Erotic Short Stories

Co-ed Easter Hook-up Part 5

Kayla shivered under the long sleeve hoodie Ian gave her at dinner. They were around a firepit with the gas flames blazing, but the slight difference in temperature gave natives the chills at night. It was still probably 80F out, but it felt colder.

Ian had ordered the fish tacos, and Kayla on hearing his choice switched her order to the same, but asked for extra hot sauce. She was a spicy girl, and Ian smiled remembering her fondness for Tabasco and Sriracha. Kayla spent much of the first half out of their dinner date cuddled into Ian’s shoulder sipping on her beer, while he stared at the fire taking slow pace through his gin and tonic. It was refreshing having one in this weather and he was overheated after long months in Colorado at school. Ian was amazed that he tried his fake ID at this place; normally he reserved it for school bars where the bouncers didn’t care. He was doubly shocked that Kayla smiled and proffered her’s as well. She was amazing.

When they were seated at a table and their food came Kayla devoured her plate well before Ian was finished, and with her hands laced under her chin and elbows on the table she taunted him with her foot under the table; running her bare toes slipped out of her sandals up his shin, and prodding at his crotch. He laughed and fended her off by closing his knees.

“I’ve missed you.” Kayla said.

Ian was surprised by her statement. She normally wasn’t sentimental about things like this, and he didn’t know if she was just gushing what she thought without filter, or if it was indicative of something deeper. He gave a light chuckle.

“I’ve missed you too; you’re way more fun than anyone I hang out with at school.”

Kalya raised her eyebrows.

“You mean you’re not sitting in your room all alone crying that I’m not there to entertain you?”

“Haha, no. But I can tell you I’ve never had as much fun at school than I have with you today.”

“Me too.” Kayla said.

She pushed her hair behind her ear, and readjusted her hips on the chair, pulled on the hoodie, and plopped her chin on her hands again.

“These tacos were awesome. What’s taking you so long?” She said.

Her foot was sliding up Ian’s leg again. He suspected she was horny again and wanted another round. If he dallied she’d pull him into the hedges next store and scorpions, cacti and sand be damned she would yank his pants down and fuck him. Knowing what a chola spiked into his back felt like he shoveled cabbage and salsa onto his last taco and did his best to eat it without spilling over himself.

“You’re cute when you try to eat fast. Don’t worry; I can wait for you. I’m just giving you shit.”

“Its no problem. Really,” Ian said with food in his mouth.

“Eeew, didn’t your mom train you to not speak to a lady with food in your mouth.”

Ian swallowed.

“She’d probably whack me in the face if she saw me doing it.” He remembered the church program slamming into his stomach that morning.

“I think I want dessert; but not yet! Later.” Kayla said.

Ian was surprised. She was not the type of girl that ate a lot of sweets or fried foods. It was probably why she was so tall and thin; at least she ate something. He paused eating to just watch her flip through the dessert menu with one hand and resting her cheek on her other hand. Her blonde hair, even if fake, trickled down her neck over one side, and her eyes were so bright against her tanned skin and the dim night lights on the outdoor patio. He watched her dark eyebrows display her expressions as she read. They’d jump up at something she was interested in, and crunch up when she saw something she didn’t like or was disgusted by; like the chocolate dumplings. She was so pretty, and strangers walking by would often double take either from her height or her beauty. It felt good  being out with her again.

They finished dinner, and on the way out Kayla reached out and held Ian’s hand on the way to the Armada. She swung his arm back and forth almost skipping. Once inside the SUV she doffed the hoodie, and adjusted her hair in the overhead mirror.

“I was thinking we could explore that graveyard a little,” she said. “We didn’t get a good look at it before, and it seemed pretty strange.”

“We can do that. There is a good view and I don’t think all of it is still under construction.”

“I wonder what happened.” Kayla said.

“Billy told me,” she cringed at Ian’s mention of Alison’s brother. “Billy told me,” he started again, “some ridiculous story of a seance and the dead rising from the graves and he and this girl had to stop them by bashing their heads in. I don’t believe it; I think he was just shrooming or something and they vandalized the place. Or some kids came by and broke some stones. Or maybe they’re just moving the graves for a new development. Who knows.”

“Zombies? Like the living dead? That is insane. What a fucked up family. Maybe we should go somewhere else.”

“Oh, ignore the Hills. They’re not that bad, and they have nothing to do with the graveyard tonight. I’m curious now. Let’s check it out.” Ian said.


Kayla pouted with her arms crossed under her breasts and kicked her feet up on the dashboard in front of the passenger seat. Ian was about to scold her, but decided to let it drop. He could wipe off the dust later and it wasn’t that big of a deal.

They returned to the graveyard parking lot that they’d fucked in earlier, that evening, and parked in the same place. Ian grabbed a blanket from the side door, and Kayla kicked stones near the edge of the lot and the sand.


“A blanket? Do you think you’re going to get lucky dragging me to a graveyard?” Kayla said.

“I already did once.” he laughed, “I thought you might want to watch the stars and the planes for a little. Sitting on the sand isn’t always comfortable.”

He kicked the dirt for emphasis.

“You’re cute when you prepare.” She leaned came close and gave him a kiss. “Okay.”

Dirt was everywhere. It was piled up in huge cones obviously pushed and shoveled from the graveyard. The north end looked like someone had cratered it with explosives. Maybe Billy had planted huge fireworks in each grave and set them off. He wasn’t usually that deviant, but this was intense. Halloween was like 5 months ago the graveyard was devastated. Ian was starting to think that Billy had been right, and that the dead had  clawed their way out of their own graves and dug themselves up. But that was crazy.

“Ooh, check this out.” Kayla said.

They were walking south towards the mountain, and going up a gradual incline. A fountain with a large grassy area untouched by the construction and dirt spread out in front of them like an oasis.

“Put the blanket down; this area is awesome! You can see the whole city below, and the airport. There are so many planes. What time is it?”

“9pm. Yeah. There are a lot; maybe a lot of people traveling back to school or home, or whatever.”

“On Easter?” Kayla crunched her face; she looked so cute.

“We’re here and not with our families.”

“Yeah, but we spent all day with them. And, we’re both going home tomorrow.”

“Good point.”

They watched the planes land and take off, and how the twinkling lights in the valley were brighter and more sparkly than the stars in the sky. Kayla leaned against Ian’s chest, and he breathed in her sweet scent; this time from her sweat and hair. It was still warm out, easily above 80F still. She looked so good with her knees curled up next to him, and her sexy face pressing against his chest.

Kayla pushed her hand down his belly and toyed with his stomach, letting her fingers range over his belly. He wasn’t ripped, but he wasn’t chubby either, and she tickled his belly button, pushing her finger into the hole.

“Hey!” he jerked away. “Stop that.”

“I know you hate it; I just wanted to see if you still did.”

“I do. Please. No more.”

“Okay. What about here?”

She pushed her hand under his boxers and his shorts sliding past his pubes and accidentally poking his cock with her nails.


“Its okay.”

“There we go.” she said when his cock found its way into her grip and started to swell.

Kayla began pumping his dick in short movements under his pants, and he moaned into the top of her head. His hands began to get tired, and he laid on his back into the blanket. Kayla unzipped him and pushed his shorts and boxers to his thighs. She lowered her face on his cock while keeping her hand pumping and tongued his tip. She started giving him a wet blowjob bent at the waist, and with her free hand held her hair out of her face.

Her mouth was all over his tip, even moving low halfway down. She was like a model with a cock in her mouth. He couldn’t believe she was so sexy with her bare shoulders tan and strong, her dress white and flowery and her dyed blonde hair pressing down in flowing silken locks around her tanned ear and her pretty face. His dick was in her mouth, it was pushing her cheeks out and her lips were so red against his pale skin. Damn she was so fucking sexy moving her face up and down over him; even in the darkness.

She continued sucking him for a while, and then changed her position to climb between his legs. She put her hair in a pony tale with both hands, rose up on her knees and gave him a playful smile.

“You’re a naughty girl.” He said.

“You love it.”

She bent at the waist kneeling between his legs and pumped her head on his dick; stroking him and tonguing his underside. It was like she wanted him to cum. He would too, but didn’t think he’d have enough to fuck her, and he really wanted to be inside her pussy again.

As much as he wanted her to continue he moved to stop her.

“Stop, stop, stop. It is too good. I’m going to cum. Here, let me go down on you.”

“No. Its okay. Hold on. She stood up, and dropped her panties to her ankles and kicked them off. She hiked up her dress to her waist, and squatted down over his torso. Ian was stroking himself while he watched, and angled his dick towards her hole. She sat down on him, and when he was shoved inside she let go of her dress and leaned in for a kiss.

She rode him like a slow moving sensual seduction, like a promise that her kisses would lead to something more; and they were. She flexed her legs to move her ass up and down along his shaft in agonizing slow pumps; controlling every movement, but always being in motion. Her wet pussy hugged him and seemed to stimulate every inch of his shaft. In that moment Ian was certain he loved her. He was certain she was the perfect woman for him; that all of her flighty inconsistencies didn’t matter, that her infidelity at school was a dream, and that he needed to hold her as close to him as possible so she would never escape. Ian didn’t even care that her boobs weren’t that big. He got so excited that he realized his excitement was about to bring him to climax, and instead of riding his fantasy he fought against cumming and worked to keep his erection without exploding.

Ian focused on her mouth, her tongue that had been giving him light loving pecs without any long french kisses, and her smooth face pressing into his. He wrapped his arms tight to her back and hugged her hard; she kept up her slow insistent pace. With her pulled tight to his body, and her face in his shoulder Ian rolled over pushing her onto her back. Kayla gasped, but laughed, and it was his turn to plunge into her body with slow loving sex, propping himself on his forearms and stroking stray hair behind her ears, and being the one to kiss her face with delicate affectionate care.

He moved his hips as best he could to the pace she’d set while riding him. This was not the furious sex and satisfaction search they’d pounded out in the backseat of his parent’s SUV. This was not the road-head blowjob she’d given him on the highway when they’d dated before. This was an intimate sex that spoke to their shared endearment. Ian traced Kayla’s face with his finger, and followed her eyes, her soft cheekbone, and down to her small but puckered lips. She sucked on his finger, and closed her eyes when he withdrew to replace it with his tongue.

They melded with the night breeze flowing in undulating copulation.

Ian wasn’t sure when, or how, but their pace over time increased. It amplified as if each thrust inside her pussy awakened harder desire, and Kayla moved to match his speed. It might have been an hour, or 10 minutes, and Kayla had her arms around Ian’s neck and her legs hooked together over his butt while he slammed into her pussy; lifting her hips off the ground with every hump. He slammed his cock balls deep into her pussy to her exclaims, and pounded her like a jackhammer digging a hole.

They began shouting in pleasure, grunting and moaning their joys with shared vocal release. During an interlude to catch their breath, Kayla spun to all fours, and flipped the dress over her back. Ian stared at her glorious rump, her long legs drawn up under her torso, and her waist as narrow as her legs, swaying for him to enter. He clamped his hand on her waist and fucked her on all fours in the graveyard. She fingered her pussy, came on his cock, and after her body tremors subsiding  she collapsed onto her side and Ian rolled with her to spoon her from behind; still inside.

At first Ian continued his furious slamming, driving his dick deep into her pussy. After a while of it, he tired and transitioned to the slow ponderous push and pull like an oarsman guiding a rowboat downstream. He dragged his cock in and out of her still wet pussy, watching it stretch and pull from his girth. Kayla reached a hand over her hip and gave his shaft a few pumps.

“It feels so weird to touch your dick while you’re inside me.”

“Keep doing it. It turns me on.”


Kayla propped herself up on her elbow, bending at her waist and watched him fuck her on his side still stroking what little of him wasn’t inside her.

Ian palmed her lower back, and grabbed her leg. She was so fucking fine, and in the dress, even bunched up around her waist, made her even more sexy.

“Yeah, keep doing that. Keep jacking me off while I fuck you.”

She pumped the base of his shaft, and even allowed him to pound into her pussy.

“I’m going to cum!”

Kayla twitched her wrist, pulled him out of her, and aimed his cock at her ass. He shot gobs of sticky cum onto her butt, and she dragged what little remained on his tip against her skin. In a total shock, she spun around, and sucked on his dick until it was clean.

“Mmm. Your cum is so sweet.”

“Haha. That was awesome. I had no idea you were going to do that. That was incredible.”

“You’re pretty awesome too; that was like four orgasms for me today. I think I’m getting old. I’m totally spent.”

“It is about time. I didn’t think you ever tired.”

Kayla didn’t respond, but snuggled into Ian’s chest. He had rolled on his back.

“Your pussy tastes like flowers and honey; even after you’ve worked out.”


“Yeah. It is one of the reasons I absolutely love eating you out. Plus, your pussy is like, perfect.”

“Stop. You’re embarrassing me.”

“No, it is true. It is just perfect.” He gave her head a kiss. “I’m really glad we got to hang out today. I’ve missed you.”

“Me too. I’ve missed you too. Too bad we have to go to school tomorrow.”


“When are you coming back?” She said.

“Not till summer. I might stay in CO.” Ian said, “I might have an internship; we’ll see.”

“Hmmm. I might not come back either. California is actually bearable in the summer; not like here.”

“That sucks.”

“No, it is great. You can actually go outside.”

“I mean, that sucks that we’re not going to be around together again for like, a long time.”

“Yeah. That does suck.” Kayla said, and snuggled closer in, even weaving a leg between and under his. “You’ll just have to transfer to UC San Diego.”

They laughed, and joked around on lighter issues the rest of the evening, cuddling and giving affectionate kisses.

When Ian dropped Kayla off at her family home they kissed passionately in the car. After leaving him she pranced to the front door, looked back twice and waved. Her smile was huge and her white teeth gleamed in the light of the front porch. Ian waved, and in his stomach he felt the dread and loss of something special. Maybe he could find his way back to her and they could rise again in joyful ecstasy.


The end.




This concludes the final chapter of “Co-ed Easter Hook-up.” This book will be published on my website tomorrow for free for one week in exchange for an email address, then will go live on amazon for $0.99 the following day. Check it out!

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