Erotic Short Stories

Co-ed Easter Hook-up Part 4

Lunch went slow. It was like the plodding progress of the minute hand in high school in the hour before release. His parents were nice, talkative, but boring. He listened to the rest of the family and his extended relatives as best he could, struggling against his button down shirt collar and the tight stretch his pants pushed into his thighs. His cock was still a little slimy from Kayla, and he felt like he needed to shower; it was so sticky from sweat and her mouth. Ian constantly had to adjust his junk on the uncomfortable restaurant chair.

When he did get home around 2pm he immediately went upstairs and showered.

“Why are you showing again, Ian? We just got back from church.” His mom said.

“Don’t worry about it mom!” Ian said.

He wasn’t about to explain that he had fucked Kayla in the basement play room at church and his dick felt sticky with her saliva and pussy. It was all he could think about and found himself stroking his dick in the shower with his eyes closed under the spray thinking about her long legs, her pink narrow pussy with the smallest lips, and how good it felt to be inside her. He liked her fake blonde hair, and even the dark eyebrows and deep tan. He shook himself just before putting the energy into working out an orgasm.

“No. Need to save myself for tonight.” He said to himself.

By 3pm he was showered, dressed, and ready to go out; Kayla hadn’t texted him back yet, and he was itching with anticipation. He couldn’t focus on anything. He tried writing in his journal, playing video games on his PS4, even watching videos on Netflix or YouTube couldn’t hold his attention. He’d do something for a few minutes, then shut everything off with a huff, prowl around the house, then go back to his room. Damn. Ian checked his phone repeatedly, even texting others to make sure his text messages still worked. The minutes that it took for his roomate at school to respond, and his childhood friend to send a response gif were agonizing, and he restarted his phone twice just to make sure.

Ian was looking at the fridge and deciding if he should eat something or wait, when Kayla finally responded.

Sorry! Lunch took Forever! I’m horny. Pick me up at 6?”

Ian laughed. Kayla was insatiable. She had just had an orgasm that morning, and now needed another. He wanted to make her cum all night long, but couldn’t bring her to his house, and her family was always around. They’ve have to find some place to hook up. It was like being in high school all over again.

“Mom! Can I use the car tonight? I want to go hang out with Kayla!” Ian shouted from the kitchen; the fridge was open, and he was typing a reply on his phone.


“Can I use the Armada tonight?”


“I want to hang out with Kayla!”

Ian waited during a long pause. He was about to yell again when the muffled response from upstairs came.


I’ll pick you up. Want to go out to eat? Or should I just wow you out on the town?” Ian texted.

Take me out first, then we can stop to eat, and you can show me a good time again.”

Ian laughed. It was a good thing he hadn’t jacked off in the shower. He was going to need his stamina. Ian grabbed a yogurt and a banana and went up to his room to play games until it was time to pick Kayla up.


I’m outside. Ready.” Ian texted.

He was parked in the front driveway with the engine on. Ian took the time before Kayla ran out of the house to check the stereo and air conditioning. It was 80F out, but he wanted it to be comfortable enough for Kayla and not too cold or hot in the car. He missed the weather here. Colorado was great, but this was just perfect; even on Easter.

Kayla slammed her front door shut, and ran towards Ian’s car. She waved, and he couldn’t help smiling back and waving. She was wearing a different dress, this one more revealing a full front hiding her cleavage, and less flowing and bright as the one she had on at church but still white. Her legs were so long, so tan, so perfect, and she bounded around the hood of the car confident in her form. Damn she was so hot. The back was different, tapering in and flowing over her spine while revealing the skin of her shoulders, her lats, and the top of her hips.


“Hey stranger!” She said climbing up into the passenger seat.

“Hello. You look amazing.” Ian said.


“Ready to go? I found this place south of the Airport we can hang out for a bit before we get hungry.”

Kayla raised an eyebrow, and pushed her dyed blonde hair behind her ear. Her tan arm and bare shoulder were even sexier in relief to her white dress. He thought he could see the side of her breast, and suspected she wasn’t wearing a bra. The dress barely covered her legs, and he wondered how it was long enough to cover her crotch. Ian adjusted his balls; they were sticking to his leg.

“I’m ready!” Kayla said, “let’s see what this airport spot is like. Seems, crowded.”

“You’ll see.”

It felt like they were still dating and they hadn’t missed a beat. School was going well for Kayla, and Ian talked about how he had been snowboarding a few weeks ago in CO.  Ian pulled the car into a parking lot oriented towards the airport from the hill they were on. The graveyard was empty, and he’d been so happy to learn of it from Billy. It was never used, and there were few houses around on the hills. It had been a decent drive south, but totally worth it. He was a bit surprised that there were mounds of dirt all over the place like there was significant repairs going on. He wondered why the hell they would exhume all the graves and then fill them back in. All the construction helped keep people away and was likely why there were no other cars in the lot. It was perfect for what he had planned.

They could see the airplanes swooping in from the east and diving down to the runway. It was like they were watching this perfect view of the city below and the constant activity at the airport provided enough movement and interest to keep your attention on the valley.

“Wow. This is perfect.” Kayla said. “why didn’t we ever go here before?”

“I know, right? I didn’t learn about it until after Halloween when I came home for a weekend. Billy told me about it.”

“Billy Hill?”


“I didn’t know you guys were friends.” Kayla said. “His sister is a fucking bitch.”

Ian laughed. Kayla did not like Alison at all. He couldn’t remember why.

“We’re friends. I don’t know much about her. I think she’s a cheerleader or something.” He did know she had huge tits. Maybe that was why Kayla didn’t like her that much cause her’s were not large at all. Not that it mattered to him; Kayla was gorgeous.

They watched the planes land and take off, then spin away in slow curves into the fading light sky. They talked, enjoyed each other’s company, and danced around the idea that they were about to fuck in a few minutes.

“This is wonderful. Thanks,” Ian said.

He put his hand on Kayla’s leg. It was so smooth like she had just shaved. It was also cool, like she had put lotion on. God her legs were so long! He popped a boner under his shorts, from her leg, and from the hope that it would soon lead to him fucking her.

“Mmm, that feels good. I’m glad you brought me here, and in the Armada too,” she smiled. “Did you bring the blankets?”

“I did.” Ian said. He gestured to the back seats.

After he left his parent’s house he stopped at a park before he got to Kayla’s house and pushed down the seats to create a bed designed for carrying heavy loads. He had spread blankets and comforters over the seat backs to make an impromptu bed. When they’d dated his family had the Armada for only a few weeks but they’d made liberal use of it to plow into each other expressing their youthful energy.

Kayla let out a whoop, and scrambled over the center console to crawl into the back. She had kicked off her sandals, and Ian watched her legs push behind her and caught a glimpse of her thighs and her panties under the white dress. It was another white thong. God she knew how to turn him on and she wasn’t even doing anything overt, just walking on all fours away from him.

Ian bounded to the back with her, and made sure the engine was off and the lights too so they wouldn’t be interrupted.  Kayla had sprawled on her back with her head propped on her arms.

“Reminds me of old times.” She said. “come here.”

“It does.”

Ian crawled over her body on all fours, placing his hands around her legs, then her stomach, then laying his body over her’s setting his hips between her legs. She felt naked under him; and like he had too many clothes on separating them.

“You’re cute.” Kayla said. “I don’t remember you being as bold as you were this morning. I liked it.”

“I was inspired when I saw you; channelling you.”

“I liked it. What else do you have for me?”


Ian kissed her, pushed his tongue in her mouth, and melting his body into her’s. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and it felt like she was trying to tug his shorts off with her calves. They rolled around the back of the SUV with the seats all pushed down and made out for a good while. Her body was so firm and tight under his press; not giving to his squeezes and probes along her back and her shoulders. Kayla was not wearing a bra, and she moaned into their kiss, but didn’t cut it off. She seemed content to just make out like teenagers for a while in the back seat. Ian was fine with it; she kissed extremely well and he let his erection press against his shorts and he ground it against her crotch. Kayla was enough of a freak that she could probably get herself off from the friction of it coupled with their kissing.

He lost himself in her body, her smell which was flowery without being overwhelming like her pussy with the hint of sweetness. Her hair was down, but it never got in the way; it seemed smoother and more ‘flowing’ than it had this morning. She had the most delicate ear lobes too; they were soft but tight, and he thought somehow her tanned skin made her taste better. It was so easy to drag his wet lips down her lobe, and across the curve of her jaw down to her lips. The best part was how she reacted to his touch; to his lingering tongue pulling on her earring, to how she arched her neck to allow him better access her jawline. Kayla moaned and undulated her belly into his, and pulsed her crotch on his while he suckled on her face.

It was enough for him, and he pushed her back against the ‘floor’ and disengaged from their kiss. Kayla looked up at him, but panted, heaving her chest from excitement, and moved her hips under his telegraphing her desire. Ian gave her a quick smooch on the nose, and let go of her wrists before pushing his face between her legs and pushing her dress up over her belly. It was like a repeat of this morning, and she continued moving her hips while flexing her knees in anticipation.

When Ian pulled her white thong off it was wet with her excitement. Her beautiful little pussy was pink and glistening even behind the tinted Armada windows and the falling night.

“God I love your pussy,” he said.

Kayla moaned and murmured a thank you. Her response was muffled like she was biting down on something.  Ian pushed his face to her pussy and licked from butthole to clit like he was lapping at a popsicle.

“Oh yes,” Kayla said, again, muffled.

Ian moved his mouth over her wetness absorbed with the honey-ish taste, the pristine smoothness, and the reaction she moved with to each press and lick. She danced with him against his face and he provided counterpoint to her subtle directions. His face flowed to her rocking, and they moved like dedicated ballroom pair that whose steps were precise. His tongue moved to the beat of her rhythm and she climaxed moaning loud like a growl, her feet pressing hard to flex her thighs, and her pussy still (in direct counter to the motion it had moved seconds before). She quivered like a tuning fork struck by his attentions. Ian hadn’t even put his fingers in her yet.

When her orgasm had subsided he pulled back and sat on his feet. Her legs were so tan! They were like golden stems pushing up into her narrow hips dark against her white dress. She had a blanket balled into a wet bunch next to her mouth. Ian suspected she had been biting it to stave of screaming.

“God damn, you’re sexy.” He said.

“Mmmm, thank you. That was wonderful.”

Ian’s stomach lept lower towards his crotch; it almost hurt looking at her tall body writhing in the after orgasm glow. She crossed her legs, and kept her hips in motion like she was riding still the sensation between her legs. He pulled his shirt off and rose up on his knees to undo his shorts. Kayla watched him undress and said nothing, but pushed a hand over her dress and fingered her wet pussy.

“I want you to take your dress off.”

“You do? Okay.”

Kayla sat up, and pulled it over her head from the base bunched around her waist. Even her tits and armpits were tan. “Was she tan everywhere?” Ian thought. He breasts dark, her nipples almost blending into the plump perkiness. They weren’t huge, or so small that she was flat, but she could easily go without a bra. The fit her strong shoulders and “V” shaped torso. Her waist was small, and her belly button looked tight against her skin. Ian lost himself staring at her naked body as she laid on her back. He couldn’t believe how attractive she looked; tan, youthful unblemished skin squirming for his cock.

“I’m ready,” she said, and spread her legs open while opening her pussy with two fingers.

“Fuck. That is so sexy.”

Ian kicked off his shorts, and lowered himself between her legs. His cock pressed against her wetness, and he pushed.

“Ugh! You’re so big,” Kayla said.

“Oh my god. You feel so good.”

They kissed, and Ian moved his dick inside Kayla’s wet pussy. She moved under him like she hadn’t just cum. She moved like she savored every push in and out of her grip. They bounced into each other with the exuberant energy of teenagers and young lovers ignorant of routine or stagnation. Ian began to sweat from the heat and turned off air conditioning. They bodies slicked with exertion, and Kayla’s breath panted like she was running.

“Hold on,”

“Everything okay?” she said.

“Yeah, let me turn the air conditioning on.”

Ian crawled to the front seat, leaning over the center console to push the key and turn the AC on full blast, but making sure the lights were off and the vehicle was in Park. He felt Kayla’s foot tapping on his ass, and her toe shoving between his cheeks.

“Woah, what are you doing?” he said and looked over his shoulder.

“Just playing.”

“Trying to stick your toe in my ass?”

“Maybe,” she said smiling.

“Maybe I’ll stick something in your ass!”

Ian scrabbled back to Kayla and tickled her legs, and moved up to tickling her pussy and butt. She howled in glee and and laughter but fought him off.

“NO, no no no!”

Ian ceased his assault and laid down next to Kayla, his erection bumping against her butt cheek.

“Ok, okay, I won’t put anything in your butt.” He said.

Kayla rotated to spoon with him, and ground her butt against his crotch. Ian pushed his cock inside her, and fucked her from behind laying on his side. He pussy was so warm and tight, and her ass! Her ass was right there for him to stare at; it was tanned, smooth, and delicious. It rose up like a rounded firm invitation and he was tempted to stick his finger in her butthole. He palmed her cheeks and used her hips as leverage to pound into her. He could see her pussy stretching and gripping his cock. His shafted pulled her snatch out to drag along while he withdrew. Damn, she is so hot!

“Fuck me from behind. I want to cum again.” She said.


Kayla mounted up in doggy style, staring forward towards the front windshield. Ian knelt behind her, and had to tilt his head; the Armada was too short for him to fully kneel upright, but he didn’t mind. He could still get a good angle, and fuck Kayla hard.

She pushed her face into the ground and rubbed her hand on her pussy while he fucked her. He stared at her flexing shoulders, tan too, and her powerful shoulders pressing around her neck against the blankets. Night was coming full and her tanned skin only helped to increase her exotic sexy look. Ian drooled over her ass, even giving it a few wet spits to help lube up his cock. She came again a few minutes later of rigorous pounding, and her screams pushed him to orgasm.

This time he pulled out of her pussy and came on her back, spurting globs of cum over her butt cheeks and pooling on the small of her back where it arched.

“Holy fuck, that was hot!” Ian said.

“Mmmm, yeah. That felt good. You know how to fuck me good, Ian.” Kayla said, squirming face down and still moving her hand in small circles around her clit.

“Here.” Ian handed her a few tissues. He’d made sure to throw a box in the back seat before leaving home.

“Thanks. Want to go get dinner? I’m starving!”

“Sure.” Ian gave her ass a slap. “I love your butt. How do you get tan everywhere?”

“I lay out?”

“Naked?” He said.

Kayla smiled.


“What? Where? Nude beach?”

“Haha, no; the sorority house has a rooftop sunbathing area, and there are no houses tall enough around us to see anything so I can lay up there naked and no one cares.”


“Dinner? What did you have in mind?” Kayla said, finally pushing herself off the seats and fiddling with her dress.

“I was thinking something light. You know, something that won’t get in the way of another round of vigorous exercise.” Ian said smiling.

“I love it!”


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