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Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving filled with turkey stuffing, big meats, and happy creams.

There is nothing better than having an early romp through green bean casserole slathered with cream of mushroom sauce and crispy onion toppings.

Lick your fingers dry, tongue off the last of the mashed potatoes, and gobble up that dressing draped dark meat.

Finish off your plates keeping room for dessert and my personal favorite: pumpkin pie. Spray on the whipped cream and remember when you were younger how you poured hot chocolate on your belly and had your boyfriend eat it off your tummy, off your crotch.

Don’t worry, family and friends won’t know the gleam in your eye is for Thanksgivings past where you imagined happy sensual moments with your dates.

I’m finishing my latest book, “Stuffing and Sauce” Hill’s Secrets Thanksgiving 2018. Enjoy this mature seduction book where Alison falls for an older man crashing a friendsgiving and Billy hooks up with a scorned older woman at a diner. See how they enjoy their younger/older cravings on this day for gorging on giant meats.


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