to make an appearance and grace Billy with her charms. Beware, they’re out to solve a mystery and put to rest what Billy and his friends started last year. 

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with Will and Jessica yet. Something loving and fun though. I can’t wait. This year I’ll be publishing them as three standalone shorts, then bundling them all together for the final Halloween special. The bundle will be called, “Inside Lust.” 

Also considering putting together a “Pounded by Ezra” non-fiction book using my posts here about how to write good poetry. I’m looking forward to that. We’ll see. It isn’t anything new, but might be interesting for some KU subscribers or something. Who knows.  Then I’ll start bundling my poetry into poetry journals to sell as well. 

Got a lot of work pumping out in the next few months. i hope that I have enough stamina and prowess to get them all done!

September 2018 has been fucking terrible for sales. I’m down to $70 in sales on amazon, and $46 wide. Last month, August 2018 I ended with $101 from Amazon and $80 from wide (mostly Apple). Not being in KU hasn’t really had that much of an effect. My “Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power” hasn’t had many reads, very few in fact, and more in sales. So, I’m clearly in the “Wide” bracket, though i do still recommend any new people to start in KU. I’m annoying; i do everything wrong after doing all the research. 


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Jocelyn's Corner

Does writing about erotica get you more readers?

I write poetry every day, as well as write at least 1,000 words in my latest book. Some days I’m writing about the righting process, and how I ‘m selling my smut.

Today I wrote a good deal in my latest Halloween Special 2018. I’m reluctant to say and admit that I’m 9,000 words in and have only started the first sex scene. What has happened to me?! I’m writing more and more story and less and less erotic sex.  More and more I’m getting into the setup and the production of what is happening instead of the straight up sex.

But people want stories, they want relationships, they are interested in the characters and how they grow and develop.

There are some wonderfully exciting things going on with Brooke and Alison.

In the 2018 Halloween special, Alison is going to have a foursome, her, one of the vampire brothers, a werewolf, and a twisted Familiar imbued with ancient vampire blood, a human named “Hunter.” I can’t wait to have them devour Alison’s supple body.

In the last year Alison has lost some weight in her tummy, tightening her abs, working her legs hard, but at the same time somehow increasing the size of her tits. Like her mother, they’re getting big, and despite the bras, the underwires, and hiding tactics they’re constantly on display jiggling and wobbling about seducing men.

We learn that Brooke is more than she seems, and is some sort of meta human. I haven’t decided yet if she’ll be a demon, a devil, or a whispered echo of a Succubus with confident power gifted by experience and arrogance. We see her kick some ass, and give Hunter a run for his money, matching him for speed and strength.

Alison gets a supernatural super power too, one that you may have already guessed. She is like a frenzy drug of sex. She exudes “Fuck me now,” and compels those around her to act on their secret desires. She lets them because deep down, she wants them to. She is more pure, more angelic, more touched by divine (blond hair against Brooke’s black). she’s like an innocent harpy that oozes sex and desire, but is rarely seeking it out on purpose, instead reacting to other’s lust.

I’m excited to get to the details and how Hunter is going to interrupt Rich and Alison’s tryst at the first house party. Oh, we learn more about the vampires too, and how they get their powers and what they mean for the rest of the world. We also learn that Brooke is a little more resistant to the Ambrosia’s forgetting magic. She is more powerful than Alison at the moment, in a supernatural setting.

I’m thinking about publishing Alison’s story immediately after I finish it instead of bundling it into the Halloween Special. I’m going to publish it and after I’m done with Billy’s story and WIll and Jessica’s (all of which I’ll publish as shorts too) I’ll bundle them and sell it as a bundle for the third entry in the “Hill’s Secrets Halloween” series. I wonder how many years I’ll be writing these. This october will be the third year.


So does writing about erotica and the writing process lead to more readers? If the google analytics for this website are any indication; no. There is no benefit for it. People are not interested in my talking about my next book. They may have some desire to learn about Alison and Billy, but in all truth I’ve never had anyone talk about their connection to these characters in any sense of intimacy.

They’re darling and alive to me, but I’m close with them, favoring them with thought and writing more than any others.

My goal is to write erotica thoughts that drums up key words, that gets some awesome neighbor girl next door coed keywords that talk about hot sexy big boob blonds to get natural organic visitors. I’m nearing a full year of posting daily and I see little to no traffic.

I put my mailing list at the end of every book, and prominent on my page, and I’ve had no signups.  You can get free books on my mailing list. Free content that you can’t get anywhere else. Sign up today!

For me, writing about erotica has not made me any more readers. And, fuck. 3 days without a sale. 🙁


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Jocelyn's Corner

Two new books and the KDP adult dungeon

This last week has been somewhat productive. I published two books in the last 7-10 days. To my great misfortune and terrible annoyance I only sold two copies of my latest books.

There is nothing worse than slaving over 60,000 words and not having a single person buy it. For truth it is my own fault. I should be doing more market research with which niches I should be writing in. I should look for places that provide a kink.

I’m writing my own kinks now. I’m writing my own desires, not so much a profitable one. My writing is for me, and not for anyone else. It is a labor of love, not an endeavor for profit.

My dream is to do what I love and get paid for it.

My latest book, “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal” was put in the adult dungeon. Again, the capricious and random hand of amazon’s kindle direct publishing adult filtering crashes down. There was no reason for the “adult” filter to be in place. Why? No explanation.

So i changed one character of the description. I changed Sugar Daddy Deal #1 to Sugar Daddy Deal #2. Yup, changed it from Book 1, to Book 2, and now it is out of the dungeon.

The change wasn’t without reason; it is a book two now. I wrote a prequel and updated the image, then forgot to change the blurb with the Book 1 in it.

If you’ll remember I changed the cover of the book and in the second submission the reviewer dumped it into the adult dungeon. I can’t tell why. There is no real reason for it. The cover is tame, the blurb is so vanilla it might as well not even be erotica. I’m shocked it got dungeoned. I’m equally shocked that it took another round through to get it out.

Sometimes it helps to resubmit with a minor change. It worked for me. No more adult dungeon.

Still, no real sales though either. I’m bummed. Apparently you can’t just write awesome erotica and get people to buy it.

Jocelyn's Corner

Halloween Erotica with awesome sex

I’m starting a new book today. Fuck, i started it today already. The next installment of the Hills Secret’s Halloween Special, this year, 2018. Do you like paranormal erotica? Like reading about vampires fucking hot blond cheerleaders with big boobs? Do you like sexy college coeds fucking shifters? 

This is the book for you. I’ve come up with a good story premise for Alison and Brooke this year. 

They’re going to avoid the Vampire Mansion, not because they remember anything that happened, but because their bodies do. It isn’t a true mind wipe, more like a forgetful notion about the place. They shy away from the pleasure and pain that comes with going to parties there, especially when Alison has been fed on already. 

in this new book we learn that Brooke is a bit of a super power herself, she is a match for the Alpha and the Vampire masters. 

Alison discovers some latent powers as well, though they are what we already feel for her; desire to rip her clothes off and fuck her in the most profane and exciting ways. She incites sex and lust, and men and women who encounter her are helpless to express their most heinous desires. 

They’re going to meet a Hunter and Alison is going to have some fun with a triple threat invasion; vampire, shifter, and super human Hunter.

I’m excited for Billy as he is going to meeting a crossover character fitting for the Halloween holiday; Gwendolyn Fields from my Witch’s Awakening series will stop by the house party he goes to and comment on how lame it is. They’ll hit it off and he’ll shock her with pictures from the skeleton army he destroyed in the last year. she’ll teach him a thing or two about how magic is real. I’m pretty excited for their exchange. I’m used to writing each from their own POV, so it’ll be interesting to do Gwendolyn from Billy’s viewpoint.

Started writing it already, and am about 1,700 words in. Wow, and I just published a book yesterday. no rest for the wicked, or those hopeful of earning a living writing. 

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with Will and Jessica this year. Maybe a costume swingers party? But they’re strictly monogamous. Maybe they’ll hook up at another house party, but this time won’t get possessed by some cruel spirits- though that was a lot of fun to write and read later. haha, love that scene with Will getting a laden shoved up his butt from a vengeful spirit. 

Check out the other two books, they’re for sale now and AWESOME!

Lust,” and “Outside Lust.” 


This new book might be called, “inside Lust.” Thoughts?


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Updated Covers

I’m going to start updating the covers for most of my books to be more overtly sexy.

I thought they were pretty sexy, but they didn’t scream sex. They didn’t shout SEX, like I hoped they would. not that they are bad covers, but they’re not so obviously erotica and sex i suspect they are a big reason why I’m not selling very well. 

A huge eye opener for me was my first review on amazon! YES! An amazon review! 5 stars! SWEEET! It was also very positive and well written. 

This was the review: 

“There’s lots of e-published erotica, of astonishingly variable quality. This story not only had amazingly hot sex, I came to care deeply about the characters. I deeply empathized with Floyd and his anxiety about his relationship with the young tennis player. She was just so delightfully enthusiastic and abandoned. Not to mention that she was a true “back door” enthusiast! I loved this story!”

You can see it in all its awesome glory here:

So I know if people read my stuff they’ll like it. That’s the thing. Despite the rapid writting and typos I’m well regarded. People enjoy the smut I write. I know that. 

I have to get them to buy, and that means selling the product before they invest the time and effort to crack open the text and read, especially on a longer book that might take 3,000 words to get to the first sex scene. 

So I went from the one on the left, to the one on the right. What do you think? Does it do a better job of showing that the book is about getting fucked up the butt?

I liked the original one because of the scowl on the model’s face, but it wasn’t very noticeable as erotica from the thumbnail. I feel like the second one with the blonde (fake unfortunately) speaks better for the book being much more sexy and a relationship. 

This book is my latest favorite, though it still doesn’t match the special place in my heart for any of the Hill books. Darling Alison, rogue Billy, and loving married couple Jessica and Will.

that brings me to the final piece of news. It is halfway through September, that means time to start writing the next Hill’s Secrets Halloween Special! I can’t wait. Should Alison fuck another shifter? Maybe a vampire shifter threesome? Maybe a romp with Brooke?  What about Billy?

Before that goes live I have a Prequel book to “the Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal” where we see a few scenes from Christina’s point of view. I’m hoping to put it into KU or a free book to drum up interest for the main seller, “Backdoor Deal.” 

Share your thoughts! Love your opinions!

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Should you write erotic shorts, or longer erotic novels?

i’m currently writing an erotica novel. This book is at 60,000 words right now, and I’m going into the final act. If you’re a “romancing the beat” type of person, I’m on Act 3, where my protagonists demonstrate their love and exist together. They show how they cannot be apart. writing in the first person gives it a little bit of a challenge that I find interesting. how do you show the other person’s emotions when you only have one field of view. I guess that is why many of the romance authors do two points of view. They have one protagonist tell the story from their side, and then get the other partner’s side of it. I like having the mystery of the one sided protagonist. i don’t switch points of view in a book. That means all of my books are not trustworthy. They’re told from the viewpoint of the main character. In my latest book, that is Josh Jennings, a 43 year old investor who has too much time and money on his hands and forces a deal with his 18 year old neighbor for sex. I’m working on making him her sugar daddy. Sugar baby? Did you know those terms existed? I knew about the daddy one, but that there are real people that trade their sex and time for college tuition, apartment rent, cars, etc. Wow. I don’t know if I could do it. Do you think they create emotional connection to their “daddies?” I bet they absolutely do. So long form versus shorts. I started writing shorts, and I thought that they were pretty cool. none of them sell very well. All of my longer stories sell much better than the short ones. hands down. They all do. Even my book of 9 anal shorts, “Rec Center Backdoor” has worse sales than my longer novels and novellas (50k-30k). Then I go and look at my sales for the year, and Rec Center Backdoor is actually third most in sales. Huh.
The first two books are much longer though, and “Brat Surrenders to the Neighbor’s Free Use,” is the series starter. So it makes sense that it is up in the ranks. I think the covers for “My Neighbor Obsession and “Using the Neighbor Brat’s Backdoor” are done well, which leads to the high sales. I wish that my longest and darling books were higher in the rankings though. “Take Her,” “Abusing the Game,” and “Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power” are all awesome lengthy books that deserve more attention. I guess with continued posting, publishing, and writing they’ll eventually get the recognition they deserve. 3 of these books are long novel length books.  One is a novel length book of 9 short stories, like a bundle. I love that book. “Rec Center Backdoor” has nine anal stories all centered around the local gym. fun. Today I did work on my latest book, “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal,” It is modeled after the “bargain” book but from the man’s perspective this time. What do you think of the potential covers? I’m leaning towards the one with the girl in a coat. Thoughts?
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Writing from another perspective; a man’s thoughts stuffing dick into a tight teen butt.

Thank you to @curie for their wonderful promotion of posts that don’t get that much love. For some reason I’ve gotten two in the last few weeks. That is freaking awesome. 

I remember my first @curie boosted post netted me about $300.00. These days they come to $2.00. Perhaps that is because the STEEM network value has plummeted from $7.00 per STEEM to less than $1.00. That could be some of it for sure. Either way, I’m appreciate of it regardless of the monetary value. It would be great to have constant recognition and engagement. 

Did you know there is a direct correlation between commenting on other people and them commenting on your stuff. You have to give in order to receive. The moment I stopped commenting on other people’s work, was the start of a steep and precipitous decline in both my engagement, my readership, my viewers, along with commenters and voters.

If you want to get votes and money, either buy them, or comment the shit out of other people’s posts. 

I wish I could figure out how to get erotica readers to engage with my website, or to leave a fucking review on Amazon. Good Reads has a couple of reviews, which I’m very thankful for. The one’s I have are either 5 stars or 4. That sets me up high. I’m glad for that. Reviews are what set people apart from others. If I can get reviews on most of my works, then more people will take a chance and read them. 

Here is my current strategy. 

I have 3 FREE books. You can get them anywhere. “Cam Model Disaster,” “Enjoying Spring Break,” and “Coed Easter Hookup.” They are three shorts that I published first on and I enjoy them. They’re my starters. If people get those, then my hope is that they’ll buy the rest of my books. 

Did you know you can get every single book I’ve ever written, and get access to all of my future books when you get the “Everything” item for $49.99 on my website?

That brings me to what I’m working on now.  For the last month I’ve been working on my latest book. Every day I’m getting about 1000-3000 words in.

It is tentatively called, “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal.” It is very similar to “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Bargain,” which was one of my most popular books bringing in about $100.00 over its lifetime. Which, if you’re following is about 1/4 of my total revenue in 6 months of writing consistently, and publishing near weekly for a while, then monthly. 

As of today, this book is about 50,000 words. 

In “backdoor deal,” the story is told from the point of view of Josh Jennings, a 43 year old rich investor that spends his free time growing prize winning flowers. His 18 year old neighbor, Christina Yates is a sexy thin girl that runs. She has a tight athletic body and a delicate model like face to go with her straight bouncing blonde hair. 

They live in Arizona, so she’s tan. Tan almost everywhere. When she pukes in his flower garden ruining a number of his prize blossoms, he offers her a deal: fuck him five days a week at a rate of $100.00 an hour, or he’ll tell her parents. Her dad will have to pay Josh back, and she’ll lose her money to go to college. 

Christina reluctantly agrees to be his teenage anal slut. 

Today I finished the first anal scene where Josh finally rams his thick dick up her virgin asshole. 

My favorite challenge is writing an experience like this from the other perspective. What is the guy thinking about when he has a girl bent over a bed forcing his cock into her unwilling sphincter? What is going through his head while she’s screaming and trying to wiggle herself free from his overpowering arms and hands on her hips, holding her down while his tip spreads her reluctant clenching apart. 

What is he thinking when she begs him to go gentle, and he doesn’t? 

I had a blast writing it. Next up is a bit of drama and more anal sex fun. I think i’m about 2/3 done with the book. My hope is to be finished with it at the end of this week. It will require a burst of writing tomorrow and another day, but I’m almost certain I’ll be publishing by the end of the week. 

If you bought the “Everything” package, you’ll get an email as soon as I’m finished, before it goes into KU for 3 months. So get it that now before I hit publish!

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Great teen anal erotica; younger girl older man sex

I’m writing awesome older man and younger teenager (18) erotica for you to read. That is right. Excellent erotica all about sticking it up the butt. Today I wrote a bit into Christina and Josh’s story. If you’ve been following this particular story you’ll know I’m basing it off of “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Bargain,” but with a different perspective, and a new couple. 

This time, Josh is going to coerce Christina into being his sex slave because she puked in his prize winning flower bed, ruining his blossoms. He makes a deal with her; be his teenage slut and pay back the value of the flowers she destroyed coming home drunk and ruining his flowers.  The first question I asked when writing this story was, “Why doesn’t he have a fence around his flowers if they’re that important?” See, I’m a thinker. The answer is that Josh doesn’t need to do it for money. He does it for the pleasure of it, and fences offend his aesthetics. He is an man of habit and routine.

Christina is going to ruin everything. 

Like all good erotica stories. They’re going to fall in love, or some semblance of it. I’m thinking of making this a 3 part series where Josh becomes Christina’s sugar daddy. She’s going to need lots of money for college, and after if she drops out, and she’s going to service Josh’s perverted 43 year old man needs. 

So far I have him requiring her to dress up like a schoolgirl when he learns she’s in school over the summer before college. 

Next I’m working him up to stuffing his big old man cock up her tiny little teenage ass. Neighbor, anal, backdoor, sex, older man, younger woman, these are my niches. I’m aiming at them on purpose to make sure I have a consistent theme to draw in readers. 

If you’ve read any of the “Witch’s Awakening” series, you know it follows a similar theme; young innocent girl gets fucked hard by a parade of older men. Perhaps I’ve found my kink, or niche. I’m guessing so. If you like reading about young sexy girls getting pounded by big dicks and not loving it at first, then these are the books for you. In “Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power” Gwendolyn gets more magical power the harder she is fucked. 

I’m about 44,000 words into my latest book, “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal,” and I’m really enjoying it. Tomorrow I’m going to be writing about the first time Josh stuffs his thick dick into Christina’s virgin asshole. He’s been working it with his fingers throughout the book so far, and even used a large bulbous dildo. Now, after weeks of prepping and training her sphincter to accept his size, he’s going to bend her over the bed, ignore her pussy, ignore her mouth, and cram into her butt until he cums inside. 

Did you know that you can get all of my books for one price? For $49.99 you can get Everything. Literally all the past books, instantly for one price, and as I release more books, get them before I publish. You’ll have every single book I write into the future. Get in on this deal. Support your favorite erotica author now!

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Money in consistency, and boring writing

Two weeks ago I published, or was it a little over one week ago, “Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power.” I thought it was going to do much better than it has. I gave it away for a weekend. Was that a dumb move? Maybe. The hope was that it would generate interest and get people reading the “Witch’s Awakening” series from start to finish. They’re all currently in KU.

Each book in the series is sort of standalone; you can pick any one up and get a full experience from it.

I think i like the second one a lot. There are more erotic scenes for me in that one that progressively grow with intensity. Book 3, “Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power” is amazing. I love it. The story itself interests me. I’m proud of the simple dynamic and story telling aspect of that book. The sex is fucking hot too; there is a lot of fucking sex in that book.

If I didn’t make that much money from that book, the question is “why did I write it?” I like writing, but i chose to write the third book in a series because there is money in consistency. Every podcaster about writing, every blog, they all say the same thing: write a series. Write often, write a lot, and publish quick.

I looked at my catalog and saw a bunch of disjointed different books not connected, standalones that by themselves were interesting and served a purpose: sex. They didn’t make me that much money though. I’m about this for the money. So ever since July I’ve been practicing writing in series. I’ve been attempting to write longer, more story based books that revolve around more than sex, more than true erotica shorts.

I want to make money. I want cash in my pocket. I want to earn lots and lots of money from my writing, and being prolific has done well, but not enough to rake in the thousands I was hoping for.

It isn’t bad; in July I had my first month of over $100.00. in July I started pushing my books wide (not all in KU and amazon), and I’ve made $56 from Apple Books, $14 from smashwords, because they banned “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Bargain” everywhere else and I had to publish it somewhere, and as of today $50 in Amazon. I’m on track to make over $100 again.

But where is the mass adoption?! Where is the ravenous horde of readers?

Consistency. Write in series, be prolific, publish regularly, and write stories of interest beyond shorts.

My last two books: 60k, and 50k words.

Right now I’m writing a standalone book- DAMMIT! I should have written in a series. Fuck, opps. Well, it is a standalone, but i’m planning on 50-60k words. It is a book similar to “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Bargain,” centered around a coercive deal that an older neighbor man imposes on a teenage girl next door.

As of today, I’m 21,000 words into this new book I’m tentatively calling “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal.” You can see the similarity, but this book is told fro the Point of View from the man. At first I wanted him to be cool and calculated, but he has morphed into a more human doubtful adult. Christina, the heroine, is more of a slut than I intended, but it has been fun to write. Their story will eventually turn Josh, the hero into Christina’s sugar daddy.

SO there is money in consistency, but writing what you don’t like will lead to less writing and less money. So I’m writing what I think is a happy mix; modeled after my highest earning book, same topic, same niche, and making it longer. We’ll see how it goes.

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New book is live, Witch’s Awakening Book 3

I’m submitting it to Amazon and dumping it in Kindle Unlimited tomorrow. If you want it now, check out my website, and buy it now! You’ll get instant exclusive access.

Members of my “Everything” package already got their free copy, and can access their accounts now. Don’t want to wait? Want everything I’ve ever published? Check it out now!

What is the book?

Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power

Witch’s Awakening Book 3! Get it now, before it goes live on Kindle unlimted. This is an exclusive release to my blog followers. Check it out now.

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Another 4k day, and cover art!

i spent much of today working on the end of my latest book, “Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power.” Gwendolyn is arriving at a close to her story, well the first chapter. There is a lot more left to tell between Alexandria, Gwendolyn, and Cassandra as they battle for the right to survive. 

Gwen had her final battle today with Cassandra, and it was a lot of fun trying to write a magical battle between two sexy women. Gwen was seriously outmatched, but has a secret weapon Cassandra doesn’t know about. 

I have one more chapter to finish and I’m hoping to get it finished tomorrow! YES! 

Then i’m publishing! 

This evening I spent time screwing around in GIMP, and came up with these two covers. What do you think?

Cover Playing with Fire

Personally, I’m leaning more towards the first one, where Gwen is “playing with fire.” I like it a bit more because it seems more elegant and more angry flame. The cityscap in the background of the other isn’t as appealing to me. 

What do you think??! Share with a comment below!

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Too many sex scenes in erotic novel?

I’m about 2/3 of the way through my latest book, “Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power,” book three in the “Witch’s Awakening” series. The first two are shorts, one at 8,000 words, and the other at a little more, I think 15 -18,000. I didn’t have everything nailed down yet, but we learn at the end of Book 2 that Gwendolyn’s free use is designed to build power. The ridiculous premise, because all erotica is ridiculous, is that the more violent and abusive the free use that witches let happen to them the more powerful they become. Surrender to free use = generate magic energy, and the more depraved and disgusting it is to the witch the more the power grows. Subjective degradation?

I wonder if it is like that scene in “Requim for a Dream” where the female character is stripping and doing a double ended dildo for cash so she can buy heroin, or bail her bf out of jail I can’t remember which. Subject your body to emotional trauma and abuse in order to get ahead. You feel stained, soiled, and disgusted with yourself.

We see hints of this in Gwendolyn’s mom, Alexandria’s warning at the beginning of Book 3. The free use sex parties are a clever way of achieving power, but in a safe and less degrading setting. They’re more like orgies and fun instead of the back alley dubcon that Gwendolyn engages in. She is totally willing, putting herself out for free use, but in the most disgusting and awful ways.

I’m at 40,000 words right now as of today, and I’m hoping to get to 60,000. So far i have 8 sex scenes. That is right, 8 fucking scenes of free use sex where Gwendolyn is nailed and used by whatever men happen to see her.

There is one big scene of group use coming up that I’m both excited, horrified, and scared to write.

Though, I’m wondering tonight, as I’m doing some light editing, is 9 sex scenes too many for an erotic urban fantasy novel? Most of these scenes are pure sex, used, degrading and standing on her face sex. The men take her, and sometimes violently, though she is always willingly submitting. Would I have been better off writing smaller situational free use stories where each book was a free use time?

I feel like that is what i’ve been doing, and I haven’t seen the success I wanted to with the quality of writing I think I’m putting out there. I have a few typos, and some repeating phrases, but nothing too egregious to warrant the low sales and page reads for my near 20 books.

So I’m taking a different route; longer novel style books, and SERIES! Yes! I’m writing in series.

Abusing the Neighbor Brats, two book series I intend on continuing.

Backdoor Practice, the Tennis Star series is 2 books, really 3 but book 2 is a combo; it was the first longer novel book i released about public sex and exhibitionism with an older man and a teenage tennis star. Virtually no sales 🙁

Witch’s Awakening, free use series, now an urban fantasy with a proper story and villain. There is some light magic and conflict beyond the sex. It is purely erotica with magic.

The Hill’s Secrets series with “Take Her,” and “Abusing the Game,” as well as the four holiday specials.


The goal is to have more series with full books. I’m hoping that it will entice people to spend more money on my books, and allow me to bundle them into a total box set that will perpetuate higher sales.


What do you think?

Are 8 – 9 standalone sex scenes too much for an erotic novel?

Jocelyn's Corner

Witch’s Awakening is a proper magic and free use book

I’m up to 35,000 words in the latest book of Gwendolyn Fields’ journey through free use and magic. She had her first run in with Cassandra, a blonde witch that is hell bent on wrecking havoc on the Fields family. Everyone needs a good villan, and Cassandra is that: cold, angry, bitch, slut. She is perfect for this book.

I’m having fun writing it, and think of it as testing my chops at more widestream books that are not limited to erotica. This book has a lot of sex in it. The whole premise is that Gwen needs to be used by men to generate her power. She needs to grow her power to stand up to the forces that are ruining her life. She is subjecting herself willingly to all sorts of depraved and violent and angry men to freely use her body however they please. It isn’t always pretty, exciting or sexy, but she finds strength in submission and surrender.  Add to it her blossoming magical powers.

The hardest part has been finding a good cover to go with the book. I want a white background, a sexy witch, and fire. Gwen likes the flame, and is drawn to it like a cleansing force that she’s going to have to master if she is going to survive the coming days.