Witch’s Awakening Book 1: Fearing Free Use; Coed Surrenders



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“I like totally hated living at home during my college summers.

Every weekend was another swingers party which forced me to stay in my bedroom with the door locked.

Gross. The creepy older mature men would constantly knock on my door asking if I was open for their free use.


It forced me to sit in my bedroom alone and endure the weekly raucous celebrations.

I’d squirm and fidget pinching my knees together until I finally snuck out to get some food.

When I got back my neighbor waited for me on my bed.

Curiosity finally overcame my reluctance.

Through fear, hesitation and uncertainty I finally joined in.” – Gwendolyn.

Find out what happens in this exciting 8,000-word free use story where a college coed finally relents and tastes what makes swinging and submitting so incredibly empowering.

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Gwendolyn’s parents were always free spirits. They threw lavish ridiculous parties, and spent many of their weekends away. When Gwen leaves for college they flew off the handle and started hosting 3 day parties full of all the most wild scenes like the movie “Eyes Wide Shut.”

After Gwen comes home from college, she struggles to reconcile her parent’s insane parties that span Friday to Sunday with a horde of people using her family’s mansion for their own desires.

Gwen hides in her bedroom, trying to remove herself from her parent’s craziness. She only leaves to get food from the caterers when she’s certain the party is in a lull; preferring to stay in her bedroom safe and untouched.

Until she realizes, she’s more curious about what she’s missing, and maybe, maybe the parties are a way to get stronger, to learn wisdom, and through surrendering master power.

Find out in this super fast 8,000 word story that is sure to excite you where you can learn like Gwendolyn what it is like to surrender too.


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