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One more day

There is only one day left! Oh noes!

Get your free copy of the book, “Take Her” from Hill’s Secrets volume 01.

Alison, if you’ve read any of the books so far, or seen my work at or signed up to my mailing list, is an 18 year old cheerleader who has just discovered sex, and quickly plunges into the deep dark end of sexual experiences at school (college).

My goal for Alison is to torture her and see what happens. I want her to flow through a progressively worse series of experiences and see how she handles the tribulations of the men she encounters.

When reading “Take Her,” pay particular attention to how the men she chooses to interact with all take from her more than she offers. She has this image of how she wants reality to behave for her, and the men she gets with have different ideas. Her ingrained character flaw is that she constantly overestimates her own power, and then capitulates when men take more from her than she intends.

Explore with me, and with Alison, how she handles more than she expects, and more than she can bear.


“Take Her,” aside, I’m currently working on the 2016 Thanksgiving special, and am a little stuck on the age play between Alison and family friend Frank. Personally, I’ve never been with someone considerably older than me, and have difficulty shoehorning a believable experience in. I want Alison to be infatuated with Frank’s maturity, and old man sexiness (40’s). I want the 20 year age difference to highlight how experienced and confident he is during their sex and how confused and pliable Alison is.

We’ll look at similar experiences for Billy and Sarah, who will have their own tryst while Alison and Sarah’s husband Frank consummate their dalliance. I’m struggling with similar qualities: how to make the seduction believable and realistic without being ridiculous.  I want Billy and Sarah to be more of a hungry cougar pouncing on a youthful Billy, whereas Frank reluctantly succumbs to his desire.

At the moment I’m debating whether Jess and Will (Mom and Dad Hill) should have another couple sex story, or if they should have their own masturbation scenes. I’m assuming sex, as the market (as best I can tell from reading in it) does not have a lot of personal masturbation scenes.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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