Billy is Inside Lust


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Hill’s Secrets Halloween 2 of 3

Billy Hill tags along with his younger sister Alison and her best friend Brooke to a house party on Halloween. Billy has always been in lust with Brooke, and with her Psylocke costume, he can’t stop staring at how good she looks from behind.

Too bad Brooke isn’t interested in him. Once at the party Billy finds himself alone and catches the eye of a mysterious stranger who has a rear end to match Brooke’s glory, but will she offer it to him?

Gwendolyn Fields is taking a break from her free use magical life. What better time for a witch to go out and party than Halloween?

When Billy regales her with stories of animated skeletons and the real reason the graveyard south of the city is getting torn up, Gwen begs him to take her.

Together they discover the terrible secret that has been plaguing the graveyard for centuries.

Gwen offers herself to Billy in order to generate enough power to deal with the strange altar that made the seance last year possible.

Take a magical bite out of Lust with this 10,000-word story full of steamy fun!


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