Alison is Inside Lust


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College freshman Alison Hill and her best friend Brooke love Halloween. Who doesn’t? Slutty Halloween costumes, sexy outfits that show off more skin than is proper, and spooky fun and scares to be had.

Brooke give Alison an Emma Frost costume, which is essentially a white corset that binds her chest in the most revealing way, a thin pair of white bikini bottoms, and a fur lined cape. Brooke chooses a Psylocke outfit to show off her stunning tan legs and arms.

They’ve had years of excitement at the local spooky mansion parties. Vampires, Werewolves, and strange skeletons serving magical drinks. They decide to make a change choosing to go to a more mundane apartment complex party. This year they’re going as superheroes and will discover their own special powers that have been altering their lives

But the supernatural doesn’t stay quiet on Halloween.

Find out what happens when Alison meets a stunning blond hair, blue eyed Germanic stud whose grizzled fine features are as mysterious as he is sexy. He’s not like the vampire brothers, or the werewolves. He’s something different. Something just as strange, supernatural, and powerful.

Alison will discover her own exciting powers when her new friend, the vampires, and werewolves collide in this MMMF romp through the undead world.

Enjoy this awesome 20,000 word paranormal story!


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