Before the Neighbor’s Deal, A Young Brat’s Fantasy (Sugar Daddy Deals Book #1)


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Sugar Daddy Deals Book 1 Prequel.

Christina Yates is graduating, and at 18 she’s ready to finally release and go to some serious summer parties before everyone leaves for school.

She’s been pining after Tyler for years, but he turns her down, constantly claiming he’s with his girlfriend. Upset, irritated, and wanting to get back at him, Christina hooks up with a random boy from class, and lets him have a good time. She makes sure Tyler sees.

When she has too much fun at the party, and makes a mess out of her neighbor’s flower garden her shame and hidden feelings come to the surface.

Mr Jennings is Christina’s older man neighbor whose thick muscles and narrow waist rage at his ruined blossoms.

Can Christina reconcile her shame, her lust, and her guilt over the ruined flower garden and Mr. Jennings’ powerful anger?

FInd out in the 9,000 short with two steamy scenes sure to get you excited for the main event.

This book is a prequel for “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal.”


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