Freeuse World: Mohawk Campground

Can you imagine freeuse world or place where every female employee is available to men’s free use? At any time during the day a guy can walk up to the women and say something like, “I want to lick your pussy and then cum up your ass,” and the girl has to smile and say, “of course. Would you like me on my back or on my knees?”

At Mohawk Campground the girls sign up for the massive payday they earn after a summer of free use service coupled with connections and introductions they get to further their careers. Mohawk serves the best and the brightest families and trains the next executives of the future by putting them in situations they might not enjoy to build the strength to overcome.

Brock Flowers didn’t read the manual and was surprised by his quota requirement: 20 sexual interactions with female camp employees by the end of every week. He needs to walk up to any woman staff member and tell them what he wants to do, and they say “yes.”

“Ava. I want you to suck my cock on your knees, then smile when I cum on your face.” Brock said.

“Do you want my shirt on or off?” Ava said, smiling without blinking.

Brock blinked. They didn’t flinch at all. They smiled, smiled! Asking to cum on their faces was like asking them what type of salad dressing they wanted with their meal.

Sandra is a bright brunette sorority girl in Delta Gamma. She wants one thing in life: success. She’s willing to do anything to achieve it too. That means signing up for a second year as an employee at Mohwak Campground.

But girls don’t have the same easy life as the male employees. Sure, they have to do all sorts of manual labor, but they’re used to working their bodies in physically demanding roles.

Sandra needs to bend over, spread her butt cheeks open and let any male staff member take her ass as often as he pleases. Plus, she needs to shepherd a group of students (campers) into being adults. These protegees of the world’s elite families are so inept and incompetent they don’t know how to make their own bed, how to do laundry, or even wash regularly.

Women employees at Mohawk need 40 sexual interactions, and when there aren’t enough male staff around to service their quotas they either turn to each other, or switch roles and pick out campers to reward with their mouths or pussies.

Follow Brock Flowers as he ravages his way through all twenty-five female employees at the campground, and a few support staff like the powerful trainer Jocelyn, and the divine administrator Daisy.

Check-in on the other side with Sanda and learn how she feels as she’s submitting to the men’s whims on her knees, on her back, and with her mouth open so much her jaw gets sore.

These exciting erotic stories are filled with drama, sensation, and emotion. You’re going to love the pleasurable ride!


Free Use Summer Update

I’m 30,000 words into my next book about the free use summer at the Mohawk Campgrounds.

So far I have Brock Flowers, the well built careful yet beautiful man interacting with the girls. he’s navigating this new world where any woman is available to his free use provided he tell them exactly what he wants from them.

He has free access to their bodies in the bedroom, but they own him outside. The girls get to order him around and make him do what they want down to the most menial chores possible.

There are two main story points in this novel.

  1. Brock is navigating fucking 20 girls a week without disrespecting him. I used a character-building exercise to make him more believable and his “verb” that defines his being is “to revere.” Brock respects, reveres, worships, adulates, defers, and fawns over women. He isn’t a pushover or a beta, in fact his easy Alpha confidence is what makes women so drawn to him. In direct contrast to his proud strong behavior is his respect and reverence for women.
  2. Story point two is Brock conflicting with Jeremy, Anton, and Freddie, three returning staff members who border on cruel and aggressive. their verbs are “to devour,” “to abuse,” and to degrade.” These three vial men disrespect the girls and provide a significant terror that they learn from and suffer under. Brock can’t fight them directly, as it is expressly forbidden in the rules of the camp. He’d lose his status and the girls would be left without him.

“Tasting them All,” Book 2 of the Free Use Summer series is stuffed with sex. Brock has his first anal with the enthusiastic butt-slut, Christine, and then tentatively works his way through other girls until he blows his load inside his burgeoning favorite, Alana.

I wanted to finish the book by the end of this weekend, but it wasn’t going to happen. I still have too much conflict and story left in my and I think this book is going to push past 40,000 words.

I should have stayed in Kindle Unlimited, but then I wouldn’t have been able to sell my books on here. That’s right. If you buy the Jiggle with Jocelyn package you get all of my books for one cost including all future books.

Bookfunnel kicks ass. Seriously. Get your books delivered to you any way you read them hassle-free. Want Kindle? Kobo? PDF? All delivered super easy just for you. Jump in now and “Tasting them all” will be available to you before it goes live on the major retailers.


Coercing the Neighbor coed into anal

The most popular books of mine are ‘neighbor’s deal” and bargain books where an older next door neighbor man coerces a hot young girl to be his anal slut.

Dare I say that I’ve found my niche that makes me the most money. The three books that have earned me almost $100 each are “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal,” “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Bargain,” and “Punishing the Neighbor Brat’s Backdoor.

Those three books are my consistent best sellers despite being only passing interest to my particular tastes. I write the sex scenes with fantasy, with intention and hot desire, but the premise lingers a sense of irritation, of bother. I’m not a fan of coercion.

But they are really big sellers, and I want to make more and more money. I want to have cash ripping out of my ears, out of my vagina, and spewing from my feet like a fountain of wealth I’ve created. To do that I need compelling and strong books that plug a niche over and over.

My followup to “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal,” is “Renewing the Neighbor’s Deal,” and it has seen a large surge in sales I’m assuming on people that have read my other works. I’m assuming it is because they liked the series and wanted to continue it.

I’m good with that. I like that, but find the struggle to stay focused on the same story for many months in a row. I like having a change of topic, a change of subject and a change of perspective. I find it hard to stay in the mind of one of my protagonists for too long. I like having the range of differences and changes to keep me interested in writing.

So I’m continuing to write about Josh and Christina and how he is her Sugar Daddy and providing her with every thing she needs and wants. In my latest book I’m going to continue their story. We’ll delve into their base desires, and somehow I’m going to get Christina to bring in one of her sorority sisters into the bedroom so she can fuck Josh too. It will be a desire he didn’t know he had, and will start his deal with a “harem” of girls.


It is a romance after all.


Fresh new teen erotica

Another book release! Ahhhhh! Am I amazing, or am I just that freaking spectacular? The resounding silence is like the sound of your own heartbeat, your own breath. No one likes that. One can go mad only hearing it. 

Have you sat in a silent room with only your body’s noises to keep you company? Have you heard the grinding of your teeth like a gravel truck dumping stones on the ground?

I’ve made one sale of my latest book, “The neighbor’s backdoor deal.” It is an awesome book too; 60,000 words with well over 10 erotica scenes. Do you want the most banging for your buck? Check out my novels. They tell a story, they’re filled with romping good sex, and they tickle the fancy of anyone that happens to read them. I’ve got great reviews, I’ve got awesome supporters, but there are not enough.

So today I published my newest book, and sent out to owners of the “Everything” package. Remember, they get everything first, exclusively.  Everyone else has to wait to get them and to be proofed by the zon and other retailers. 

This new book is “Before the Neighbor’s Deal, A Young Brat’s Fantasy.” This story is told from Christina Yate’s point of view. She is graduating high school and immediately after goes to a party with alcohol. There she is turned down by her crush, so she seeks solace in another boy’s arms. 

The poor sod is hopelessly in love with her, and is too supplicant, too fawning for her tastes, but she blows him and takes him in anyway. Later, she gets hammered, and we see the first time she pukes in Mr. Jennings’ lawn. 

She also happens to crush a few of his best roses. 

I enjoyed writing this book, especially the internal conflict for Christina, and to give her some fleshed out emotions to set the tone for the novel. She is a gold digging whore, but doesn’t think of herself as one. She is frustrated by the weak kneed hesitant nature of the boys her age, and finds herself fantasizing about old Man Jennings’ massive dick. 

This book is short, and sweet, $0.99 but full of sex. Enjoy seeing Christina’s point of view and how she uses her body to get what she wants. 

This book is a Prequel to “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal.” Check it out now!


Poem: Finding Bliss

I’m finding bliss from new showerheads,
letting heavy water be the vibrator, or your waist,
to pound me into pleasure
floating hard on bathtub porcelain, 
the drops of water like your excitement
washing over skin like some endless shouting


Writing sex scenes is easy; relationships are hard.

I’m having a great time writing about Josh Jennings fucking his teenage college bound neighbor in the ass after coercing her into a deal where she offers her time in payment for some ruined prize winning flowers. The sex scenes are the easy part. Throw some emotion here, put some focus on the body there, explain the bodies shaking in pleasure around there, and viola! An engaging hot sex scene. Today I had Josh push Christina against the wall and ram her ass until her came no matter how uncomfortable it was for her. Later, he lodged himself in her butt, and soaked while she grew accustomed to his dick. 

He made her cum with a grunted command that she get herself off while he was in her rear end. 

It turned me on to write. 

I got caught, and stymied on the next part where I have to write in an emotional breakdown where Christina loses her shit again on Josh’s callous and cool demeanor and how confusing he is between logging every hour and tip spent in his “employ” and how he is starting to treat her like a girlfriend.  Maybe I’ll have him as if she can spend the night. 

She can freak out on him that she “isn’t his girlfriend. That he is only the sick fuck that forced her into being his sex slave and is forcing her to let him fuck up the ass. How she hates it. How she hates him, and how she dreads every day coming to his house. 

There we go. I think I have it. 

The sex scenes are easy for me. The drama, the relationship love and hate is much more difficult and harder to know what people will care about or what will be believable. The writer has to pepper their trail with nuggets so when the events show up later it isn’t that  much of a surprise. 

I only got about 1800 words in today, which is much less than I hoped for, but I had a bunch of other shit come up. Oh well. Not every day is a winner. 


Poem: Class clothes

I never wore shorts that hugged my ass cheeks in class,
never wore leggings without a sweater to cover my rump,
never wore sleeveless shirts showing skin across my chest like a bikini,
not like these girls, girls no older than able to vote, no older than driving
or drinking, or buying their first legal cigarette.

Did you?


Poem: Lacking Options

Sometimes, when I’m resting chin in hand with
elbow on the desk I wonder if I’m with you because you are here.

Like, if you were in California, or Nevada, would I be with you
among the sea of sun bleached blondies, or arms so big men
that don’t wear shoes walking down mountains, or any of the
dark hair, black eyebrows with blue blue eyes boys trying their
face at acting?

Or are you my illusion of choice conundrum, the jam I pick from
three options instead of choosing none from the ninety nine flavors
I’d get on the coast?


Poem: Secrets and Opportunity

Have you found the second pair of thongs I left in your laundry?
Seen how one was new, and the other one you pulled off with your teeth three days ago after amber beer and bombay gin?

I thought you’d flow like my wet hair around my neck and kiss
asking for a reprisal of when you twisted your hands around my waist
kissing my neck and grabbing my breasts rough until I melted with your

If I let you with a kind word,
a smile,
and a twist on my neck like a I’m offering it.


Poem: Dressed

I’m dressed for form, with leggings flush against skin for climbing, and a tshirt loose enough for my breasts to rise strong over the bra.

Not wearing a sports was a mistake, but looked better in the pools
above the climb, like a river of rocks I roar across howling fear and excitement
to the water coursing nearby.

I saw him staring at my tits, jiggling down like a silhouette of beauty
i felt in the moment, even after his eyes stared longer than they should.


Poem: Raven

My dark hair billows like feathers in the breeze,
born aloft by too many flapping wings trying to escape
no matter how far and fast I want to flee
like taking to the winds and flocking as a cloud covering the sun.

Black hair, black dress, and eyelids coated shadows
still aren’t enough to draw your look from my pale cleavage,
pushed higher than it should from the corset I’m wearing
like your arms wish they held.


Poem: Constant Motion

I’m celebrating happiness, dancing for hours
to music riding smoke and drinks that never seem to end
no matter how many tips I put in the glass jars.

They’re flowing through my feet and songs like my
heartbeat whisper connecting at times with others, and jarred
to silence by the sober smiling in confusion to my
rocking feet and soles slapping away silence
in their own hearts.

Dance with me, and ride the waves of happiness I’m carrying


Poem: Vista

We can walk on trails longer than our ages combined,
me, your sister, me, like we’ve long explored the world
only flying once a year to the same airports and climbing the same trails.
Not today, covered in pine shadows and burnt out bark crackling like charcoal below feet not wearing hiking shoes; we’re here for a wedding
not for tracking the ridge of a mountain too big to know if we’re at the
top or not.

Your hand on my ass when we’re staring at the lake, blue
and distant like the fulfilled promise of what the ocean was explained to you as, made me wonder what you were watching.

The trees impossibly ancient and still standing despite the raging fires,
or my butt, moving under leggings that cost more than fabric should that
hugs too tight to skin.


Poem: Waiting

It is the half breaths after panic that strike fear worst,
the slight tears after heart rate wild and the need to flee makes me
hide under covers. It is the squirming against inaction I’m too afraid
to move from, but too scared to remain where I’m at.

It may be the fear I’m clinging to with knuckles white to match the sheets and the way they press into the mattress with our weight.

Of course, not fear from you, but of you inside.

It is the wait between getting undressed on the bed, and
you coming from the bathroom ready for me like I’m ready too.


Poem: Feeling Grace

Knelt during mass, scanning the pews ahead, to the side,
for your new haircut, the shirt you only wore on Sundays, and
the smile you brandished like a club against my face; bashing me
to blubbering idiocy and sloppy smiles both before and after blowjobs.

Did you know I wore my skirts for you? Left the socks rip into
my calves so you’d see my knee and thighs push high? Did you know
the fights I got into with my mom about the length of the hem?
how close to butt it went before she made me unroll it?

No, you didn’t know, we were too full of grace:
the priest’s dentist clean smile and trembling hand at Eucharist,
and the sigh I’d wink at you back to my seat.
But you never cared for those details, fondling my breasts
under white blouse and underwire bras in your basement, after.

Never cared for the light of God shining through the stained glass
on us both, like two shafts of Grace, that blessed our exploring


Writing a new book; progress update

Yes, I’m writing a new book. Of course, always, every day doing some writing of some sort. Today’s writing was the climax of Josh and Christina’s first explosive rebellion.

If you didn’t know, this book is modeled after “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Bargain,” and is called “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal.” I know, creative, different, and unique, right? No. It is a total steal and a minor title change. That is important, because the title is reflective of what I’m attempting to do right now. My goal is to write a book as successful as “The Bargain,” book. It is my second most profitable book. The only one to beat it out is “Punishing the Neighbor’s Backdoor,” an older man menage tale where the man of the house punishes the neighbor slut’s asses for fucking with his son.

So this book, “backdoor deal,” is from the man’s perspective. We saw Janelle’s story with “Bargain,” and I’m taking a similar story line and applying it to this new book. My goal is the money. Of course, excellent story telling, descriptive sex that makes you wet your panties, and engorge your dick, so get excited! It is coming!

Right now I’m 28,000 words in, and about two weeks of effort. That seems slow, I think. I feel like I should have completed it by now, but I started a pen name, so the work I did on that book took some of my writing away from erotica.

I figure I’m about halfway through this story, aiming for about 60k words. I think that is a good round number to flesh out their trials. The sex takes a lot of words; maybe I should shorten the scenes? I don’t know, what do you think? Am I too verbose with my steamy smut scenes? Why do you read my works?

Today’s scene was where Christina blows off an appointment with Josh. She was supposed to show up at his house, and it was going to be the first time he fucked her. She doesn’t show, defiance after a fight they have a few days earlier.

Josh isn’t cool with that shit; he is an older successful investor who plans out his days in exacting detail, and no teenage (18) slut he’s grooming to be his fuck toy is going to ruin it. He goes to her parents house, and very clearly sends her a message.

She shows up that night, angry, but resigned.

I thought this scene was hot. He bends her over his kitchen table, and fucks her right there, ignoring her moans and creaming over her ass. Later, he drags her to the couch where they’d previously had their sessions and has her lick him dry, and lap at his balls for a good 20 minutes as punishment.

Damn it is hot. It was about 2300 words, so i chopped it up into a second chapter, and am going to write tomorrow about their second session and his feelings after Christina leaves. I’m looking forward to it.


Poem: Feeling Anger

I can yell and throw my shoes to dent the drywall, smudge the paint
and fling obscenities until you’re red faced with rage to match my fury,
but I’m flexing abs twenty minutes later while you’re holding me against
the wall, balls deep inside grunting.

My anger fuels sweat and twist to grind my clit against your jean button
where you unzipped to fuck (neither of us wanted to wait while you took them off). I laughed, when spent we fell to the ground and saw the smudge from my butt a few inches below the dent my thrown shoe made;
“I’ll patch it up tomorrow,” you say, stroking my head on your chest and
all memory of fight fled. But you don’t forget, and your grudge will boil
like a weed not rooted out to blossom another day.


Poem: Ending

Your violence was our ending, the moment you threw your fist
didn’t matter if it was at someone else, at their face, their
chest, or arm, could have been the fucking wall for all I care:


What happens when you cheat on me and I call you out on your lies?
Will you be swinging at me when you’re full of rage and anger?
What happens when I piss you off so much you finally snap and yell?
Will you slap me during sex, slap me to the floor?



Poem: On remote poor service

Even without cell service I’m searching for your signal

Staring up at your eyes like I’m swooning under moonlight because there is nothing else to do but rest inside me watching camp fires burn like out desires. 


Book published, start writing the next one.

My newest book, “Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power,” went live yesterday after I submitted it on Tuesday. That behemoth of a book is done, almost as long as “Abusing the Game’s” 70,000 words. “Brat Witch,” is about 60,000 words.

I like to think of it as an actual full novel, telling Gwen’s story as a new witch. The premise is that witches get magical power by getting fucked freely by anyone. The more debasing, violent, or aggressive the use, the more magic they generate.

Essentially it is likened to ancient times where Mongolians would rampage over the world, come to a village and systematically rape and pillage. The idea is that the first witches were used by the Mongolian hordes until they died as bloody tears used beyond recognition. Magic blossomed, healed them, and they lashed out freeing themselves.

In modern day, the witch’s awakening is much less brutal and forced. Now they willingly submit to getting used, and by submitting, by choosing to allow it, they generate power.

Great power comes with great hardship; lots of magic? Terrible emotional and psychological devastation.

The book is live on Amazon, exclusive to KU at this point, after enjoying a brief run on my website for people. Owners of the “Everything” package got the book “free” immediately for download before it went live on KU.

Published, the new book, then immediately started on the next.

Yesterday I looked at my catalog and wanted to see what the highest paying book I’ve got is, and was surprised to find that it was “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Bargain.” It is by far my most successful book with earned money.

So I’m writing a new book, along a similar line from the male perspective called “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal,” where he gives the heroine financial support for services.