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Christmas Erotica

Thanksgiving weekend is almost over, and I hope you’re enjoying “Mature Seduction” my latest in the Holiday specials for the Hill’s Secrets series. That means I’m starting to work on the Christmas special and I’m hoping to have it done in two weeks! Woah, that is a tight writing schedule. Hah, pun isn’t intended there, but you can take it.

When I think of the Thanksgiving holiday I consider two major factors: 1) family and dinner table. 2) College kids are home. Those two main things open up some options for sexy stories, and I used the first one, family at the dinner table, for the latest holiday story. We got to look at how Alison and Billy are seduced by their parent’s good friends Frank and Sarah. There is a neat thing thing to play with regarding older partners and younger ones. I liked looking at the hesitance that Frank, a typical Alpha male had when crossing the line with his friend’s daughter. Frank was reluctant to embrace his desire and take alison, but he gives into her temptation and goes for it, ‘massaging her legs’ and letting his hands slip onto her ass. He takes action, but he lets Alison make the final choice. There is a dichotomy between his typical Alpha male status who gets whatever he wants, versus the young 18 year old cheerleader who should be manipulated by him, and she has the power.

It was fun on the other end with Billy, having Sarah turn the tables on him and manipulating him into wanting her. I mean, it wasn’t difficult, but she literally turns his ‘seduction method’ from his story (which I’m still writing “Abusing the Game”), where he tricks his english teacher into seducing him, Sarah turns it around on Billy and make it seem like he is seducing her, even though she is doing the seduction.  This is directly opposite from the Alpha Frank letting Alison give him permission to touch her, versus Sarah seducing Billy and making him act by taunting and encouragement. She is the alpha here, and it turns the paradigm on its head. We have a powerful woman that is making the choices here: Alison and Sarah.

Remember the two things from Thanksgiving that define it for me? Family dinner, and college kids home. Remember the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving where you go out to the bars and it is like a high school reunion? I do. I remember getting black out drunk when going out that night and just partying with my friends. Christmas has that same experience too, but on a longer scale. I think part of what makes the Thanksgiving week a little more crazy is that you only have the one week, or half a week off, versus the full month or 2 weeks of Winter break.

That condensed time makes people act a little crazy when they pack it all in. Christmas is slightly different because of. The longer time, and the crazy parties seem to get spread out and therefor aren’t as out of control.

With the christmas special, I want to look at friends and high school reunion. I’m currently looking at putting Alison in her first lesbian experience. Let me just preface this by saying, I think, I believe, the evidence suggests that homosexuality is a born in trait. That there are some people, about 1-10% (I can’t remember the exact amount) of the population that is sexually attracted to the same gender from birth or puberty. ThHere are other people that can learn to be attracted to the same gender. With that said, Alison is heterosexual, but she is open to new experiences. At the moment I have her hooking up with Kristy, a lesbian friend from high school that she meets up with while dragged to a house party with Brooke. She is still shy and hurt from her trails at the last house party she was subject to, so she hides as much as possible from the guys and finds comfort in Kristy’s attention.

Billy is out with friends and gets drunk, but uses his liquid courage to ask out a girl that in high school was out of his league. He shocks her by being bold, aggressive, and a whirlwind of awesome in the sack. He is empowered and emboldened by his recent experience with Sarah, and confidently flexing his skills. I want to show how Billy is an actual sympathetic successful lover capable of bringing an unsuspecting woman to orgasm through his attentiveness and prowess. I”m toying with him anally fucking her or not. We’ll see. I think it might be exciting, but if she didn’t prep, messy. Suspend reality?

With the kids out of the house at parties, that leaves Will and Jess at home alone, and they have a decked out christmas celebration. Remember how Alison likes halloween and went nuts with the pumpkins and the jack-o-lanterns? Well, Jessica is crazy about Christmas and she loves loves loves christmas trees, lights, and decorations. After a hard day of Christmas prep, Will and Jess sit down on the floor next to their largest tree, and begin and intimate multi-colored light sex. I want this to be the primary focus of this holiday special where ALison and Billy’s were the focuses in the previous two.

Family and high school reunions when College kids return. I hope you saw some young sexy people walking around, hopefully in revealing outfits, and you enjoyed your family time. Look forward to more sexy holiday and erotica books!

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