Freeuse World: Mohawk Campground

Can you imagine freeuse world or place where every female employee is available to men’s free use? At any time during the day a guy can walk up to the women and say something like, “I want to lick your pussy and then cum up your ass,” and the girl has to smile and say, “of course. Would you like me on my back or on my knees?”

At Mohawk Campground the girls sign up for the massive payday they earn after a summer of free use service coupled with connections and introductions they get to further their careers. Mohawk serves the best and the brightest families and trains the next executives of the future by putting them in situations they might not enjoy to build the strength to overcome.

Brock Flowers didn’t read the manual and was surprised by his quota requirement: 20 sexual interactions with female camp employees by the end of every week. He needs to walk up to any woman staff member and tell them what he wants to do, and they say “yes.”

“Ava. I want you to suck my cock on your knees, then smile when I cum on your face.” Brock said.

“Do you want my shirt on or off?” Ava said, smiling without blinking.

Brock blinked. They didn’t flinch at all. They smiled, smiled! Asking to cum on their faces was like asking them what type of salad dressing they wanted with their meal.

Sandra is a bright brunette sorority girl in Delta Gamma. She wants one thing in life: success. She’s willing to do anything to achieve it too. That means signing up for a second year as an employee at Mohwak Campground.

But girls don’t have the same easy life as the male employees. Sure, they have to do all sorts of manual labor, but they’re used to working their bodies in physically demanding roles.

Sandra needs to bend over, spread her butt cheeks open and let any male staff member take her ass as often as he pleases. Plus, she needs to shepherd a group of students (campers) into being adults. These protegees of the world’s elite families are so inept and incompetent they don’t know how to make their own bed, how to do laundry, or even wash regularly.

Women employees at Mohawk need 40 sexual interactions, and when there aren’t enough male staff around to service their quotas they either turn to each other, or switch roles and pick out campers to reward with their mouths or pussies.

Follow Brock Flowers as he ravages his way through all twenty-five female employees at the campground, and a few support staff like the powerful trainer Jocelyn, and the divine administrator Daisy.

Check-in on the other side with Sanda and learn how she feels as she’s submitting to the men’s whims on her knees, on her back, and with her mouth open so much her jaw gets sore.

These exciting erotic stories are filled with drama, sensation, and emotion. You’re going to love the pleasurable ride!

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