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Finishing the next Backdoor Deal book

I’ve been writing the next chapter, well book, in Sugar Daddy Deals book. It has taken a decidedly different twist than I thought it would.

I’m writing the book much more romantically than I expected to. Initially, I thought Josh Jennings was going to amass a harem of sorority girls that he would rotate his dick into working his way through the girl’s virgin assholes throughout the semester.

Instead, I’ve been writing Christina and Josh’s love story spending too much time describing their fucking at his apartment than going the Sugar Daddy route.

I’m not a Sugar Daddy. I have no connection to the nuance and neurosis that goes into accepting cash from some older man and being his sexual toy.

Much of this series is based on the youtube video from a retired porn star I saw where she talked about how she had a Sugar Daddy in college and how he went nuts convinced she was cheating on him.

So when I saw this video, it tickled in my brain for a long time. Thus, Josh and Christina’s life after he ropes her into sex began.

This next book, Book 4 of the Sugar Daddy Deals is all about bringing in Sherri, Christina’s exotic pledge grandmother who has large natural boobs, and a dark pleasing complexion that tantalizes and excites Christian. Sherri is buxom and fit with a large butt from working out in the gym regularly. She has dark hair and thick muscles, unlike Christina’s thin blond waifish physique.

They have a wild night threesome where Sherri needs Josh to train her asshole for true, real, pleasurable anal sex.

The ridiculousness of the story is that you can’t stuff a giant dick up your ass in one night and expect to love it immediately. It takes hours, days of preparation to accommodate a giant cock up your butt.  Yet suspend your disbelief and enjoy the scene where Sherri laps at Christian’s “godpussy,” and gets nailed up her tight round booty by Josh’s mature thick cock.

I’m doing my best to finish this book in a timely manner, and I think I’ve hit 40,000 words. There are over 7 sex scenes that are all sexy and should pleasure any reader over and over.

Are you ready for more Josh Jennings and Christina Yates?

I have one more book planned for them, and after the heartbreaking conclusion of this fourth book I’m hoping to wrap up their story for a new series: “Natural Dominance.”

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