Expanding the Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal; Sugar Daddy Deals Book 4



Josh Jennings’ life has been uprooted by college coed Christina Yates and her ever willing availability to his desires.

What started as a backdoor deal between a mature man neighbor and the stunning graduate next door girl has blossomed into a loving relationship that pushes the boundaries of passion and lust.

Now, Josh has agreed to get an apartment in Christina’s college town so they can be together, but are they ready to devote themselves completely to one another?

Discover Josh’s daily demands on Christina’s young skinny body. Find out what happens when Christina wants to explore all the options in college and miss out on nothing.

They expand on their original deal. Christina begins to redefine the rules of their relationship when she gets deeper into her sorority. Sherri is an exotic naturally endowed sorority sister that Christina brags to about Josh’s sexual prowess. Wanting to experience everything college has to offer Christina suggests they bring Sherri into their bed.

Get excited for a 40,000-word MFF romance that pushes the boundaries of excitement, passion, and lust.


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