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Not yet Halloween, and already working on Thanksgiving

That’s right! I started today on the Hill’s Secrets 2016 Holiday special for Thanksgiving! I’m going with the older partner age play angel, and Alison and Billy will share a family friend couple’s attention: Frank and Sarah, college friends of parents Will and Jess are in town for business, and instead of going to a restaurant for dinner, stop by the Hill family to sample their fare.

Alison and older man, Frank, hook up in the basement while older woman Sarah seduces Billy in the bathroom.

The interplay between young and old will be the focus, but Will and Jess each have their own story this Thanksgiving to truly reflect on what they appreciate in their lives.

I’m looking at making Frank and Alison a little dirty, like he really highlights his experience and kinkiness, that she still isn’t used to in men. Alison is still somewhat virginal at this point, and I like using the lenses of her inexperience to show in relief how depraved we become over time: age changes us all, and what once excited and made us cum, now is simply another dick swinging between someone’s legs, or another firm six-pack. We soon require more intense stimulation to push us over the edge of complacency and what becomes normal.

What would you like to see Will (Dad) or Jess (Mom) do during Thanksgiving. I want them to have their own stories, but it could or could not involve them being with each other. Remember, Will and Jess are in a monogamous relationship that does not stray. They are a constant source of wholesome values (with kinky sex) throughout this story.

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