Witch’s Awakening Book 3: Empowering Free Use; Coed Masters Power


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“Bristling with energy, with magic infused through my surrender to as much free use as I could endure I burned to use my new powers.

But I still didn’t have enough built up to actually do some of the spells my mother taught me. I needed to generate more energy, more magic, and to fuel those passions I needed to submit.

I needed to be taken. The more degrading, the more disgusting the better.

The legacy of our heritage demanded sacrifice and I was willing to do anything it took.” – Gwendolyn

Explore the depraved excitement of lust filled submission when this new witch embraces her free use world.

When disaster strikes just as she’s blossoming find out what depths Gwendolyn will sink in order to find solace and appease her thirst for revenge.

You’re going to love this 60,000-word paranormal fantasy novel which explores a magical world where witches build strength through submitting to the cruel whims of passionate men.


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A full feature length erotic novel stuffed with sex, mystery, danger, and free-use. Gwendolyn is a witch, awakened in the first book, blossomed in the second, and now on her own seeking more magical power.

This urban fantasy erotica book details Gwendolyn’s journey through personal loss, devastation, degradation, and willful submission to the city’s most vile and disgusting brutes. She opens herself to discovering her greatest powers, while at the same time herself for anyone’s use.

When her life changes for the worst, Gwen turns to the person that woke her up first, older man neighbor Sam, whose casual use leaves her emotionally devastated.

Explore the seedy part of town where naive suburban rich girls shouldn’t go alone.

Everything comes to a final fiery conclusion when Gwen uses her magic to defend herself against other witches bent on her destruction.

Pick up this exciting 60,000 word Urban Fantasy Erotica where through submission, surrender and free use witches gain magical power.


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