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Caught! Book 3

The boss lets his college coed daughter and her best friend use the office as their own personal study room. They come out of the elevator talking and laughing in their revealing outfits drawing everyone’s attention.

Tomas stares from afar admiring their tight black leggings, short short miniskirts, and daisy duke jean shorts so frayed and small he can see skin higher than their legs.

The girls spend most of their time taking Instagram selfies for their revealing feeds and when Tomas stops by the break room for some coffee they encourage him to follow their accounts for some special pictures.

Find out what happens when Callie, the fit beautiful bleached blond, drags Tomas into the copy room and shows him what she’s offering.

She is a backdoor treat the older office man cannot ignore!

Enjoy this 15,000-word story with one hand! The office is a dangerous place to play, and Callie, Angela, and Tomas might get caught!


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