Coercing the Neighbor coed into anal

The most popular books of mine are ‘neighbor’s deal” and bargain books where an older next door neighbor man coerces a hot young girl to be his anal slut.

Dare I say that I’ve found my niche that makes me the most money. The three books that have earned me almost $100 each are “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal,” “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Bargain,” and “Punishing the Neighbor Brat’s Backdoor.

Those three books are my consistent best sellers despite being only passing interest to my particular tastes. I write the sex scenes with fantasy, with intention and hot desire, but the premise lingers a sense of irritation, of bother. I’m not a fan of coercion.

But they are really big sellers, and I want to make more and more money. I want to have cash ripping out of my ears, out of my vagina, and spewing from my feet like a fountain of wealth I’ve created. To do that I need compelling and strong books that plug a niche over and over.

My followup to “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal,” is “Renewing the Neighbor’s Deal,” and it has seen a large surge in sales I’m assuming on people that have read my other works. I’m assuming it is because they liked the series and wanted to continue it.

I’m good with that. I like that, but find the struggle to stay focused on the same story for many months in a row. I like having a change of topic, a change of subject and a change of perspective. I find it hard to stay in the mind of one of my protagonists for too long. I like having the range of differences and changes to keep me interested in writing.

So I’m continuing to write about Josh and Christina and how he is her Sugar Daddy and providing her with every thing she needs and wants. In my latest book I’m going to continue their story. We’ll delve into their base desires, and somehow I’m going to get Christina to bring in one of her sorority sisters into the bedroom so she can fuck Josh too. It will be a desire he didn’t know he had, and will start his deal with a “harem” of girls.


It is a romance after all.

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