Fresh new teen erotica

Another book release! Ahhhhh! Am I amazing, or am I just that freaking spectacular? The resounding silence is like the sound of your own heartbeat, your own breath. No one likes that. One can go mad only hearing it. 

Have you sat in a silent room with only your body’s noises to keep you company? Have you heard the grinding of your teeth like a gravel truck dumping stones on the ground?

I’ve made one sale of my latest book, “The neighbor’s backdoor deal.” It is an awesome book too; 60,000 words with well over 10 erotica scenes. Do you want the most banging for your buck? Check out my novels. They tell a story, they’re filled with romping good sex, and they tickle the fancy of anyone that happens to read them. I’ve got great reviews, I’ve got awesome supporters, but there are not enough.

So today I published my newest book, and sent out to owners of the “Everything” package. Remember, they get everything first, exclusively.  Everyone else has to wait to get them and to be proofed by the zon and other retailers. 

This new book is “Before the Neighbor’s Deal, A Young Brat’s Fantasy.” This story is told from Christina Yate’s point of view. She is graduating high school and immediately after goes to a party with alcohol. There she is turned down by her crush, so she seeks solace in another boy’s arms. 

The poor sod is hopelessly in love with her, and is too supplicant, too fawning for her tastes, but she blows him and takes him in anyway. Later, she gets hammered, and we see the first time she pukes in Mr. Jennings’ lawn. 

She also happens to crush a few of his best roses. 

I enjoyed writing this book, especially the internal conflict for Christina, and to give her some fleshed out emotions to set the tone for the novel. She is a gold digging whore, but doesn’t think of herself as one. She is frustrated by the weak kneed hesitant nature of the boys her age, and finds herself fantasizing about old Man Jennings’ massive dick. 

This book is short, and sweet, $0.99 but full of sex. Enjoy seeing Christina’s point of view and how she uses her body to get what she wants. 

This book is a Prequel to “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal.” Check it out now!

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