Erotic author that dabbles in poetry about love

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Jocelyn's Corner

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving filled with turkey stuffing, big meats, and happy creams. There is nothing better than having an early romp through green bean casserole slathered with cream of mushroom sauce and crispy onion toppings. Lick your fingers dry, tongue off the last of the mashed potatoes, and gobble up that dressing draped …

Jocelyn's Corner

Sexy halloween erotica for adults

Not everyone reads, and those people that do can find their smut elsewhere. When I first started writing erotica, I thought I was doing something wonderful by jumping right into the sex; throwing the reader mid thrust into the action, or sliding down a thick hard shaft filling the poor girl while she struggled to …

Jocelyn's Corner

Prototype for Pleasure. New Book is live

If you weren’t checking out my website every second of the day, then you wouldn’t know that I had another book that just went live. That’s right, there is a new book on all the platforms and sent out to the “Everything” subscribers.  [books_panel id=”f509ec87dfc9129eb64e14a883fca6f4″ books=”‹º›‹º›‹²›1375‹²›‹¹›,‹º›‹²›1739‹²›‹¹›‹¹›” book_thickness=”thin” show_read_book=”false” columns=”2″ hide_on_desktop=”false” hide_on_mobile=”false” animation_on_scroll=”{‹²›animation_enable‹²›:‹²›no‹²›,‹²›yes‹²›:{‹²›animation_type‹²›:‹²›fadeIn‹²›,‹²›animation_delay‹²›:‹²›0‹²›}}” _array_keys=”{‹²›books‹²›:‹²›books‹²›,‹²›animation_on_scroll‹²›:‹²›animation_on_scroll‹²›}” _fw_coder=”aggressive” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”6776b74e788c4fb81683b84ec3063429″][/books_panel]You …

Jocelyn's Corner

Halloween Erotica with awesome sex

I’m starting a new book today. Fuck, i started it today already. The next installment of the Hills Secret’s Halloween Special, this year, 2018. Do you like paranormal erotica? Like reading about vampires fucking hot blond cheerleaders with big boobs? Do you like sexy college coeds fucking shifters?  This is the book for you. I’ve …

Jocelyn's Corner

Updated Covers

I’m going to start updating the covers for most of my books to be more overtly sexy. I thought they were pretty sexy, but they didn’t scream sex. They didn’t shout SEX, like I hoped they would. not that they are bad covers, but they’re not so obviously erotica and sex i suspect they are …

Jocelyn's Corner

Another 4k day, and cover art!

i spent much of today working on the end of my latest book, “Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power.” Gwendolyn is arriving at a close to her story, well the first chapter. There is a lot more left to tell between Alexandria, Gwendolyn, and Cassandra as they battle for the right to survive.  Gwen had …