Erotic Short Stories

Erotic Short: Blasting my coed roommate

When Tricia moved into the apartment I knew I would have a hard time not staring at her young body.  My friends often derided me for living with a bunch of college kids when I was well into my thirties, and truthfully I felt a little awkward about it when the kids were partying at 2:00 am and I was trying to sleep for work the next day.

But I owned the apartment and when my fiance decided she wasn’t into our relationship anymore I had too much space and too much mortgage to not let out the extra rooms.  Tricia was the latest in a long line of students, transients, and others that had been renting a room for the last three years.

She was also the most attractive by far. After a few disastrous roommates I learned I couldn’t trust my instincts and left the new renter selection up to my other renters. I had five bedrooms where I let out the four I didn’t use. Two had bathrooms in the rooms and the other shared a common bath in the main hallway. It was a large apartment in a high rise downtown and I’d bought it thinking about starting a family with my ex.

The three renters decided to bring Tricia in, and I suspected the two boys had overridden Valerie’s vote to bring her in. Val was hot, tall brown hair with legs that looked smooth and sexy spread open. She didn’t work out but retained that sparkle of sexiness that came with youth and good genes.  She had a pretty enough face, but was a bit of a bitch and didn’t get along with the other two renters that well.  The guys and I liked to play video games at night after beers and we tended to make noise whereas Val liked to get to sleep early. We both had work in the morning, but she liked her mornings silent and got up much earlier than she had to leave. If she wasn’t so stuck up I suspected we would have gotten along much more.

Tricia was a knockout and just as careless and dumb as the boys. She was tall with boobs that jiggled with rippling obviousness. Her tits seemed unnaturally large, sitting on her ribcage like inflated teenage boy fantasies. The guys and I debated if they were real or fake. I was certain they were implants. No natural boobs sat that round and bouncy. For them to be real they’d have to be saggy or splayed off her ribs to the sides.

Tricia stayed up late, drank with the boys and sat in one of those tank tops with the built-in bra and revealing jean shorts cut at the legs. She’d lounge on the loveseat with one leg hooked over the armrest tilting her head back to suck beer from the can or bottle.  Doing so would spread her thighs open to reveal the bundle of fabric cutting into her ass and pussy. If you were watching you could see the bulge of her ass cheeks poking through the shorts and what type of panties she had on.

I did my best not to stare, but she was too sexy, too hot and voluptuous to ignore.  Worse, I knew she was doing it on purpose to get me to look.

Things came to a head before work one weekday.

I was eating cereal in the kitchen when Tricia walked in wearing black thong panties and a tank top without the builtin bra.

“Goodmorning Dan,” she said with a tired drawl. She’d been up late drinking with the boys while Val and I had been to bed early for work. Val was already gone to her yoga class and would go to work from there. It was a shame, some days she did her yoga in the main room in front of the tall floor to ceiling windows. I liked to watch the show during breakfast but this was even nicer. Tricia had a plump round ass that seemed to craved worming itself out of whatever clothes she tried to hide it with.  Her butt matched the round ripeness of her tits.

“Morning, uh, Tricia.”  I stumbled over her name seeing her bend over to get the milk out of the fridge. She didn’t need to curve at the waist like that. The milk was at eye level but I savored the view. “You’re up early, or didn’t you sleep yet?”

I wouldn’t put it past her to stay up all night drinking.

“I couldn’t sleep, and I heard you out here eating breakfast. I thought you wouldn’t mind if I joined you,” she said grabbing a bowl from the highest shelf, again straining to show off her ass without need. There were bowls on the counter ready to be used.

I enjoyed staring at her long thin legs and held my spoon dribbling milk into the bowl unmoving while I tried to memorize the way her ass looked carved by the black thong. Her skin was so smooth and tight against her body. I almost stood up and stroked it. Instead, I shifted my legs to cover my boner and not reach down to stroke myself off.

“Of course,” I finally managed to say when she faced me and approached the table. “Sit down.”

“I like to eat standing,” Tricia said leaning forward and giving me a view of her cleavage dangling below her chest. Her boobs were swollen and full dangling with jiggling beauty that made my tip burst with excitement. I thought I was going to cum in my pants. They were real. I’d never seen them this close, this in my face before, and I wavered into the “real” column. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said turning and walking to the counter giving me another obvious view of her ass and legs. She swayed with sexual intent and not at all like a morning sleepy shuffle.

“Not at all,” I muttered trying not to let her catch me staring.

“Oh no!” she said a few bites later. “I got it all over me!”

I looked up and Tricia was dabbing at her tits with a paper towel. Milk and cereal were dribbled on her cleavage and she was tugging the shirt lower to expose more of her unnaturally huge tits that seemed to remain perky. She moved with a flurry of jiggling, jostling, and whimpering to “clean” herself off.

“Oh no! I don’t want to ruin this shirt!” she cried. “Dan, can you help me please?!” Her voice was frantic and panicked. “I just need to get this clean!”

I stood up and was at her side in seconds feeling her heat and sexual energy like a furnace. The moment I arrived at her shoulder and was about to dab with my own paper towel Tricia lifted the tank above her head and stood topless.

“Uhhh…” I mumbled to stupified to respond.

Tricia spun towards me slapping my shoulder and arm with her tits on the way to the sink. She turned the faucet on and dove the tank top under the running water moaning “oooooh, ohhhhh, noooo.” Tricia’s tits jiggled between her arms in uncontrolled, uncontained glory. They were real. They flew side to side with the undulating smoothness that fake tits lacked. They were real.

“Uhm, how,” I gulped unable to look away from her breasts. “How can I help?”

“I don’t know? Help me scrub?” She turned to me with frantic eyes noticing how I’d been staring at her boobs. “I’m so distraught!”

“Its okay, we’ll get it out. It is just a little milk,” I said, putting an arm on her lower back to comfort her. She tilted forward and my hand slipped to her ass. It was so tight and sexy, soft and glorious. My boner was huge in my pants rigid against her hip and the counter.

“Oh, Dan!” Tricia said with a voice on the verge of tears, “it isn’t going to work!” She turned from the sink shutting off the faucet and shoved into my arms pressing her massive tits against my chest. “I’m so upset!”

“Its okay, its okay,” I muttered ramming my erection into her belly and groping her ass with one hand while rubbing her shoulders with the other. “I think we can make it better.”

“Oh please, I need to feel better!”

Both hands went to her ass and I kneaded her plump sweetness. It was so lovely, so full in my palms, like a youthful explosion of pleasure. I moaned, and Tricia echoed the sentiment.

“Tricia, I-” I started. She covered my voice with her lips pushing up to shove her tongue in my mouth. In the process, her tits brushed up my chest and sent my erection further into stiffness.

I lost control and tugged on her thong knowing I was wedging it up her pussy.

“Unnnn!!!” Tricia moaned but kept kissing. Her tongue was a dance that matched her jiggling nipples when she was scrubbing in the sink.

When she pulled away from our kiss I picked her up and sat her ass on the counter. Tricia instinctively spread her legs but I went for her tits mashing my face between the natural cleavage and smushing her nipples into my ears. They were enormous. They were real. They were amazing. Her breasts covered my face like a soft pressing squeeze wrap for longevity. If creams and lotions worked to make girl’s look younger smashing my face between a pair of teenage tits as big and glorious as these would work for me. I felt younger and more invigorated already.

“Ungh, Dan, that feels so good!” Tricia moaned her hands lacing through my hair and shoulders.

I slobbered over her nipples, tugged on them with firm lips and suckled on the underside of her tits. I let the full weight of her perkiness drop on my eye sockets and smiled knowing I was nestled between two reality-defying jugs.

I’d been fantasizing about her tits for so long I spent longer than I expected playing with her breasts.

“I think, I think I feel a little bit better,” Tricia whined, still distraught with laced eyebrows and pouting lips.

“I can help with that,” I growled and tugged her panties off under her butt.

“Ai!” Tricia yelped at the violence I stripped her naked.

Pushing her back I shoved my mouth on her pussy, her shaved bald pussy that glistened with her excitement or nerves. She tasted like a just souring honey. At first, the tang hammered my nose and lips but after it morphed to a smooth buttery sweetness.

“Oh! Dan! Your tongue is making me feel better, mmmmmmffffff, so good.” She said and knocked over a metal jar of utensils. The clatter was deafening but I was blissfully ignorant of it tasting her pretty snatch. “Yes! Yes! Oh my god, yes! Just like that!!”

Tricia’s legs found my shoulders and back, her heels pressing into my shoulder blades like sharp elbows. She drummed her legs twitching with my tongue attention.

“Fucking yes! I like that! Dan your tongue is going to make me cum, I’m feeling better! Yes! Yes! Mmmmaaaaahhhhhh!” She cried aloud. I didn’t even care about our roommates. Tricia didn’t seem to either. “I’m cumming! Ahhhhhhh!”

Tricia went rigid as my cock her heels driving like nails into my spine, her fingers like icicles into my scalp. Against the pain, against the strain of her thighs against my ears, I stayed latched onto her clit.  When she relaxed it was a slow shaking release like every individual muscle moved from tight to unwound in slow unspinning waves. I lingered against her pussy flicking soft warmth and eliciting tickles and gasps of spent pleasure.

“Feel a little better?” I asked cleaning off my chin and starting to unzip my pants.

“Yes,” she said all innocent and pouting but with satisfaction underneath.

“Maybe you need a little more comfort and attention,” I said pulling out my monster hard-on. I slapped my engorged tip against her wet clit.

“Ooh, I think I do.” Tricia pushed her nipples together and fingered her pussy before sucking on the finger.

“Fucking hell that is hot.”

She smiled and gave her lips a full exaggerated suck.  Overcome with lust I dragged her by the head off the counter and forced her to her knees.

“Aii!” she yelped in surprise. Her tits rippled with motion and slammed against her belly and arms.

“Suck me off,”  I ordered pulling her face towards my twitching dick.

“Mmmppffffff,” she moaned swallowing my shaft. “Mpfffffthhhhh.”

I gripped her dark hair and held her face firmly into my thighs. She made noises struggling with my cock down her throat, but after her display and tasting her pussy I was determined to use her young body rough for my pleasure. It was what she wanted.

“Yeah, suck that fat cock, Tricia, take it deep down your throat. Swallow it all. That’s a good girl. Take that dick. No teeth! No teeth. You can do it,” she used her tongue on my underside tickling my balls with it as I rammed deeper. “That’s a good girl. Well done. Oh fuck yeah that’s good. Take it all you dirty little slut.”

“Mmmmfffffffff!” She gurgled on spit, “garrrgle, slurp!”

I face fucked her sexy mouth for long minutes until tears ran down her pinched shut eyes until drool puddled between my feet and over her legs.

“Come here,” I said with a hoarse voice dragging her by the hair to the living room.

Tricia’s hands gripped my wrist and she scrabbled her feet to follow, and I tossed her to the couch where the landed with jiggling tits and her round ass.

“Climb on top,” I commanded sitting on the couch and slapping my thighs. My cock was a lance I sported glistening with her saliva. “Plop that tight little pussy over my cock and shove your huge fucking tits in my mouth.”

“Dan, you’re so rough and in command,” Tricia said, “It’s making me feel a little better about ruining my top.”

“I’m going to make it feel all better, get over here,” I said pulling her arm to help lower her hips over my thighs. “Slide on over.”

Tricia’s hand found my glistening shaft and I moaned feeling her warmth as she guided me in. Her pussy was tighter and more welcoming than her mouth.

“Unnngh, Dan, your cock is so fucking big!”

“Tricia, your pussy is so fucking tight and warm, I’ve been dreaming about stuffing your slit ever since you moved in.”

“Ahhh, fuck, you’re destroying my pussy!” Tricia moaned taking all of my length. Her shaved clit rubbed on my belly and she ground along my girth. “Mmmffff, so fucking good. It feels so good.”

Through her grinding Tricia’s body arched and jiggled her large flopping tits in my face. I palmed her round ass with both hands and swallowed her nipples against my tongue.  My fingers pushed through her soft rump and I kneaded her butt guiding her grinding over my dick. Her pussy felt like a hug over my entire body expressed through my crotch. It felt like her flooding warmth pressed against all of me, swallowing my skin with sensation.

Tricia threw her head in the air and with her back arched shoved her tits into my face. She smashed one large breast against my lips and screamed her pleasure continuing to bounce.

“Mmmfff! Yes! Fuck my tight young pussy, Dan! Fuck my tight little snatch! I want it! I need it! Suck on my big natural tits. Lick them, lick that nipple!”

“Nnnngggg,” I moaned slurping on her giant breast. Her other boob smashed against my temple and I moved between them letting their perky fullness cover my face. I loved feeling her giant tits enveloping me soft and squishy with erotic excitement. “God, Tricia, I can’t get enough of your tits on my face! They feel as good as your young little pussy!”

“I love it! Unfff! So fucking good! Uh! Uh! Yes! Fuck my teenage cunt! Oh my god! Your cock is hitting my belly, you’re ramming my insides!”

We fucked on the couch in the living room next to the windows that extended from floor to ceiling. I’d played video games here with the other guy roommates. I sat here staring at Tricia’s huge tits trying to get a look at her creamy pussy while she spread her legs drinking beer. Now I had her huge tits in my face and she was flopping her body over my cock. It was a dream come true.

I was finally inside her coed snatch, it was hugging my dick with its college tightness. Tricia’s smooth thighs squeezed my waist while she flexed continuing her riding. I couldn’t decide where to focus my attention: on her plump ass rounded by how she rode me, or her massive breasts jiggling in my face.

Lost in my desire, in my lust I needed release, needed to cum inside her heat.

“Ungh! Dan! So big! So hard!”

I wrapped an arm around her waist to hammer her body to my pulse. With my other hand, I snaked up her flexing back and grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking back. Tricia’s throat jutted forward as she arched her head to the ceiling and cried out.

“Ahhhhh!!! You’re fucking me so haaarrrrrd!”

I latched onto her breast with my lips and suckled her erect nipple. Her breast flooded around my nose, around my chin, and wrapped in her squishing sexiness I lost myself to passion.

“Mmmffff,” I growled through my throat my mouth stuffed with boob.

I used Tricia’s tight coed body like a toy, pounding myself with her pussy.

She flopped against my chest, my belly, my balls, and I started exploding hot cum inside her tightness.

“Fuck! Yes I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I roared ignoring the fact that we shared the apartment with two other guys.

“Mmmm!! Yes!! Fill me up, Dan! Fill me with your hot old man cum!”

Tricia’s body went rigid for a moment telegraphing her rising orgasm. Her thighs squeezed hard on mine, her hands went around my neck and she smothered me in boobs. Gasping for breath against the crash of perky breast I rolled my eyes up to see her chin grimacing.

“FUUUCK! I’m cummming!” Tricia shouted moments after I finished blasting her insides with my pent up cum.

She went slack, collapsing like a deflated balloon into my arms, and we lounged on the couch like we were drunk and it was 2am. My cum drizzled out of her pussy into my balls and I went soft inside her. I nibbled on her nipples and played with her young skin. She was so fun to touch.

“Think that will make you feel better about your t-shirt?” I asked.

“Hmmm,” Tricia said as if coming out of a deep slumber or confused state. “Oh, of course. Yes. Thank you, Dan. That was exactly what I needed to calm me down.”

“I’m sure I can help you out if anything else happens too,” I said.

“Oh, I can’t wait. I’m sure I’ll need you for something soon.”

We dressed, or I did and Tricia went to her room for some real clothes. I had to leave for work.  The other boys were just rousing as Tricia lounged on the same couch we’d fucked on, flashing her pussy at me with a wink as I shut the door. I whistled satisfied all the way to the parking garage.

I couldn’t wait to get home and plow into her plump ass and huge tits. The guys had made an excellent choice in our new roomate. Too bad they didn’t get a turn at using the new house slut. Maybe I’d let them share her, or maybe I was going to keep her massive tits to my self.

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