Finding Sweetness


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42 Erotic Poems.

Have you ever wondered what she tasted watching you talk to your friends?

Ever sucked your own finger wondering what his muscles smelled like?

Taste the images as you read these highly charged poems meant to incite your senses.

Feel every rolling drop of sweat down the insideĀ of your thighs. Feel the pulse of music on the dance floor at bars, clubs, and on weekends.

Clench your fist thinking about what you miss with your self centered bluster and video games.

These poems touch heartbreak, dating, sex, and intimacy while hinting at the distance we all have no matter our relationship status.

Enjoy these poems like you savor getting ready to go out and meet someone new. You might pick a girl up and take her home. Ever hopeful, ever intimate, these poems will bring you along and tighten your pants.


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