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“Lust” Hill’s Secret’s Vol 101 Halloween Special 2016 Live

The first published book is LIVE on Amazon! What a great wonderful day to begin a writing career online.

As I mentioned earlier, the first full length story for a singular family member is coming soon. I’m just waiting for the edit to be finished. We’ll take a look at Alison’s story and explore her first year as a college freshman.

“Lust” looks at Alison and Brooke, going to an outrageous, over the top, amazing Halloween party on campus. They’ve done their research for the most authentic, and well thrown party. No more shitty frat parties for them.

Billy, Alison’s older sister plays video games, and he has a rule where he has to run a mile a day for every hour he plays of games. Strange rule, but necessary if he ever wants to get with Alison’s hot friend Brooke. While on a midnight run on Halloween, Billy meets up with a spectral lady friend.

Finally, Mom and Dad, or Will and Jessica, find some time away from the kids and go to a Halloween party thrown by their real estate developer friend. They friend, Robert, has a theme each year; one scarier and more morose than the last. This year, they’re partying in a true haunted house. But Will and Jess have a secret; they fuck at every Halloween party, it has kinda, ‘become their thing.” Last year they screwed on an old casket, this year…

See them have sex, see them frightened, and feel their pain and excitement, in Lust!


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