Erotic Short Stories

Co-ed Easter Hook-up Part 2

Ian didn’t mind the hard press of the tight weave carpet old with time and use under his knees. He didn’t mind the awkward lean he was doing on to get low enough on the child size table where Kayla was laying backwards with her feet on his back spreading her legs. He didn’t mind the gossamer dress that draped over his head and acted like a greenhouse making him sweat; or was he sweating from his efforts between Kayla’s legs? Her pussy was divine, and under the congregation upstairs attending Easter mass he was in the basement lapping at a delicious clit smiling into her wetness from the smooth thighs pressing against his cheeks and her hands smacking the table.

They were in the downstairs kid’s room of their church in a corner. Kayla was laying on her back on a too short table designed for children to sit and play at. It was so wrong; it felt naughty. Ian didn’t know if it was the totally surprise moment he had impulsively pushed Kayla against the wall and kiss her or if it was the excitement she had responded with, or that they were at church on Easter sunday getting it on that made him the most deliriously happy. Maybe it was her fragrant snatch that smelled like a mixture of flowers and nectar, like what he defined as sex.

Kayla came loud. Her fists beat on the table, she slammed her head backwards to the wall, and she let out a “Hallelujah” in the spirit of resurrection; even drumming her heels on the table when they splayed out wide to her twitching core and body spasm. When she was finished cumming, Ian enjoyed the savory flavor of her pussy, and he continued lapping deep down across her whole hole up across the spread opening and over her hooded clit. She stroked his head over the dress fabric against his hair and after a few moments pulled him out from under her.

“That was amazing. I did not expect that this morning. I was prepared to squirm on the hard pews bored.”

“Me too. Your pussy is incredible. I loved sucking on it. You’re right; I was expecting a ho-hum boring morning as well. This has been, much better.”

Kayla pulled Ian in for a kiss. She was tall, and he had to climb on top of the table to get at her face. she didn’t seem to mind that his face was full of her scent and had just been minutes before sucking on her pussy. He melted into her full mouth tongue kiss, and thought that if church was always like this he’d go every day.  Maybe, he thought, this is what heaven was like.

“I want you inside me,” Kayla said after breaking their kiss.

Ian had slid between her legs with his body to kiss, and was laying on top of her. Kayla’s legs were spread open for him, and he knew she didn’t have any panties on. Mmm, that white cotton panty thong had been so sexy to take off.

“Right here?”

“Yes, pull my dress up and fuck me like you used to.”

Ian needed little invitation, he was already hard, bursting against his slacks. He unzipped, slapped his cock against his hand a few times, then shoved Kayla’s dress up over her knees, and to her belly. She was almost buried in the fabric and her tan, so tan, long long legs strong and muscular gleamed like the golden book the priest upstairs had paraded around the altar before giving his homily. They burst like sunlight in the dim dank basement. Ian shoved his body between those divine legs, and plunged his cock into her wet holy pussy. Kayla groped at his bare ass, and pushed his pants to below his knees with her heels. She pulled his face into her neck, let him kiss and slobber her face with kisses and pants, and they rocked in fervent passion on the tiny kid’s table under the church.

Emotions and memories of the last times they’d fucked flooded out of Ian’s cock and reminded him how much he’d missed her tight lovely hugging pussy. Kayla was tall, beautiful, tan, and athletic. She had just gotten her hair dyed the first time and he remembered being captivated by her fake blonde hair all wavy and thick. Her dark eyebrows and tanned skin (even then she was a sun freak) accentuated her bright mane. Ian remembered her as a voracious lover, always looking for another opportunity to fuck either in the car at the mall parking lot, giving him road head, and even once they’d had sex in the park on the way to a friend’s house for a party. She just couldn’t wait and had demanded he take her in the grass.

Ian was in heaven; this was what eternal bliss felt like to him; a warm wet pussy hugging every fabric of his cock, sucking him in, and her long smooth legs wrapped around his waist pushing him into her like a loving embrace. It was a stunning tan woman hungry for his kiss, for his lips on her’s and losing his breath in her dyed blonde hair. Ian wedged his hands under her ass cheeks and spread them apart. She moaned at how deep his cock entered her, and he shoved his dick hard and deep into her with stronger pumps. Her pussy was amazing, and he felt the bursting orgams build inside him.

He didn’t want to cum on her dress, or cum inside her; they weren’t using protection. Frightened, and scared about shooting jizz all over the kid’s play area he ripped himself off her body, yanked his glistening dick out of her tight pussy, stood up, palmed the back of Kayla’s head, and smashed her face over his cock. She opened her mouth after the initial ram against her teeth, and moments after entering her wet tongue and throat he exploded his cum into her mouth.

Kayla hammered her hands against his stomach a few times, and then as if she realized why he’d done it, started swallowing and slurping his dick with glorious even-better-than-her-pussy suction. She sucked his cock clean, used a hand to lap up every drop of wetness on his shaft, and then when she was satisfied it was clean gave it a pec on the tip and looked up at him from her knees with an exaggerated gulp.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I didn’t want to ruin your dress, or cum inside you. It was all I could think of to make sure it was all clean.”

“So you shoved you cock in my throat and came in my mouth to protect my dress?”

Ian nodded. His pants were around his ankles and he was leaning that awkward pelvic thrust to keep his cock from touching his dress shirt.

“Good boy.” She said with a smile, straightened her dress as she stood up, and held out a hand.  “My panties please?”

“Oh.” Ian had to search around for them. He found the white cotton thong wedged in a corner under the table. “here.”


Kayla didn’t put them on, but wadded them into a ball, and shoved them in her purse Ian hadn’t realized she had.

“Should we go back up?” He said.

“Yeah. I bet the priest is still talking.”

They both laughed and after a passionate satisfied kiss, went up the stairs to rejoin the congregation.

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