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Erotica that tells a story and provides a climax

Story. What is the story in the book? I feel like there is so much sex, that the story suffers, and it does. I’m writing erotica, not romance. I am following the romance beats so “technically” my books fall into romance, but they are extremely heavy on the sex, the explicit romping that goes with satisfying erotic stories about big dicks pounding tight pussies and reluctant assholes.

The women in my stories are empowered despite being plugged by all manner of cock.

Gwendolyn Fields comes to mind in her willing submission to men in order to gain power. My favorite part of her surrender is that at any moment, at any time in all of this she can end her assailants with a snap of her fingers. At any time she can protect herself and destroy those that abuse her.

Is she a masochist?

I think she craves power and is willing to literally do anything to get it. Sure the sex and free use along with the mental suffering and anguish that goes along with it can be stimulating for the reader on an erotic level, but her story is how she overcomes tragedy and violence to solve what shes as inequities in life. At heart, she is a socialist willing to sacrifice for the greater good; equalizing the playing field by any means necessary. Will she intervene in some blatant corporate thievery?

What about Christina in the “Sugar Daddy Deals” series? What is her story? Ultimately, it comes down to what does she want? I think Christina is like any girl, we want protection, stimulation, excitement, satisfaction, and consistency. Josh Jennings provides all of that and more frustrating assumptions that piss her off. their story is how they fall in love and express it dancing in the throes of their relationship. Christina is emotional and resentful against Josh’s more cold and aggressive sexual craving. He needs to remember that she is a person with emotional needs and explicit reminders of his feelings.

Story. Focus on the story while providing a stimulating sexual read. That is the goal.


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