Erotic Short Stories

Co-ed Easter hook-up Part 3

Ian dangled his fingers into Kayla’s dress fabric as she whisked away with a breeze and like he was walking in a wheat field letting the tips tickle his tips. He was exhausted, satisfied, and refreshed after their romp downstairs. The priest was still talking. Still! How was it possible? They must have been down stairs with his dick in Kayla for at least thirty minutes and the sermon was still going one. Madness. No wonder he’d stopped going to church. Though, as he wound his way back towards his family and through the crowd, he thought most of his sexual firsts had all been at or around the church. He’d touched his first boobs here, got his first blowjob, and even fingered his first pussy in the gym attached to the school next door.

“Where have you been?” his mom whispered with furious restraint.

“Sorry. I had to poop.”

She smacked him across the belly with the paper program.

“Jesus! Relax!” he whispered through hissed teeth.

“Ian!” his mom smacked him again.

People around them were turning to look at them, and he got the message. Sexy butt in two rows up was looking at him, and he tried to give her a smile. It had worked with Kayla, maybe he’d get lucky again with this girl. She just turned back around and whispered something to her mom. Bah.

Ian was so hopped up on the sex he had in the basement of the church he could barely focus on anything but searching for Kayla in the crowd, and not letting his eyes linger too long on sexy butt in front of him, or any of the other attractive women in the congregation. There were many and he found he could rotate his eyes along breasts and asses all through the crowd and it wouldn’t look like he was creeping or staring at any one woman’s goods too long. He couldn’t find Kayla and her dyed blonde hair. It shouldn’t have been that hard; she was almost as tall as he was and so tan. Damn, he legs were fine, and her pussy so sweet like natural peanut butter with honey drizzled in with the oil. He wanted to mix her jar again and enjoy her body totally naked. Damn, it had been so hot when he shoved her head into his crotch and exploded his cum into her mouth. His cock got hard in his pants, and he squirmed so it wouldn’t poke out like a tent in his pants. The last thing he wanted was his mom seeing his erection in church.

The rest of the service was uneventful. He shuffled out with the crowd and stood around looking for Kayla while his parents socialized with their church friends. Ian put in face time with each family, shaking hands and smiling. He answered the same questions over and over. “Yes I’m at school. It is going well. I’m a Business major, no. I’m looking to be an entrepreneur. I’ll start an LLC in a class next semester. This summer I’m working at a company for an internship.” He couldn’t find Kayla though. It was like she was a specter and his time in the basement was total fabrication. His sticky cock and balls still wet from her mouth wasn’t a lie. Where could she be.

“Hey stranger! long time no see.” Kayla said from behind him.

She wrapped her arms around his chest pressing her tits against his back, and resting her chin on his shoulder.

“Hey! Where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you.” he said.

She raised an eyebrow at him, as if to ask why he was abandoning the pretense that they hadn’t seen each other recently; that they hadn’t lifted up her skirt and fucked on the kid’s table then she hadn’t swallowed his cum.

“My family and I were in the back, over there,” she pointed to the opposite side of the church he’d been in. “and we got here late so we had to stand against the wall.”

“Ahhh. I was looking for you. I hoped to see you here.”

“Really? That is sweet. What are you doing later?”

“Family stuff for lunch, but this evening nothing. Probably watching the basketball game, or a movie with the family. I have to leave early tomorrow.”

“Yeah, me too. Family lunch now, then just lounging around the house. Maybe even doing some laundry.”

“Want to hang out? We can catch up?” Ian said.

“Sure. Text me.” Kayla spun around and her skirt floated high.

Ian remembered she was not wearing her panties and his cock engorged. Maybe he’d get a taste of her sexy ass and bare pussy right here in the middle of everyone. But no, her twirl wasn’t fast enough to lift the fabric past her thighs; which were superb. His cheeks burned with the memory of how they slid along them while he moved his face closer to her pussy.

“You do remember my number,” she said over her shoulder, “don’t you?”

“Of course. I’ll text you after lunch.”

Ian watched her weave her way through the crowd, following her blonde and brunette hair long past he could see her body, and just her pony tail bobbing through the massed heads.

“Oh my god! Was that Kayla?! She is so nice. Didn’t you two date?”

“Yeah mom. We did. She goes to a different school on coast.”

“So. I thought you liked her.”

“I do. It just didn’t work long distance. She is a, “here and now” girl.”

“What does that mean?”

Ian thought about explaining to his mom that Kayla liked the action that was in front of her. She pushed him out of his car once just so she could get a better angle at sucking his cock. She had shoved him into a bathroom at the Botanical Gardens so he could fuck her doggy style. She was impromptu and immediate; whimsical. Neither he or Kayla had illusions that she’d be a good long distance girlfriend. He remembered her calling him past midnight during the summer so he could drive over, sneak in the back sliding glass door to not wake up her parents and 69’ing in the basement so she could fall asleep. If he hadn’t done it should would have kept calling. She lived in the “here and now,” and the “fuck me immediately because I need it world.

“Nevermind. It just wouldn’t work.” He sighed, and his mom gave him a light whack; again with the program.

“Call her anyways. She is good for you.” his mom said.

“We’re gonna hang out after lunch.” Ian said.

“Great! That’ll be nice to see her again.”

Ian had no doubt. He wondered how long they’d keep up the pretense of hanging out before she tugged his pants apart and kissed his cock, or he couldn’t restrain himself and pulled up her shirt to suckle on her nipples. Or how she’d spread her butt cheeks wide so he could push his dick into her pussy deeper. He gave himself a shake, and went back to smiling and waiting for his parents to stop socializing. Lunch couldn’t go fast enough.

Kayla was a good fit for him. It was shame they didn’t stay dating. It hadn’t been a bad breakup, just an understanding that at school they wouldn’t be able to continue the devotion; they were both too sexual and had needs that must be met. He was certain he would have cheated on her just as he knew she would have him. It was their nature. No, they’d done the right thing. Ian was definitely looking forward to later tonight.



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