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Giving away free books the cruelest way to make money

Have you heard about the concept of the “loss leader?” Walmart does it with television sets. They price their cheapest TV lower than their competitors. You go in because it is a huge deal that you can’t pass up, and end up buying a different TV b/c it is a little bit more for a little bit better quality.

The same goes for me. I’m giving away two books right now if you are interested. You can get them now on the home page. “Winter’s Backdoor Gift,” and “Don’t Punish My Backdoor” are free when you join my mailing list. I’m betting that if you download these two one-off stories you’ll be so interested in my books that you’ll either read them through KU or buy them for a few bucks.

The same goes for when I put up a 5-day free book special on Amazon. The hope is that some of the readers picking up a free book are going to turn around and buy or read some of my other books.

I have to give away my work slapping in the face people that have bought it. That sucks.

It is cruel to me for not paying me for my hard work and effort producing the content, but worse it draws in the people looking for free and sets a precedent that if they wait long enough they’ll get my work for free, and I want to be an author that survives from her writing.

So giving away books works, but it is a cruel Sugar Daddy. Nothing like swallowing a cock and cum for cash like doing a free book promotion in the hopes of a good tip.

This second week of January I’ve been running a series of free book promotions on Amazon essentially giving away my series starters in the hopes that people will enjoy them enough to pick up the rest of the series. I’m offering a loss leader. I want people to pick up my book for free and move through the rest of my catalog.

It is working.

Ever since I started it my book sales are up to $15.00 a day from the about $2-$5.00 a day. That is awesome! I want to continue it but I don’t know if I have enough wide reach or renown to make it happen.

I finished the huge threesome sex scene today in the latest “Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal” series, or “Sugar Daddy Deals.”  Christina worked Josh’s dick into her sorority sister’s ass and they loved it.

I feel like the stakes are gone from the book and the compelling story is fading for the length. I don’t see it being interesting enough to read all of.

I have to find some reason to move the story forward though it is a simple Sugar Daddy pays a young girl to live with him on campus, he gets jealous. she freaks out. they fall in love, move in together. He abuses her ass with too much butt sex, they bring in another girl, they fight. They leave each other. They reunite. done. Boring.

But… it needs something else. Something to keep it interesting but believable to the characters. I don’t know. Perhaps that is why I’m still working on it after 30 days. I’m struggling to make it readable and don’t know where I want to go with it. Frustrating.

At least I’m putting words to page and I’m at 31,000 words for the story.



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Erotic Poem:

I am the jostling breasts held tight to the chest
by firm cotton that stinks from sweat and perfume I know you like
but secretly hate wearing.

I am the spilled beer on my cleavage
that totally wasn’t an accident though I laugh embarrassed
like it was one so you’ll pat me down and offer napkins.

I am the skirt I pull past my thighs to my bony hip bones
where you look and smile seeing I’m not wearing panties,
and am the smile you take me with.

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