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Draft2digital for Amazon releases

My latest two books are now available on Amazon through Draft2Digital. I’m not sure why I’m using them for the Amazon portion. I’ve been going to KDP and publishing there because I’m in Kindle Unlimited for most of my books. 


[featured_books id=”6dfef4d4471b8aebeff89a0704a249a3″ featured_books=”‹º›‹º›‹²›2091‹²›‹¹›,‹º›‹²›2095‹²›‹¹›‹¹›” number_columns=”2″ hide_on_desktop=”false” hide_on_mobile=”false” animation_on_scroll=”{‹²›animation_enable‹²›:‹²›no‹²›,‹²›yes‹²›:{‹²›animation_type‹²›:‹²›fadeIn‹²›,‹²›animation_delay‹²›:‹²›0‹²›}}” _array_keys=”{‹²›featured_books‹²›:‹²›featured_books‹²›,‹²›animation_on_scroll‹²›:‹²›animation_on_scroll‹²›}” _fw_coder=”aggressive” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”8f2faa9d283b0df1e511ef539ee80116″][/featured_books]These latest two books aren’t really KU books. The “Caught! Bikini Seduction” book is the edited tame version of a story I wrote and have published on Smashwords called, “Caught! “NO! Not there!” 

I got rejected with a nasty letter from D2D for publishing a dub/con book. I didn’t think it was that bad. The main character catches his next door neighbor using his hot tub and instead of calling the police asks her for sex. He wants to put it in her ass and she reluctantly says, “No! Not there!” but ultimately relents and lets him nail her up the ass. 

D2D didn’t like the story, so I edited it in a different way such that the neighbor brat seduces the main character and begs him to stuff it up her soccer player but. He does.

It was a good exercise in editing and changing. I didn’t realize that my book was so dubious. I thought it was more a play on the line between unwanted and wanted. I thought that was the kink I was going for. 

So I have to tone it down. 

I’ve noticed that publishing to Amazon through D2D is just as easy as the rest of the publishing process on the platform. It is easy, simple, and looks good. The shame is that KU brings in a TON of money and almost doubles my income. When I’m in KU my actual sales increases too. If Amazon is 80% of my revenue, why wouldn’t I make myself exclusive? It amps up the sales. 

However, publishing to Amazon through D2D takes about 2 days, sometimes 3 to go up on the Amazon store, where when I was putting it directly into KDP bookshelf (Amazon’s platform) it was going live in about 12 hours. 

I want to be wide, but I can’t afford it. So some books are going to go wide. I’m planning on all of my boredom stories to go into the Wide distribution through D2D.  What is a boredom story? Short 12k books that I write in the course of 3 days while I’m writing a longer story. I got bored with Neighbor’s Deal book and then the Natural Dominance which is a longer story without a lot of sex. Boredom stories are quickies that satisfy my distracted writing with a quick sexual premise. 

So in the future, my quickies will go into D2D wide with all the vendors it’ll accept, including Amazon, and all of my longer series books will go into KU. 

I’ve had one sale. Thanks kind stranger!


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