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How do you continue writing when you’re bored with the story?

I’ve been writing the newest entry into the Neighbor’s Deal series, or “Sugar Daddy Deal” to be exact, for about three weeks and I’m only at 17,000 words. Some of that is because I’ve been busy with other things like going wide, writing another book that’s live now called “Blasting my Coed Roommate,” and dedicating more time to this website.

How do you continue with your story when you’re not interested in the story anymore? How do you continue? In the past I relied on my enthusiasm for making money to keep me going. If that was the case I’d still be writing for the next backdoor deal book with ease. “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal” is my best selling book right now. I think it is because of the cover and the blurb with good keywords. It helps that it is a good story. It helps that it is a compelling story of coercion and love.

I know that I’ve been struggling with writing this newest entry in the series because I didn’t know where to go with the plot. I wrote my outline but wasn’t a fan of the plan I made for Josh to get Christina to agree to a threesome. At first, I thought it would be that they had a fight because Josh got jealous like a college kid dating someone at a different school. I didn’t like it. It was too forced. Josh loves Christina even if he is deliberately struggling against it. He is trying to deny his emotions because he mistakenly believes she only wants him for his money.

Writing the story I’ve come to realize that I want them to be in love and I want their threesome (which is the heart of their deal and source of their future issues) to be a result of affection and love.  once I made that decision it was easier to write, but I’m still stuck. I’m stuck with the scene where they fight about Josh’s jealousy and he admits his love to her. I’m just not in the mojo of writing the story. I’m slogging away at less than 1,000 words a day when I’m used to writing 2-5k a day. I’ve been slowing down and I don’t like that. in part that is because I’ve been more busy with the holidays doing things not writing.

So how do you continue when you’re bored?

You show up and write.

I know. It is a trite and stupid thing. Writing comes down to motivation. Ask yourself, “do you want to be writing? Do you want to create a book? Do you want to finish something? If the answers are “yes.” then you show up and you write even when you’re not motivated. Take for instance right now. I’m not that interested in writing a blog post. I could be doing any number of other things. I could be watching TV with my man. I could be watching the new Marvelous Mrs. Masiel. I could be rubbing lotion on my skin and choosing new shoes from Amazon.

Instead, I’m writing a blog post about why you should be writing. Sit in the chair, lay in the couch, and put your fucking fingers to the keyboard.

it comes down to motivation. It comes down to are you willing to set aside temporary discomfort for the thing you crave? Do you want to create a book, a story, or a thing? Then do it. Even if you’re only doing a little bit it is better than nothing. It becomes a habit to write, to draw or do whatever you want, and when you’re bored, when you’re devastated with the complete lack of desire keep writing.

I’m writing when I’m bored. I’m writing when I’m not interested in the topic, yet it is getting done. I’m doing something and I know that when I go back and reread it I will likely not remember that I was struggling that day to craft a good phrase. At least I wrote something.

So what can you do?

Change the flow of the book. Rearrange your plot to be more interesting. Reinvigorate your enthusiasm with a different direction or a new plot device.

So what else?

Write anyways. Put at least 500 words on the page. Make a minimum, and if you can’t do that then at least open your story and write a sentence. Write something. Write anything and tell yourself you can always edit it out later.

Show up. Show the fuck up and keep writing. That is how you continue when you’re bored of the story.

Trite? Baite and switch? no. Just simple easy action.


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