Around the Dinner Table

Current Series Status update

I’m currently working on the first installment of the Around the Dinner Table series.

Explore the sexual development of a four person household somewhere in America. Mom and Dad have no idea the depravity and experience that their college children Alison and Billy have. Get excited by the ignorance of their parents as they lovingly cuddle on the very couch Alison lost her virginity on.

Experience the story of Alison’s decent into sexual maturity through her ever more sordid sexual experiences. This series is for those people who want a detailed dynamic story told primarily through sexual experiences; no thirty pages of needless fluff to stimulate your imagination and excite your lust. This series gets right into the action and gives you world building as a part of your sexual description.

“Cheerleader’s Awakening” is the story told from Alison’s point of view. Future installments will be told from the other family members point’s of view.

At the moment, I do not have a HEA or a HFN ending planned for Alison, though that may change. What are your thoughts on Matthew? Should he return for a coup de grace?  Do you think he should save Alison from what she couldn’t find without him?

Read on, and let me know!

Download the first Chapter where Alison loses her virginity with Matthew:

ePub file of Cheerleader’s Awakening Chapter 1, Around the Dinner Table Part 1

Plain Text version of Cheerleader’s Awakening Chapter 1, Around the Dinner Table Part 1

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