Erotic Poetry

Couch Stretching

When I stretch at the gym, at home, on the floor,
with my legs spread, my back arched, and my straight
elbows pushing palms against smooth lacquered wood
does your’s harden sympathetic to my effort?

Does the loosening muscle wake your’s?

I’ve spent hours, days, leaning against tightness
but you only draw attention to one spot’s tight.
My dedicated abs are loose enough to roll my spine
over your chest while you push into the place I don’t want stretched.

You’ve said the curves are what is so sexy,
the way I curve my back, chest out, head raised,
but perking higher than shoulders, and legs split
like a triangle’s arms wide for your filling hips.

Does my deliberate stretch one centimeter deeper this month
make you one centimeter bigger watching me push
while you’re on the couch with your hand in your pants?

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