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Jocelyn's Corner

2018 Roundup

2018 is over and I’m happy with what I’ve achieved. Almost made it to $1,000 on Amazon, and between Draft2digital, Steemit, and here I did make $1,000 over the course of the year. That is pretty awesome! Yay for writing and yay for all the readers that have bought a book or two. Unfortunately, I …

Erotic Poetry

Poem: Displaying

Peace on the couch is sprawling against soft cushions like this pose isn’t stomach-churning uncomfortable. My breasts are bound for lust against your strong neck and eyes that pierce through the bravado I’m braving. Your hands when they find my skin find me sweating not from exertion but anticipation for what you’ll take. My open …

Jocelyn's Corner

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving filled with turkey stuffing, big meats, and happy creams. There is nothing better than having an early romp through green bean casserole slathered with cream of mushroom sauce and crispy onion toppings. Lick your fingers dry, tongue off the last of the mashed potatoes, and gobble up that dressing draped …