Free Use Summer Update

I’m 30,000 words into my next book about the free use summer at the Mohawk Campgrounds.

So far I have Brock Flowers, the well built careful yet beautiful man interacting with the girls. he’s navigating this new world where any woman is available to his free use provided he tell them exactly what he wants from them.

He has free access to their bodies in the bedroom, but they own him outside. The girls get to order him around and make him do what they want down to the most menial chores possible.

There are two main story points in this novel.

  1. Brock is navigating fucking 20 girls a week without disrespecting him. I used a character-building exercise to make him more believable and his “verb” that defines his being is “to revere.” Brock respects, reveres, worships, adulates, defers, and fawns over women. He isn’t a pushover or a beta, in fact his easy Alpha confidence is what makes women so drawn to him. In direct contrast to his proud strong behavior is his respect and reverence for women.
  2. Story point two is Brock conflicting with Jeremy, Anton, and Freddie, three returning staff members who border on cruel and aggressive. their verbs are “to devour,” “to abuse,” and to degrade.” These three vial men disrespect the girls and provide a significant terror that they learn from and suffer under. Brock can’t fight them directly, as it is expressly forbidden in the rules of the camp. He’d lose his status and the girls would be left without him.

“Tasting them All,” Book 2 of the Free Use Summer series is stuffed with sex. Brock has his first anal with the enthusiastic butt-slut, Christine, and then tentatively works his way through other girls until he blows his load inside his burgeoning favorite, Alana.

I wanted to finish the book by the end of this weekend, but it wasn’t going to happen. I still have too much conflict and story left in my and I think this book is going to push past 40,000 words.

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