Erotic Poetry

Poem: Teenage reluctance

How easy it was to cross my arms, cross my legs, and turn
my head away from people I didn’t know, didn’t trust,
their curled hair on a face too unkept to be attractive
and skin only just wrinkling to age.

How easy it was to hear his voice commanding
with confidence that the self conscious boys I knew
were afraid to use, didn’t know how, or had no standings to.
Easy to feel his whisper between my knees hours later
when I brushed my swim suit off and shivered thinking
how his beard would run rough between my thighs on his way up-

How easy, to not let him see me looking at his arms,
not let him know I tingled, just for one inhale
at his wide shoulders, his cute jeans butt, and chest
breathing with unslumped ease.

How easy, how easy, but he was married.

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