4k a day writing the next erotica book

As of this writing i’m at 52,468 words in my latest book, “Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power,” which is the third book in my series, “Witch’s Awakening.” It is a series all about Gwendolyn Fields and her experiences offering her body for free use to any man. She gives herself over to free use first at her parent’s house during one of their swingers parties, then again to a horde of men that the neighbor brings into her bedroom. the next day she seeks it out on her own, where she learned in the end, she is a witch with awesome and terrible powers awoken by her Free use. 

Book three is her story and struggle with magic. I’m having a blast writing it and have really spent a lot of time; almost three weeks now writing it. I feel awful that I haven’t been publishing enough stories to keep my name high in the book lists. However, my ales have been high, and I made more money in sales and reads in July than I have any other month, so I’m doing something right. 

Remember, that publishing and making money takes time and lots and lots of books. I’m 22 books in and just hitting $100 a month. Yikes, that sounds so pathetic, and means I must not be doing stuff well. Maybe my niches are too generic, or my covers are too blah. 

I learned an expensive lesson from spending $60.00 on my book, “Abusing the Game.” it is the best cover for the book, but it is terrible at selling the book. Remember that most books are seen in THUMBNAIL view on amazon. That means that readers have to see immediately in big giant screaming signs that your book is about sex, even better if it hits their kink. While I LOVE the cover when see up close, many do not see the cover in its full form, rather they see it as a THUMBNAIL, a much smaller version of the image. That means that the image is scaled down and less clear. 

You can’t see the women on the cover. You can barely see Billy. 

So while I’ve been prolific and writing a lot, about 4,000 words each day over the last week, it isn’t enough to just pump out stories. You need to also have an awesome cover, an engaged audience and a niche that people like to read. 

On the plus side I had my first wide sales this last week. 6 books all bought yesterday on Apple, and 9 books on Smashwords! I posted to Smash on a lark, thinking someone in their ecosystem might like it as all the other wide retailers wouldn’t take “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Bargain.”  Smash did, and it immediately found an audience. I like that as an author I get more money from each sale there; the commission that smash takes is much less. 

I’m writing the final conflict for Gwendolyn and Cassandra today and tomorrow. I’m hoping to publish at the end of the week. 

This is a note to all my readers: my next book will be exclusively for sale on my website for bitcoin or litecoin for $1.00, before it goes into KU for 3 months. After it hits the three months in KU, i’m putting it wide. 

If you are on the fence about getting the $50.00 all inclusive package of all my books, then this is one of the benefits. You get the book, for “Free” before it goes into KU. You’ll notie that many of my books are gone from KU as I’ve been pulling them wide. 

Moving forward I’m going to be writing novels too. No more shorts. The money is in the word count and in the story, so I’m going to do my best to earn my chops by pumping out longer stories in a quick rapid release format. As i progress I’ll be hiring editors and looking for ARCs. Your feedback is welcome!


Poem: Alison Hill’s Journal – Werewolf

Maybe memory, or dream, or something so real i see and seems
like it couldn’t be real, couldn’t be true, couldn’t be.
He shifted and growled kindness at me, whimpering dog-like so
different from the size and teeth which could at any moment bite
my skin and break me.

But I climbed on his back, rode him through the trees,
blurring by breakneck, reckless, and toppled onto moss where he
shifted back naked, all cut muscle, ridged lines and promises of sex.

He followed through, and I took him, splitting me wider than I remembered I could,
and like animals, we sweat, we howled, we plowed pulling hair and skin.


Poem: Feeling Fireworks

Fireworks are blasting in the sky, booming
loud over the lake, the field, and I’m wondering
if that is what, at a microscopic scale, what is happening
in my womb when you cum inside me.

Maybe not with the volume, well, maybe your shouts,
and maybe not with the spray of colors, or the sheer
range of type, but sometimes I feel that alive, tingled,
awakened, and enraptured by the spawning lights
like I’m staring into your cringing eyes when you eek
out your cum inside me.

I think I hug you, after, like a dad hugs his daughter on the
blanket in the grass while the loud bangs burst her drums.

I think I’m snuggling you in like the daughter hides her face
in her dad’s belly frightened from the shattering force,
the incessant blasts, that are nothing like, yet strangely similar
to the blasts she’ll someday get.

Fireworks and grills, burning and beer, and later,
we’ll fuck, celebrating a day off, or independence.


I wrote today

Got Sandy in another public place, and I think I’m getting better at this “writing sex” thing. My scene was less about the action play by play and more about the scenario: fucking in a movie theater.

Their emotions are amping up to high levels because they are on borrowed time. I’m not going to give the ending away, but it is a great scene full of emotion, sorrow and worried thoughts.

I’m wondering how to bundle this book together. Should I lump it in with the two preceeding novels to make it a bundle, or should i release it as a standalone?

Right now i’m pushing over 30,000 words and it is just about finished. Were I to add the other two stories it would be about 50,000 words!  A proper novel!



Writing at night

I’m writing at night because my days are full.


Poem: Alison Hill’s Journal “In a dorm room”

His strength doesn’t show like a painting, at first,
more like a stroke color shown pressing your nose against the canvas.

He doesn’t mince words like the jocks scorn, or
like Matthew hedged falses and lies to make me feel better.

His strength is both the long stretches in down dog,
plank, and chaturanga, holding firm narrow arms that don’t
look like they can easily lift me onto his crotch, or
pull me tight while he pushes into me; even when I’m
fighting to flee.

He wasn’t the first to enter me, but he was the first
in my butt, knowing before I did how much I wanted it
and taking, what I offered like a
direct line to satisfaction.


Removed from posting

I’m not posting any updates to steemit anymore. I’m not doing anything drastic. I got a good 30 words in today. I’m hoping I’ll have more time tonight to write longer. I’m working on finishing Floyd and Sandy’s story.