Dorm Room Backdoor


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Alberto is a wide-eyed college freshman. At orientation, he falls in lust with petite brunette Becky. He can’t believe how perky and voluptuous she is combined with her joyful and amusing antics.

But Becky is an upperclassman, she’s a sophomore living on his freshman dorm floor as an RA assistant.

Alberto is in luck because Becky is in Calculus 2 with him. Their mutual friend Nadine suggests that Becky tutor Alberto.

Find out what happens when Alberto works up the courage to knock on Becky’s door late at night for a tutoring session.

He’ll stumble into a stunning FF romance that will turn into a whole night MFF threesome full of steamy action.

Enjoy this 10,000-word story where the characters are CAUGHT in the act and need to convince their way out of a wet situation!


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