Erotic Poetry

Poem: How I spread

Like warm hands on cool skin,
like whispers you tease sense out my brain,
like lidding a blown out candle smoking,
like your breath casts rain clouds away,
like how stubble stabs my lips,

I’m opening.

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Eyy i didn’t know i can comment here too! So… i hope literature is who is changing your mind and which makes you feel more open.
How literature is being changing in your mind from the more static approach you learned in the university to a more “moldeable” thing, more flexible, with more sights, more perspectives.
Perhaps… that literature is not wich guide you, not wich draw your path, that you are each day more able to model your stories, and you are able to think in more several stories and approaches.
As reader you know my opinion is that you write as a professional writer but with stories wich have a big field to grow.
Let me introduce some signals i identify for a professional or amateur text and i can see a lottt in steemit as example.
A professional writer doesnt have the anxiety to proyect personal things in their texts, perhaps they can introduce some personal ideas through the character and some conclusions but… they just want tell and story.
Amateur writers want to express to many things about them, about how they are, were, like’d to be… and all text are full of trying to send those proyections of themselves.
Professional writers can write about any character so not needed have anything in common, ideas, behaviours, … all are just tools in the serve of the story.
Of course classic novel writer as example wants to send a conclusion in their books but they were able to send it through characters and situations that have nothing in common with them.
You are a good writer and you can became a professional writer for sure so… cheersss!

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